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January 29, 2008

Days of Our Lives Week in Review

Last week, on Days of Marlena's Life . . .


Oh, what?  There are other characters on this show?  The hell you say! 

I was all set to rant about how I am completely OD'ing on Marlena and while I like Deidre Hall just fine (when she's not noisily making out with Drake Hogestyn) I don't understand what segment of the viewing audience was clamoring for more Marlena, but then I procrastinated putting up last week's Week in Review just long enough to see yesterday's episode, and Marlena was so over-the-top, soap-dramatically, completely-out-of-touch-with-reality-and-everything-else-sensical-in-the-world batshit crazy that I lost my ranty mojo.  I mean, this whole storyline is really messing up the show, and is heading towards the territory GH knows well in which I'm supposed to go "woohoo!" when "good" characters do really despicable stuff, but, here's the thing:  Marlena surreptitiously injected Stefano with a drug that has outwardly paralyzed him but which leaves him fully aware of everything going on around him, and she's going to torture him psychologically while he's in that state, for the rest of his life or at least until her friends and family can figure out what her NotDead husband's mission from Stefano was, a mission that will somehow involve Cardboard Ireland.  How do you read that sentence and not applaud its awesome soapiness?!

Maybe I have a little bit of rant left in me:  Enough with the Marlena overload, already.  Paris Hilton is less overexposed at this point.


I am looking forward to EJ and Sami on the run, or whatever is coming up, because they sit around having dumbass conversations ad nauseum just like she and Lucas used to do and I start to want both of them to visit John when he's in one of his moods and has picked his 'cuff locks with manicure scissors again.

EJ:  Samantha, I'm sorry, I'm not taking any risks with my family.  This incident with the [?] made up my mind.  Look, just listen to me, okay?  We need to get the twins, we need to get a car, we need to pack it up, and we need to get out of here.  We need to find somewhere safe to stay, where nobody can find us.  Now, when Stefano is finally in jail – and I mean in jail permanently – or he's been deported, then we can come out again.
Sami:  Are you insane?

Word, Sami.  Stefano has come back from the dead 19 times, is a certified brainwasher, and facilitates Satanic possessions -- I hardly think U.S. immigration regulations would be much of a barrier to his continued havoc-wreaking. 

Also, EJ?


Yes, you should definitely call me.


On the one hand, I continue to believe it was a mistake to bring John Black back from the dead.  His hammy craziness is out of step with the other, much improved aspects of the show.


But on the other hand, he's doing stuff like trying to kill Marlena


and fantasizing about strangling Sami (who I usually like, but who is annoying as hell lately)


so now I'm torn.  Therefore, in honor of the presidential primaries, I'm going to let a poll govern what I think.


Okay, so the replacement writers are in place and horribly, apparently the person responsible for OLTL's radical downfall of recent years (yes, I know it's good again now) and for some of Days' weakest stories is at the helm.  Did she bother to do a refresher on any of the characters?  Because Abe is wandering around town with the crazy eyes


saying stuff like

Abe: Oh, they're gonna be crawlin' up your jock strap.

and that is disturbing on a number of levels.  Never did I think I would have to say this, but:  could we please not talk about EJ's jock strap?


Lucas is still in jail, Claire is still kidnapped, Belle is still in the hospital, Chloe still has boobs, and Phillip cut his hair.  I think that catches you up on the "high" points of those storylines.


So last week we had two hideous scarves



and this week we found out they weren't anomalies; Days' stylists are indeed unable to find, for example, a nice basic cashmere scarf.




Double ew.  What is with this trend?  Grown women should not wear anything approximating a rainbow.


Since they're leaving town, I'm pretty much not even paying attention to Shawn and Belle anymore.  Will the reason they leave Salem be related to the fact that Shawn, with his latest aggravated assault, has a criminal record longer than anyone he would ever arrest if he actually became a cop?


Talk about your Irish tempers.  I feel like the only things Shawn has done in the last few years is moon over Belle and beat people up.  How I'll miss this diverse and deep character.




Much to my surprise (both because of my longtime aversion to the Greek system, and because I had been convinced Days couldn't write for anyone under 30), I thought the sorority scenes this week were pretty good.


I like that Chelsea, given her history, is the one in this situation urging them to go to the police.  But I also like that it's tough to tell what the right course of action for the girls is.  Good traditional soapy push-pull! 

