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February 01, 2008

A Family Affair

If, when I grow up, I decide to have children, I really hope that they inherit my more stellar attributes (keen sense of style and awesome memory, for example) and not my, um, less fortunate characteristics (ginormous head, zero hand-eye coordination and distressing fondness of terms like "Holy cannoli").

I can only imagine that Liz had a similar crisis when she was pregnant with her boys. Would they inherit her flawless skin and stunning hair? Or would they get the lameness gene that floats around the Webber family, that Liz was lucky enough to avoid but which has her sister Sarah in a death grip?

Thankfully for Liz, Cam, Jake and the audience at home, the boys seem to have inherited her most AWESOME attributes, chief among them adorability and the best facial expressions this side of Drunk Sam. Following in the footsteps of Liz's great sneer/raised eyebrow combo and Cam's historic "Bitch, please", Jake has given us some brilliant facial expressions, none more brilliant than this, courtesy of Cheap 21 of Second Chances via longtime reader Beth R.


That baby is aching to administer a smackdown! In this specific instance, Sam was on the losing end of his glare (with good reason, since she allowed him to be babynapped and scared his brother with hired thugs), but I can see this being a very versatile "Come again?!" look.

"Come again, you tanorexic babynapper?" "Come again, you shrill, screeching harpy?" "Come again, greasy weeble?"

It makes me marvel at the power of Liz's greatness, because there's no way Jake got that particular kind of awesomeness from either of his daddies, depending on where you fall in the nature vs. nurture debate. As Becca noted, it's bizarre that Jason could father a child with such masterful facial expressions and Lucky's facial expressions run the gamut from a to...long a. This is totally Exhibit A in my "Why Liz Rules, Even When She's Annoying The Hell Out of Me" case (Exhibit B is her hair and Exhibit C is her handbag collection. Maybe I need to become a nurse with financial problems to get such cute purses...).


Mallory you crack me up. Baby Jake and his expressions ROCK!!!

Jake is not in Cam's league yet, but he is learning from a master.

Nothing can alleviate my Liz hate. I am convinced that this expressiveness in Jake comes from his Q relatives. He particularly looks like Aunt Tracy when throwing those glares!

awesome! liz's kids steal every scene they're in. the hardy/webber boys are back!

Love Liz's kids, almost as much as I love her. Cam and Jake are the best and I hope to god they don't turn the boys into crazy little mobsters. Loved the nurse with financial problems and cute bags. Nurses make good money and I hate that they make it seem like they don't on this show. Stupid writers!

Well in terms of Cam, he wouldn't be inheriting any genes from Lucky. His genes would come from one of GH's most wasted characters on Daytime, Zander Smith.

Jake is developing a mini "bitch please" look!

i can tolerate the "bitch, please" look on Cam and the expressiveness of Jake because they are innocent children and in Cam's case especially, his looks are well directed.

but hate Liz and her smug looks of self-righteousness, so at times watching her kids' looks reminds me a little too much of her, no matter their cuteness.

Finally someone who gives Lizzie the love she deserves -- no, not St. Jaysus -- Serial Drama! Yes, I wanted to slap her daily during the long lie but then I'd see that shiny shiny hair and get distracted ... by the time I came to, all I could murmur was "pretty ... preeeeetty ... precious" (sounding like a bad Lord of the Rings groupie). I heart Liz even when she's slap-worthy so it's only right that someone recognize not only Cam's awesomeness but the awesome Webber recessive gene that seemed to miss all the rest of the Hardys. (Never much liked Tom or Simone either -- too bland.) And at least Liz is sriving for *some* sort of self-awareness (like when she finally fessed up to Lucky that "people who love each other" don't lie for .. oh ... a year and a half).

BTW, disagree on GH not portraying nurses as making good money. Nobody could afford a house like Liz's post-divorce, no alimony digs unless they made a LOT of money. I also liked the scene where Liz told Sam about cleaning puke and being tired all the time. Now THAT's the life of a single mom with a baby, money be damned! ;o)

Oops -- I don't know why I mentioned Tom and Simone re the Hardy/Webber genes, wasn't Tom adopted? I'm still shaky on Liz's whole geneology. Did her mom ever appear on the show or was that all off-screen? I know her dad, Jeff Webber, was Steve Hardy's illegitimate son so does Liz, in fact, have ANY Webber genes or just Hardy genes? I'm so confused! ;o)

Greg Vaughan has actually gotten somewhat better at facial expressions lately, now that he is actually has material which treats Lucky with respect instead of a prop for the mob and their molls. GH's male cast is not all that much to write home about these days, so it's gotten to the point where I would say Greg is giving some of the best of any of their men. Then John J York or John Ingle I would put second.

Don't even get me started about what GH did with Zander.

It makes me wonder, though, when Jake will start that "Jason scowl/smell the fart" expression.

I wonder if Steve Burton gets headaches from scowling all the time?

If I may be of geneological help...

Liz's father, Jeff, was an adopted Webber, but a biological Hardy.

(Just for fun, Jason's biological mother, Susan, was cousin of Heather, who is the biological mother of Liz's brother, Steven Lars. Thus, Liz's brother is Jason's cousin. For those who care about such things. Sarah once mentioned that they look alike. Whatever that means...)

Tom Hardy was the adopted son of Steve Hardy. His biological father was Tom Baldwin, Lee Baldwin's brother, which makes Tom Scott's cousin, BUT, Scott was adopted by Lee Baldwin, so there is no DNA sharing there whatsoever.

There you have it, folks: My entire, wasted childhood, in a nutshell.

Woo hoo Internet fame!

Put me firmly down on Team No way in hell he got that from Jason.

I'd attribute the awesome glare abilities to Audrey myself.....

Jake looks like Ralphie from "A Christmas Story" - so cute!! It won't be long before Liz tells him that he can't have a BB gun because he'll put his eye out so Jakie will grab one of his daddy's real ones instead!

I think you are a ridiculously rude writer. How dare you think the sun rises on that lying skank..elizabeth. She may have beautiful skin...but, that's it. Her mouth ruins her looks. Leave Sam alone for heaven's sake. The girl has had enough without the likes of you adding to it! How dare you!!! BTW, there was a scene where Jake was looking at Sam and playing peek a boo...of course, you wouldn't comment on that. You suck.

"I think you are a ridiculously rude writer."

I think THIS needs to replace "we mock soaps out of love..." on the top of your website.

Oh, and welcome to Serial Drama, Disgusted! I would comment on you calling Mallory rude when you ended your post with "you suck", but oh, look. I just did.

Well, I am ridiculously rude. That might be why I am so fond of Elizabeth...

Anyhoo, he/she won't be commenting here anymore.

I love the fact that, aside from that commenter, Liz haters and lovers alike can all come together and revel in the awesomeness of Cam and Jake. I want to take Jake to the mall with me so he can glare at people who try to cut me in line or stop walking in the middle of the mall (pet peeve!)

"I want to take Jake to the mall with me so he can glare at people who try to cut me in line or stop walking in the middle of the mall (pet peeve!)"

Isn't that the WORST! And its always extended families of twelve who stop dead in the middle of the walkway. That is definitely worth a Jake glare!

"BTW, disagree on GH not portraying nurses as making good money."

Well, GH also portrayed cops as, um, not having health insurance, so they're not exactly realistic about financial matters. Besides the fact that all cops have insurance, plus Lucky's stepmother's family basically ran the hospital, didn't someone make snarky comments about how they could probably afford to buy their own if Lucky would buy a few less pairs of $200 jeans?

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