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January 26, 2008

Completely Unwarranted Optimism

I really should have learned by now that thinking positively doesn't pay.  Just recently, I've been optimistic that:

  • Josh Jackson would end his sham of a relationship with Diane Krueger and initiate the whirlwind romance with me that has been overdue since at least the third season of Dawson's Creek
  • global warming, without further destroying the planet, would kick things up a bit just enough to avoid my having to shovel any snow this year
  • Fred Thompson would win the presidency just so "Hail to the Chief" could be replaced with the Law & Order "chung chung" sound effect on a loop
  • I could tell the difference between Lipstick Mafia and Cashmere Jungle (related item:  that Patricia Fields would not be given the opportunity to inflict her "fashion sense" on the viewing public ever again)
  • Matthew Perry would do something, anything, post-Friends so that my celebrity crush on him could retain legitimacy
  • the writers' strike would end in time for there to be a full TV season and more importantly to allow for a regular Golden Globes ceremony that includes the usual ample opportunities for fashion mockery
  • Starbucks would stop making delicious skim hot cocoa, to which I am compelled to add full-fat whipped cream

So why, then, am I somewhat optimistic about this whole pregnancy storyline with Robin and Patrick on General Hospital?

Especially with respect to these two characters, I don't know why I haven't learned my lesson.  The last time I was this optimistic about something related to Patrick and Robin it was Night Shift, and we all know how that turned out.  We were even forced to revoke the hotly modifier.  And already in this pregnancy storyline, we've seen:

  • Robin running around town like a crazy person asking everyone and their father to donate DNA to her cause of motherhood-with-a-hint-of-martyrdom
  • Patrick being an asshole without any backstory explanation to make him sympathetic
  • more of the Patrick and Leyla friends-with-benefits routine, which lacks any romantic chemistry or interest whatsoever and which fails on the most basic of soapy levels -- who is rooting for these two?  who is torn?  where is the drama?  why does Patrick ever have to wear a shirt, and what is up with Leyla/Nazanin's diction?!
  • insanely inexcusable, socially irresponsible, and anger-making medical inaccuracy:  Patrick and two other doctors accepted that an HIV test immediately after unprotected sex with someone who is positive is sufficient proof that he didn't get infected.  And then he had sex with Leyla without (we assume) telling her about his exposure.  What the hell?  I get that maybe these idiots (I'm assuming this nonsense was sketched out by the usual writers prior to the strike) didn't watch the show during the Stone Cates years, but did they remember what they wrote just a year or so ago when Patrick was last exposed?  Remember the mulitple tests, the six-month wait, the "I guess you got your committed relationship by default" assholery?  Seriously, do these people have any short-term memory?  You know, if not, and if it's because they're all a bunch of stoners, that does kind of explain a lot.

Anyway, so far the story has definitely had its flaws, including plot holes you could drive a truck full of Sonny and Jason's totally illegal yet morally upstanding imports through.  But there are promising signs:

  • there have been some touching moments of Patrick expressing concern for Robin that are a good reminder of how great a couple these two were (and could be again)   
  • Robin has too much going on to regress back to that kind of preachy holier-than-thou character she became for a bit after coming back to Port Charles to try to fix Jason's broken brain
  • Nazanin Boniadi is actually improving (it was kind of unfair to make her learn to act onscreen), and her hair is less ginormous
  • Robin gets to be pregnant and there was no entanglement of either a sperm donor or Carly
  • the story is an interesting twist on "Who's the Daddy?" (which is the worst retread in soaps)
  • it has the potential to go on for almost a year, which should guarantee more screentime for Scrubs; I'm really looking forward to the sidelong glances and the drawn-out drama of Robin's pregnancy and Patrick's secret paternity
  • there's the somewhat unusual (for soaps) issue of man who doesn't want to be a father, which if they explore further could be truly involving
  • Jason Thompson's and Kimberly McCullough's performances are great, as usual
  • Rick Springfield might be involved and might sing Jessie's Girl!  (I have no idea why, I'm just still holding out hope)

But let's face it, if Guza et al have their way, all of my hopes will be dashed against the CGI cliffs of Wyndemere and this story is going to find new ways to simultaneously suck and blow.  So why the hell am I not throwing tomatoes at my screen whenever any aspect of this storyline is on it?





