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March 09, 2008

General Hospital Week in Review

I still don't really care about this show, but once you got past the cheesy "special" effects early in the week, without a stupid and implausible serial killer reveal or any more homicides of legacy characters, this week didn't suck quite as much as many.  I'm not interested enough to do a full-blown Week in Review (those are surprisingly labor-intensive, and require significant inspiration!), but there were, I suppose, events worth noting.

The "This Stuff Is So Stupid It Makes Me Yearn For the Realism and Depth of One Tree Hill" List:

  • Alexis and Jerry should not happen.  I know the actors have great chemistry, and Alexis is long overdue for a romance, but NO.  The guy is a psychopath.  Among other things, he tried to kill her nephew!  WTF?  That is not foreplay. 
  • Were the "special effects" just so Liz and Sam could once again be damsels in distress and Jason could once again be the hero?  Please.  Those two get into some horrible predicament almost weekly, like in the grocery store or at the dry cleaners.  (Don't even get me started on that park.)  And Jason is a hero.  He just is.  He looks good shirtless, he kills people for a living, he wears the same outfit every day.  What is not to idolize?  (Tune in next week, when I share my ABC Daytime-sponsored thoughts on how all strong women are bitches.)
  • 1)  The black-and-white Spinelli fantasies MUST END.  They are ridiculously cheesy and totally out of place on this show, which supposedly prides itself on being the non-campy variety of soap.  Ick.   2)  Why couldn't Spinelli just email someone to get them rescued out of the sewer?  Instead, he futzed around on his laptop for hours trying to find some code to open that gate that itty-bitty Maxie then somehow managed to get trapped in.  So bizarre.  (I did love her myriad objections to the sewageyness of the sewer, though.)  Maxie continues to make Spinelli far, far more tolerable, but I still don't want them as a couple.  I think they need to bring someone new in for him.  And I think she'd be good with Nikolas.  But I am sick and earlier the room was spinning so maybe I'm talking nonsense.  (Not that I expect you to notice the difference.)
  • Anything related to Marianna sucks.  I'm sure the actress is a lovely person, but the character is the polar opposite of interesting.  My fast-forward button tries to activate itself when she and Ric are onscreen.  And anything that makes me not want to watch Rick Hearst is truly of the devil.
  • 1)  I love how when Dr. Devlin picks up a hooker I'm supposed to find it disgusting and indicative that he is actually a Very Bad Man, but when Sonny does it it's sexy.  2)  Ian is indeed a Very Bad Man, though, right?  He's the creepy criminal with the bad tattoo that Jerry/James/Moreau has been dealing with?  These writers couldn't help themselves, could they? They had to fully integrate the mob and the hospital.  This feels like a leftover Night Shift plot.  Which is, to clarify, NOT a compliment.
  • Why is Sonny all smiley and flirtatious with Kate while his kid is missing?  And really, if Johnny took Michael, wouldn't a savvy mobster let Johnny out and tail him to wherever the kid is?  Also, if you're going to have a child-in-danger plot, shouldn't you ensure it's not about a "child" that half the audience is convinced is a psychopathic demon-spawn? This "Michael is missing" story is almost as ill-conceived and un-engaging as the Text Message Killer storyline.   Aim high, writers!

The "This Stuff Was Really Good, Which Just Proves That the Rest of the Time This Show Isn't Even Trying" List:

