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January 14, 2008

Watch This Space

Sorry for the delay on the Week in Reviews, guys.  I experienced a significant trauma last week and am taking time to recuperate. 

That's right; I saw the new Balenciaga ads.  Pray for me.

(Really, they should be up tomorrow....)

In the meantime:  Has the writers' strike, by taking Bob Guza out of the equation, improved GH's writers and made you less like to want to strike your TV with heavy objects?  Discuss.


Oh, oh my god. Why did I just click on the Balenciaga link? What have they done to poor, poor Jennifer Connelly? That...I think I may have burned my retinas. Or at least, been scarred for life. Until the next time I watch GH, that is.

Sorry for your trauma. Did it compel you to spread it around to the rest of us?!?!? Oh my.

Nothing about GH is an improvement. It doesn't suck more or less since Guza's departure. It is on the same level of suckitude, merely in a different way. I've abandoned the show. So sorry that you have to keep watching. Well, not so much now that you've shared that awful Balenciaga link ... and the fact that the GH reviews here have enough snark to make me smile regardless of the state of the actual show.

Oh, wow. Those ads... ew, ick. Everything about them is utterly and completely wrong. I won't mention that black thing on her chest looks like public hair in dire need of trimming.

Er, I misspelled a word in my previous comment. Public should be non-public, if you catch my drift.

OMG. wtf is that? that is the biggest crime on fashion i ev er seen in my life i think, and that includes everything britney spears has wore in the past 3 years.

GH is sucking the same. The only highlights ever come from robin, mac, and maxie.

I think there has been baby steps to improvement...call me deulsionally optimstic...you won't be the first. But trying to fix what Guza has wrot is not going to happen overnight....but since the scabs have taken over I have noticed less of a tendancy to write Lucky Spencer as A - not a Spencer and B - the next AJ waiting in the wings. (Can you all imagine if AJ got the same speeches Lucky got on Friday? Stop laughing! Stop!) so for me...it's all good.

Then again..I'm easy like that.

I think the writing is a bit better, but I hate such a large percentage of the characters that it's hard to appreciate.

Jennifer Connelly is just too beautiful for that......I have to admit I was so sick of GH and especially during Thanksgiving and the Holidays (well maybe the last 4-5 years)...I was ready to give it up...but with Garin Wolf the last few days....I have to say I see a tiny bit of improvement.....I just wish TPTB would get rid of Guza....they may not be able to save the show right away...but it would give the fans the SATISFACTION of getting rid of the GH killer that he is, IMO.

Thanks. That link has officially ruined my life.

I didn't think that it was physically possible to make uber-gorgeous Jennifer Connelly look like a distorted Oompa-Loompa, but Balenciaga has obviously proven me wrong.

Overall, GH still sucks. But I agree with Beth R. in that Lucky isn't being portrayed as a complete ignoramous. I totally and legitimately loved him on Friday. You know, as opposed to just loving him because of a) Greg Vaughn's face/body and b) my personal quest to spite Guza. So chalk one up for the scabs!

I think that General Hospital has taken steps in the right direction towards becoming better. I loved that Sonny called Carly on her crap after she went on and on about how Jason is the most important man in her life and he responded, "What does that say about your marriage?" That was totally awesome and sis I just say Sonny and loved in the same sentence, something must be seriously wrong with me!! I also think that the show is becoming more balanced and we are seeing more of the other characters and not only the people in "the business."

And that ad completely traumatized me for the rest of my life, so thanks for that!!

I think the writing's been better -- it certainly couldn't have gotten worse -- but I've mostly just been watching the Alexis/Diane and Luke/Tracy scenes on YouTube and ignoring everything else, so there's a lot I'm missing that could very well still suck.

Friday's awesome Lucky scenes put a little flicker of hope in my cynical heart. We'll see how today is.

It's been a little better from what I saw, although I watch it less and less. I opposed the Alexis and Diane road trip story on principle, since it combined my hatred of how the show treats professional women and my annoyance at how any character played by a 40-and-over actor is treated (either ignored or resigned to comic relief scenes), but some of the scenes at the bar and with their heart-to-heart discussion weren't actually *that* bad. Diane showed signs of a personality with more than one dimension and Alexis got, like, dialogue and stuff.

Plus that scene where Carly was telling Jason that Michael has turned out okay and Jason without missing a beat shouts, "Oh, come on!" almost had me overdose on the awesome.

Well, structural is what the house of Balenciaga is famous for and while I personally don't care for Nicolas Ghesquiere's gothic sensibilities and feel that they lack femininity or even the ability to flatter the female body (hello, those gladiator sandal-boots have been around for how many season's now and they are still unflattering, ladies), this look is typical of the designer.