Chelsea finally coming clean to Mr. Decker, especially Steve and Kayla's reactions, was also great.  But I continue to be distracted in all scenes with Ford's dad by trying to figure out where the hell I know that actor from.  Anyone?  I hope it's not something embarrassing, like What About Brian?.


Much as I was opposed to yet another baby story, Steve and Kayla trying to get pregnant is kind of adorable.  Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols appear to be drinking from the same fountain of youth as Debbi Morgan, and they just ooze chemistry.


Caroline walking in on them like guilty teenagers was too funny (especially because Peggy McCay is more able lately to express emotion, if you know what I mean), although, nitpick, why the hell are they still living in a hotel?

Anyway, the scenes of the week had to be Stephanie and Kayla telling Steve about the rape.  (Though did it have to be at the Brady Pub, in the middle of the lunch rush?  Are we going to have sex scenes at Salem Place next?)


Steve/Stephen made me well up!  At Days of Our Lives


And not from laughing at unintentional comedy.  It truly is a new Days

Countdown to Dena Higley effing up the whole shebang . . . .

Screencaps courtesy of Days of Our Lives 2.


But I continue to be distracted in all scenes with Ford's dad by trying to figure out where the hell I know that actor from. Anyone? I hope it's not something embarrassing, like What About Brian?

He was in an episode of that show, but I know him as Mr. Derek Morris, as in Zack Morris' dad from Saved By The Bell.

Along with the more evil Marlena, I'm starting to love that the show's writers are more blunt than ever about the fact that the Bradys have a corrupt stranglehold over the Salem police department.

Chrissy, that's even MORE embarrassing! But thanks for the info; that's exactly where I'm recognizing him from. The guy doesn't age much, huh?

(I really did just throw What About Brian? out there because I couldn't think of anything I'd been mocked more for watching in the last couple of years.)

I'm surprised you haven't mentioned Chelsea's hair, have you seen it? It looks like she got in a fight with a bottle of hair dye...

Yes, someone else pointed out he was Zack Morris's dad and I was like AHA! Then I blushed by remembering him at all means I watched the show too much.

I'm so sick of Marlena, though I do prefer her BSC compared to drooling all over John or being a bad mother. But it is reminding me of what I read about GH these days. No matter what the heck is going on this show, I've been glad at least it hasn't sunk to GH standards. Now it has.

Oh man, I just loved that makeout scene with Steve and Kayla getting busted by Mrs. Brady. How awesome are they?

those scarves are fugly. they haven't been in style since ever. wow...the same person doing Kate's hair must be picking the scarves!

I'm just thankful for less Stayla.

Sigh. I'm way over the Days of Marlena's life as well. Asshole John has been kind of fun, but not enough to make me want to see him every. single. day. And, while in some ways Marlena paralyzing and torturing Stefano is probably soapily awesome, all I can think of is that if I wanted a show where I'm supposed to think killers are good guys I could watch GH.

But, in better news, Stephanie's rape reveal to Steve gave us some wonderful scenes (no man cries better than Stephen Nichols) and Chelsea's dead!ford reveal was great, too.

And, nothing can top Steve and Kayla being all flirty and sexy.

I watched Monday for the first time in a few months and it's like a whole different show - love it. Kind of cheesy but the Marlena and Stefano stuff was classic Days gold. Creepy new sound effects and too! The dialogue IS a little weird at points but the actors are doing a good job with it at least. It's like the show's on crack now but before it was so boring I like this version better...

What's BSC?

Ok, I don't remember Zach's dad on Saved by the Bell, but I think Mr. Decker looks kinda like Mark Valley. In any case, I love the character, and I hope they actually fired Belle and Shawn just so he can stay.

Well, there it goes - DAYS had balance for about a week or two and then it did went off the rails again. Jarlena three times a week, perhaps in rotation with another storyline? OK, I could deal. This every single day crap, especially when there's only movement in the actual story 2 of those days? Oi vey. Marlena's OTT scenes with Steffy notwithstanding, the whole thing reeks of boring. The Stephanie rape reveal was good...Steve and Kayla were cute....and didn't make me want to fall asleep...the rest....eh. I hope it picks up because they need a good Feb sweeps to stay on the air....

everyone cried that they wanted to see the vets, now too much vets. i wouldnt want to have the writer/producers job. someone will always be unhappy. no more ugly scarves!! is hogan s. knitting these while idle? more ej PLEASE

Marlena is such a hypocritical self righteous b!tch. I loathe her. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put this woman in every episode isn't watching the show. Deidre Hall's best days are behind her, far behind. She's god awful now. I use the speed up button on my DVR because the woman talks so effing slow!

