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February 18, 2008

Hope, Faith and Charity

Either my allergies are worse than usual today or I cried at an intentionally sad moment on The Young and the Restless (as opposed to the gallons of tears cried over the terrible storylines that we've hopefully seen the last of now that LYNN MARIE LATHAM IS GONE!). Is it just me, or was Hope dying really sad?

It was probably just me, but here is my reasoning:

1. Signy Coleman looks...you know what? I read in either Soap Opera Digest or Soap Opera Weekly about her return to the show and how she was happy to come back and then they told her they'd be killing Hope off and she got so sad that she started crying in the middle of Barnes and Noble and that made me feel unbelievably bad for her, so I am going to be charitable and just say that she looks...different than she used to. Her tan and her extreme thinness and her collegen look uncomfortable. Like, they make me hurt.

2. Even when his ex-wife and mother of one of his sons is dying, Victor still can't help but be a dick and that makes me sad.

Victor: I'm your father, you know? So I think I... know a little bit more what you feel right now than you realize

Victor: I've lived a little longer than you have. And I know that if you don't listen to what she said, her words will keep on running through your mind for the rest of your life. And you will know no peace.

Maybe it's just me, but if I were talking to a boy whose mother was in the other room DYING and who has absolutely no relationship with me and didn't know until the other day that I was his father and is having some difficulty dealing with that revelation (even though the fact that his name being Victor Junior should have been a tip off), I'd try to at least make an effort not to be my normal douchebag self. Not our Victor, though.   

And when Vic comes back to Genoa City, we're going to have a Vic, a Nick, a Victoria, a Nikki and a Victor. I know right now that it's going to drive me crazy.

3. It was actually a legitimately sad scene! I know I'm a sap and all, but how could I not tear up a little bit?

Hope: Just having... both of you here is everything I need. I was... just lying here thinking... sometimes... it takes someone being very unselfish, very powerful love to stay away. Victor... he never forgot you.

Hope: I need you both to know that I have loved you with all that I am, body and soul. You have been... the two greatest joys of my life. And after I'm gone, I won't be here in body, but I will be with you in spirit. My love... will always be with you. You are written on my heart. Please... make peace with each other. Love each other. Take care of each other. Please.


It's really a complete waste to kill Hope off. I always liked Hope and Victor's relationship with her, and it seems short-sighted to kill her. Since Nikki's off gallivanting with David Chow (played, hilariously, by Signy Coleman's ex-husband!), Victor's single and it would have been nice to see him reconnect with Hope. But who am I kidding? Y&R doesn't do long-term storylines anymore. But maybe the new writer will!!! Because Lynn Marie Latham was fired! And I still haven't come off that high yet.


I always loved Hope, but when I saw what Signy had done to herself, suddenly I was not sad to see Hope die. If they had waited a few more years, she may have looked like Jocelyn Wildenstein.

I'm really liking Vic Jr. so far.

Mallory, you know you are all things wise and wonderful to me when it comes to Y&R but ... is it wrong that I didn't think Victor was being a douchebag at all in those scenes? I don't know, he just seemed like he was trying to give someone the benefit of his experience and trying to help in the best way he was able. He can't help it if he's a pompous stick. But then, I love soap stories with that angsty pain of fathers and sons trying to connect yet both being so different they *cannot* comprehend the other. It makes me sad for both parties, I always want to say to the tv, "Oh, can't you just HUG him for goodness sake." (Which solves nothing but makes me feel like I'm giving good advice.)

i'm really sad that hope died. and i'm really trying to figure out how the kid can be named victor newman jr. and still not have a clue who his father is. i mean, come on!

is anyone else besides me disappointed that vic jr. isn't gay?

I wish Jr was gay. It's been along time since Y&R dabbled in Katherine's same sex attraction. I was surprised when he mentioned his wife. I've seen no mention of a new hire.

I don't remember him mentioning a wife, athough I do recall him saying something about kissing his first girlfriend. The second that he said that I was thinking it would be a great little twist to have him be gay and see how victor would deal with that.

TGVN will always be a dick. I loved the way he was rubbing Nick's snout in the fact that his other son had "great potential." Fear not, Nick. It won't take Victor long to stomp it right out of him.

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