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December 01, 2007

What The What?

I received an email from Becca with the subject line "WHAT?" and immediately assumed the worst: Stila being discontinued! The Office being canceled! Leonardo DiCaprio being spotted canoodling with Britney Spears! What can I say, I'm a pessimist.

Luckily, all of my assumptions were false, but it turns out that it was weirder than all of those put together: Sarah Brown is returning to General Hospital!

My ensuing train of thought was as follows:

  • WHAT?
  • ...really? I love her! OMG! Eeeee!
  • Wait, no, seriously? What?
  • Why?
  • To direct?
  • To act?
  • To heckle, just for fun?
  • Who will she be playing? They already have someone great playing Carly and they don't need yet another new character
  • I'd really miss Laura Wright's pretty, pretty hair if she left the show
  • If she is coming back as Carly, I guess Jax and Carly, and Sonny and Kate would be totally over...
  • She's an awesome, Emmy-winning actress. Why does she hate herself enough to come back to this hellhole of a show?
  • ...wait, what?

And I'm still there.  What?!


*deep breath* Why must you scare me soo?! First thing I read: The Office being canceled! Wha...why... do you like to give people heart attacks! Do you NOT know The Office is the bestest show ever and I'd be lost without it? *sigh* Of course that would be one of my worst things too! Oh, and this: Leonardo DiCaprio being spotted canoodling with Britney Spears! Just... ick, that must have been frightening to write.

And I have also heard Sarah Brown was returning- from her site. I do adore her, just like I would adore Tamera if she returned but not as Carly! I just really like Laura as a character I hate, she's a cool person and I love to dislike Carly. Unlike certain whorish nurses, whom I hate- but then you can't write 'I hate to hate her' because that sounds like you want to like her but just can't- and thats the farthest thing from my mind because I'm afraid my eyes and ears might bleed if I have to see and hear her on my tv again, oh and then theres always my tv exploding from horrible, horrible acting. Speaking of which, wasn't the Expressionless Wonder Whore just in a hospital bed, and WHAT was up with her already annoying voice/accent?

ANYWAY, I'll just wait for inciteful words from you two ;)

I liked Sarah Brown when she played Carly, although her character was despicable. But I have two things to say about her possible return.

First....why put more people on the canvas when they don't have time to feature the ones they have? Like Patrick and Robin, for God's sake. Like how about that orderly that comes by about once a month and annoys Epiphany, or the Night Shift doctor that showed up on Friday just to scratch his ear during Emily's truncated memorial service at the hospital?

Second....Sarah Brown was a very well known actor on GH. Isn't it insulting to the audience, and to Laura Wright, to bring her back like we wouldn't notice she was someone else before. It was a complete catastrophe when they tried to make Tony Geary into Whatshisname Eckert. This soap not only repeats its successes, but also it's failures.

I barely remember Sarah Brown as Carly, so I won't have a problem with her as a new character (which is what I assume they will be doing). But, like other posters have mentioned, I wish they would utilize what they have before bringing in new characters...

I think it is freaking fantastic. Best GH news I've heard in YEARS. I may lose my mind when she has her first scene with Steve Burton.

Why would she do that to herself? What sin could possibly deserve that penance?

I can't imagine her as Carly anymore.... maybe Sarah Webber though.

Feck no. Great, just what we need, another airhog. I hope the character she plays flops. And I hope it's a super short run.

I can't stand Sarah Brown. Ugh...more fast forward material for a show I already fast forward 90% of these days. And less airtime for my faves.

Jasus Crisco, really? The nostrils will surely push me over the edge. ::sigh::

It continually amazes me how soap show-runners keep coming up with new and inventive ways to make bad and obnoxious decisions with these shows. It's ironic how well they fuck things up.

Whaaaa? I'm afraid I never cared for her, so this is a lose-lose for me. Meh.

Nooo!!! I know I am in the minority, but I never like Sarah as Carla. I was more of a fan of Tamara's Carla. But I would HATE to see Laura leave - she is now Carla to me. If Sarah has to come back - please let it be as another character! Ugh...

Nostril Flares is coming back? I'm throwing out my television. The Office will be out of new episodes soon and now this....what's the point?

Certainly I'm no arbiter of post-coital etiquette but I have to believe that if, after sex, you immediately put on most of your clothes and then cuddle, there is something seriously wrong with your intimacy.

Like you, Becca, I was amazed that I was actually turned on by the way Liz took Jason to bed. I was beginning to doubt my sanity. But I really began to doubt myself when afterwards they seemed not to have actually had sex. What happened?, I asked myself. Did they get interrupted?

I did hear somewhere that Steve Burton refuses to do shirtless scenes, but why not be under the covers? It was just weird.

As for Jason Thompson, may he have many more of those scenes where he can demonstrate his worthiness of the "hotly" moniker. I will be good for him and great for us.

Sorry, that should have been posted in the GH Week in Review.

There really is no use for her to come back, even as a new charcther, I don't see it it will blow up in their face.

Oh, please let her play Carly again. Please oh please oh please. Laura Wright is SO LOUD and plays the character so obnoxiously. I realize that the writing would still suck and that Carly would still be a hateful shrew, but my Sarah Brown goodwill could override my Carly hate for at least a good week or two.

Yeah cause all the times DAYS had everyone who played Roman on screen there was just NO fan confusion there.....

and I think if she is coming back to play Carly..you can add Jason and Liz to that list of causalities....I have hated Jason since the first nano-second I saw him but Steve and Sarah? Damn that was hot stuff. and I hate both characters...BOTH.

I think she's one of the most talented actors GH has ever had, and I've been watching an embarrassingly long time. But why assume she's coming back as a new character or replacing Laura Wright? Maybe LW is going away temporarily & she's replacing her temporarily. Maybe she's gonna be in a flashback. Maybe Carly'll develop a split personality and she'll play the other one. I have no idea; I'm just saying this show is so illogical that I wouldn't assume anything.

Fantastic, an epic scale overactor is just what GH needs. It's not like the same three people already suck up 97% of the airtime. Damn, I don't think I would hate Carly half as much if Tamara Braun had played her from the start. And please god, as noxious as Jiz are, keep her the hell away from Jason because it's just too much to take. Ugh.

What is GH sending these really talented actresses that somehow makes them forget the pile of shit that this show really is and lures them back? First myKimberly, now Sarah Brown (always hated Carly, but I did like her).......Vanessa, darlin', do NOT, under any circumstances, open that package of cookies Frons and Guza just sent you!

I'm sticking to my first thought when Beth told me this: I think she should come back as Courtney though I know a lot of you don't like her. I just want someone to fuck with CarJax...out of spite I suppose...for what they're going to do to poor SCRUBS.

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