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February 22, 2008

Squealing Fangirl Alert

I've sat down about a dozen times in the past week or so to write about how much I loathe AMC lately and yet, mysteriously, I can't manage to finish one of my novella length screeds about how terrible this show is.

And you know that's never a problem for me; I pretty much live for the opportunity to criticize people, places and things. There was a period of time, late into Megan McTavish's last era as head writer of AMC, that I was frothing at the mouth with hatred for the show. I lambasted her stories at every chance I got, derided the casts' lackluster performances and started saying "Ugh, Zarf!" in lieu of swearing.

It's not like the show is actually better now. If anything, Barbara Esensten and James Harmon Brown have actually made the show LESS watchable than it was under McTavish, which is so beyond my comprehension of the laws of life that I can't even describe it with anything but a befuddled "...???..."

And yet, if you were to come up to me after an episode and ask how the show was, chances are I'd be all, "OHMIGOD! Seriously, OHMIGOD! It is so good! LOVE! AMC for Outstanding Daytime Drama! Woo! Wooo!"

You know why? Because Brian Frons is an evil genius. He brought back Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams.

Unlike the humiliating and awful way General Hospital botched the return of Tristan Rogers, the powers-that-be at AMC have given Angie and Jesse a front burner storyline and has treated the two characters with the respect that they deserve, rather than just using them as a sweeps stunt (for now, obviously. This could change in a few weeks). All I know about Angie and Jesse, I've learned from YouTube and their episodes now and watching the two of them do their thing has turned me into a complete fangirl. <33Jesse&Angie4Ever<33

Jesse's explanation for being gone for twenty years makes no sense to me, but...I don't know, I am not having a problem ignoring the inconsistencies (well, except, how did no one, from the hospital staff to the police not see that the body of a cop killed in the line of duty had gone missing?) just because he and Angie and Frankie, who is an almost eerie combination of his onscreen parents, are so awesome. I feel like it's simply not possible for me to be more of a sucker than I am at the moment. I cry myself to sleep at night, because I have to live with the tragic knowledge that Brian Frons has gotten one over on me.

(There are a lot of YouTube clips for people wise enough to stay away from the clusterfuck that is the non Jesse/Angie parts of AMC, by the way)


This is the post I've been waiting for. I LOVE Angie and Jesse. Much like you, I've only gotten to know the pair through the flashbacks on AMC, and I couldn't love them more. I feel every single emotion that Angie has when she's on screen. They look like a real couple. And Frankie? OMG!!! He is not only sexy, but he and his on-screen parents have completely upped the game as far as acting goes on this show. I'm still waiting to not hate the Ryan's-lost-his-memory-storyline, but I can't get enought of Angie and Jesse.

P.S. How much did you love when Jesse yelled at Babe's Mama?!?!? "YOU WILL PUT YOUR COAT DOWN AND YOU WILL LISTEN!!!!" Best line EVA!!!

I have totally started watching this show, ONLY the Angie and Jesse clips and ONLY on Youtube. God bless the internet.

I don't have a problem getting my hate on for most of the stories on AMC at the moment (Ryan treating his wife like the scum of the earth, even though he's "trying" to remember, which I've yet to actually see since he's all googly-eyed at Kendall all the damn time), but I will refrain because this post is about Angie and Jesse and Frankie. The three best characters on the show right now, bar none. I love them, and even though I didn't see much of their history, and only know Angie's history from when she spun off to different soaps, I don't care. I could watch them for the entire hour of the show. It's so nice to see actors that are captivating and really committed to giving a great performance even if the writing is less than stellar. It really is too bad that the Hubbards' story is squashed between Ryan's amnesia, Richie being taken to a nearly unredeemable position, Jabe round 1937243917, and the horrible sextet of Aidan/Greenlee/Kendall/Zach/Ryan/Annie.

I LOVED Jesse Angie Jenny Gregg and Tad back in the old days. Liza the snobby bitch and her trampy Mom were fun too. I used to shop and buy closthes like Jenny's and Angie's. After Jenny died from a bomb laced jetski it got harder to watch. Eyeroll!

I adore Jesse and Angie now as much as ever if not more. They have not aged and I have, I hate that!!!!!

And their son on screen, could he be their real life love child? It's like Logan and Scotty all over again. CLONING.

The only hope that they aren't ruined by the ABCDaytime machine is if they get their own show. Maybe she and Robin can open up a private practice in Manhattan. Or get jobs in the same hospital. Jesse, and Patrick only if his brain is returned, can be on it too. Jesse Mac Aiden and Lucky can be cops and or PI's in the big city. Maxie can work at Henri Bendel's. Ned and Lois could return to the canvas etc....This could be great!

The reunion of Jesse and Angie is a bright spot in the craptasticness that is daytime right now. Especially on AMC between Ryan's amnesia, Kendall and Aidan's night together, and nu-Babe and JR trying yet again to get it together(not to mention Jacob Young's nasty hair) and a bunch of other stupid storylines. Hopefully AMC will keep going with this and keep Jesse, Angie, and their gorgeous son on for a long time with some great story.

Loved this post, Mallory. Bravo! But I have a trio of other observations about AMC:

1. For years, I bemoaned the fact that Aidan Turner was given so little screen time. Now that he's all over the place, I can understand the reluctance of the powers to showcase him: He's an incredibly lousy actor.

2. Is it me or is "The Real Greenlee" a bust the second time around? As the old adage goes, you can't go home. Budig proves this. She seems to be on automatic pilot ALL THE TIME. Plus she postures too much.

3. I agree with John about "the horrible sextet of Aidan/Greenlee/Kendall/Zach/Ryan/Annie."

End of diatribe.

Ya'll really like this storyline?? Don't get me wrong, I loved Angie n Jesse back in the day, but I can't stand them right now! I can't decide if it's the writing or the sometimes overacting of the actors! (except the guy playing Frankie) The being gone explanation is just retarded.

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