Screencap courtesy of Clarissa.


That was awesome. I have to agree. I have this strange optimism that this might be a good story even though Patrick has been such an ass lately. But wow, those pictures!

I agree with many of your points. I detest how they're writing Patrick and the baby storyline. However, I do NOT agree that Nazanin has improved. She is horrid!!! She simply CANNOT act and is devoind of any facial axpressions except the look of perennial constipation on her face.

I 99% agree. I mean, they have already screwed up some of this story, but I can't help but have some hope.

And if this story does turn out to suck then I will at least have your blog to keep me entertained.

But I'm looking at Robin having a baby bump and Patrick being affected by it.

Yes, shirtless Patrick covers a multitude of sins.

And, with the news that the ratings for last week actually went up, I am hoping that someone, SOMEONE at ABC will understand that Guza is, in fact, the problem.

And, in more news for optimism, the folks over at the Scrubs board have been targeting various AIDS/HIV advocacy groups with letters asking them to hold GH's feet to the fire regarding telling the story responsibly. They are starting to get some good reactions, so I am hopeful.

It pains me to say this as I normally agree with just about everything you say. But I object! Leyla/Nazanin hasn't gotten any better...I think we have just become immune to the awful acting...wich is exactly what TPTB were hoping would happen, so congrats to them.

I also have high hopes that this story will turn out well in the end. And, as much as it pains me to say it, I too think that NB has gotten A LITTLE better. Too bad I've had to endure seeing her improve at the expense of Scrubs.
But, seeing the pictures of JT again...yummy!!!

GH was so quick to have the shock value with Patrick and Leyla on the same day that Robin was pregnant they forgot everything else. Not having Patrick inform Leyla that he was exposed to HIV was very irresponsible for GH. They didn't even show a condom wrapper! I am not optimistic at all that GH can tackle this story, it isn't off to a good start at this point.
I have to disagree that Nazanin has improved with her acting. It is horrible. I should not need closed captioning to understand a word she is saying. a good actress, in my opinion, would be able to express what they are thinking without words. She can't even do that. She always looks constipated.

I hope as you do that TPTB get on the right page and reunite Robin and Patrick.
However, it struck me just today that by Patrick being so concerned for Robin trying my best to not even consider the Leyme episodes) that TPTB might be sending us a smoke screen that we might get what we want. It might just mean that Patrick is going to be inflexible about not wanting to be a father and it could be that he never changes his mind and is mean and hateful to Robin. I hope not but it's a possibility since GH is a soap opera.

Remember the good old days when GH was awesome and "suck and blow" was a kissing game played at 6th grade parties with a playing card?

I think instead of the cast acting out these hideous mysogynistic violent scripts with no depth or quality they should let the cast have parties and tape and air those instead.

With writers, showrunners, and producers like these scripts are a bad idea, obviously. So simply provide the cast with a keg and some tequila and let the fun begin. Roll tape!

Monday-suck and blow
Tuesday-light as a feather stiff as a board
Wednesday-neck to neck pass the orange
Friday-limbo AND 7 minutes in heaven

And finally, to make it up to the long suffering viewers, we get to choose the line up! Luke next to Tracy, next to Monica etc...Robin next to Patrick EXCLUSIVELY, Sonny and Jason in the closet every Friday for 7 minutes in heaven!! Epiphany, Ford, Spinelli, and Leyla in a terminal foursome and so on as viewers demand.

And I'd like to see Cam kick Carly in the shins for fun at these parties. Since she dresses like a pinata it would make sense if he took a whack at her with the limbo broom!

RE your Matt Perry love, his new movie with Lauren Grahm is flawless and amazing and soooo gives you reason for love.

Mmmmm...shirtless Patrick. That helps a lot.

Although in that last screen grab, he looks a little bit constipated. Or maybe poor JT just can't act through the craptacular "storyline" anymore...

Yeah, I really felt the love when Patrick said he didn't mention the broken condom and potential exposure to his HIV positive ex because he didn't want to have an "awkward" conversation. This show blows, the WTD/lying aspect is the least interesting thing about it, and NB still sucks like a hoover.

Shirtless Jason Thompson alone is still attractive. When he opens his mouth as Patrick however, the hotness goes away...

