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January 07, 2008

New Feature Alert: Serial Drama Dish Forums!

Happy new year, everyone!  We are excited to ring in 2008 with big news:  We're launching a message board!  We considered several names, including Serial Drama's Den of Bitterness, Hatred, and Some Remaining Vestiges of Humor.  But ultimately we went with a little alliteration and a soapy reference, dubbing the new forums Serial Drama Dish.

We know what you're thinking:  The online world needed another soap forum, seriously?  Well, we are just self-centered enough to think that we might be able to bring a slightly different flair to things, and we liked the idea of bringing all of Serial Drama's readers together in one place, other than in a hateful mob outside ABC Daytime's headquarters (which has looked like a distinct possibility of late).

So, what's the point of the forums?  Well, first, we know that many of you have lots to say, and long comments in response to our posts are great, but, let's face it, 1) our stuff isn't really that deep, and 2) the longer replies are hard for some people to read through, especially that rare breed of internet user who reads blogs at work.  So, in an effort to streamline the comments a bit so that they're really responses to/disagreements with/reactions to  posts, we're include a Dish About Serial Drama area in the new forums.  That way, if you have longer responses or a post prompts an extended back-and-forth among readers, you can head over to a better venue.  Also in Dish About Serial Drama, you'll find a place to make suggestions about post topics and submit Expression Hall of Fame entries, among other things.  (We appreciate all the emails we get from many of you about those things, but thought your fellow readers might like to participate, too.)

But really, we anticipate most of the traffic will be in the Shows Forum.  There you'll find what we hope are user-friendly and well-organized sub-forums for each of the daytime soaps still on the air (including ones we don't usually cover here on the blog), as well as an area for threads about other soaps.  We hope you fill that forum with lots of witty, insightful, bitchy, and/or bitter observations about the state of your favorite shows.

For now, the forums are on a trial basis, but we hope they'll thrive thanks to the good humor and astute commentary of our Serial Drama readers. So please register (or not -- guests are free to read the boards), read the rules, and post away!  Please enter the forums through the new link in the navigation bar at the top of the page or in the right-hand column here on the blog.  They're just a click away!

We'll see how this goes.  It's kind of a weird idea, but then we thought starting a blog to make fun of soap operas was a weird idea too, and that seems to have worked out relatively well.  You know, if you don't count the hate mail, carpal tunnel, and PTSD from repeated exposure to screencaps of soap "fashion."


cool deal pickles! I am so already there! unless of course the phrase cool deal pickles disqualifies me.

Great idea! I often laugh just as hard at the comments as I do at the blog, so I can't wait to join...

Hi Ladies..I am among that rare breed that reads your blog at work....I fear that I may never get any work done again with the new forum....Sweet!

Possible bug on the registration form...it keeps kicking back that the security code I enter doesn't match . Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow.

Bitter and bitchy? Coming right up!

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