  • All of Patrick and Robin's scenes were fantastic.  Kimberly McCullough and especially Jason Thompson were amazing.  (I sometimes forget while I am drawing hearts and stars all over the photo shrine I have of him in my den that he's actually quite a good actor, too.  It sucks when being a total stalker interferes with the ability to reason, you know?)  The big confrontation scene in the locker room was pretty much perfect, characters' personality foibles on display and all.  Kudos, Awesome Writer!  I hope the shackles aren't chafing and that craft services sneaks you some decent food occasionally.  You haven't been let out much lately.
  • Patrick and Elizabeth's scenes were also great.  I like their friendship, and her ability to tell him when he needs to check himself.  Also, they're both so very pretty.  Perhaps they could just stand at the nurses' station a couple of times a week and read medical charts out loud.
  • Jax.  That's it, just Jax.  Whether he's being a good friend to Kate, or telling off Carly about her ridiculous infatuation with Jason, or being a supportive husband to her in spite of her inability to behave like a likable human being, I love him.  Could he have a long-lost kid come to town, or something?    I'm really unhappy that his only babymomma will be Carly.  Laura Wright is awesome, but I'm pretty sure even she isn't going to be able to make a pregnant and then new mother Carly tolerable.
  • Alexis and Nikolas fighting rocked.  I love it when they get all Cassadine on each other.  This show needs more Cassadines.  And Quartermaines.  And Spencers.  And Scorpios.  Sorry, I hate it when I get all off-topic like that.  More mobsters!  More random newcomers!
  • The baby who plays Jake is so cute and expressive that he starts to make me believe that human beings are by nature good, and that world peace, a cure for cancer, and an end to Crocs are within our grasp.  Nothing on GH has made me feel that way since Megan Ward showed up with her fabulous bob.
  • If there had to be a Text Message Killer storyline (Note:  There did NOT, writers, and even if there did, you couldn't make it not suck?), I like the closure of Nikolas killing Diego.  This show has me praising a homicide.  I'm pretty sure next week I'll be talking about the sexiness of Jason holding a gun, and Sonny roughing up a woman.
  • This conversation was awesome:

Carly: You don't need to soften it, okay?  I know the facts.  Sliced tendons and severed nerves, in both hands.  All to save your sorry butt?
Elizabeth: He would have done the same for you, Carly.
Carly:  But he didn't do it for me.  He did it for you.  And Sam.  [Note:  This is the true source of Carly's outrage.  -- Ed.]
Elizabeth:  What did you want him to do, Carly, let us die?  Okay, you're a little more hateful than usual today and I'm not sure what's causing it but I've got to go.
Carly: This could really work out well for you.
Elizabeth: Excuse me?
Carly: If Jason comes out of surgery without the use of his hands, he can't work for Sonny anymore.  That would leave the door wide open for you.  But just so we're clear, Jason would be miserable.  You could cost Jason everything.
Epiphany (to Elizabeth): I need you on ten.
Carly: We're not done yet.
Epiphany: I said I needed Nurse Webber.  You will get out of her way, and let her do her job.
Carly: You don't need to be pushy. [!!!!!! times a billion!  Irony overload!  - Ed.]
Epiphany: I said I needed Nurse Webber on the tenth floor.  You will get out of her way, or heart attack or not, I will turn you upside down and mop this floor with your hair.
Elizabeth: Thank you, Epiphany.  I'm on my way.

Maybe it's just all this Campbell's soup I've been eating finally healing my previously dead heart, but I freaking loved Epiphany in this scene.  And my Liz love is returning.  Which is good, because Rebecca Herbst's hair is starting to look really pretty again, and what if that was tainted by Elizabeth continuing to be a pain in the ass? 

Oh, but I am so worried about the potential loss of Jason's ability to kill other human beings for profit that I've started a fan campaign.  Please consider writing to express your support:

        Save Our Hitman's Trigger Finger
        123 Are You Effing Kidding Me With This GH Avenue
        I Can't Believe This Show Keeps Getting Shittier City, CA 98765

And since every campaign needs a catchy theme object, I'm working hard on ours.  As soon as I figure out how to package a disgusted eyeroll, I'll let you know!


jt and kmc were AMAZING this week. if the reveal scenes are any indication on how this story will be written, i say "bring it on".

