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March 02, 2008

Days of Our Lives Week in Review: The Sniffle Edition

I know I mock a lot of stuff about soaps -- that's kind of what we do here, you know? -- but honestly, there was little to make fun of this week on Days.  The show was full of many of the things I love most about soaps:  tragic death,  awful plastic surgery, ridiculous yet entertaining screwball comedic romance, unspecified fatal illness, hot men, and schmaltzy flashbacks.  Who doesn't love all that?


I've said before that Days gives good holiday, and I was reminded this week that it gives good funeral, too.  The last big one I remember was for Dr. Tom Horton, and that was extra sad because Macdonald Carey had passed away, but still, Days does these big family events very well.  That may be because, unlike say GH, Days is still centered around core families.

Days' dedication to keeping families at the center of the show make me fine with the fact that they killed off one of the patriarchs.  I know it's totally hypocritical of me, because if it were GH I'd be screaming bloody murder (in fairness, GH would totally kill off Edward Quartermaine via bloody murder, so at least there would be a theme), but I really think they handled Shawn Sr.'s death well.  They're getting good soapy mileage out of it, so I approve.  (My approval means so much, I'm sure.)

Truly, the funeral?  The kids' eulogies?  All the Irish toasts at the pub?  Made of awesome.  Mostly.

There's just no nice way to say this, so I'll be blunt:  Kimberly Brady annoys the shit out of me.  Or maybe it's Patsy Pease.  No, actually, I found Kim annoying when she was played by that chick from Another World and those tampon commercials, too.  Anyway, Pease's Kimberly in particular grated on my nerves.  That lip-pursing thing, combined with her tone of voice, almost always sounded condescending to me.  Even her sex scenes with Shane seemed like a schoolteacher and student, and not in the weirdly sexy male fantasy way -- she called him "Mr. Donovan," and used the "aren't you doing a good job with that chapter book!" tone.  Annoying, annoying.  I totally wanted Eve to be successful in her plans to torpedo that marriage.  I also wanted Eve's hair, especially her 17-foot long braided ponytail.  What was my point, again?  Oh, right:  Kimberly = nails on chalkboard.

All that being said, I think it's great that they bring Kimberly back for big family events from time to time.  How much more moving was it to have all the Brady kids* gathered around Shawn's casket?


I'm not going to lie, there was major sniffling at my house. 

* (I know Frankie wasn't there at all and Max wasn't in that shot, but since the Bradys adopted Frankie when he was like 20 -- and then he became an Alamain in a twist I still don't understand, and I don't think that's just because I was in college and partying too much -- and Max became a Brady and then promptly went to summer camp for 15 years, I don't really think of them as the Brady siblings.  No emails please!  I know adopted kids are "real" kids and I think the media is obnoxious with the whole "Nicole Kidman is pregnant with her first child" nonsense.  I feel you, power to the people, down with the Man, etc.  But those are the four Brady siblings to me.  And apparently to the writers, who refuse to deal with the Max=Shawn's son and therefore Stephanie's uncle thing anymore.)

So anyway, Kimberly came back, with Patsy Pease looking...interesting.




I would have found Kim's grief more compelling if it had been expressed by something other than her chin.

Speaking of which, a long time ago, I wrote about how Peggy McCay was scaring the hell out of me. I think the flashbacks this week proved my underlying point, which is that she was a gorgeous older woman


until she did whatever it is that she did.  However, she has been looking better lately, and I think she was fantastic through this story of Shawn's death.  I won't post any screencaps, though, because it's really not fair to put them next to that one from the 80s.

Oh, who am I kidding:


She may be looking better, but it's still so sad.  As is the family resemblance:


Josh Taylor did a great job last week too, but I continue to be distracted by his giant and immobile forehead and overplucked brows.  This is the same problem I had with Nicole Kidman in Bewitched.

(Uh, all evidence to the contrary, I'm not being paid per mention of Nicole Kidman.  Or am I?  Nicole Kidman.)


How awesome is it that Ava is completely crazy?  I love it.


It must be a nice change of pace for Tamara Braun, who for years on GH had to play a woman who is also batshit crazy, but whom everybody in town holds up as a paragon of sanity and courage.

I still think she's too young for Steve, though.  This story better go someplace good.  At the very least I suppose I can be confident he won't be shoot her in the head while she's in labor.


