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March 06, 2008

Does Ricky Paull Goldin Have Low Self Esteem?

You know how certain people act out or cause physical harm to themselves because they believe they don't deserve to be happy? Does Ricky Paull Goldin have that condition? Is there any other explanation for him joining the cast of All My Children? Is the low self esteem caused by the extraneous l in his name?

I am really trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and not assume that he's out of his mind for doing something so foolish. Maybe it's some sort of community outreach program that he, Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams are a part of where they try to make crappy things less crappy. Or perhaps he lost a cruel bet. I don't know.

I am not ultra familiar with him; I remember when he was a wackadoo stalker on The Young and the Restless, but I never watched Another World or Guiding Light (as if that's even a real show), so I haven't seen his most popular roles. But I think I might sort of love him, a little, because a trip to his IMDB page shows that he has appeared in award-winning movies like Piranha Part Two: The Spawning, Hyper Sapien: People from Another Star and Moment of Truth: Into the Arms of Danger. Someone who shows such commitment to quality programming, not to mention the colon, is completely worthy of my respect. Also, he played someone named Paul Mallory in a TV movie with Yasmine Bleeth about a crazy woman with plastic surgery. Awesome!

RPG's possible craziness aside, it will be interesting to have Jake Martin back in Pine Valley, if only to see exactly how many men Greenlee can have stories with at once. Between Aiden, Ryan, Zach (it's coming, people) and Jake, it will be...a very Greens heavy show. I didn't like Jake and Greenlee together the first time around (LEO&GREENLEE4EVER<33333333), but that could just be that my knee jerk reaction is to be irritated by J. Eddie Peck...


He doesn't have low self esteem, he's just crazy. Run, Ricky Paull, Run. Angie/Jessie/Frankie are still not in the opening montage...but Greens is. Such disrespect!

Wait a second. Ricky Paull going is headed to AMC? To play Jake Martin?! What?

Perhaps he does have low self-esteem because moving to AMC is never the mark of a logically and mentally sound human being.

I enjoyed him as Gus Aitoro on Guiding Light, but after a few years the character lost my interest. Gus and Harley rocked it out for a while there, but somewhere down the line they lost their sizzle. But, when they had it, boy did they have it.

Jenna and Dean 4evah OMG!!1!1!!!!!

Ahem. That is an interesting career move on his part. I didn't even realize he was on GL now (what with it not being a show that actually exists) until I saw him while we were live-blogging the Daytime Emmys last year. His onscreen kids were with him and they were like 30. Unacceptable. He was one of my teen crushes! He can't parent grown-ups! This happened with One Tree Hill, too.

I am apparently joining your tangent-fest of late, Mal.

Mallory, you took the words right out of my mouth. I'm inclined to go with him losing a very cruel bet, because seriously, why else?!

Supposedly he left GL because of money issues (that show has less than no budget). I assume AMC gave him the money he wanted.

He can't be any worse than that Michael Lowry, who always looked like a constipated monkey, but he doesn't seem very Jake-like to me.

I did really enjoy Jake/Greenlee. He actually called her on her crap, whereas all Leo did was listen to her WHINE and WHINE about how much she hated everyone and why can't they go to Paris, oh the joys of Paris, Paris blah blah Paris. He was an enabler and I hated seeing him stuck with that psycho.

I'm just happy that they hired an honest-to-goodness soap actor and not an underwear model that they hoped would learn on the job. (Plus I still fondly remember Dean Frame and his ecstatically cheesy songs like "Ladykiller".)

Is it possible Rebecca Budig came back to AMC because Greenlee does get literally ALL the men under 45 on the show? I mean if I were married to that Bob Guinea goober I'd love a job where every hot sexy man was trying to and successfully getting into my panties. Talk about job benefits! Now she has another attractive man coming into her realm. Even though it's just acting, who cares! Make believe is fun.

Just to give you a better point of reference, Mallory: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfT95b5OJv8

Since Leo&Greenlee4Evah!!1 is the only history I have with AMC, how come I have no idea who Jake Martin is?


Ohmigod! Lauren, thank you for bringing that video into my life. I have a new favorite thing in the history of the world. Wow!

BTW, when Leo was married to Laura English while she was dying, she became close to Jake Martin and then when Leo wasn't married to Laura anymore, Greens didn't know who to choose. Leo proposed and she said yes, but then they broke up because she still had feelings for Jake. I think there were some Vanessa shenanigans and kidnappings and eventually, Jake left because Greenlee couldn't commit to him.

Hey, Mallory, not only was Ricky Paull in a TV movie with Yasmine Bleeth but they were a genuine couple there for awhile. And he starred in the Broadway revival of Greece with Rosie O'Donnell as the world's oldest Rizzo.

His parents gave him the extra L on purpose. The kid he has on GL, is still in high school, which makes Gus younger than Ricky.

I'm excited about this for a couple of reasons.

Oh, hell. For one reason, and one reason only.

It might - MIGHT - forestall Greenlee/Zach, which should NEVER HAPPEN while Kendall is living.

If Kendall were dead, I might - MIGHT - buy Zach and Greenlee drawing together in grief over their great love. But only if they were still hating each other first.

Because this Zach/Greenlee friendship is unholy. I keep waiting for Zach to braid Greenlee's hair, and pinky swear that they'll marry each other when they grow up, and that's just ALL kinds of wrong.

Have you watched GL lately? I hate AMC, but the guy has to work and anything, and I truly mean ANYTHING, is an improvement over GL.

You are very welcome, Mallory. Always happy to spread the cheeze.

Don't know what is wrong what is rite but i know that every one has there own point of view and same goes to this one

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