We have to agree to disagree on Spinelli, especially vis a vis Maxie (I've always had a soft spot for the geeky hot, and though I don't want a romance between them for a long time, I think they're just about the best thing on GH right now, and are a great comic duo a la Lucy and Scott), but everything else? It's scary how much we think alike, Becca! Although, no mention of Jax's chocolate-fueled Sonny smackdown, or the fact that casting is so damn good they found not one but now TWO child-actors not related to BH that share her genius at facial expressions?

Loved, loved, loved the visual of Epiphany using Carly for a mop! I get so sick of Carly harping on about her best friend Jason. And if I have to see that SoapNet commercial "Carly's got a soul-mate, and no it's not Sonny...it's Jason!" I'll barf.

As for the Ric and Marianna scenes, when ever they came on during Thursday's episode (I watch it at night on SoapNet) I would flip over to Boogie Nights. Somehow Mark Wahlberg was more appealing.

One question: when Elizabeth visited Jason after his surgery, did he have a massive pompadour or was that just shadows? He looked like a bad version of a 50's greaser.

Yes, we're pretty much on the same page again too. I also have to agree to disagree on the Spinelli thing - though I too wondered why the hell he just couldn't email someone from the sewer. Jax was definitely good old Jax this week though, and Robin and Patrick were great.

I disagree on Alexis & Jerry, I totally think they should happen. Alexis is a Cassadine, and uh, they grew up trying to kill each other. Her dad was a psycho, her brother Stefan was a psycho (but an entertaining one) and Stavros was a psycho, and she loved 2 out of 3. And Alexis has always been attracted to really bad men with homicidal tendencies, lol. If there's anyone who could handle Jerry and his psycho-ness, yet still call him on it? It's Alexis. Even better if we get a backstory that explains Jerry's transformation, I hope we do and Jerry/Lex hook up.

What I most remember from the Liz/Patrick scene was Liz telling Patrick that she'd wanted Robin to tell Patrick the truth. So Liz put a priority on getting herself out of any possible blame than on talking to Patrick about what Robin was going through.

I don't know, maybe my Liz issues got in the way, but I wasn't thrilled with that moment.

I TOTALLY agree about Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson scenes as Robin and Patrick. WOW just WOW!I understand both Points of view.

When he yelled and she CALMLY asked What do You Wnat? between her tears and the looks , I totally felt where Robin was coming from. These two are awesome together. Very real and natural.

However, I would rather a Leo and Patrick friendship. Leo seems like a good guy and I enjoyed their scenes yet GH just dropped that too.

I really liked Liz freindship with Robin. I really enjoyed when Robin opened up to Liz about the father of the baby and when Robin told Liz she was pregnant.

Aw, I love the Spinelli fantasies...they're the only things that make me smile on this show! Ditto J-Lex...hey, if they can suddenly retcon Diego's death, then they can find a way to make Jerry less evil, or a pawn, or, well...something.

That being said, ICAM about everything else. Especially the Jason is a hero because he's hot stuff. Ick.

Uh, maybe if I actually watched the show, instead of getting the rough plot idea from here, I'd be less confused. But why exactly are cut-up hands the end of a killing career? There are other ways of killing folks other than shooting...that is, if Guza knew anything about professional killers, and not just shit he picks up from The Sopranos.

And, isn't it about time that Jason moved up in the mob from hitman? After all, he was bright enough to get into medical school, one thinks he could handle coffee bean shipments. Or would Sonny not quite love him as much if Jason were a threat to his leadership?

But this doesn't matter. Just like all those soap storylines of surgeons injuring their hands, only to have a miraculous recovery after they start drinking, leave their wives, and allow their hated enemy to operate on them, Jason will be cured.

