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February 14, 2008

My Valentine's Gift to Patrick: A Clue!

Dear Patrick,

1) You had sex with your ex-girlfriend.
2) During The Sex, the condom broke.
3) The Ex-Girlfriend is now pregnant.
4) You heard The Ex-Girlfriend say she is lying, that she did not use an anonymous donor, that it is someone she had The Sex with who has commitment issues.

Dr. Brain Surgeon, you are going to be a daddy.  Please figure this out soon, lest I have to reconsider my recent decision to consider reconsidering the revocation of your hotly modifer, a revocation which originally involved much consideration and reconsideration.  Oh dear, I've further confused you, haven't I?  Let me simplify:  Hot=Good.  Stupid=Not Hot.   


P.S.  Egg+Sperm=Pregnancy.  Also, 2+2=4.  Good luck with all that life savin'!

P.P.S.  I want Claudia's arms.  If you could take time out of your busy brain-fixing, nurse-schtupping schedule to arrange some kind of transplant, that would be fab.  And would likely speed up that reconsideration of revocation thingie.


What the eff are the writers doing with this story?  And these are the decent ones!  What happens when the reign of terror resumes?   Oh my god, Robin's totally getting shot in the head while she's in labor, isn't she?  And Patrick will be there, but he'll be all "Why is there a hole in her skull?  What's that red stuff?  Why is she so quiet? . . . Hey, do you think this might be my kid?!"


jackpeyton said it best on the forums...

Patrick is the new Lucky.

Well, there was that one scene (which actually made me laugh and not in a derisive fashion either) where Patrick is with Carly and Robin and he blurts out, "I'm not the father", with a sheepish look on his face when Carly glares at him. The way the scene played out makes me think they *might* be hinting that Patrick knows, but he's either in denial or terrified that if Robin knows that he knows she'll end up demanding that he become involved.

Of course, I'm probably just giving the show's writers too much credit. God knows that's happened before. (And maybe even Jason Thompson is fed up and put those cues in on his own, which would be awesome.)

What I'm confused about is doesn't the fact that the condom broke mean that Patrick is at risk, however slight, for contracting HIV? I don't know, I didn't watch the episode and I'm not an expert but it seems that a broken condom + HIV positive = cause for concern.


He got tested right away and was cleared.

I think he seriously knows. He's just in denial.

Seriously...isn't there a SIX MONTH waiting period? Sure...he was cleared right away but I distinctly recall that Dr. Patrick had to wait ANOTHER 6 months after his first HIV test came back negative after his nicked surgical glove during the HIV positive surgery back when he & Robin were just starting to click.

But I suppose a broken latex condom is WAAAAY different than a nicked latex glove.

Oh Guza, how short is YOUR memory, dude? Evidently a lot shorter than the peeps left who (still) watch this damn show.

I so love you for this post. And my Robin-oh, honey, schnookums, don't have conversations in your outside voice at the place where you work with the baby's father if you don't want the baby's father to know! I love them both, especially myRobin, y'all know I do, but, should I ever become ill in PC (yes, I DO remember it doesn't exist, but go with the analogy, damnit),and these 2 are my doctors, please call Jason in to take me out back and shoot me, thank you.

I have a feeling Patrick DOES know; he's just not quite ready to deal with it yet. So he does what he does best, which is avoid, avoid, avoid.

But he's curious, and he's drawn to Robin still, and he can't quite stay away from her.

That's how I take it at this point, anyway.

GH has done a horrible job of dealing with the HIV, condom breaking and exposure issues. Actually, they aren't dealing with it at all. They are following Patrick's lead: avoid, avoid, avoid. :)

Has Robin been so preoccupied with her little lie that she's forgotten to wash her hair? It looks so stringy!

And I want Claudia's red shoe collection, especially those boots...

I am also in the catagory of those who believe that Patrick knows, and is just trying to figure out how to deal. That whole "I'm here for you if you need anything" and the flowers bit.....he knows.

Also, in that scene with Patrick, Carly and Jax, did anyone else notice how really tiny Kimberly McCollough really is? She like barely comes up to Ingo's hip.

I agree that Patrick has to know and is denial. Come on, he's a doctor, he must know that it only takes one time to get pregnant. The fact that he hasn't even considered that she could have gotten pregnant from the broken condom is ludicrous. I mean, he's worried about getting HIV but not knocking her up?

Becca, you are hilarious and dead-on as usual. This storyline is really bothering me. And seriously, did hair and make-up get into a time-machine to find a crimping iron for Robin's hair? That with the bad bangs? While we're on a stupid-intervention for Patrick, how bout a hair-intervention for Robin.

Patrick totally knows. The flowers were his way of saying, "we're friends, you can tell me the truth." He's giving her a chance to tell him before he confronts her.

