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February 13, 2008

Since He Knows Everything, Could He Please Explain Crocs?

Jason: Elizabeth, we've been over this. 
Elizabeth: But I could have done this!
Jason: Okay.  Spinelli was able to put three more people on the road who could have been behind the wheel:  Carly, Monica, and Nikolas.  Okay, and Nikolas already told you he had a blackout.  Please, please don't say anything.  Don't put yourself through even more hell until I'm able to check this out.

Spinelli is really good with computers (the show has been really subtle about that, but I followed the crumbs and figured it out!).  Is he also a superhero?  How the hell would he have found out all that?  (I was going to add "and why wouldn't the police have been able to get that same information?" but then I remembered it's the PCPD and the writers think that department has an IQ roughly on par with that of the Pussycat Dolls.)  Wouldn't it have been more reasonable that Jason had connections at all the auto body shops in town (someone has to clean the blood and brains out of trunk carpet!), and so he compiled the list of suspects?  This need to shoehorn Spinelli into so many stories by making him some kind of savant is irksome.  Why not give him a story separate from the mob?

I'm sorry, I don't know what I was thinking.  A non-hospital employee with a story separate from the mob.  Imagine!

I'm mostly just unwilling to believe that a person of Spinelli's apparently unlimited intellectual resources would not also have the ability to 1) determine the propriety and timeliness of a haircut, 2) figure out he was about to lose his virginity to a serial killer, and 3) talk like a human being.


I know I was so shocked Jason was giving someone ELSE credit for their work I about fell over....normally he totally takes all the glory.

besides since Maxie and Spin are looking into TMK now..Spinelli must show he has the brains of Jason so he can figure this one out.

And if Spinelli is so freaking smart can he please explain how if Diane can get Jason off for a muder he did commit....why the concept of her defending Liz from a crime she more than likely didn't committ is such a freaking no go? (seriously if they are pushing her THIS hard, this early...she totally didn't do it.)

I am right in thinking its not like Sam's dead right?

@BethR: "if Diane can get Jason off for a muder he did commit...."

Allegedy committed. Don't forget the all-important adverb.

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