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March 16, 2008

Days of Our Lives Couple of Weeks in Review. Sort Of. Not Really. I'm Too Bored, Y'all!

I don't know what's going on with this show, you guys.  It was so good just a few weeks ago, but this week it really started backsliding into mediocre-ville, or worse.  I still like most of the story arcs, but the dialogue is getting pretty bad.  I think John, Marlena, Hope, and Bo have been repeating the same lines for the last two weeks.  Which in the case of those four doesn't particularly bother me, because I adore John loathing Marlena and Hope and Bo being all suffering supercouple-y, but this could reach problematic levels soon.  If I have to hear people repeatedly refer to Lexie as a competent doctor, or Shawn and Belle's plans to rip off his parents' dream trip around the world over and over again, I may lose the will to blog.

There are a few things I'm especially concerned about.


Dr. Jonas is hot, but he is WAY too old for Chelsea.  Way.  I think he would have been great for her mom, but the idiots in charge let Julie Pinson go.  Romantic interests do not pass on to the next generation like real estate and collectibles!  If Deidre Hall retires, does John take up with Sami?  No.  They better redirect Dr. Dan to a more appropriate target soon, because it skeeves me every time I see him and Chelsea onscreen together. 


Are they just replaying the same scene of Ava locked in her room, being all batshit crazy, over and over again?  Is she ever going to do . . . anything?  I'm getting bored by her already, and that really shouldn't the case with an insane interloper.  I love them.


I was going to bitch about the ongoing stupidity of the "EJ the dude who was born in the US needs a visa to stay here" storyline, but then EJ and Sami just up and disappeared for a couple of weeks and now I would totally settle for ridiculous INS agents trying to kick a citizen out of the country if it meant the return of James Scott's hotness to a screen near me.


John continues to be one of the most entertaining aspects of the show.

John:  What's wrong with my hair?
Belle: It's the 80s; you had bad hair.

Hee.  Admitting it is the first step to recovery.  (I also loved his sarcastic "fantastic" about Brady's prom picture.  I am equally unimpressed with pretty much everything associated with Brady.)  Oh, and every time John calls Marlena "Blondie" and she physically recoils, I laugh.  I enjoy her discomfort so.  But still, let's return to the thing to be concerned about, which is John near the top of my "reasons to watch" list.


A thousand times yes, re: new doc and Chelsea! He's gorgeous, but I could not BELIEVE Chelsea is who they're choosing to pair him with. It's not even so much the age she's playing (18?), but the actress actually looks younger than that most of the time, and that baby voice really isn't helping. I had the same thoughts about Julie Pinson as well.

Thank you on Daniel and Chelsea, which is skeeving me out big time too. Any chances of me finding nuDoc hot were instantly done away with their attmepts to make him appear younger such as surfer talk (seriously, surfer talk????) I presume the show is also deciding to kill Chelsea/Nick by not having him around for anything related to his on screen girlfriend. That sucks for Blake Berris fans.

I'm getting bored with Ava too. I actually like her, and am curious to see how far the BSCness of her goes, but watching her by herself or with her father's "minions" is boring.

PR is doing a fabulous job but I'm ready for his illness to be over. We've had a long lead up to this point and so many wasted opportunities are ruining the story for me.

I don't have a problem with Dr. Jonas and Chelsea. The age difference doesn't bother me at all. Maybe the new doc can be a womanizer, and go through all the needy women in town. Not in a Jeremy "Horton" kind of way though. He can hook up with Marlena next.

Krista, I think Chelsea is 21 or 22 (now - it has jumped around a bit), and Rachel Melvin is in her mid-20s but does look much younger. The guy playing Dr. Jones is in his early 40s and looks it (he's hot, but he looks like a hot guy in his late 30s/early 40s). So...no.

Tripp, it's odd bc the illness story hasn't been going on for that long, but it is dragging. I wish there were more flashbacks instead of the repetitive dialogue. But then I would rather watch entire episodes from the 80s, so they should probably not listen to me.

Becca, more flashbacks would help instead of the same scenes over and over. I think having Chelsea self destruct like this was a mistake, one minute she is telling Nick she wants to be a donor and then the very next time we see her she's already drunk at the heart convinced her father will die (and not knowing who the donor is). That's bad writing.

If the show is going for Chelsea/Daniel, they need to try to reduce the amount of scenes where RM isn't wearing makeup, because then she looks like a teenager and he looks like a creep going through a mid life crises at best.