I have to stop being one of those Robin fans that immediately loves Patrick when he does something cute and nice for her (like the flowers) and keep falling into the Guza trap. 95% of the time lately, they have made Patrick a complete ass and that's no OK as long as he makes up for it with one cute scene a month. That's not good, soapy, fighting to get your girl back romance.
Ok, that's my rant. He's adorable though. HAHA

I think he knows or he's highly suspicious. He's just been acting way too strange ever since he overheard that conversation between Robin and Mac. Personally, I think he's thisclose to flat out asking her, "Is it mine?" Because even though Robin is lying about this now, somehow, I don't think that she could lie directly to him like that, especially since the only reason he'd ask at this point is if he'd been given good reason to suspect that he is in fact the father.

I'm really starting to think he's going to know about it, then when either Robin or Carly or someone else decides he needs to know, he'll be like, "Tell me something I don't know."

If I lived in PC and had a brain tumor and needed neurosurgery, before going to Patrick I'd give it a go myself with a Black and Decker hand power drill and my tweezers!

I mean how dumb is dumb in that town these days?

Patrick and Lucky should quit their jobs asap and start modeling as god clearly intended. Or be bartenders at the MC. They might be able to handle that, with a cocktail recipe book and some flash cards.

Oohhhh. Blinky actually said something, well 2 things, that showed me he has finally begun to understand the depths of his brain damage and how it has ruined his life!!!! Shocking, I know.

#1 Regarding mannish classless nostril flarer to Spinelli..."She actually kinda bugged me and I hope I never run into her again."

Had he been this... dare I say perceptive in 96 we could have all avoided his no name sex romp with Original Carly and the hell that brought into all of our lives. Not to mention it's destruction of New Jason, Old Sonny and even Robin and Jason.

#2 At the police impound lot Jason very uncharacteristically used sarcasm correctly when he asked Spinelli..."Maybe I should have brought Maxie instead of you?"

And shazam! The door opened sans code. I love that it was for one shining moment made clear that Maxie is smarter than both Jason and Spinelli combined. And even Jason and Spinelli know it.

And that dumb insulting scene outside the nursery at GH? WTF? Why is Carly always getting away with being such a lying bitch and everyone just accepts it, especially with Robin?

When the baby cried and Carly sniped it was because Robin was going to be a terrible mother yadda yadda yadda. Why the hell didn't Robin say maybe the kid is just afraid of being kidnapped because that is what Carly does!

Or maybe abandonned because that is what she did to baby Michael. Post partum depression my ass. Carly was a selfish lying bitch who couldn't face the mess she made so she dumped it all in Jason's lap. Something she still does!!!

She left to sunbathe in Florida on his dime for many months. And he got the baby through heart surgery, dealt with Tony, AJ, and the Q's, headed the mob by himself, and lied to everyone that he was the daddy.

And the way Patrick shuddered at the thought or accusation of Carly's of being Robin's sperm donor made my skin crawl. Having him bring her flowers in private an hour later does not make up for his asshat behavior since NS! I don't support Robin's lie, but I certainly understand it. I miss hot sexy funny sweet loving Patrick.

I totally meant to write in the forums...sorry ladies.

I'm not sure which is more ridiculous. Robin not telling Patrick that he's the father of her child or Patrick not knowing that he's the father of Robin's child.

I hate GH!

I haven't seen anything from Patrick that warrants re-consideration of the revocation. Patrick shouldn't be rewarded for trying to remedy situations that he creates in the first place - e.g., he has to "defend" Robin to Ian because he's the one who put her down in front of Ian in the first place.

Ah. Good. I missed those episodes so I was under the assumption he somehow wasn't aware the condom broke. But if he is aware that makes it even more puzzling that he hasn't put 2 and 2 together. Therefore I think I'm in the camp that he knows, but is in denial. I like to give Patrick's intelligence the benefit of the doubt.

"If I lived in PC and had a brain tumor and needed neurosurgery, before going to Patrick I'd give it a go myself with a Black and Decker hand power drill and my tweezers!"

I think this happened in the premiere of "Port Charles".

The only thing that pisses me off more than Patrick being beyond clueless here is the fact that they've turned Robin into THE WORLD'S BIGGEST HYPOCRITE. Why are they giving Carly ammo here? I can practically here the self-righteous rant already.

*sigh* If I lived anywhere near California, I'd be picketing outside of the studio with large "Go away Guza!" signs...

I think patrick know and is in denial but not about being the father but about the fact the robin lied to him. If you think about their relationship they legit have never lied to eachother. With the way Patrick has been acting(in episodes after this one) he knows(2/19/08 he is obviously trying to get robin to tell him something...anything...he wanted his suspitions confirmed and her getting uncompfortable with the discussion I think sealed the deal on him knowing he is the father. Patrick is not as dumb as he has been acting.

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