My suggestion for the catchy theme object is a water gun filled with Campbell's tomato soup! It covers the gun/Jason thing and the bloody/gun/Jason/his bloody gnarly hand injury thing, and the product placement from hell thing too. Maybe Campbell's tomato juice would squirt better? Let me know when I should send mine in to the above address!!! Kudos Becca :-)

As for Jerry, TIIC ruined him so deeply IMO he can never be worthy or even sensical with Alexis. What a waste to hire a terrific actor with amazing chemistry with NLG and make him evil. Nowe that is all he is good for, BORING. Yet Leyla runs around freely still?!?!?! His whole MC shooting and bombing then his trying to murder and torture Nikolas, Robin and Emily, and his retarded backstory that only served to get his brother raped by his former love interest, and now his deal w/ Moreau/Devlin and even his stupid murder of Stan. Not to mention the DRUGS. If Alexis hooks up w/ him then her character asassination will be final. Nice work Guza!

And Marianna? Puhlease. Her abusive husband/boss/diner owner who like "bought" her in Venezuela a few years back as a internet bride or something is lurking, hopefully he'll kill her. Now I'm hoping GH gets more violent. Oy! Where is this immigrant's accent by the way?? And how in the hell did Trevor know Ric would hook up with her before he even went to the Vineyard? I've been to MV, there are lots of places there to eat! Does he have an illegal immigrant working in every bar or restaurant his long hated and absentee Son might visit on a vacation just to use her to manipulate him with? If this is his plan to get the docks for his Zacharra orginization.....it sucks. What if Ric went to Cabo instead of the Vineyard? I doubt he has women there in hiding and waiting to control his Son with.

And Maxie is great w/ everyone. But Spinelli and Maxie romantically speaking is a slap in Georgie's face. And in the viewer's, that means Guza probably loves the couple. Fuckity fuck fuck.

I finally love Pip! Her convo with Carly is the stuff dreams are made of.

Sonny mooning over Kate after cheating on her while icky creepy Sonny Jr. is MIA is easy to explain. He is a terrible father! Sterilize him please.

And the question "why we're supposed to swoon over Sonny when he gets a prostitute but be disgusted by Ian when he does" is simple to answer.

A.) Sonny hires his whores via the phone like after Carly's last wedding. Very classy and feminist. (eyeroll) Or back in the day he gave them "breaks" from stripping on stage at his club to "service him". Before they got access to his wang however he blamed them for the sexual abuse they suffered as children. How romatic and sexy Sonny was from the very beginning.

B.) Ian picked up a streetwalker. One that looked or was supposed to look like his favorite patient Sam. Now that's tacky, right ladies?

See, Sonny is all class and Ian is a thug. On GH Sonny is the "hero" killer mobster etc...And all the other killer mobsters etc... are evil. Except St. Jason, he's a god. Anyhoo. That is Guza's lesson in Johns and Hookers 101. You can take that class at Mysogyny University.

Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson kicked ass in their scenes this week. It was soap/drama genius. Which means we won't see them for a few weeks, and if we do get the rare moment their lines will be stupid and out of character and incongruous with their storyline. GH doesn't believe in continuity.

And Jake is obviously Cam's protege. Genius! He is so cute! When Liz took him to see his sick "semi-secret" Daddy post op his face was, dare I say it, Stone Cold! And he clenched his little chubby fists as if to say, "Good luck with your hands Dad. I know shooting people is more important than being my Daddy." Perfection.

And I know you and Mallory love Liz. But she totally sold out her girlfriend Robin to save herself w/ Patrick. When he couldn't care less. And just weeks ago she hated him because he was cavalier about fatherhood while her secret beloved wanted it more than anything, as long as it didn't mean he couldn't murder and steal for a living anyway. Remember her odd flip out at Jake's?

And Patrick's comment to Liz asking her to tell Robin he might make a good father? Was that a joke? Robin has been singing his parental praises for months!!!! He is the one who feels he isn't capable or wanting of kids. Robin has told him nothing but he would be a wonderful loving father if he wanted to try. He kept screaming NO NO NO. Never really discussing his fears or reasons. Now he is shocked when she finally accepts his endless rants and cruelties! Does he really think it's odd for her to want to protect herself and her baby from a father who screams form the rooftops he doesn't want kids, ever?

