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January 27, 2008

Mystery Solved!

I have figured out why ABC trumpeted the return of the REAL Greenlee and let the return of Angie and Jesse languish in relative obscurity.

I at first assumed that it was due to race and age related issues, because we're talking about ABC Daytime here and marginalizing people is what they do. After all, why focus on creating quality entertainment when you can instead use that energy to offend your audience in new and myriad ways?

But I made a mistake in assuming the worst, because I have discovered the true reason for their refusal to tout the return of the REAL Angie...

...I'm pretty sure this is not the REAL Angie but, instead, a CYBORG Angie coming to us from a planet where people don't age at all over the course of twenty years because HOLY HELL, look at how freaking gorgeous and young this woman looks:


I can't pay attention to anything storyline related when Debbi Morgan is onscreen because I am so captivated by how pretty she looks, which isn't really much of a loss, since everything on this show is a cluster of badness. I mean, what sounds better to you, marveling over Debbi Morgan's flawless skin or watching the thousandth petty argument between Jack and Erica?

I am dreading how awful the rewrite of Jesse's death is going to be. Because we know it's going to be awful, it's just what a matter of what level awful it could be. I am skeptical of bringing people back from the dead when there is a good writing regime in place and to be honest, I'd be wary of having the Cohen brothers write a story about how Jesse was never actually dead and did not actually welcome Gillian into heaven or turn back time, literally, to save Tad's life and when we're counting on when we're counting on the fi-core James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten to do this storyline...I am uneasy. That's a good, polite word for it.

(Of course, that feeling of uneasiness did not distract from the awesome moment at the end of Friday's episode when the camera lingered lovingly on the publicity photo of Angie and Jesse that Opal just happened to have hanging around that she gave to Frankie...


and then, like, a ten minute shot of the hospital floor, then Jesse's feet on the hospital floor....


and then Jesse himself...


and then Jesse reaching out to touch the son he hasn't seen in twenty years, on account of being dead and all


I'm a sucker for soapy moments, what can I say?)

My next mysteries to solve:

  • Why did the writers insist on making the evil-ish Richie totally outright evil? Do they not know that shades of gray are totally in right now?
  • Why do soaps continue to believe that amnesia storylines are compelling?
  • Why does the wardrobe department loathe Chrishell Stause?

That's not even garden variety hatred of an actress. They straight up abhor her.


Debbie Morgan IS absolutely gorgeous - even more so than she was in the 80's. I never thought that Darnell Williams was good looking, but the man has become down right handsome over time (without the hat) with his little goatee!! Both are wonderful actors. I too fear the headwriters...so much so I was looking forward to scabs. So far I haven't seen much of an improvement in the writing, although it's just my opinion.

I find it amazing that the daily ratings are in for the real greenlee return and there was no increase in numbers (Mondays' "fake" Greenlee day was higher than the Wednesday overhyped real return!). Only the Friday that "Cyborg" Debbie appeared did the daily numbers increased slightly, even though they are still almost on the bottom. I wish them all luck!

I'm convinced Billy Warlock and Debbi Morgan belong to a cult who kidnaps babies, sacrifices them, and then hangs pictures in their respective attics because both look ridiculously young. Not even Billy's years in the sun on Baywatch have done much to age him.

Thanks for the first screen cap of Jesse being back.

I know, huh? That outlandish beauty Debbie Morgan's sporting is kind of freaky. And kind of distracting. Luckily, there's immense talent there to engage us shallow folk.

Hey, anyone else marveling at the fabo casting of Frank? It's on the level of Teschner's ability to find genius son-to-father matches. I love a great find!

It's weird, since trolling youtube for vintage Jesse and Angie clips, I'm becoming more and more excited to see Darnell and Debbie work together. After that last sequence revealing Jesse, I'm flat out eager to watch. What is this...anticipation? It's probably desperation, but never the less, I'm gonna try to enjoy them 'till the show-runners fuck it up. I hope it takes longer than I expect.

This is the thing: I remember the first time they were on. I was very young, wink wink. And I'm thrilled beyond measure they are back. So thrilled, that to some extent, I don't care how they rewrite history on this one. I'm not saying I trust the "writers," or BF (great initials for this particular fellow), because I don't at all-I've watched for too long, obviously. What I am looking forward to is spending a little time with Angie and Jesse again. There's a real sweetness in that.
Back to the topic: in Debbie Morgan's case, I suspect that ritualistic sacrifices were used to keep her exactly as she was 25 years ago. And Darnell Williams, who has aged, is more handsome now than he used to be. Go figure.

re: Lauren

Yes!!! It's freaking me out how much Frank looks like the product of Debbie Morgan and Darnell Williams. Amazing casting job there.

Deb is amazingly lovely .. but I have to point out holding the oxygen mask/pump ABOVE a person's face is 'breathing' for them I believe you need to actually put the mask securily over the patient's nose/mouth while squeezing the pumper ball thingie .. otherwise the patient dies .. honest

ooops should say 'is NOT breathing for them' .. doh if you snark you gotta not make typos .. sorry

Debbie Morgan has amazing skin. I don't see a wrinkle after 20 years. I'm jealous, but I can't help but love her. She smiles so pretty and so often.

Three words: Black. Don't. CRACK!

it's the black skin, we don't age, fast, we may gray,and our hair may get thin, but the skin stay's firm, till were about seventy, then and only then do you see age setting in.

As I looked at those pictures and read the comments I thought, "Well, maybe she is just younger than we think she is because she looks about 29." Then I looked it up. And I think it must a typo or something. I counted twice. It says she was born in 1956. I do not see any possible way that that perfect, smooth, beautiful face is turning 52 this year. I would have guessed 40 and still thought she looked fantastic for that age.
You are right; Jesse is handsomer now. Those two must be living right...

It's great to see Jesse and Angie back on AMC. It takes me back to my college days when I scheduled my classes around AMC. I was totally hooked on those two.

As for Debbie's flawless beauty, I've watched her in various films since she left AMC and she looks exactly the same. She is what the artists mean when they refer to someone as a "timeless beauty." And Jesse was fine to me back in the day and even finer now IMO.

I'm sure that B&E will screw up this as they have everything else, but at least for a brief moment I have found a reason to watch AMC again.


darnell williams is the epitome of handsome. he's always been my favorite actor. so talented and versatile.

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