As many of you know, 80s flashbacks are my soap crack.  I cannot get enough of them.  I firmly believe SoapNet should re-vamp its lineup to include several hours of 80s clips every night.  And this week Days fed my addiction, bless its heart.


Aw, father and daughter.  With daughter in polyester shorts and nylons.  Don't pretend you never rocked that look.  I totally had a shorts suit, with a vest top.  It was peach and from The Limited and it was fierce, bitches.

(Sorry, I've been watching the Project Runway marathon and Christian has invaded my psyche.  I'm trying to refrain from telling you all how superior I am to you and that I can finish a blog post in 1/10th the time it would take you.  It was all I could do not to work in something related to Shawn's funeral along the lines of "Could you just die over it?  Or did you die because of it?")

On the topic of 80s hotness:  I didn't have a thing for Bo in the 80s at all, and I've decided it must have been because I couldn't get past the mullet.


I don't mean mentally; I literally couldn't see Peter Reckell's face through all that hair.  What a hottie!  How was I able to set aside the hair in Michael Weiss's case but not Reckell's?  Mike Horton wore fish ties and did Three Stooges impressions, for the love of god!  While Bo wore a leather jacket and whisked Hope away from her doomed wedding on a motorcycle.  What kind of adolescent was I?

Sorry, diverted off-topic again there.  Topic: flashbacks, and their inherent kickassedness.  Since we needed some examples this week of women aging gracefully, Maggie and Alice:


Nicole Kidman could learn so much from them.


I am enjoying Tony and Anna's ridiculously outlandish story.  Anna gets a job as a big-time ad exec with an office the size of Manhattan despite never having worked in advertising a day before in her life. 


And Tony buys a big ad agency despite also never having demonstrated any prior interest in the industry, with an office overlooking the many heretofore unreferenced skyscrapers of Salem.  So soapily stupid.  I love it.


"The birth control talk."  Hee.  That secretary in a sundress in the midwest in February was a bit of a head-scratcher, but suspension of disbelief is key to enjoying Tony and Anna.


Chloe's contribution to Shawn's wake was especially deep.


                      Chloe: This is so sad.

Really?  Death is sad?  Tune in next week, when Chloe drops some wisdom about how the sun is hot, kittens are cute, and Nicole Kidman should chill with the Botox.


Robotic dickhead John continues to crack me up.  If you didn't guffaw at his "you need a hug" moment with Roman


well then I don't even know what to do with you.  Do you also think 30 Rock is unfunny?  That The Office is overrated?

His hair is the most entertaining thing of all, I think.


I could scrub pots with that.  I dig that he is this super-genius robot who can step in an run a multi-national business empire/criminal syndicate, but he can't quite wrestle control of bedhead. 

This week was woefully short on Marlena being slammed into inanimate objects, but I'm holding out hope for March!


I like the subtler makeup and glasses on Sami.


And I loved how with just an offhand comment and a nonchalant reaction from Sami, the writers reveal that EJ is a lawyer.  So soapy.  I much prefer this "oh yeah, I have a graduate degree I've never mentioned before" approach to the one where they have someone become, say, a doctor in four episodes.

Hey, speaking of completely unqualified medical "professionals," of course I don't think that they're actually going to kill Bo off (not that they ever really kill anyone off on this show),


but then they make Lexie (practicer of all specialties, master of none) his doctor, and I think maybe he is doomed.  Kristian Alfonso is going to kick all kinds of ass as a grieving widow!  And at least we can be confident the funeral will be great. 

Screencaps courtesy of Days of Our Lives 2.


Aww, Becca, you rock so much.

I too think that Days gives good funeral. OMB's funeral and wake were made of awesome. The four Brady kids standing at the coffin was sniffle inducing and the flashbacks were wonderful.

I'm lovin' Crazy Ava. TB is bringing the crazy and I think it could be a lot of fun to see just how much havoc she can cause (and I'm a big Steve and Kayla fan).

All in all, as much as it scares me to say it, the show is really doing well right now.

First of all, I love this blog, It's much better to read your recaps than to actually watch DAYS or GH. I just wish you did the non-existing GL which I don't watch either except Crystal Chappell's (ex Carly, DAYS) scenes. Anyway, the blog is hilarious and it always makes my day.

In a Kimberly style a bit - Frankie was made Von Leuschner - Carly's brother, not Alamain. It was John who was supposed to be Forrest Alamain, Lawrence's brother.

