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March 11, 2008

[Yester]Day's Dumbest Dialogue

I "love" it when this show tries to be all Grey's Anatomy.  (You know, like we loved it when Night Shift did that?)

Ian: They had to ventilate him after the second seizure during transport.
Patrick:  We need to stabilize him.  I don't want to prep him for surgery until we know his body can handle the stress. 
Ian: Agreed.  Let's monitor him closely in case he starts to go south on us.

Yes, you should monitor him closely to prevent his death!  As opposed to all the other ventilated, unconscious, multiple-seizure-suffering patients that you just roll into a dark room and hope for the best?  (He and Leyla truly are perfect for each other.)

Also, "ventilate"?  Is that the right verb?  I thought it was "intubate"?  Wait, I forgot!:  I don't care. 

Oh yeah, and Ian is actually the evil criminal who's been working with Jerry, and Emily finally "died" for real.  Yadda yadda snore.  I am far more interested in those oven mitts of gauze poor Steve Burton has been saddled with.  He looks a bit like he tried to be the Pillsbury Dough Boy for Halloween but made the critical mistake of putting the gloves on first.


If Ian and Leyla procreate or in GHese "babyate" it could be a real story goldmine for Guza. The first baby born brainless! Patrick can do the world's first transplant saving the follicularly challenged empty skulled diaper filler while Robin gives commentary and hands him folders!!!!!

GH sucks at the medical jargon and medical play acting. Nobody who gets neurosurgery at GH ever has to shave their head. And the only patient ever intubated for surgery at GH lately was Logan. Even in his coma his airway remains protected. And I think that's because the crew hates the actor and wants him to shut up. What I wouldn't give to shove a tube down Sonny or Carly's throats for a few weeks!!!!

Thanks for keeping GH funny Becca.

Can someone please explain to me what is Dr. Evil's specialty? Is he an oncologist, plastic surgeon or orthopedic surgeon? Because I have no idea why he is now Sam's doctor. Did he just major in everything in medical school at Evil University? And how despicable was Sonny yelling at Jason while he's lying in a hospital bed? Call me mad cap but I have no idea why Lucky couldn't have told Sam that Nikolas was in surgery before he left her room. It would have taken 3 lines of dialogue.

Lucky: That was Alexis, Nikolas collapsed and had a seizure.

Sam: Is he okay?

Lucky: I don't know. I'm going to check.

See how easy that would have been? I hate this effing show.

You know normally I am all for GH doing actual stories based IN THE HOSPITAL. Call me crazy. However in light of all these "medical" stories can I suggest they choose stories and characters I might actually care about? Or you know make sense? Or just for giggles, have actually comptent doctors on staff? Or ones that actually practice the same speciality for more than one minute?

I hate this show so much you guys.

I know, it should be a given, but last night I felt it so strongly I had to voice my hatred to the tv. God.

I thought it was funny when Patrick was spouting off all that medical jargon while Nik, lying on the operating table, was having one of his visions of Emily.

I really wanted a shot of Jason Thompson reading all that stuff from a cheat sheet on one of the trays. You so know he had to be doing that.

Dr. Devlin is all things to all people, it appears. Oncologist, pharmacist, plastic surgeon, orthopedic specialist, evil-mastermind, hater of shirts while on the phone and all around charmer.

Laughing too hard to type....seriously....

Why, oh, WHY can't, instead of NIKOLAS KICKING A PREGNANT WOMAN-and by the way, Nikolas has now, officially, used up his "oh, he's sick, he can't help it" points w/me, and I'm gonna need Robin, once she gets up off the floor, to beat the crap out of Nik until such time as he realizes he needs to find a new punching bag for his random rage fits.....Hey, Leyla!-he flip out and, before anyone can (or cares to-whichever) stop him, he kicks open a window in an attempt to escape and throws Leyla and Ian down ahead of him to cushion his fall. Now THAT would be must-see TV.

Sweet Jasus forgive me for ever defending this awful show, but I believe the word ventilate would actually be appropriate if he meant they used a bag and mask to deliver oxygen to Nik on the ride to the hospital. I don't actually recall seeing Nik with an endotracheal tube at any point. Now let me shake off the horror of actually defending the medical "knowledge" on this crapfest.

Otherwise, word to everything that has been said here. On another note, did anyone else yell WTF? at their tv when Ian told Lucky "she's not going anywhere with YOU." Huh?? Since when is Ian Sam's keeper? And why the hell would any woman not only put up with crap like that, but smile coyly while doing so??? Oh. I forgot. This is GH we're talking about.

Guza must be back.

And that Lisa...is it in a nutshell. Guza's back.

Did anyone else also say WTF to new Spencer? He looks at least a year older than Cam now. Spencer is supposed to be just over two and Cam is at least five or six right? I know about SORASing and the reverse, but come on! Doing it so close to when they were born is ridiculous. Maybe Jake will be in high school next week.

Thank you, Sarah, I was going to say the same thing. They grow 'em fast on that show!

And, can I just say that Ian's freckled back with that stupid tattoo is just gross. He must be about as big as Kelly Monaco! What a drip; he's supposed to be some kind of Lothario? Where, Planet Twerp?

