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February 10, 2008

One Million Strong!

We are thrilled to report that due to our rather OCD-like tendencies to check our site stats, we know that one of you today will be the ONE MILLIONTH page load of Serial Drama!  We think this is both insane, and cool.  Insanely cool, in fact. 

You might remember a few months back on our first anniversary we mentioned we'd had more than 500,000 page loads.  Well, things have kicked up so much that now we're already crossing the million mark.  Woohoo!  (Things took a while to pick up, as those of you who were around at the beginning know.  We now have more visitors in a month than we had during our entire first six months, back on the old site.  Our little baby is growing up!)

So, we were totally letting this go to our heads.  And then we realized that Perez [effing] Hilton has like eight million page loads A DAY, and we got some perspective.  So, we modestly thank you for reading and spreading the word, and hope you continue to do so.  We will keep up with our scathing-speaking ways, trying to be worthy of your loyalty.


You can beat Perez! Just start offering us real-time updates throughout the day...unlimited SD entertainment. Go!

Way to go......

Totally don't know what's meant by "page load" but hey, if it makes you happy then congrats! The more people who get to read this fabulous blog, the better.

Just keep up the scathing-speak - it's what we come back for.

Congratulations! Does this mean you have to send a thank-you note to Bob Guza for inspiring all the "scathing-speak"? After all, if he did his job you wouldn't have anything to write about. ;o)

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