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March 17, 2008

Washed Up Stars A Go Go

I was given an impromptu spring break of sorts this week and was excited to spend Monday doing non-Monday things like sleeping in, watching all of my soaps in real time and not despising life. But, alas, nothing ever goes as planned and Y&R and AMC wound up pre-empted because of the swearing in of our new governor (of course, GH wound up airing right on schedule because it is simply the show that cannot be killed. They couldn't do the transfer of power at 3 PM, thereby saving thousands of viewers the horrible sight of Carly imagining heaven as a place where she plays pool with a hitman?!).

Until I saw the TV Guide description of today's episode of Y&R, I was a little peeved about the whole situation, but after seeing the sixty minutes of sheer boredom I was spared, I need to give it up for Governor Patterson's sense of timing:

Amber and Daniel burn the money; Kay almost collapses with Esther; Gloria thinks Jeff is behind John's book; Jack looks for an actor to portray John's ghost; Daniel looks for an investor for Amber's fashion.

Wow, what an action packed episode. The ONLY thing I'm sad to have missed is Esther's triumphant return to my television screen, and in her full uniform, nonetheless.

I was also relieved that I didn't miss one of !!!Balki!!!'s appearances. Back when the news broke that Bronson Pinchot would be appearing on Y&R, Becca sent me an email with the subject line !!!Balki!!! and I have taken to referring to him as such in everyday conversation. I like to express the !!! part of it with jazz hands for when I am speaking of him aloud. It happens more often than you may realize and if this bit spot on Y&R is the push he needs to get back into the public eye, I wouldn't be surprised to see the jazz hands used on all sorts of entertainment shows. Don't tell me you can't see Ryan Seacrest doing it.

It does seem to be a trend to have 80s and 90s primetime stars show up for cameos, or juicier roles, on soaps: Betty White, Patrick Duffy AND Alley Mills on B&B, Shirley Jones on Days, Joan Van Ark and now !!!Balki!!! on Y&R. I really hope this trend continues, because a lot of former stars are overdue for a comeback.

I went to find the real name of Mr. Belvedere, because I was going to put him on the list of sitcom stars who can do no wrong ever and who I would unironically welcome onto any of my soap operas (also on the list: Julia Louis-Dreyfuss; Jamie Luner; any of the other Golden Girls) and it turns out that he is DEAD. He died in 2001! How did I not know this? It's entirely possible that I did, at one point, know and repressed it, but it's kind of tragic because I am going through the grieving process all over. Equally tragic is the fact that his last acting credit was an episode of California Dreams.

Speaking of washed up stars: Michael Damian comes back as Danny tomorrow and gave an interview to Soap Opera Digest about how excited he is and he mentioned that he is directing a new movie called Moondance Alexander, which...well, I'll let him explain:

It's a family film about a young girl who takes in a horse and learns how to ride with the help of a mysterious trainer. It then follows the journeys they take together. It stars [Disney channel girl], [someone disturbed enough to marry Melanie Griffith TWICE], [Aunt Becky] and [an ice skater].

Um, obviously this movie is going to rule in myriad ways and will most likely better than what we see on Y&R these days. Damning with faint praise, sure, but true nonetheless.

I, um, guess it's obvious that I will do anything not to talk about the state of Y&R these days. I am hoping that something happens soon, because I don't want to write about the ENDLESS bickering between Adam and his siblings and Victor and Nicholas and Chloe and Lily and Gloria and fashion sense. Petty people arguing pettily sounds great in theory, but in practice, it's not so fun.


Greg Evigan (BJ & The Bear) got my vote. He was the Patrick (GH) of the 80s/90s. Hotly moniker personified!!!

!!!Balki!!! rules. Is my age showing?!

I'd like to see Gloria Loring, who used to be on Days, come to Y&R. Since Gina is super busy managing that Athletic Club dining room, Gloria could sing and dance her way into our hearts. And there you have the facts of life....

Oh no! I'm truly sad I don't watch Y&R because as a child Balki was one of my favorite shows. I'm pretty sure I didn't even know that the real title was Perfect Strangers. It was always just "Balki" to us.

I wonder how Bronson got along with the cast, because on The Surreal Life I think he groped Janice Dickenson like 5 minutes into the show.

I can't believe that anyone's idea of heaven is some dive bar with a murderer. I had to fast forward through the whole thing, it was so lame.

Really? !!!Balki!!!! oh now I am so happy I do the dance of joy!

oh come on...someone had to say it!

OMG! Danny AND BALKI?!?!

And I saw puffy sleeved tops today in garishly neon colors....

Is it the 80s again?!?!


I always refer to Bronson Pinchot as Serrrrge. "No, it's Serrrrrrge."

As the next 80's celeb gone desperate enough to recur on a soap, I nominate Alf. Thank god, James E. Reilly can no longer make it happen, 'cause you know he totally would. ... Wait. He can't, can he?

!!!Yay for jazz hands!!!

And Lauren, with Dena Higley writing DAYS, I wouldn't rule out an appearance by Alf (eeek!)

FYI - Greg Evigan turned up this season on Desperate Housewives (or maybe it was last season) as Edie's ex-husband.
It took me awhile to recognize him, so he's not his former VERY HOT self anymore.

Kade, I actually like what the Higley's have done with Days. I see more good than bad and find the direction promising.

You know who else could likely show up if JER still had an outlet for his shyte? Vickie, aka the "Small Wonder". The possibilities are scary, folks.

Can I just say that the episode when Cane called himself Magic Fingers and then handled Lily's foot during a very weird massage sequence made me SO deeply uncomfortable. I have always thought Cane is Hotty McHotterson but the handling of the foot....dear God, it gave me the willies.

I agree with Lauren regarding Bronson Pinchot as Serrrrge - "No, it's Serrrrrrge." Even though I watched Perfect Strangers. I will never forget his role in Beverly Hills Cop.

Also, as far as 8o's tv stars in soaps, 3 others to add to your Y&R list - Ted Shackleford(Jeffrey)-Dallas/Knot's Landing and Tammy Lauren(Maggie Sullivan)- she was a child actress in many shows including the shortlived sitcom -"Angie" and lastly Nia Peeples(Karen)-was in "Fame".

FAME! That's one of the only reasons I like to watch Y&R. I love Nia and her shiny hair, and having an excuse to shout, "Fame!" is always a big draw. It's the same reason I watch Emullietto in old Days clips.

Was Angie the same show that had on cute little Steve Burton pre-reindeersweateredGH?

No Angie was a show with Donna Pescow and Robert Hays. Steve Burton was in a Who's the Boss episode:

Actually, it was "Out of This World" that I was thinking about. He was on the show when he and the lavender leotard starred on "Circus of the Stars".

Why is it that whenever a popular TV personality from the 80's is still working in the 00's, they are automatically labelled 'washed-up'? Bronson has been working consistently since his career began. There's nothing 'washed-up' about him.

As for Surreal Life 5, he's not a pervert. Bronson is naturally friendly and flirty with everyone. That's part of his charm.

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