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January 04, 2008

The American Bitchass Company, Part the Second

ABC's humiliation of Sabine Singh will not be complete until they post her address on their homepage, inviting people to join in as they egg her home in retaliation for stealing, via deadly force, the role of Greenlee from Rebecca Budig.

That would only be slightly worse than what they have on their homepage now.


Click to enlarge and fully revel in the classiness

Brian Frons is even worse than I imagined him to be. I heart Budig and am excited to see her back in the role, but, really, isn't heralding her return in three different places, one of which includes a COUNTDOWN, a bit excessive? Not to mention plain disrespectful, since the, um, FAKE, I guess, Greenlee's episodes are still airing?

Awesome though she may be, is Rebecca's presence on the show enough to make the writing, directing, production values, wardrobe, hair and acting talent of her some of her peers improve enough to stop AMC from being daytime's laughingstock? Way to put pressure on the pocket-sized girl. Because, really, Greenlee's return for Ryan and subsequent babynapping and detour into the land of the crazy wasn't terrible because of Sabine Singh, it was terrible because the writing on this show sucks AND blows.

(And not for nothing, but if they just replaced the word "real" with "original", as commenters suggested in the past, it would have come across as a lot more tactful. Is that what the problem is? Can they not handle words with more than one syllable? Or do they just enjoy being mean? Or is it a terrible combination of both?)


This is exactly the classy behavior we've come to expect from those monkeys running ABC. I just hope they don't see how good OLTL is and go over and screw that up, too.

This campaign Original Recipe vs New Recipe sucks but what sucks worse is the dumbing down of Kendall for Original Recipe Greenlee ..insulting Sabine and destroying Kendall .. makes me wonder if McTrash and her Monkeys are back in bed with Frons.

Budig must be dying of embarrassment. ABC has gotten a fair bit of bad press about this, but they just keep chugging along and doing things to make it worse. Between the insane whitewash and propping they're giving fake Greenlee on the show and the bad PR they're generating with Budig's return, they run the risk of putting people off the character/actress before she even has a chance to get settled back in. Not only are these people tacky as hell, they're stupid beyond all reason. Since it's ABC Daytime, I know not to expect any different.

I think its both...multi-syllable words must scare them and we already know they like being mean to people (witness the quality of GH and AMC for proof of that) From what I have heard Rebecca is a nice girl (total disclosure...her cousin is my uncle and I know that sounds completley fake in the typical internet "Friend of a friend" way but its true) and I have heard nothing but nice things about her.....and this is just trash and I am sorry that her return has been tainted by this and I really want to know what the heck Sabine did to deserve this? Did she kill Frons' child or something?

Putting aside ABC's total disregard for Sabine Singh for a moment, what a load to pile on Rebecca Budig's shoulders! This is why Frons is the Febreze of daytime - if it stinks like s&*t, throw some pretty fragrance at it, and all will be well. Ms. Budig doesn't deserve to have the future of AMC put upon her simply by her presence. It's this "Put a bandaid on the bullet wound" (GH pun fully intended) mentality that is ensuring ABC Daytime's swift demise. Budig is great, but her greatness doesn't mean AMC's problems will magically go away and they'll be number one with a bullet (another GH pun fully intended) again. Frons could kill an ant farm if he were put in charge of it.

I wonder if Kendall is going to write about it on her blog:Hart to Heart? Yeah Kendall has a blog, and the crazy has spread there big time. ABC Daytime really is populated by an odd mixture of stupid and evil.

Wow! I haven't watched AMC in many years (now if I could only pull the plug on GH) so I am unfamiliar with the character of Greenlee but the way ABCD is treating the current actress is abominable.

Seriously, can someone explain to me how Frons still has a job? He is almost single-handedly destroying ABC soaps, along with the craptacular writers and producers he hires (Ron Carlivati of OLTL is the exception).

If anyone can do this for me, you're probably going to need to use single-syllable words to do it as the only thing that makes sense to me is that Frons WAS hired to destroy soaps.

I have never liked Greenlee as a character.She has always been a selfcentered bitch! Why R.B. would want to come to this screwed up mess called ALL MY CHILDREN is be on me.As for S.S. I wish her well.I liked her as Greenlee.

If what goes around comes around, doesn't Brian Frons have a meteor falling on his house coming soon? All I can think is when ABC finally gets around to firing him (assuming that he has not singlehandedly destroyed the entire daytime genre by then), the joy is going to be overwhelming.

If what goes around truly comes around I vote Sabine and Genie the ones to give it to Fronsie......With seconds given to Stuart, Lindze, Cady, and Julia.

AMC has reached an all-time low with the countdown. As if the ads touting "the real Greenlee" were not crass enough, the countdown is simply overkill. At what point does someone step in and stage an intervention with Frons and his dysfunctional ideas about running a daytime soap?

Whether it is Singh or Budig in the role, the character of Greenlee is little more than a bitchy, loud-mouth, pouting child. Sorry, but Rebecca Budig can no more save AMC from itself than Brian Frons can stop micro-managining the shows. What's missing from the show isn't the "real Greenlee" but some "real writers" capable of writing "realistic storylines."

I believe in karma, and without question, Frons will get everything he so richly deserves. Sadly, the viewers have to suffer until that time comes.

What's the saying...Bad PR is better than NO PR? (or something to that effect...) Do you think that's what ABC is thinking? The ad campaign is obviously getting a lot of talk (albeit negative) but it is absolutely a turn off for people - you can see everyone's reactions to the ads across multiple AMC discussion boards; do they think more people will watch as a result? I like both actresses, both are extremely talented (although I did not want SS to leave), and this is total unfair pressure for both. It is also a slap to any actor who was ever a recast on an ABC daytime show; the morale of ABC daytime must be really low. Shame, shame, shame on ABC/AMC administration.

In the meantime, where is the mega publicity for Debbie Morgan - one of the most beautiful, talented, acclaimed actresses to have ever worked on AMC? She is who ABC should be spotlighting.

ABC still hasn't gotten the point that the problem is NOT the actors they hire but rather the writers and producers who choose to tell really bad stories and write really bad dialogue. Their uncasting of Sabine Singh and this ad campaign are prime examples of what is wrong with AMC and the ABC administration who work with it.

i hope Sabine lands on another soap and gets some noms just to stick it to them. Days is actually fairly awesome at times which I cannot say for AMC i could totally see her there! OLTL has been great i agree beltane! hopefully it keeps getting better! im happier now that ive readded it to my tivo anyway!

I just saw a commercial about the "real" Greenlee, and unless they show that the Greenlee we've had the past few months has only been pretending to be Greenlee, then the ads have gone too far on the humiliation scale. Maybe Sabine is only pretending to be Greenlee? I'm really glad that Budig is back, though. She is a far better actress.

Isn't it funny how the REAL GREENLEE had a post-AMC career which consisted of little more than a few forgettable TV appearances and being a seat warmer on Dancing With the Stars? I have always loathed Greenlee, who was by turns a sociopath, a vile shrew, a homophobe, and a childish brat. I hope this return is a big flop, and that Sabine Sligh goes on to have lots of success somewhere else in the industry.



The post referenced by Carlye brings up a good point. I'm sure if Alexa Havens decides to return as Babe down the line, Amanada Baker will be given the same unceremonious, heartless boot.

Good luck to Sabine who did a great job and is one classy lady - Guess you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know if you sign for a year for a character that the person doing a fine job in your place is going to get fired - Guess I didn't want to believe that a fine actress like Sabine would be treateed like trash.

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