I too am worried how GH is going to write this storyline. So far we have not been off to a great start with Patrick sleeping with that nurse and not even mentioning his exposure to HIV. As for Nazanin I do not believe her acting has improved and I would rather just see her disappear.

In response to the upcoming storyline, the scrubs board has set up an HIV taskforce which has been targeting advertisers and HIV/AIDS organizations. Our hope is that we can put some pressure on GH to tell this storyline responsibly. We have already had some success and even have a petition http://www.petitiononline.com/Scrubs08/petition.html set up that may be published in a magazine.

Here's where I'm at: For some reason I have hope, long term, but I have lost all faith. This story started out in the worst way possible. My already fragile Scrubbie heart now has to deal with the fact that Robin finding out she's pregnant with Patrick's baby will be forever marred by Patrick's meaningless hookup with Leyla. It's part of "our" story now. They can't take that back. It wasn't necessary and it was so obvious why they did it.

I'm worried about Robin keeping this secret from Patrick for too long, and then we miss out on all the great pregnancy moments for our couple. I want Patrick to be a part of all that. Actually, I want Patrick to WANT to be a part of it all. They've written him into a corner and I'm not sure they can write him out. That makes me sad. Both Robin and Patrick are being written totally out of character, and potentially being assassinated if this goes on much longer.

Patrick and Robin used to take my breath away. Now I've just been holding my breath for months, waiting and hoping against hope that TIIC start working on their issues, show us what Patrick is thinking, and start building Robin and Patrick back up again. I'm still waiting. And they are running out of time.

Sadly, GH has underestimated their audience, and how much they are willing to put up with, yet again. They've also underestimated the intelligence of their audience, particularly in relation to HIV. We know about things like exposure, informed consent, and PEP protocol, because we learned it from GH previously in Patrick's exposure story and Robin's initial diagnosis. They taught us about things like that. The audience didn't forget, even though the writers apparently did. Also, due to the Internet, the audience has access to all the research and facts that GH's writing staff does. We are more savvy than they think. And we do care.

GH did a great disservice in regards to HIV education and social responsibility. Patrick is a doctor. He should be informing ANY sexual partners he has for the next 6 months, at least, that he had previously been with someone who is HIV positive. Much less the fact that he KNEW a condom broke with Robin. That is inexcusable. I won't even get into the testing or lack of AVR drugs, but does GH really think we don't remember that BOTH Stone and Robin's first tests came back negative? And we all know how THAT turned out.

Bottom line...ABC/ GH KNEW they could get by with this. I don't believe for one minute they weren't aware of what they were doing. They know better, they just didn't think anyone would do anything about it. They think they can present false information for the sake of a "delicious" story, and then post facts on their website to make up for it.

That's not good enough for me.

I have to disagree about Leyla/Nazanin. I get no spark or connection from her at all. I never know what her character is supposed to be feeling, thinking, doing, etc. When she played her little "joke" on Patrick, where she told him she was suspended, most people on the net didn't even get that she was making that up. lol We couldn't tell whether it was real or not.

And no amount of shirtless Jason Thompson can make up for how they are writing his character. It just can't. Please, writers, get your heads out of your asses and let us see more of Patrick caring about ROBIN and let us know what he is thinking.

Also, please, yes, bring back Rick Springfield's Noah so Patrick can start working on some of his daddy issues. I am shallow enough to take a shirtless Noah, however. :)

Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson remain amazing, though. They are keeping me hanging in there despite how crappy their story is right now.

You guys, I said Nazanin had improved, not that she was Emmy-worthy. Remember we were starting at a point where, in the hilarious words of Mallory, a cardboard cutout of Christy Turlington would have been an improvement. http://serialdrama.typepad.com/serial_drama/2007/09/night-shift-e-2.html

I still think the character of Leyla is a mess and I have no idea what they're trying to do with this "triangle," plus Nazanin's diction makes me mental, but she's slightly less irksome to watch than she used to be. And she is pretty, especially when they cut back on the pageant hair.

^^^ Oh, but she's apparently worthy of an NAACP nomination. LOL What a joke.

She is beautiful, I will give her that. But who isn't on soaps???

