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March 26, 2008

If You Don't Hear From Me

. . . it will be because I OD'd on cuteness.





To quote Ross Gellar, he's a baby, not a bomb!  Patrick is hotly incompetent in this department, which I think is a first.

I'm not even a baby person, but hot guy + adorable infant (who also resembles a very small 80-year-old man) = illegal levels of cuteness. 

Too bad about virtually every other aspect of the show being crap.

Screencaps courtesy of Clarissa.


That baby is totally Yoda without the green skin and the bat ears. Adorable. "Hotly will you be doing everything soon, Dr. Drake."

And JT/Patrick holding him is definitely illegal levels of cuteness.

See, that baby totally knows that Patrick is worthy of smiles and grins. They're working together. I liked that Patrick held him out like a bomb for the sole, shallow reason that it highlighted Patrick's lovely arms.

How is it even possible the same casting director chose "bitch please" Cameron, "Daddy drop the dumb gunz new" Jake, HOT Patrick, THAT baby and then Mariayawna?

So much brilliance and then snooooooze.

That baby even gave PD the up down with his eyes. Love that kid.

Even Pip was cute in that scene, she SMILED!

That scene made sitting through the rest of that show worth it.

Loved Robin's amusement at the whole situation too.

Repeats to self, over and over:

"Must remain impervious to hotness of JT.
Will not be taken in by insane cuteness of dayplayer baby looking at Patrick as though even HE knows Patrick has no clue. Patrick must suffer before earning forgiveness, or his hotly moniker, back. Must not be taken in....."

And it's totally not fair that Kimberly helps JT AND Patrick out by looking so cutely amused at his cluelessness-as though Robin doesn't see him shoveling shrimp in the unintelligible ho's mouth every time she looks at him.

And then they're all sweet at the end, w/her being so, like, perfectly understanding and wonderful and him NOT being an asshole for a consistent 3 weeks now (HUGE accomplishment).

I will not be taken in, I don't care how cute they are, individually and combined.


Even if casting DID get the cutest, Yoda-like (thank you, Becky) baby I've seen in a long time for that scene. Manipulative bastards.

That baby looks like a Kewpie doll.

Me loves Patrick!

I loved when Robin saw Patrick with the baby and how Patrick ran over to her and asked why she didn't help him.

Kimberly and Jason Thompson together are amazing.

I love these Robin and Patrick scenes.

OMG, that was so adorable. JT/ Patrick with a baby is just...sigh...get a clue GH! Your audience is mostly women!

That baby had "it", too. Strange how a baby was able to convey the right emotion but yet a certain "nurse" with Single White Female syndrome can't seem to hit her marks or convey anything other than constipation to the audience.

GH has the cutest babies and toddlers. Jake is so cute, that when Jason holds him I forget those same hands regularly kill people!

Too much cuteness in one scene should be illegal. That baby had the cutest expression on his face when Patrick was holding him. Too bad the scene was so short. This is what we want to see on GH not the mob and children playing with guns.

OMG!!!! :-O

I *heart* Jason Thompson/Patrick Drake

I freakin' loved this adorable scene! Jason Thompson does about EVERYTHING hotly, including holding an A-DOR-ABLE baby! *sigh* Lets hope casting is as generous when Baby Drake is born!

Where do these people find such expressive babies? So cute! I think there must be three people in the casting department, two of whom are great at their jobs. One person awesomely casts the babies and small children, one person awesomely casts the parent/child duos, and the third one casts people like Leyla and this Marianna person. That guy is totally dragging the rest of the team down.

That second picture is all kinds of awesome because you can tell the baby is thinking "you have no idea what you're doing do you, dude?"

All together now, "Awwwww."

Ok - JT pulling of the "what do I do with THIS??" on his face is more proof that GH got lucky by hiring him. His acting is amazing.....

I'm not so much a fan of this s/l - haven't like it since they broke up - but seeing that A-DOR-A-BLE baby was almost worth the horrible writing of the past 8 months.

OMG that was the cutest scene ever. That baby was so precious. JT holding it as far away as possible while the baby was looking him up and down like "whaatcha gonna do now huh." lol Can u imagine how cute dr hottie is gonna look holding his own adorable bundle of joy soon

This was such a cute scene on GH. That baby is adorale!

World's best baby. So much better than square headed Jake. I want to eat him.

That baby was perfect. Adorable and expressive.

While JT and KMc's awesomeness in no way surprised me, I was shocked to see Epiphany actually smile and nearly laugh. She is still my nemesis but I had a moment with her where I thought "Why can't she be like this all the time?"


JT do not miss your line, I'm working my cuteness to the bone here!

It was a great scene!

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