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January 24, 2008

A Tragic End

It spawned a million Google searches.  It almost single-handedly buoyed our spirits during dark times (i.e., approximately 37 minutes of GH airtime a day).  Sure, it had started to change a bit, lose a bit of its sparkle and look a bit long in the tooth, but we nonetheless held out hope.  It would survive.

But we were wrong.  Why are we not accustomed by now to General Hospital stomping all over our soap-viewing hearts?  That's right:  According to today's preview of tomorrow's episode, the Kate Howard Bob is dead.


We tried to make it know how many people loved it.  We shared our love of it with friends, family, strangers, and hairdressers.  We wrote about it as if it were a James Scott/Jason Thompson human hybrid.  We  had high hopes that it might cure cancer.  Yet it met a tragic fate, long before its time.  It still had so much to give.  It was timeless, professional, and inspiring.  RIP, Kate Howard/Megan Ward Bob.  RIP. 


Well... at least Jane Elliot's hair is looking fierce these days.

I blame Sonny. It has to be his fault, right? And he does have form with causing his lady-loves to chop at their hair in frustration.

Actually, I was afraid this might happen. Somewhere in my web surfing, I read a snippet of an interview with the actress where she mentioned she wanted to change her hair....

i like it.... (ducks. hides. look around for snipers. runs off)

I too blame Sonny...mainly cause I think he is responsible for all the evil in the world....but this most certainly has to be his fault.

Oh, Megan Ward. Why? I saw the previews and wanted to sob uncontrollably. My heart is broken. I want her out of Sonny's evil, hair-ruining sphere so that she can get her magical, cancer-curing hair back.

I know. Those bangs are the saddest thing I've ever seen. *sob*

I like it too. I mean nothing beats the Kate Howard bob but it's not bad.

She still has fantastically chic hair. It's just the KatieBot bob, which is the newest "Rachel" cut. Megan Ward has amazing hair and can pull it off. I don't get it.

If any attention should be paid to unfortunate hair or style, there's much to bag on with Robin's bangs, Sam's drag-look or the entire wardrobe, make-up and hair departments over at Days.

I feel much better knowing that I wasn't the only one recoiling from that preview. They must be steering her character into another direction. The new cut made her look completely different.


WORD about the hair on Days of late. It takes some real talent to make women as beautiful as Kristian Alfonso and Lauren Koslow look questionable. KA's do wasn't so bad this week, however, if a bit Charlie's Angels in its fluffy feathered-ness.

I don't mind the bangs. It's not as traumatizing as I thought it might be. It's not The Bob that Saved the World, but it might be its little sister! I think Megan looks cute. Only problem is, if I had a hard time imagining Kate as Sonny's contemporary before this, I am really having that problem now. The bangs take about five years off of her.

Yes you are right the bangs make her look too young for Sonny...maybe she and Elizabeth got a 2 for the price of 1...what is with Elizabeth's bangs....hate it

The one bright hair styling spot on GH has now been utterly ruined. I count myself among the legions of GH fans who googled Megan's hair, saved and printed the picture and then demanded that my stylist give me that cut. Now I look tres chic and poor Kate looks like a $20 version of Katie Holmes! Ah the inhumanity, whoever weilded those shears of dispair must be drawn and quartered!! Grow it out Megan, quickly!

I adored the bob, but the new cut is very chic as well. Life goes on and as such so does Megan Ward's hair style. You just have to go with the flow! I'll admit that I miss it...and I loved the blog specifically about it! :)

I like the new cut --- but it makes her look about 5 years younnger then she already did. Therefore 15 years younger than Sonny.

It looked weird on the preview but on the episode last night she looked great. From the back especially; her layers are fantastic.

I still love Megan's hair. I grew mine out to look like hers, but I happen to like myself with bangs, so I cut my bangs six weeks ago. Megan must have cut hers about the same time. Maybe she feels the same way. Or maybe, like most women, she just likes to change things up every so often. Whatever, I think she still looks wonderful.

Oh, she's gorgeous, and her new haircut is better than 99% of those on daytime. I especially like that she kept some layers in the back. I just much prefer the bangs-less bob.

I so agree with you Becca!

I loved her hair and now it is so ordinary! Why must they destroy everything on GH! They kill anything we love, characters, morality, personality and even interest!

I was disappointed to see it died, RIP for the best hair cut I’ve seen on a long while!

I, too have probably googled and pleaded with my computer to let me find every angle of Megan Wards' hair. i have so been in love with it. I've been working out my old kind of Carly hair since Kate arrived. Now, it is just wrong. Change the colour, not the cut! By the way, everyone is too young for Sonny. I was watching some U-Tube from old Carly/Sonny (sarah brown) and Emily was on with Juan and she looked like she was 13 while Sonny was perpetually 40. Ugh.

It took me a while to figure out if I liked it or not.... now I love it.... it's not so in your face. But hey, I love every thing Megan/Kate does!!!!!!!

well... i think she looks fabulous... it just took some time to get used to. I mean seriously Megan Ward can pull anything off... even wht she wore to the Daytime Emmys!!!!!!

I'm always wondering why the universe keeps creating spheres in every creation, been a supernova, galaxy, planet, star, it is always a sphere, maybe we should pay attention to the sacred geometry that the ancient cultures use.

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