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January 30, 2008

Well-Kept Secret: Sarah Brown Returns to GH Tomorrow

ABC Daytime has approached this event with its usual subtlety, so perhaps you haven't heard, but Sarah Brown is back on General Hospital starting tomorrow! 


With the darker hair, doesn't she look eerily like a slightly smaller-jawed Minnie Driver?

I am excited to see Sarah Brown back, but unsurprisingly GH has already messed up her return.  Yes, before her first airdate.  It's not me being cynical, it's them being stupid.  I promise.

First, this whole "who could the super-secret woman in Milan with a plane ticket to Port Charles (nonstop!) possibly be?!" game would have only been interesting if this was truly a surprise return.  Instead, with all the hype, I spend my time wondering whether they had poor Sarah spend her first couple of days on set as a pair of legs trying on cheap shoes. Oh, the shoes!  Holy cow, that was unintentional hilarity.  There's this array of what I guess are supposed to be super-fancy pumps, but you see a label and it's Nina?!  And I think I recognize two of the others as Nine West and Steve Madden?


I'm not saying I don't own lots of mid-range shoes -- on a related note, did you know it's possible to buy nine pairs of shoes for $200 at a DSW clearance sale? -- but I am not some powerful, super-rich mafia princess.  Wouldn't Claudia be wearing Manolos and Louboutins and Jimmy Choos, not mass-market knockoffs?


And second, way to build the suspense, writers, when the previews of Claudia's first week in town already show her hooking up with Sonny.  Spare me.  The power of the Corinthos wang prevails once again.  That thing is more magnetic than Saturn.

And "Who will end up on top?"?  Really?  Was "Someone's going to get screwed" taken?

So welcome back, Sarah Brown.  Your return as Claudia means there could finally be a woman character on this show who is independent and strong and on par with Sonny and Jason, without being vilified or sexually exploited, and . . .

Sorry, I couldn't even finish that sentence, I was so overcome with laughter.  Welcome back, or whatever.  Beware of the wardrobe department, and any promises of "the ____est story ever told."

Screencap courtesy of Clarissa.


I just love this, Becca. I also totally agree. The best way to show what a strong, powerful woman she is would be to throw her into bed with Sonny in the first ten minutes she's on the show. Go GH and ABC! Empower women!

And way to "shake things up" by having the actress play yet another character who (most likely will) sleeps with Sonny! So! Different!

Yeah, I can't even recognize Sarah Brown with the Minnie Driver hair. (Doesn't help that I finally rented The Riches last weekend.)

She does indeed look like Minnie now .. and when I saw the NINA label, I LOL .. a LOT .. because HELLO GH Prop People she is supposed to be in MILAN... ITALY .. the home of expensive leather shoes .. and I doubt she bought NINAs in Milan .. I gridgingly decided the reason that the GH Prop person was so stupid is because they are from L.A. .. where flipflops and leggings are fashion

UGH .. grudgingly .. grudgingly

I totally understand what you're saying, but I think what the writers are trying to do is entertain the audience because Sarah Brown originated the character Carly. Her original character and Sonny have a long history together and were loved by a lot of fans. I personally don't care one way or the other but I think the writers were just having fun and kind of winking at the audience.

Loving the whole red shoe thing, but I agree. I want to see Manolos!

ABC Daytime Declares "Raging Bull is back to hump The Corinthos Wang." At least that would be an honest descriptive promo.

PS. The Corinthos Wang...hilarious. How could somehting so hideous and cruel be so fascinating to so many? Poor Kate Howard, run back to Manhattan dumb girl, and fast.

Oy,I thought I was safe from SB's over acting and endless nostril flaring, guess not. Claudia is just a more evilly evolved version of Carly. Had Sarah Brown stayed on all these years I am certain her Carly would be fighting Sonny for control of his empire. Then she would finally have Jason right where she wants him. ICK!!!!!

And the cheap red heels? Like she isn't enough of a hooker already? This show is sad.

The real question will be, will they end up pairing Claudia with Jason? Original Carly/Jason shippers will have a field day!

I hope, dream and pray for the inevtiable Claudia/Jason scenes....for my own evil purposes of course....I can admit it...

I'd like to meet these geniuses in the ABC daytime PR department...just so I can personally make sure none of them have children to condem future generations.....

Stacey London would have intervention on Claudia like that if she saw those Ninas!!!

