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February 18, 2008

Days of Our Lives Week in Review

It's possible I'm just on a three-day-weekend high, but were you as pleasantly surprised by Days last week as I was?  Almost a full week's worth of episodes that took place on a plane about to crash (phobia alert OMGOMGOMG), and they actually made for some pretty good soap. 

First of all, it started off great, because in true Days fashion the fake external shot was ridiculous (and therefore awesome).


That is the largest private jet in the history of the world, other than Phillip's.

And the jet belongs to John, who, I'm sorry, is totally hilariously awesome when he is in unabashed dickhead robot mode.  Which is all the time.  You guys, he called Steve "Dead Eye"!  I love Steve, but I laughed my ass off.  Snotty nicknames and Marlena hate?  This is a John I can get behind.  And he's very equal opportunity in his douche-iness.  No matter the situation, or who's involved, he's going to be a dick.


Marlena: John, have you figured out a way to land the plane?
John:  Well, no sense beating around the bush:  No.  As far as I can tell, we're going to be up here until we run out of fuel.
Chloe: And then what?
John: We join Colleen and Santo in the sweet hereafter.
Chloe: How can you calmly tell us we're all going to die?
John: It's not what I want.  Just trying to be realistic.
Phillip:  There must be something you can do, John.
John:  Probably.  Hasn't hit me yet.  Pilots are unconscious because their water was drugged.  We've got no radio, losing cabin pressure, controls are unresponsive, can't change course, or altitude, which means we can't land, and we will be without fuel in two hours' time.  You do the math.  And the worst part is that this jet has gotta be worth millions.  And the way we're going, she's gonna be a total loss.

Airborne comedy gold.


Even if it was an obvious anvil of Shawn Sr.'s death and of a potential storyline after Caroline is through mourning, I really liked her and Victor's retelling of their romance and Bo's paternity.  That reveal originally happened right before I started watching the show, and Days has been oddly stingy with the old flashbacks in recent years, so I'd never seen those scenes before.


That mullet is truly spectacular.


It is actually flowing in the non-breeze!  Glorious.




EJ and Sami are finally free from the unsafest safe house in the history of safe houses.  But not before the writers successfully manipulated me with more scenes of EJ and the twins.



In case you were wondering, there was a right answer.


He's touched that you appreciate his inhumanly good looks.




I'm oddly fine with Shawn Sr.'s death.  I mean, I'm oddly okay with it in terms of plot movement and cost-cutting and all that.  I am not okay with the fact that the death itself made no sense whatsoever.  There was a critical shortage of functioning oxygen masks, so to save others he tore his perfectly functioning one out of the ceiling.  To quote the dearly departed's eldest, "Whut da heyll?"

He eliminated one of the only working masks!  If there were six parachutes for ten people and he jumped out of the plane with one of them but then just didn't pull the cord, would that have been selfless too?  So bizarre.


But, you know, rest in peace and all that.

Screencaps courtesy of Days of Our Lives 2.


If there were six parachutes for ten people and he jumped out of the plane with one of them but then just didn't pull the cord, would that have been selfless too?

Ok, I totally spit up on my keyboard at that (and what's scary is I wasn't drinking anything. Great post.

I do have to explain why I just can't get behind Stephanie and Max. It's not the uncle thing (anymore). It's just I can't like Darrin Brooks. I have tried. I could like him almost when he shared scenes with MBE last year. But opposite SH who I actually do like but doesn't have enough charm to extend to him, no, doesn't work for me. Doesn't help he's got all this character propping (greatest snowball fighter, greatest boyfriend, manly tough guy).

My favorite John quote from last week was: "Are you insinuating there is a malfunction with my aircraft?" Because asking if there's something wrong with the plane is too simple. Oh John, always good for a laugh.

And that's a fact.

I really like douchebag John and the Marlena hate-on. Sadly, according to the headlines blazing from the cover of this week's SOD, it looks like they're hitting the sheets, which will be painful to watch.

Oh, and speaking of SOD, they had a blind gossip item that someone off air making a return (DH was off air at the time) had been taking acting lessons and was much improved. Do you think they could have been talking about DH?

I definitely appreciate James Scott's inhumanly good looks! Why is there only one of him?!? Although on Days, there could be an EJ twin/clone/cousin who had plastic surgery lurking around. How great would that be?? More James Scott(because we're not getting too much right now). And oddly enough,Days could get away with that lunacy.

As for John: if he had to come back, I'm so happy they made him such an enjoyable ass!
Snarky, sarcastic roboJohn is just great. But does he have to have sex with Marlena so soon??? I was just starting to like him!

Hey Days: more babies and James Scott please??

Oh..and Shawn and Belle mean so little to me I forgot to comment on them.

Honestly I think Max is damn good looking, which is why I can look past the "sorta-incest" angle. Yes, I think the actor playing him is even better-looking than James Scott! What can I say? I just like scruff.

Oh, by the way, Kazou, who is DH?

I am guessing Deidre Hall.

Bo's mullet is scary. That scene went by so quickly I missed it's full glory. Finally, something good came out of Shelle because you know that whole Caroline/Victor walk down memory lane was to tell the audience all's well with Shelle and they aren't related. They still suck and bore me to death at the same time but at least they aren't incestuous. Unlike Steph/Max so um... please give it up with those two! Yuck.

Drake Hoges.

The thing that killed me was that Steve and John waited until the last minute to see if they could fix the plane. Who the hell waits until everyone is nearly dead to START trying to find and fix the problem?!? It's not like they were too busy!

I like roboJohn, and I hope he stays. If he has to sleep with Marlena, I'm hoping there's no romance. She's practically throwing herself at him anyway, so he probably thinks "what the heck"? It's not like Dr. Rolf made him a girlfriend.

I have watched Days & GH over the years. Days lost me when they killed everyone off and brought them back. But this past week they have won me back,(I can catch Robin/Patrick clips on the internet/no need to watch all of GH anymore).

John is hilarious. I laughed and cried through yesterday's show.

OT: Doesn't it suck that NBC has ads above their logo now? It's so annoying that I actually tape a piece of paper over it when I watch anything on NBC now.

I have to say it: I LOVE James Scott and babies!!!... And just James Scott!!! (But maybe not so much just babies.)

Haha. I don't watch TV much (mostly Youtube and the blogs) so what's a Lipstick Jungle?

I hope RoboJohn NEVER EVER regains his memory. I hope he continues to treat Marlena like a cheap piece of ass and knock her head into walls.

Finally, those two are entertaining!

I'm with ya, I hope we get to keep this version of John for a long time. He's so much fun! The twu wuv, oh-so-magical, face eaters John and Marlena? :gag: Not so much.

I'm pissed that the chemistry, excitement and potential of Philip and Belle -- one of the most interesting things to happen on this show in ages -- is being tossed aside. All because Corday and co. have to cling to the "concept" of Shelle like a barnacle on the hull of a rotting ship. Even now, when they finally acknowledge that Shelle sucks, what do they do? Send them off into the sunset. Because Shelle are meant to be! :groans:

James Scott is hot, no doubt, and the man can act. He's a great catch for the show. But . . .

Dear God, I wish some of his more fervent fans would get a grip. They remind me of the more radical factions among the Deidra Hall fans. Everything their favorite says or does is golden, breathtaking and magical. Every scene is Emmy!Worthy!

Umm, no.

He is the greatest, most AMAZING, most SQUEEable actor who will . . . never call you. Snap out of it!

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