I hate Guza for always making everything in Robin's life her fault. She doesn't control Patrick, or even Jason or Carly for that damn matter. Uchhhh! Good for her for not being a weak sucker.

And should Liz be getting so self righteous about truth and paternity? Forget her own wacky situation, and flashback to her and Jason when they became friends years ago. He was still aching that Robin told AJ the truth, thus betraying him...WHAT A CROCK. She swooned in her teenageged shoes and cursed Robin for hurting Jason and taking his Son Michael away from him. HELLOOOOOO?

This effing show! Sorry I ranted, bad weekend.

Sorry to come back so soon but....Rumors have it that Lucky and Sam are over. HOTNESS WASTED. So they are testing her out w/ Ian. Can you just see the double dates now. Alexis and Jerry with Sam and Ian. Mother and Daughter dating Evil and Eviler. Sonny will get to threaten to kill them all again when this happens. He is such a charmer. And to think, GH used to be good at romance and drama.

Vicki: "One question: when Elizabeth visited Jason after his surgery, did he have a massive pompadour or was that just shadows? He looked like a bad version of a 50's greaser."

Thank you for making me feel like I wasn't the only one that noticed that. I know Jason has some hair issues more often than not, but that was beyond bad. When I saw that, it was a total WTF moment.

It had to be just shadows, though, right? I didn't think his hair was long enough anymore to do what it looked like it was doing (whatever it was) after surgery.

I couldn't disagree more about Alexis & Jerry. It's not like Alexis has ever been into conventional guys and with her family history Jerry doesn't even rate in the psycopath category Lol. Their scenes this week were a major highlight for me. It's long past time we got to see Alexis in a romantic relationship again.

I agree that Maxie and Nikolas would make an awesome couple. Particularly since she once had a crush on him, and she's his brother's ex-lover. No offense to Nadine but I really could care less that she exists on the canvas. Bring on Scotty's daughter Serena, and have her hook up with Spinelli. And I agree about the fantasies, they worked with Dylan and Georgie, not so much with Spinelli. Is it just me or do the writers just keep ripping themselves off? No wonder this show was 5th in the ratings recently. Somebody at ABC hire Hogan Sheffer immediately and kick Bob Guza to the curb finally!

Little Jake is my star actor for last week. When Liz brought him in the Jason's room, he kept looking back and forth between Liz and Jason as if to say, "What the hell are you two doing together." He is a genius. In the case of most infant "actors", the directors can't get them to stop looking at the ceiling/lights.

I like Sebastian Roche and Nancy Lee Grahn together but I can't see how the pairing is possible. We saw Jerry order the killing of Stan; how can GH explain that away so that he is worthy of Alexis. They can't.

Robin and Patrick were perfection in the reveal scene. I understood both of them and felt for them both. But if they keep making Robin a harpy--hurling venom at this guy she supposedly loves, they we lose me for a story I have been waiting to see. What a talent these writers have!

"All of Patrick and Robin's scenes were fantastic. Kimberly McCullough and especially Jason Thompson were amazing."

Well said. I am not a fan of the storyline, but I am always a fan of these two. They turned in some great work. I love it when JT gets to do more than be gorgeous, when he actually gets material worth acting.

Jake is a genius and I agree with Alice...he was totally looking for Lucky. He probably heard about him being shot in the chest but that not being as important as a trigger finger on a hitman. Jake was as confused as we all were about the so-called drama of Jason not being able to use his blessed and holy finger.

And for your campaign may I suggest we all sending pictures showcasing a finger? A particular finger? just a thought.....I mean most of us probably do that anyways when we watch......