I don't get the assumption that Dr. Daniel and Chelsea will be paired together. They're just having her crush on him a little as a way to incorporate his character into the canvas. Hope crushed on Roman when she first came to Salem. Hopefully, they won't pair him with anyone until he's dabbled in a couple more stories and developed a bit. Maybe they'll bring back Billie once that happens or pair him with a rehabilitated Ava. I just don't think he was brought on for that group of younger actors. I'm very happy that he was, though. The mid-thirties to mid-forties characters don't exist on this show and thankfully the two new ones were cast with attractive, capable actors.

After kind of stepping away during the endless Sami show, I have to say I'm really enjoying Days lately. It resembles a real soap now--Intersecting stories with possible arcs and wide use of the cast, character motivation and purpose, an appropriately clever way to write Drake and Dee that still gives comic relief, old school characters like Victor (and the pier) and Tony/Anna making come-backs and getting a story that ties in more characters, new and old, soapy plots for the awesome foursome of Bo/Hope/Steve/Kayla, and even a Steve and Kayla quickee.

It's far from ideal and there are some pitfalls, but they're minor. Other aspects like movement, rhythm and story make up for them. Of course, I'm giving the show some concessions because of the abrupt writer turn-over and assumed, very limited staff of writers, but things look like they're headed in the right direction. The minor kinks can be worked out, but at least there's something to build on.

You've hit the nail on the head - I'm all for integrating the different storylines, and I've wanted balance on the show for a while now. However, the lack of EJami, and therefore EJ hotness, on my screen is making me cranky. Love Bope (seriously - who thinks he's really gonna die? uh, no one)and Payla, and snarky Jawn)...but without him and Sami onscreen, I'm just going through the motions with DAYS...which is kinda funny - that's pretty much all I see on the show anyway. There is really no plot development. This leads to boredom, and a strong desire on my part to tune out. Sigh. I had such high hopes a few weeks ago...

If this is all part of NBC's diabolical plan to make me not want to watch Days so they can cancel it easier..it's working!

Has Days ever heard of balance? They had a nice flow a few weeks ago but now they've lost it. Apparently every month needs to be dedicated to one storyline/couple. We've already had our Jarlena-thon, so this month it's "Bo's Dying(even though you all know he's not going to die) storyline". I guess April will be "Kayla and Crazy Ava".

Like Ivy, I too am cranky about the lack of EJ and Sami (see above cranky comments).
I just don't enjoy the show without them. I guess my Tivo will just be on standby until I know they are on again..Oh well..The nefarious NBC execs are winning.

I miss EJ like crazy. I'm waking up at ungodly hours to check the Prevuze and see if he's on the next episode. I love this man. I love the way he winks at Sami and how he raises his eyebrow when he's being sneaky and that glorious body of his that we see so very little of. Days this is torture! Torture I tell you! Bring back EJ!

Oh, and great blog by the way. I have to disagree about Chelsea and Hot Doc though. He's forty not sixty and she's a grown woman of 22. Go for it Chels! ;)

OMG, can DAYS get any more boring?

Tanna getting frisky and John being his snarkable self are the only thing holding my interest. I'm loving this John away from Marlena.

Bo isn't going anywhere. Ava looking at pix isn't making me want to tune in.

NuDoc is MASSIVELY HOT, but I'm not getting any vibes he's going to be interested in Chelsea but I am getting vibes that he just might be intersted in her grandma. ;)

Ooh, now that might be good. Hot Doc and Kate...hmmmm...that could be some good soapy drama / love scenes. I'm sure that's wishful thinking. If Hot Doc and Chelsea make out, I might vomit in my mouth a little.

It's not their age difference that bothers me, it's just that Chelsea looks so small - like a teenager. Gag.

I agree, days has been dragging out Bo's illness. It has been pretty boring for the past couple of weeks. I also miss EJ but, I don't really care about him and Sami. It was kind of interesting but, I just don't like them together all that much. I know everyone thinks they have this awesome chemistry but, sorry EJ is prettier then all the women on the show so its hard for me to see anyone with him. How about just EJ shirtless that might make it easier. I also do not care for Chelsea and the new doctor story line, if thats where they are going with this. In their latest scenes together they seemed weird together. I don't even care about the age difference but, they Chelsea just looks way to young for him. In their scenes after her surgery he almost seems like a father character and it was creeping me out a little bit when they were flirting.

Becca, I'm dying for an update!!! :)

Chelsie and the dock are hot together. Hopefully that will be the way it turns out! He's not to old she's not to young. Get over it it's perfect fo Chelsie to finally get rid of her boring boyfriend. I will be very disapointed if the doc goes sfter someone else. Eva story is boring and Bo needs to get out of the hospital already it is becoming a bore. Also the Brady and chloe thing is dragging on way to long. What happend to Brady already!!

I completely agree with Don-el. I am not bothered by a pairing of Chelsea and the Doc at all. And the fact that people are against it...all the better. Time for Days to give us something to talk about.

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