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January 21, 2008


HOLY CRAP, you guys, Martha Madison (Belle) and Brandon Beemer (Shawn) have been let go from Days of Our Lives.  (Thanks so much to reader and forum poster lascuba for the link.  Although, note to Soap Opera Network:  Use of the term "super couple" for these two characters may very well have broken the internet.)

As much as I have bitched about Belle and Shawn as a couple (and oh my, have I bitched), I am actually a bit sad to see two legacy kids leave Salem.  Martha Madison in particular has given some good performances -- I just think Belle was so one-dimensional[ly "awesome" in the eyes of the writers but in a way that is invisible to the viewing public] that nobody could make me like that character.  I didn't like Kirsten Storms until the last year or so of GH; there's a Belle jinx, I fear.  So maybe sending her and the now-dopey Shawn out of town is for the best.  I've often bemoaned the lack of appealing younger characters on Days -- especially those who aren't Bradys or Hortons -- so hopefully this move means the show is going to focus on that part of the canvas a bit more.

Anyway, having the kids of Bo and Hope and John and Marlena written out worries me a bit.  But my worry is overridden by the joy at never having to see another disturbingly unsexy Belle/Shawn love scene or the 78th version of their "do you really love me?" conversation.  I have nothing against the actors, though, and hope they land somewhere else soon.  And in Brandon Beemer's case, I hope said landing is shirtless and within my field of vision.


You're welcome, Becca. (Finally! Internet fame!)

Like I said on the board, I'm thrilled about the news. Add in the fact that Tamara Braun--whom I've never seen but I've heard good things about--is joining the cast, and I'm now feeling uncharacteristically optimistic about the show.

I was shocked also at the news. It's something I have wanted for awhile, and now that's it happened, I don't feel quite as happy as I thought, perhaps because MM has been actually impressing me with recent performances. Go figure.

That's like Jason or Sonny leaving GH...i just never ever thought it would happen....I'm kinda confused to be honest.....don't know how to feel...

It's particularly fitting this news broke on MLK Day. Free at last Free at last! Thank God almighty I'm free at last!

Shelle has been dead for years, Corday just refused to see it. I'll miss MM and her pairing with JKJ. Beemer should have been gone after day one.

Oh I was hoping you'd do a post about this today. I read the news earlier, and went "YES!!" rather loudly. I doubt they'll kill them off, and I think this mainly means recasts so I'm very, very happy about the news.

This is actually kind of sad. I have not been a fan of either Shawn or Belle since Kirsten Storms was let go. I felt like Kirsten balanced out Jason Cook's acting in a way that Martha never could.
I am actually shocked to read that both Martha and Brandon were let go. That IS like killing off main characters. I am confused a bit - I thought Corday CONSTANTLY referred to them as the future of the show.

Hmm... Interesting (as in perplexing) news.

I'm a happy, happy camper at this news. I don't think the characters are gone forever by any means, so we'll have recasts back in 6 months or so. But, if they can find someone who can bring some life to Belle and some brains to Shawn, it will be well worth it. Maybe the time offscreen will actually give the characters some backstory to build off of as well.

The show has been stuck in Shellip hell for entirely too long. Martha Madison is a good dramatic actress but she didn't generate any sparks with any of her male co-starts and that makes it impossible for me to believe that there are two men fighting over Belle. And Brandon Beemer was just . . . not good.

I can't believe Corday finally had the guts to do this, but I think it's a good move.

I'm definitely no Shelle fan, and actually feel rather ambivalent about the actors themselves. But somehow this news gives me a sinking feeling in my stomach - mass firings are never, ever good news on a soap (ask AMC, ATWT, or GL to name the most recent soaps to bleed actors). For a show to dump two of the actors that have carried a bulk of the show in recent years (whether they deserved to or not) leads me to think that they just can't wait until 2009 to pull the plug on this show, and are trying to speed the process along. I suppose we'll see.

Oh dear. Sounds like Dena Higley is at it again...Wonder how many new characters she can bring in while she's scabbing?

(Normally I hate to call the "interim" writers scabs, but in Higley's case, I make an exception...it just seems fitting somehow.)

i sure as hell am not shedding any tears over this.

MM has successfully ruined Belle (more than it thought was possible--coupled with terrible Belle-worshipping writing was MM's equally terrible portrayal of a helpless and weak woman). her version of Belle did all sorts of strange/nasty things.

and i am no fan of BB's acting, he was yummy to look at and i actually like Shawn (pre-dumb days).

hopefully this means Philip and JKJ are free of this triangle monstrocity!

i could deal with recasts if they are good actors, and if they stay far, far, away from Philip.

lascuba, I hate to ruin any optimism you've developed over the idea of Tamara Braun joining the cast, but I do feel a need to warn you. There are many GH fans that hated TB. I certainly hope for your sake that the character she's playing is nothing like GH's Carly.

Thanks, Pia! Yeah, I know opinions on TB are very mixed. I saw a bit of her when SoapNet aired older episodes of GH, and maybe it's just because I don't like LW at all, but from the little I saw I thought TB was fine. Even if she turns out not to be that good of an actress, keep in mind that I'v been a Days watcher for 14 years, so my standards are pretty low.