Annnnywaaay, back on topic? Lucky is TEH HAWTNESS!1! I feel totally vindicated in my stubborness that Greg Vaughn was well cast for the role. Friday's Lucky is what I imagine Mark Teschner had in mind when he cast him. It was like light parting through the clouds to finally see this legacy character hotly ooze the mature and endearing rootability that has been long denied him.

Actually, it sort of kind of has been a little better. Lucky isn't acting like an idiot (at least for now), they are showing Carly as the enabling batshitcrazy nightmare she really is and to add the cherry, she also seems like the worst mother (or at least one of) in soaps today. Hopefully, if they keep going like this, Jax will get his brain back and leave her. Here's hoping.

Anyway, as for that ad...that dress looks like an afghan that would have been used to cover up the stains in the back seat of someone's car. Very tacky. Those shoes don't help either.

She looks wierd,I'am on my way back to watch AMC, I had boycott this soap since Rebecca left, she back and I will be watching, and that's what I'am plan to do with GH till they stop making bad boy's attractive to woman and making the good guy's look stupid I will stop watching, this fan has been watching GH for too many year's, time for GH to stop making woman look like Wh***, and that they don't have a brain to think for themselves and that Sonny and Jason are the only men that are worth air time, he still pushing these script's on the side..

Compared to the previous two weeks it's been quite a bit better, and overall I also detect some small improvements along the lines everyone has already mentioned, the most obvious being Lucky.

i wouldn't say (for me) that GH is on its way to improvements, but i did see a few scenes that contained good dialogue. now, that's not to say i think the show is rehabilitated, just that there were lines that were good.

for example, all of Lucky's scenes last week were good. now, THAT is leading man material! give GV more of that, and he'll knock sason out of the ballpark.

don't throw things at me, but i even enjoyed Sam's scenes. obviously the writers have no story for her...she just seems to be popping up to cause trouble, but i honestly didn't mind it since she's causing trouble for Carly and lizzypoo.

I've only noticed minor improvements. Mostly I agree with those comments on Lucky. His scenes on Friday made watching the show worth it.

It's nice they're using Sam, but what the heck was up with her hair on Friday??? Today it looked much better. It's nice to see her go into hero mode and out of pathetic mode.

The fire was ridiculous: It was a leaving a box of matches lying around, Cam being able to strike a match and throw it in the nearest trash bin, and Liz figuring why wait for the ambulance coming 'round the corner when I can drive all the way to the hospital - kind of ridiculous.

What they are doing to Monica is a bit horrid. She should have never spoken against St. Jasus. (I believe we will now see those secret Guza scripts slipped in for her total destruction.) Since when would Monica sit there quietly while Ford continues to tell them not to work on a pregnant woman lying unconscious on the ground? She seems like a milquetoast now.

Overall, Lucky is the bright spot and the Diane and Alexis scenes were the only "better" I've seen.

I'm taking a wait-and-see approach, but I do so look forward to your Week-in-Review.

Other than that, it's still very hard to watch.

As much as I hate Carly, I don't want Jax to leave her, even if it would be fun to watch. I shudder to think of another Carly/Sonny reunion.

i actually put my lunch down after clicking on that link.

as for the show, meh. i'm not really watching it, just checking in here and there. and it woud be hard to be WORSE than the utter and complete suckage that's been going on since NS started last year, but i wouldn't go so far as to say there's any improvement. and if the spoilers that are out are correct, i'm even more angered, because once again, GH is being ungodly in their social responsibility when it comes to medical information. if you're not going to give anything GOOD, at LEAST don't feed people incorrect info! young people watch this, for god's sake! sheesh. i blame frons and phelps. guza may be gone for the time being, but they're still around, calling the shitty shots.

It's still not "good" per se ... but I see improvements. I see a lot of improvements. They let Lucky ... not be a tool all the time and they let people call Carly out to be the shrieking harpy she is. And I don't know if it's the writing or Josh Duhon channeling Kin Shriner like MAD lately, but Logan as been more enjoyable, too, no?

I've definitely noticed how Logan has become even more of a Scott clone lately. Josh Duhon has Kin Shriner's mannerisms down pat. I wonder to myself how it is possible that they aren't related.

I would love to see an actual storyline dedicated to Logan navigating his way through Baldwin-hood. And yes, GH, that would mean that Serena, Gail, and Lee would have to actually appear and/or be mentioned (I would include Scott's other daughters, Karen and Christina, but I wouldn't want to expect too much or anything). But I think we all know the liklihood of that ever happening is about the equivalent of ever having Scott's obession with Luke/Laura NOT be the only character trait he's possessed in his lifetime.

Seriously, this effing show.

It will take a long while to fix the damage Guza has done to this soap, but I suppose baby steps are better than none. The problem is when he comes back and screws it up all over again! ....Oh YUCK!..What WAS Jennifer Connelly thinking???

I think writing has improved. I even felt driven to post that at Hey Nielson last week:


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