OMG! I SOOOO agree about Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson-they were both MADE OF AWESOME!! I think, though, the reason that you forgot how good of an actor he is was not b/c you were distracted by the pretty, but b/c he is BETTER with Kimberly. And it's not just him-she just has a gift for bringing out the best in her co-stars.
And, frankly, JT is better at the romantic hero thing than he is at the tacky manwhore thing-I don't know if it has to do w/the fact that he's closer, IRL, to the former than the latter and, therefore, it's easier for him to relate to that material, but for whatever reason, he's always better when Patrick's at his best. And, to be fair to him, it doesn't help when you have to drag a co-star who cannot act and has no chemistry with anyone or anything through scene after scene after scene, all while being a massive dick to a beloved heroine, thereby incurring the hatred and wrath of fans for months.

I, too, like the Patrick/Liz friendship, mainly b/c I've always felt they had some type of chemistry, just not romantic chemistry, if that makes sense? It's like the writers have figured out, however briefly, to play to the connection that exists b/t actors-and, in JT and BH's case, that happens to be a connection that feels more friend-like than couple-like. O/c, I may be wrong and they're setting up a Patrick/Robin/Liz/Jason quad in the event that KMc and JT renew their contracts-which is probably the more likely scenario, given the sleazy bastards that run GH-but I can delude myself for a while longer, can't I? But I did have a tiny problem w/Liz-um, honey, let's not be judging people for keeping paternity secrets and whining, "but I told her to tell you!", when you kept a paternity secret for OVER A YEAR, PASSED OFF SOMEONE ELSE AS THE FATER AND MARRIED THAT SOMEONE ELSE, AND THEN DIDN'T TELL THE TRUTH YOURSELF BUT HAD TO HAVE SUPERJASE DO IT FOR YOU! Don't make me hate you again, Liz-I just started liking you again for the first time since 2005.

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Robin has finally had enough of Patrick's crap, and she's giving back as good as she gets! I don't mind ONE LITTLE BIT that she was harsh once he started up his same old vacillating crap-I would have lost respect for the character if they HADN'T written her that way. And you know what the best part was? Aside from the "false information" bit on Friday-which could be argued, depending on what your definition of "father" is-she didn't even have to lie to tell his ass off! She just, essentially, repeated everything he's been saying to her for months! YAY, AWESOME WRITER!! Oh, and for the record? I got where HE was coming from, too, and didn't just think he was being a massive dick again! DOUBLE YAY, AWESOME WRITER!!

I've got to give the shout-out for those amazing Nikolas/Alexis/Emily (Yes, Emily. I love her when no one else will.)scenes on Friday. That's the shot in the arm that this story has needed since, oh, say, November. NLG, TC, and NL all nailed their scenes beautifully, and I haven't been engaged like that in a long time with this show.

Totally didn't pay attention to the rest of this show, because, frankly, it sucks, but I honestly can't listen to anything Liz has to say about child paternity and father's rights and such and so on without feeling my eye violently twitch, so I'll just leave that alone for now. Isn't it time for us to go back just seeing her standing behind the nurses' station every other week?

And, uhm, Jase? Sucks about the trigger finger, but I fervently hope that you lose all use of your hands permanently and Liz has to help you wipe your heiney for the rest of your miserable life, Emily Killer.

And Becca, I don't know this for sure, because you really couldn't see it all that well (does GH film by candlelight?), but I don't think it was so much that Nikolas killed Diego as it is he fell and hung himself (which I suppose was irony, but I doubt it since the writers don't know how to spell that word, let alone write a scene of it). Because God forbid someone get to actually play the hero and get vengeance beside St. Jason of the Perpetual Bandaged Hands.

I agree with nearly everything you wrote, but I have to strongly disagree with your take on the Spinelli fantasies and Spinelli/Maxie. Both are such a whimsical, fun breath of fresh air on an otherwise dark and dreary show. I don't want SpinMax to get together for a very, VERY long time (at least a year) but I do want them together eventually and I'm enjoying the banter and UST in the meantime. BA and KSt play off each other beautifully and have loads of romantic chemistry.

Wordy to the McWordy on all that you said, but my comment is focused on something far more important and, admittedly, superficial.

