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January 28, 2008

Poor Maxie

Poor Maxie Jones.  She's had such a tough life.  Now this.

A bit of background:  Maxie needed a heart transplant early in her young life, and only got one because her beloved cousin was tragically killed.  Then her father abandoned her, and her mom soon followed.  She was invisible for a few years, then went through a pretty radical facial transformation.  Her police officer boyfriend was murdered.  She took up with another police officer (this one super-hot but married), and after helping to keep him doped up and unfaithful, became pretty much the town skank.  (Or at least that of the 18-22 age range.)  She was generally unlikeable.  She went through an unfortunate hair stage.  She miscarried a pillow.  She got yet another gorgeous new police officer boyfriend, but things got rough when he found out she had slept with his former best friend.  She got an infection in her cousin's heart, or something, and flatlined about 87 times.  At some point she became sassy and awesomely bitchy, but then her sister was murdered.  Then she was nearly strangled to death.  Then her estranged mother came back into town, acting like a whackadoo and necessitating an epic verbal bitchslap, in the unfortunately chosen venue of her sister's funeral.  And finally, we all know what most recent tragic event befell poor Maxie Jones.

That's right.  She revealed herself to be the owner of THREE BABUSHKAS.


I'm perplexed too, Maxie dear.  When you previously wore not one but two different babushkas, Mallory provided some helpful advice that apparently went unheeded.  Why don't you listen?!  Is it because you're fictional?


I know sweetie, it's an absolute tragedy. 

Oh, and bummer about your uber-hottie of a boyfriend being both dead and either having 1) been a serial killer who then killed himself, or 2) been a victim of the serial killer who also murdered your sister.  Maybe I'll give you a pass on the hat.

Screencaps courtesy of Clarissa.


Yes those hats are truly tragic....and the possible sucidical/sister murdering dead boyfriend leads me to give her some other advice....

Perhaps she should stay out of the squad room for the next one? I'm just saying..she doesn't have a great track record in the whole dating a cop department.....

RIP Coop...we hardly knew you..but you were nice to look at.

The babushka was a decoy to distract us from the cruel firing of mega hot Coop! I hope he gets a better job and soon. Thant AMC hottie married to the original Babe IRL is the new Hasselhoff on Night Rider. Maybe sexy Coop can be the New Hulk or something.

And oh yeah right...."thank goodness St. Jasus is here to make the cops look like idiots and save Maxie from staring at her hung dead boyfriend for too long. Oh what a hero...AGAIN!"

Is that a babushka, though? I thought a babushka was a scarf tied to cover the hair. I just thought that was a fugly knit cap.

Poor, poor Maxie. I know I'm wailing about Coop's death. If there were a coffin, I'd be throwing myself on it, clawing at the lid, screaming, "Whyyyyyyyy, whyyyyyy, whyyyyyyy? He was too hot to die!" Oh, who am I kidding, I'm doing that even without the coffin!

Anyway, far be it from me to correct you, Becca, but I believe Maxie was almost-strangled BEFORE Georgie died, not after. I point it out because it is VITAL to keep the order of events on this show straight, otherwise you'd be totally lost within the complex, multi-faceted, subtle storylines that are this show's hallmark.

Hey Sarah - Coop has been hired on DAYS. I think he'll be playing a doctor.

Coop is going to DAYS?


first DAYS gets better...like a real soap opera. and then JKJ comes back as Philip. and joining him is the original Chloe. the awful Shelle characters are leaving the screen (for now), TB is joining days, and now Coop?

screw GH i just may jump on the DAYS bandwagon!

If they end up making the killer that busboy at Mike's who appeared for ten minutes one episode and then completely disappeared for weeks and who has been given (so far) no reason to target any of his victims beyond random chance, I will personally award the GH writing staff the Hatchet Award for Hackery.

I like slouchy berets, but I don't wear mine starting at the middle of my head. That's what annoying teenage girls do, and Maxie, I suppose. How does it not fall off?

Since Maxie's boyfriends eventually end up dead... Why not pair her with Sonny? She's not too young... He already went there with Emily. Just a thought....

Good screaming, I'll give her that.

My question is: why did Coop call Jason? Hmmmm???

(But, any excuse to show Jason is fine with me!)

k...did research on coop(jason) going to days...and same site says that Lindzi is in talks to join Days as well!

Coop called Jason because even he knew that PC Police are incapable of giving out traffic tickets let alone finding the TMK. Frankly I really don't care who did it, busboy, dead Diego, the new cop who played Frank on Port Charles, does it matter as long as the great hero Jason solves the mystery? Want I really want is for Sean Donely to come riding back into town with Tiffany and their of course hot son. Sean takes on Jason, Sonny and the Zaccharas along with Robert and Anna, Tiffany takes over Everyday Heroes, Lucky joins the WSB, and hot son gets involved with Maxie and a newly SORASed Serena who takes over the good girl role left vacant when they stupidly killed off Georgie!

I'm a Days watcher and while we've fantasized about Lindze joining Days and Coop as well, I've never seen or heard it as a real story. I'd love it to be true, so if anyone has the links to those stories, please let me know.

Nolebucgrl, I might be an egomaniac, but I think I may have started or at least contributed to the Lindze/Days rumors back in mid-December in the comments to Mal's brill post about Georgie's murder. http://serialdrama.typepad.com/serial_drama/2007/12/a-christmas-car.html

I haven't seen anything remotely official about either her or Jason Gerhardt being cast, though.

Bourgeois Nerd, you're probably right, it's not a babushka, but since that's what we thought it was in the midst of our initial horror last year, I think we never bothered to check on that! Regardless: fugly.

Thanks Becca...we've talked about it quite a bit on TWOP as well but I've never seen any confirmation that she was under consideration for a role. Same with JG, tho I'd love to have pretty Coop back on my screen. It's a nice thought though!

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