I'm mostly excited about getting a brand new character. Days is so incentuous that it needs all the new blood it can get. And since she will be involved with Steve and Kayla, I now have hope that they'll finally start talking about something other than having a baby.

I'm firmly in the "free at last!!!" camp on this one. I agree that MM was decent in non-romantic scenes, but since Belle is in the middle of a never-ending triangle, the non-sparks with her co-stars sucked the life out of any of those scenes. Beemer had pretty eyes and a great bod but he's a horrible actor and I'm sorry for the actors but not sorry to see them go. I'm sure we'll get recasts down the road and hopefully they'll be good actors that can bring some heat to our screens. I'm thrilled that Philip will be free!

I too am thrilled at this news. Martha Madison is a decent actress and did well with dramatic scenes, but "Belle the princess" is not the right role for her. (I don't think she'll have trouble finding another job.) The Shawn/Belle/Phillip triangle was go-nowhere soap.

Shelle is a dead end and I can't believe the show finally recognized it. They have no internal story to tell--between SORASing and never being off the canvas, there is no history to draw on. They've been in quads and triangles for years and have done every "established couple" storyline in the book. (Oh, whoops! Except for "brainwashed DiMera pawn"! Maybe we can look forward to that when they return!)

I'm very excited that pretty, pretty Phillip will finally get out of Belle's orbit.

Maybe they'll get rid of Shawn by finally putting behind bars for crashing into the church. How did he ever get on the police force with this outstanding charge against him?

I'm so glad. I was never a Shawn and Belle fan, although Jason Cook had his charms. BB is a great actor, if he's supposed to be playing a stick of wood. I think MM could be good in a different role, but the character of Belle is all wrong for her. It's all wrong for most people actually. I'm glad they're off. I'm sure we'll see them again in the future, with different actors.

Now give me a little Phillip / Sami / Chloe - that's a triangle I could get behind.

I think it's the best thing that could of happened. I liked the old Bell and the old Sean. I wish they were still there. The ones on there now make me sick along with Philip. Sorry, but that is how I feel. I watch Days every day and I really enjoy it but, when they switched them off to someone else I lost interest. Furthermore, they can not act. Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!

I am relieved to see poor talentless Brandon Beemer go but the character of Shawn has always been a linchpin in the younger generation set of the Brady clan. They are trimming MAJOR branches of the family trees in favor of unconnected, random storyline characters. I liked TB back in the day and I'm sure she'll be a fine addition to any cast (assuming she can keep some weight on her scary stick figure). But to bring on a "complication" for Steve & Kayla doesn't make much sense givent he fact they are getting great REAL LIFE story potential from their desire to have a baby, reconnect after their years aparts, be all super cute and sexy, etc. I can only see this as a sourse of irritation for viewers - NOT what a struggling show wants to do.

I was not a big fan of Martha Madison initially but boy has she come into her own recently. Her acting in the Philip affair story and the resulting tension with Hope, dealing with John's "death" etc. were top notch. I was thinking Emmy reel. Sure she has NO chemistry with BB but he's a wooden post - who would? But her chemistry with Philip was fine and she actually seems like a daughter to Marlena and John - great family chemistry, even with Sami.

I hope MM goes on to a GREAT role elsewhere or success in prime time - she can really develop, I think. But to lose the 2 tentpole characters of the 20s-30s set is a big mistake. Where's this gonna leave Philip and Chloe?

So we have 40-50 somethings in the Bo-Hope, J-M, and Steve-Kayla generation and teeny booper / early college kids (all over used and boring stories). Where is the middle generation? Now it's just Sami and EJ. No Lucas, no Billie, no Carrie or Austin, no Mimi, no Rex, no what's her name Rex's red haired twin, etc. etc. etc. All were long term family connected characters FULL of story potential. All scrapped in favor of more time for EJ and the island that is the younger set?
WHO would think that was a good idea?
Cutting costs? Ditch the whole Max / Stephanie bs. Who cares? They are BORING. Pretty doesn't always equal sexy - and the downer story has put them on permanent fast forward.
I hate it as a long term fan but I think the sands are finally through the hourglass - time has run out for Days to save itself. Bringing back John as the Pawn was a valiant attempt. (I do however miss the Eyebrow)
RIP Days. So much potential wasted...

They'll undoubtedly be recast.

I'm actually kind of bummed about this. I never really warmed up to Brandon Beemer as Shawn, but I like Martha Madison as Belle, and I actually have really started liking the Belle/Philip pairing lately.

I think she has done some really great scenes over the past several months. Plus, I just feel like Belle and Shawn kind of belong in Salem. I'm all for fresh blood in Salem, but I didn't really want these two characters gone. I would be all for a recast of Shawn, or to bring Jason Cook back if at all humanly possible.

I do hope the characters come back at some point. But if they are recast, I really do hope they are actors who can do the characters justice.

To me this is good news. Now maybe Martha Madison can play a character worthy of her acting.

By the way did anyone else catch her character description of Belle in the 2/5 SOD, it fing made my day!!
How would you describe your character to someone who's never seen the show before?
"Whore/Slut(laughs). Tragically misguided."
Martha Madison is officially my favorite...for the moment!

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