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February 06, 2008


Please ignore 1) the horribly awkward pose some evil photographer forced the adorable Kimberly McCullough into*, and 2) the OTT-cheesy request for "love story" submissions, and instead focus on the fact that there is another SoapNet marathon coming up!  Many of you know how I feel about these


Eeeee!  I feel a recap-athon coming on!   So if you want to avoid your only exposure to these episodes being me doing whatever the verbal form of blubbering is at the mere sight of Stone, or mercilessly mocking mid-90s hairstyles while -- you are warned -- squeeing over how gorgeous I think Jason was, be sure to set your DVRs (and VCRs, I suppose, if you insist on living in the 18th century) for SoapNet for this Sunday, February 10th from 10am to 1pm.

* Honest to god, someone hates her:


Unless "I have to pee, but I'll hang out for a sec and take this picture because the minute I move, these thorns will be driven further into my palm and I'll have to squint both my eyes to dull the pain, with only thoughts of this hideous belt to distract me, and you'd be pissy too if some bastard judge made you wear an alcohol-monitoring device on your wrist so shut up take the effing photo, asswipe" was what they were going for.  Which it's entirely possible they were.  I mean, this is SoapNet.  They pulled Another World off the air to make room for One Tree Hill.  Judgment isn't necessarily their strength.


Becca, I will join you in your verbal blubbering. Stone! Eeee!

I only wish they would pull their Melrose and One Tree reruns and re-air Stone and Robin's entire story from start to finish (I would even give up my VCR, join the 21st century and buy a DVR for that)! But, as you say, this is SoapNet after all.

Robin and Stone's s/l was my favorite story on soaps. They just don't write love stories like that on GH anymore. I miss him!

Ireally wish they were showing more than three episodes. How adorable would it be, not to mention a nice nod to the vast history of the character, to see seven year old Robin/Kimberly McCullough?!

Alas, I understand that they want a Valentine's theme and are going with Robin's love stories. But they could have done two episodes for each relationship. Eh, who am I kidding? I just want more Robin and I'll take her however I can get her.* Goodness knows she won't get as much exposure on current GH.

*Does not indicate an unnatural fascination with said character. No, siree. Well, at least I don't comment on the blog of a fictional character. I have some dignity.

Love Her!!!!! Her being both Kim and Robin. But why in the name of all that is soap insanity does she often look like hell onair? Who hates her this much? The weird clothes...turtle necks? The hair....short bangs and half dye jobs? And where is her makeup? She hasn't looked glam or super healthy oddly enough since she woke up after the MC surgery. She had pink cheeks and plummy lip gloss in her hospital bed!!! She may not be a glamazon, but she is beautiful and deserves to look that way onair.

I don't have SoapNet. I loved Robin & Stone back in the day. Over them now though and would like to see her happy with Patrick.

I think you captured exactly what the photographer was going for though! Hee.

How on earth do they make Kimberly McCullough look chunky in that photo?! That's not accidental that's deliberate considering how tiny KMc actually is

Stone..."I see you Robin...I see you"...oh the tears are starting already.....

ohhh young Lucky..actual storytelling...vets being used....ohh the mind boggles at the mere implication of GH actually being GOOD......

It is SoapNet...so I'm thankful its not a marathon of the loves of Jason's life.....cause I don't see that enough.....

When she came back, she look great, now, she looks like a tired doctor, and it's not from working it's the stress (Patrick)She should have brought her own dress.

I'm so excited for this it's not even funny. I love KMc! Robin & Stone was my first ever soap love story and I think it was damn near perfect. I can't wait to see them on my TV screen again (youtube just doesn't do them justice). I only wish they decided to do an actual marathon and dedicated more than 3 measly hours to Robin and her loves. As much as Jason urks me now I did love him back in the day when he was with Robin, especially in the beginning, and even now on the rare occasion that Steve & Kim share a scene their chemistry, IMO, is still fierce. I guess what I'm saying is I don't think 3 hours is nearly enough but, it is better than nothing and I'll take what I can get!

Ugh, that episode when Stone dies really is a wrencher. Back then, Robin and Stone were always secondary to Brenda and Sonny for me, but having seen that scene recently...it was all just so well done. Labine really knew how to write sophisticated, inter-connected relationships with complexities that which actual human beings knew how to relate. I miss her GH.

Hey, now, some of us just comment on the blog to tell the GH writers exactly what we think of their "um, writing?" skills. It's sick but I take pleasure in thinking about the interns who probably are forced to wax Frons' head and carry JFP's wigs around reading the blog replies wherein I bash them unmercifully and being like, "YES!" What would make me think they do this? Well, b/c, many times, my replies are posted-sans the Frons/JFP/Guza bashing, o/c-and I have to wonder if that's not some poor, put-upon intern, who knows what all I ACTUALLY said, passive-aggressively going, "Screw You!" HEE!

Otherwise, I have to agree-I didn't like the pose, but she's cute as she can be anyway. If only they would leave her hair alone-I truly need her to shoot, dead, the next stylist who comes near her w/color or scissors for her bangs. Just bust a cap in 'em, no questions asked, Kimberly-please, for the love of all that is holy, PLEASE!

And I am SOOOO excited to see Robin (unless the J&R epi is from Cottage Hell-and you know they would SOOO do that) treated decently by a man who says he loves her! What a novel concept these days!

And I also agree w/whomever said we needed more than 3 epis. We got, like, 6 w/Jason, damnit.

aw Robin and Stone were soooo good! that was the best year of GH with Robin and Stone and Sonny and Brenda.

no Jason Morgan as the greatest thing since sliced bread and every woman fawning over him, and most wonderfully, no CARLY!

and the mob was actually interesting. gee, how things have changed!

When I first saw the photo, I cringed! I really hope that Kimberly had nothing to do with that pose. But yay for a Robin marathon! *does happy dance*

I can't wait to see the marathon tomorrow. 3 different relationships that show a different side of Robin. :)

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