Claudia/Jason would probably be far more interesting than Jiz or any of Jason's "potentials" currently on canvas.

At least if they're together, the writers don't have to pretend like Jason is some softy who desperately wants to be a family man. He and Claudia can be evil gangsters together and be the ad-asses mobsters should be, instead of sappy "romantic heroes." And Lucky can be revealed as Jake's real father. i can dream.

I liked Sarah Brown as Carly to a certain extent...when she wasn't hogging airtime (which she normally did). if Claudia is a Zacchara involved with Sonny/mob, she'll probably she on our screens non-stop.

I like her dark hair. we need more darker haired beauties b/c the naturally brunette ones are highlighting their hairs to the extreme these days.

I really hope they don't over do the whole red shoes thing. Remember Angel? She was the daughter of interchangable mafia don number 3 who always wore white. That didn't work out too well (especially when Mac and Felicia figured out she killed her father after sitting down and talking it out with no new evidence).

Laughing out loud as usual at your witty way of saying what we are all thinking!

Great, we've finally reached parity. Now we've got two unbearably irritating female characters to join the two unbearably irritating male characters. Our gender can overact worse than your gender, take that!

Am I the only one having daydreams about Brenda passing Claudia on the streets and then calling Robin saying "OMG, you will NEVER guess what I saw this woman wearing..." ?

Soooooooooo not looking forward to enduring Sarah Brown's Emmy worthy nostril emoting. Guh.

Love Sarah Brown. Hate GH. Which emotion will win out tomorrow as I decide whether or not to set my DVR?

i swear to you that there are liason fans in the world who know how to use punctuation. and who aren't paranoid schizophrenic psychos...

I thought that chemistry was between characters, not necessarily actors. Remember when they brought Mary Beth Evans on to GH to pair her up with Stephen Nichols?.....nothing happened between them that was worth seeing. And how about Lane Davies back with his partner Nancy Lee Grahn? I was really looking forward to that having been a huge fan of Julia and Mason on Santa Barbara. But I was mightily disappointed.

You know what they say about people who do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result? Well, the producers of GH are insane.

I hate (and I mean HATE) to say this, but I think ABC Daytime's actually been more subtle about Sarah Brown coming back. Of course, I'm comparing it to the "genius" of the REAL Greenlee campaign, in which I wouldn't have been surprised if they had decided to plant microchips in our brains designed to shock us and tell us about the REAL Greenlee every hour on the hour. Compared to that, ABC Daytime is actually being lackadaisical.

But, if she's supposed to be this gutsy powerful strong woman, why can't she be a doctor, or a nurse, or a ditch digger, even? Why the HELL does she have to be in the damn mob? Of course, if she wasn't, then there would be no reason for her to be healed with the powers of the Magic Penis, so never mind.

Time for all these naughty woman to unite and bring down the men of Port Charles, money wise, and their lawyer should be Scott Baldwin, tired of see men bring the woman down to whiny little girl's.

after today no chemistry between sonny and claudia. doesn't abc know that lightening does not strike twice.

sarah brown is nothing that special. I hope she is out he door as fast as she came in.

get a life because no matter how much you viewers dream and want lucky to be the father of Jake so you can stick it to liz and Jason so they will be over thats will never happened not in this or the other life times so you viewers can chock on your little dreams because liason lis here to stay and jake is jason son know matter what you haters want to say and I hope you viewers chock on this.

and why would the writers put Jason with the new character and jason doesn't want another wanna be gangster and jason want to stay a live and he will be leave the mob after the text message killer,mob war and when he finds out who kill his sister when all those are over thats when he will leave the mob life.

I have to admit, Sarah Brown's brilliance is making GH almost tolerable, at least in my opinion. Of course, do understand that I haven't watched her with Sonny (ffw right through that cheesy porn music scene) so maybe that's why I can't hate her...that and I really have liked her in the other roles she has played. I'm just glad she isn't playing Carly (and yes it's exhausting to have another mob character) because we've already got one screeching harpy...we don't need two. As far as Jake goes, I don't know why Elizabeth is trusting the one paternity test. Did she just move to town? Does anybody remember how many times they tested poor Spencer Cassadine...of course, I'm still not convinced, but that might just be my hatred for Nikolas.

I remember when Sarah Brown was in a kids show VR Troopers. I bet she remembers too.

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