Arianna, I agree with you completely! You took the words right out of my mouth! I've said it once and I'll say it again: when they did that pregnancy scare, the test should have been positive. I really believe it would have worked out a lot better if they hadn't dragged it out. And at whose expense? Yes that's right: Robin's! I've always been a Patrick fan first, and outside of this BS storyline that remains unchanged, but it's like the writers are creating a completely new character and I don't remember asking for another useless dayplayer. Don't we have enough?

I can't even be hopeful about the amount of screentime they'll be getting because, as long as Leyla is on my screen, it's hard to edge anywhere near optimistic. Sorry Becca. I hadn't watched in weeks and then made the mistake of watching on Friday. I saw nothing of an improvement.

There was a reason we all despised Night Shift, and the worst part is that it was told BETTER and in an actual context that didn't take Scrubs completely out of character. That scene where she told him she wasn't choosing the baby over him...Where the hell was that scene on OG GH? Their break-up was basically:

R: So you don't want kids?

P: Maybe never will.

R: I'll send for my stuff.

That's supposed to believeable??? Please! Isn't Patrick the one who "brought her back to life" after Jason had shattered her? If they don't want us to refer to those lines, they shouldn't have written them! I'll watch the day the baby is born; I doubt anything will bring me back before then.

I agree wholeheartedly. GH is run by criminal masterminds (and I don't mean Sonny) who slip in Naked!Patrick and totally throw me off my game. There's no pattern to when he appears; and, as such, I am forced to watch entire episodes in vain hope that he will appear in all his shirtless glory. I feel oddly like Linus, blankie as a cape waiting in the dark for the Naked Pumpkin to arrive....ok, that didn't sound right, but you get my point.

It's sad that we are now optimistic that this storyline and this couple can be saved. A year ago we were thinking that Patrick and Robin could be the next Luke and Laura, without the silly storylines like the Ice Princess. This was a couple whose own histories and present difficulties created a drama of their own. She was a still-heartbroken, relationship-adverse, HIV-infected, smart independent woman. He was a commitment-phobe, wary of living a life- and flaming out- like his father, experiencing true love for the first time.

They met cute, as they should. They fought and they flirted and they found a true mate in the other. They could have faced things together--her desire to have a child, his concern for her health and fear of making the same mistakes his father did--and that would have been true soap opera gold.

But instead we had a drastic change in character for Patrick, a sudden attack of baby rabies for Robin. A breakup out of nowhere. A love that was "beyond reason" now given up for a quick roll in the hay. And two fine, subtle actors forced to share scenes with a newbe with very little talent, a tendency to mumble and a very bizarre accent.

What a terrible waste! I feel sorry for Kim and Jason and even Nazanin, who I hope finds a career more suited to her talents some day soon.

The only way this can be worth it for Scrubs fans going forward is if Patrick gets some new disease that makes it painful for him to wear any clothes.

I agree with most of you, no improvement from nurse whore, as I call her! She is after all making her reputation stick, and frankly who give a damn!

And btw, who is not beautiful on a soap?

As for Patrick, I don’t want him with Robin anymore. Why would Robin who had to go through so much in her life, would even be interested in a self serving person, lack of maturity on all level kind of person like Patrick?

The problem with GH, is the fact that they cannot give their couple angst, without destroying one of the couple beyond mending!

I was a scrubs fan but no more!

Patrick is too close to deadtome territory for me to moon over Jason Thompson anymore. However, that's the positive for me with this show (yes, there is one); cute boys who can act and are cast appropriately has to sustain me in this day and age of soapdom, and GH has the best line-up available -- well, one less with pretty Coop swaying from the brownstone ceiling. By the way, this show is sick.

I'd like to join the club who thinks that Leyla is most definitely not less irksome. When a mediocre actress is being inserted everywhere on screen (and by Patrick), it makes her glaringly unrootable, so much so that those who may have been indifferent to her before, are now resentful and especially annoyed that the pimping continues to excel.

Beware of the purple drink.

Looking over those pictures again, I was reminded of a question I have had since the start of that abomination, Night Shift. What kind of a hospital is it that has a co-ed locker room with a shower open to everyone? These people are the most open-minded of any that I have ever come across. No wonder there's so much sex happening in GH.

Optimistic? About a story on GH? Have you NOT learned anything?