Why oh why did Megan Ward cut bangs? Her bob was bobalicious - especially in a time when the hair amd makeup department had been spinning in a sea of seriously clusterfucked hair jobs. Now, whenever I look at her I feel sorrow - sorrow for the bodacious bob that was, sorrow for the eons it is going to take to grow that ish out, and sorrow for me because I can't look at her, and she was the only thing maintaining my electron of a interest in the mob s/l...

I know, I know, it's not a loss, really, but what a waste!

My Spinelli hate is still white-hot and pure enough that I don't want to see him polluting my TV screen one minute longer, much less paired with anyone.

And did someone say he's part of the "best thing on GH right now?" If by that he meant the "Spinelli is the most loathsome, poorly conceived, and worthless character in the history of Western fiction", then we're in complete agreement.

And, you know, it's not just Marianna. Most of the new characters they've introduced in the past several years (I say "Most" because Leo and Ian aren't so bad, and while I find Epiphany and Spinelli irritating and shallow stereotypes, at least they've been given something vaguely resembling personalities) are simply one-dimensional, boring, and tend to hover at the sidelines even after they get elaborate introductions. I can't even remember many of the new characters' names, even the Nurse They're Setting Up With Nickolas, although she's had a lot of screen time lately.

She and Marianna should get into a Blandest Woman in Port Charles Contest. Marianna would probably win, but it would be a close call.

Um, also how about a "no" to Alexis and "Jerry" for the simple fact that he choked Sam and threatened to kill her if she didn't seduce Tevor.

...There are, of course, a myriad of other reasons, the most significant being the excruciatingly-painful poisoning (and killing-- yes, Nik did die once) of her most beloved Nephew by that freakin' fake-ass Jerry!!

I will hate Alexis forever if they pair her up with this psycho. He has done worse to her and to her family than Sonny and Ric combined! And the most important thing to remember here is that they did all those horrible things to her AFTER they were together. Yes, Ric was crazy and Alexis knew of that before they got together, but he never did anything like "Jerry" has before they became an item, so it would make sense that she could/would be able to overlook these faults... but in "Jerry"??? There is just no way in hell. 30 people know he shot Robin. At least 5 people know/witnessed him poison Nik (& I must reiterate that he didn't just slip him a lil' drug here and there... for weeks Nik was in horrendous amounts of PAIN... "Jerry" was not just "poisoning" Alexis' nephew, he was torturing him).

Alexis (GH writers) are sick fucks if they don't see a P R O B L E M with that.

Chemistry between the actors be damned.
(Jason Thompson has chemistry with that clipboard he was holding, but I don't want to see him make-out with it... cuz that would be disturbing/sick as fuck).

THE only good thing to WATCH on GH is Scrubs. Kimberly and jason T show why they were the stars of NIGHT Shift. They can carry GH and I wish TIIC would realize that and put the mobsters and Liason, Carly and Jax in the back burner they aren't helping the ratings they are making Fans stop watching.!!!

Beth is my new heroine! Wanting to know if it's time for Liz to return to the hub for biweekly popins ONLY. :-)

"Sorry about the trigger finger....Liz has to wipe your hiney....Emily killer!" That post rocked.

What I want to know is how many more scenes where Johnny, the tortured musical prodigy, draws all over the padded walls of his cell with a magic marker (which the guards inexplicably have yet to confiscate) am I going to have to endure? Surely that kid has run out of wall space creating his masterpiece by now.

ITA about the patrick robin confrontation scenes. JT was amazing, i loved when he was going to leave and robin blocked him at the door and that tear rolled off his cheek. Hopefully the show will see the kind of response these two are getting and put that on the front burner permanently. i watch this show everyday and i still couldnt tell you at all what is going on with the latest mob war

Sorry, but I have to disagree on the Maxie/Spinelli thing. I love their black and whites and think they are a great couple. I look forward to their scenes together.

Was that a comment on how Nikolas & Maxie should be together? because if so, then i agree. The writers hinted at it after they killed Jesse, then thre her at Lucky.

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