Oh lord, I can't believe I screwed that up. Well, I can, actually -- I told you I was partying a lot!

Thanks for the correction and the kudos, shelle cr.

esp13, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop because I'm pessimistic like that.

Becca, you're welcome.

I really love reading everything you post.

About Frankie - as I stated before - I'm the biggest Crystal Chappell fan in Europe, so I know everything concernign Carly and her family or friends. But don't ask me about anything after her departure :)

Oh, don't worry Becca, I've been waiting for that other shoe to drop for weeks now. I'm still pretty sure it's going to at some point -- probably right about the time I actually feel confident things are going to continue to do well.

The one thing Days has been able to do very consistently is disappoint me just when I think it won't.

Bo was superhot, but you couldn't see his face under all that beard he had for several years. He was like Chewbacca. I also still don't get how Frankie was Carly's brother (and therefore minor European nobility I think?) and yet ended up in the US living under a bridge w/Max. I mean, I was watching then but I NEVER understood any of it. And I was perfectly sober the whole time.

The past few weeks of Days have been the best it's been in years!! They do the best funerals.

and Suzanne Rogers is the most gorgeous woman on daytime, i wish she was on more!!

I think you caught Ava there at exact moment she was looking at Marlena's picture. I was so tickled that I had to rewind it several times. I love S&K, but I want a Team Ava t-shirt just because of that look.

FINALLY someone besides me who didn't think that Patsy Pease and/or Kimberly has ever been anything spectacular! I've never posted here but I've been lurking for about 6 months, and this is the first time I just HAD to say THANK YOU!!!!! This even makes me forgive your love for the Sami and Her Rapist. (No offense, but I can't stand the guy.) Man, in the 80's Kimberly used to make me want to throw things. I was sooooooooo rooting for Eve back then. I loved Shane, and it made me ill to have to want to ffwd most of his scenes because of her. And don't EVEN get me started on her split personality storyline. Oy. Bad memories I had repressed until she showed up again.

For the first time since never, I'm hopeful about the show. Weird. Guess that means the decision to cancel will be coming any day now.

That's what she said!
(Sorry 'bout that.)

Tamara Braun is on Days now? Where have I been? I think the only thing I liked about her time on GH was that she occasionally busted out the crazy facial expressions. Carly screen caps from back then cracked me up. Hopefully here she gets to keep the crazy while playing a less annoying character.

That was some good funeral all right. How long till they find Grandpa Shawn hidden in Rolf's lab? Or better yet, gone feral in a tunnel under the pub connected to the Dimera Mansion?
I love Memory Free John, but I will never again shed a tear or even believe a Salem Death.

Oh I think Shawn's death is one that is gonna stick. He's an older character who is supposedly in declining health in real life, so I think this will be one of the rare ones that stick. I loved his funeral and the Brady siblings lined up in front of the funeral holding hands, and then later Roman holding Kim and Bo holding Kayla. Days has been really good lately, surprising but true!

Another super summary! Can't you find time to write more than once a week? I look forward to your comments.
Yes, the funeral was sad, so sad. I regret not keeping my DVR recording, so maybe I can find a clip somewhere. But, yeah, it was hard looking at PP's mouth. Caroline was da bomb, though.
Ava......creeepy....I'm beginning to see what the uproar is about TB!
I want Sami's glasses. I think that's a cool look.

EJ's law degree baffles me. Just about as much as it does that a U.S. Citizen needs a Visa to stay in their birth country. Gotta love soaps lol.

LMAO! Kudos you are soo funny! Im loving Ava too I love the crazy shrew characters. Im lovin John, he is so dead pan faced with the comments. "Im the bastard love child" I couldnt quit laughing.
As far as soapy plots, becomminga dr in 4 episodes. Steve adn Kaylas first wedding still has me. Wedding on a private yacht, first class private jet to the Orient and first class accomidatinos, and what does he do he hustles pool fora living. Yeah I know he said someone paid him bcak an old debt, but how much? AND the whole thing was planned in 4 count'em 4 days.

"At the very least I suppose I can be confident he won't be shoot her in the head while she's in labor."

Oh, but that was the best moment in GH's history EVER!


@ "Heather": Patsy Pease, is that you?

No I don't think that was Patsy Pease Because I'm pretty sure that Patsy can spell. I think it was an upset fan. Anyhow I think Patsy Pease rocks.

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