Foolish. Silly. Girl.

You thought Robin trying to find a sperm donor was a pain? Pregnant RObin will be worse.

Free Patrick.

At first, I was going to comment to your post with a simply and yet pithy "Girl, you crazy!" Then, I saw those pictures and what little coherent thought I had, immediately abandoned me. So, now, all I can do is repeat what you said. "Oh". However, I do adamantly disagree about NB improving, if anything, she's gotten worse, but that could also be because we see her way more than we used to and so there's more opportunity and time for her to suck.

I agree, there could be hope if the GH powers-that-be pull their heads out of their asses and realize that 1-Patrick and Leyla will NEVER work-period, end of subject, move the hell on, and 2-Patrick HAS to be redeemed through suffering before I could EVER consider wanting him w/Robin again-until such time as he has his ass handed to him on a regular basis, has to watch cute little moments b/t Robin and another guy, has to realize that she's moving on w/her life w/out him, quite happily, FREE ROBIN!

Um, did you receive a package from GH recently?! Did it perhaps have something edible and/or something that you might inhale, say chocolates or perfume or something?! The reason I ask is b/c I (and it makes me SO, SO sad) must vehemently disagree w/you guys on an acting-related opinion-NB has most definitely NOT improved. She is more annoying than ever, and, if possible, she has EVEN LESS chemistry w/JT-and everyone else-than she did before. She REFUSES to enunciate-it's like I need closed captioning just to understand what the hell she just said. And yes, she's beautiful-well, aside from the freakishness of her unusually long neck, which I would not have noticed had GH not pointed it out by having NuDoc say she had the throat of a Degas-but so is everyone ELSE on this show! My goodness, even Epiphany, mewling hellion that she is, is a quite attractive larger woman.

And lastly, and perhaps the saddest point of all, yes, we are getting shirtless Patrick lately-unfortunately, said shirtless Patrick is in scenes with Ye Olde Wooden Face, which brings down the hotness quotient by several points. And then, as if that weren't enough, they have him open his mouth and spew forth some of the most dickish dialogue since that of Julia's fiancee in The Wedding Singer, and the hotness just goes away altogether. Damn you, GuzaInTraining Scab, DAMN YOU!

nazanin is awful! she is GH's tammin suresucks!

as for patrick & leyla hooking up after he was exposed to HIV with robin...i think we're supposed to assume that since pattycakes doesn't want to be a father and he's not in a committed relationship with laidla, he used a condom. probably of the same variety that previously broke when he was with robin. which still makes him wrong wrong wrong!

so yeah, this s/l sucks and blows already and it's only just started!

Ok, I completely had hope for them and each time he sleeps with Lewhore I lose more and more of it. Somewhere in my heart there is a flame still burning and it will until it completely dies out and that will be the day that they don't reunite Scrubs. I am over the moon for them and need them desparately back together. To the HIV/Broken condom mess I agree with the rest of the posters. This is not the same Patrick that I am used to and he would have most definitely informed Lewhore before he slept with her (as gross as that was). This is the man that refused to sleep with Robin after he was stuck with the needle for Pete's sake. Come on now writers read your stories or at the least watch the clips and remind yourself of what you wrote no less than a year ago. To the pictures I have to say HOT DAMN!

Ok, I completely had hope for them and each time he sleeps with Lewhore I lose more and more of it. Somewhere in my heart there is a flame still burning and it will until it completely dies out and that will be the day that they don't reunite Scrubs. I am over the moon for them and need them desparately back together. To the HIV/Broken condom mess I agree with the rest of the posters. This is not the same Patrick that I am used to and he would have most definitely informed Lewhore before he slept with her (as gross as that was). This is the man that refused to sleep with Robin after he was stuck with the needle for Pete's sake. Come on now writers read your stories or at the least watch the clips and remind yourself of what you wrote no less than a year ago. To the pictures I have to say HOT DAMN!

I'm overjoyed that Leyla is dead. YES! And Nazanin is gone . She was a terrible actress and her character never ever belonged anywhere and certainly not inserted into Robin & Patrick. Honestly, messing with Scrubs is a huge mistake. Robin & Patrick are interesting and should have storylines of them working and being together. Kimberly & Jason have chemistry that is off the hook!

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