I almost forgot: did Nik (Tyler Christopher) get some new ink or have I just not seen him shirtless in a while?

No Sarah, you're not the only one. When I spotted that kid I had a "If they replaced Morgan with this kid I'm going to throw a hissy fit" moment until Beth explained to me that that was probably Spencer. Then of course I was like, "They moved him straight from crib to big-boy bed then? This show is so fucked up! I'm not commenting on anything to do with the medical aspect or Robin injurying herself by stepping closer and closer to a thrashing patient, because that'll just piss me off further. **ducks**

It was really good to see Bobbie and Aleis and Spencer yesterday at the hospital and spencer is bigger Cam.The casting people really need to be to find kids between the ages of 3and 4 and they have`nt and Nik kicking Robin is going way over the top for me it sucks and it`s bad story telling at best .GH use to be very good at telling a story so what happened to that.

"Dr. Devlin is all things to all people, it appears. Oncologist, pharmacist, plastic surgeon, orthopedic specialist, evil-mastermind, hater of shirts while on the phone and all around charmer."

This will make me laugh forever and ever.

Anyone who watches GH for medical anything needs a hug. I remember watching years ago and the "Doctors" are just as dumb today as back then. Having said that, I have no idea what the hell Ian is doing on the show other than, well, not even that. Really what's the point? Kill off the people we like and stick other people on the screen in hopes that maybe ONE will be tolerated? If this is TPTB way of bringing up the ratings they need to walk down the hall and ask Shonda Rhimes how killing her favorite couple did for her ratings. Oh wait - no need for them to do that - "Jason" can do that while he is there getting help for his hands. Yup - that's how I knew GH sucked just as bad as Grey's - they are switching story lines between each other. Fire all the idiots in charge and bring on new blood that gets that viewers have a ton of more options these days than 3 other channels. Keep it to what we like or go home - there is no crying in soap opera land.

On the plus side - Tyler Christophers' tattoos were amazing to gaze at - even if his character was acting like he just had lunch with Fronz and Guza. Love a man in ink - that's the only thing that got me through those ridiculous scenes.

Planet Twerp? Props to Vicki!!! When I see Devlin/Moreau acting all wannabe badass all I can think about is Richie Cunningham! He's a soft freckled little dude isn't he.

And I love Tyler, ever since his first day on GH. But he is soooo one note lately. Him hugging his Son for a second today was a relief. He goes MONTHS w/never mentioning him. What happened to his great range as an actor? He used to be arrogant, funny, sweet, charming, sexy, authoratative, demanding, and so much more. I miss all that. Now it's all Tumily longing and Robin kicking 24/7. He is no longer a Cassidine, a Spencer by marraige, a father, a businessman, a friend, a brother etc...

And I love his tattoos. But as the Cassidine Prince shouldn't they be covered? It's beyond out of character. He is very inked up for royalty :-)

It's because those tattoos are real. TC has had those for a while now. He might have gotten more since I last saw him shirtless (and I'm hurt that I'm the last one to know about that). However, being shirtless does not make up for the massive amount of suck he's been vibing out lately. I'm not liking Nadine either...mark my words, they're slowly but surely turning her into Emily 2.0. Next thing you know she'll be turning into a smug, Jason worshiping, self serving little twat who gives out these ridiculously cheesy bits of wisdom no one asked for and can't help but get into everybody else's business. Mark my words...it will happen. Then she'll croak too...that seems to be a very nasty habit for Nikolas' girlfriends-one we hope will stop very soon.

Dude, leave Leyla's name out of a sentence that includes Patrick and perfect :( So wrong.

I ignore the medical lingo stuff because it's usually wrong

Vicki, TC has been sporting a new huge tattoo on his shoulder for a while now, but they've been covering it up with towels and such. I guess they just dropped the ball with his scenes this week. Hard to believe that GH, the very soul of planning and intelligence, would forget that one little thing, huh?

Yeah I think Tyler mentioned back during Fan Club Weekend he was getting a new tattoo so it's been there for a while now. Yeah Beth...shocking that was just forgotten about. Add it to the heaping steaming pile of crap that points to Guza's back...he's just trying to destroy the good will sent to the scabs by keeping their names on the screen and his off. (I've never claimed to not be as paranoid as Luke. I've embraced it fully)

Right up front, I have to say I'm not big on tattoos. But on the practical side, doesn't a big-ass tattoo narrow the kinds of roles you can take. The one Tyler has now certainly does not scream "royalty" to me.

Things that amuse me:

Spencer being bigger than Cameron.

Jason trying to show emotion.

Elizabeth cutting Jason off during said emotion.

Tracy running after Monica through the nurse's hub. You don't even have to be a Tracy fan to find that funny.

Monica being on staff when her medical license was suspended.

Carly...trying to care about Michael's disappearance.

Things that annoy and/or scare me:

Spinelli shirtless (scare)

SpinMax or whatever their "couple" name is going to be when they spit on Georgie's grave. (annoy)

What I don't know is his excuse for not raising his young son? Your lunatic dead wife's parents ask you if they can raise him and you just say "yes"?!

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