Because it can't be said enough, Jarlena sucks and I want them to go the way of Shelle and get the hell off my screen. I watch GH as well as Days and I get enough of the good guys being bad guys and vice versa and I don't need it in Daysverse. Rotox & Abe looking the other way while she injects Stefano (who is one of the best things on Days now and it sucks that he's stuck talking only in his own head), Bo, Hope, Roman and Abe shrugging off Shawn Duh beating the hell out of a kidnapping suspect...I prefered my Salem PD to be righteous and a bit incompetent. I would like to see the return of that awesome DA to put the smack down on the Brady cop corruption. She could kill Marlena while she's at it.

Best scenes of the week definitely went to Steve and Kayla in their romance and the Stephanie rape reveal. They're the vets we want to see, along with Bope...not Jarlena.

Daggerrose, BSC = bat shit crazy

I've kinda given up on Days in recent weeks so that I won't be crushed when Dena Higley turns it into a sadistic, misogynistic pile o'crap (like OLTL - that hurt!). But the overload on Jarlena & Ejami certainly made the decision easier.

But methinks I need to go search out the S&K scenes on Youtube...

there is no such thing as too much marlena. never. its not possable.

I agree that the Jarlena show sucks and I wish that John had stayed dead. And putting one of the best actors on the show (Joe M)in a comma and not giving James Scott any screen time lately is soap opera suicide in my opinion.

Where has the balance gone? Once again, Corday promised big things and didn't deliver. Well at least GH isn't the suckies soap around now. Days has that distinction.

I loved Marlena injecting Stefano, what a classic days moment. I'll take this Marlena over Sami "I trust my rapist with my life" Brady and day of the week. And what a great performance by Stephen Nichols when he found out about the rape.

I think right now the s/l suck's.not giving EJ and Sami no air time is wrong of the writers to do.we want to see more of EJ and Sami not John/Marlena and Bo/Hope every day of the week.

Well I will say this..LUCAS ASK SAMI TO BRING YOU A RAZOR because you with facial hair is NOT cutting it !!!! Loved the scene with Dimera brothers and their sister.. I LOVE EJ and TONY now thats sex appeal. Since we are not going to get ejami PLEASE writers hook EJ up with someone..that man screams ROMANCE !!! I do like the Ireland story line, although you can so tell that the bed and breakfast is the Brady pub !!!

Higley needs to go before she buries the show so far under it'll never see the light of day again!! I went from seriously enjoying Days to being totally confused as to why I'm even watching. Granted when EJ is on (which hasn't been much) I'm happy -- and feel lucky to be able to soak in his ultimate hotness. Which makes me continue to think Sami is freaking nuts to want the guy with the strange something growing on his face when she could have EJ. Even if they didn't have fantastic chemistry, they are just so darned pretty together!

The Marlena show isn't cutting it and while this insane witch version is different, it's time someone smacked her upside the head already! ;)

We need our writers back to save Days!!

More Stefano, more EJ.

Now that Higley's back we may as well stick a fork in DAYS. That saddens me to no end.

Bringing John back has done nothing for the ratings. Having Marlena on 24/7 has done nothing for the ratings. All it's done is reinforce my hatred for Marlena, although John is cracking. me. up. which may not be the reaction the writers wanted me to have. I'm sure that Monday's show with John knocking Marlena out will be the only highlight of Higley's current tenure.

Of the "non vets" the only two couples I had a vested interest in were Phelle and Ejami. Shawn and Belle are getting rushed out of Salem at breakneck speed and Ejami, who knows what or if anything's going to happen with them.

The writing has been so clunky the for the last four to six weeks, and if this is any indication of how things will be, my flove for DAYS may be at an end.

That's the saddest part of the whole thing. DAYS is going to go out with a whimper, not a bang.

One more thing, how do I vote in your poll?

Is John's return a success? Do you mean for the ratings, then it's a dismal failure.

If you mean for some light hearted moments? Right now, John is pure comedy gold.

I agree Corday and writing staff are rushing what could have been a great storyline between chloe and shawn. I've always been a phelle fan
I'm glad they fired the new writers if they don't get the good old days storyline back It'll be good bye days.

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