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March 05, 2008

These Are the Soapy Components of Our Lives

Are you watching Days right now?  If not, you are missing out.  Especially if you are not watching Days and are watching GH.  I don't think I could continue on with soap-watching if I didn't have Days to balance out GH right now.  Take yesterday's episode; it had virtually every component of good soapiness.  (Bonus:  No Marlena!)

Classic supercouple, threatened by secrets from when she thought he was dead!


Batshit crazy interloper!


80s flashback!


((((((Mary Beth Evans' late-80s bangs))))))

Upstanding citizen struck down by tragic yet undefined Very Serious Illness!


Hot, scruffy, somewhat mysterious newcomer.  Note:  Does not kill people for a living.  In fact, is a doctor! 



Victor to Lexie: We all know what a wonderful physician you are.  

Couple in marriage of convenience, wife trying not to fall for husband, flirting like teenagers!


Obviously erroneous plot point!  (Annoying, but totally soapy!)

EJ: My visa's expired.  It never occurred to me that they could kick me out the country.

Perhaps it never occurred to him because EJ was born in Salem (U.S.A.), to a U.S. citizen mother?  And presumably a U.S. citizen father, since otherwise wouldn't Stefano have been deported by now? 

Sami: Can't you just use the fact that your son is an American and you're married to me to get you a visa?

Or he could use the fact that he is an American citizen to get around ever needing a visa.  I swear, this better be some lie on EJ's part to stay married to Sami, because otherwise I'm going to do a Day's Dumbest Dialogue about this every single day that they even mention it.

I threw in that last thing both because it did really annoy me and because the gushiness of this post was otherwise threatening to ruin my reputation.  But to be honest, I can't promise these outbursts of positivity won't continue to happen with regularity.  Talk to the Days powers-that-be.  It's their fault!  Thank goodness I still have GH.

Screencaps courtesy of Days of Our Lives 2.


Ha! I was so distracted by all the sexy flirting that I forgot E.J. was born in Salem! But I'm reasonably sure this is the writers stupidity/ignoring of continuity rather than an EJ plot to stay married to Sami. If it was a plot on EJ's part to make Sami stay married to him, we would have seen about 5 episodes with monologues about how he could fake losing his visa to make her stay married to him (though maybe they had to cut that to show all of Marlena's annoying scenes).

Besides, if Days writers can't even remember what happened a day or two ago (Lexie swearing to Bo they'd work with however many specialists it took to find out what was wrong with him), how can they ever be expected to remember what happened 15 years ago? Her acting and part in yesterday's scenes were unintentionally hilarious (he is a little....sniff...unconventional), and it's cracking me up that Days imported House to save Bo--but I can't complain too much because I'm so, so happy that this guy is neither a Dimera, or a Brady, or a Horton. Before they introduced him, I was positive it was going to be Mike Horton.

I've fast forwarding through Days a lot lately. The plane crash bored me. I was on the verge of deleting yesterday's show without a thought when I luckily caught a glimpse of the flashback of Steve & Kayla's wedding. Totally the only reason I watched the episode and well worth it!!!

And new doc, (Shawn Cristian, yes?) totally hot. Let's get him shirtless ASAP. Oh, he and Billie would have been so hot together!

Perhaps it never occurred to him because EJ was born in Salem (U.S.A.), to a U.S. citizen mother?

THANK YOU!!! I was SCREAMING at the TV the whole entire time! We all saw him being born. This better be a ruse on his part or this is going to be the most irritating plot EVER.

Well, to be fair, EJ was born 11 years ago and who among us can remember that far back? But yes, it's totally idiotic. I'm hoping it's an EJ scheme myself, or at least have one line about how Stefano had EJ renounce his US citizenship for some DiMera related reason.

Floved the '80's flashback, however. Only SN can look totally hot in a mullet and a bolo tie and Kayla's bangs were a power unto themselves.

Well, back in September or October of 2006 John and Bo found a birth certificate for EJ stating he was born in England (when they broke into his safe deposit box), obviously no one bothered about it then but now that it factors in it's some "maniacal" EJ plot." Will crow be served when it comes out that it's John's plot to get rid of EJ and not some evil EJ plot?

Crow is way fattening! So...no.

Sorry I missed a reference a couple of years back. But congrats on being the first person to ever accuse Serial Drama of not being pro-EJ enough!

Hee! That's hilarious. I love EJ and I want this to be his scheme. Scheming EJ is far more entertaining than SuperNannyEJ.

BTW, Becca. You really need to find a screencap of Kayla's hair on NYE, 1986. That was the pinnacle of big hair and bangs. It was a truly awesome sight.

Wasn't Marina, or whoever was Steve's last wife to return from the dead also BSC?

I love how this totally tough, street-smart punk is pussy-whipped and terrified of women from his past. Particularly liked the flashback of Ava kicking his balls in, he sniveling on the ground while she cursed him. If only we could send a bit of that mindset over to GH....

That hilarious head-spinning at every little sound while Kayla mindlessly blathered on about their happiness was hysterical.

Nope, Marina was not BSC!. Whiny and manipulative, yes, but not crazy.

Please tell me that's Shawn Cristian as the new doc! Holy hotness, Batman. That's it. Days is going back on the tivo.

Re: EJ's citizenship: If the scuttlebut is true that Dena Higley is writing DAYS right now, well, we're lucky that's all she got wrong. Dena doesn't care about history - she makes up new "facts" about the characters as she goes along.

I just can't stand to watch DAYS as long as Higley is involved with it in any way (I know I've, ahem, carefully concealed my dislike for her). I already know what's coming for DAYS (see OLTL from 2005 to Juneish 2007) and I just can't sit through it again. The main reason I started watching DAYS in the first place was because I couldn't bear what she was doing to OLTL.

I am so excited about Shawn Christian joining the show. Could a Dr. Jonas and Ava pairing be on the horizon? I'm foaming at the mouth for a new development of a strong couple and I'm hoping the show is plotting the gradual build for these two. Days seriously needs to invest their audience in something fresh and new while nurturing their meal ticket couples. Thank God they're finally planting stories around the canvas and offering some variety. It's so nice to be able to enjoy the show.

LOL Nice summary of Days.

Peter and Kristian are giving some great performances. Loved seeing that Steve and Kayla wedding flashback - soapy romance at its finest. And they still have it.

"Could a Dr. Jonas and Ava pairing be on the horizon?"

Totally guessing here, no spoilers: The way Victor laid heavy emphasis on Daniel being in town on 'family business' sure made me think he's her brother or something.

Besides, isn't there some rule about not hooking up two newbies? Or does it just never happen?

The show has been very good lately. Love all the different stories and how characters are involved in more then one. Seems to be a more balanced out show too...I dont want to see anyone character EVERY day, not even my favorites and it seems they are doing a good job of mixing it up!

I think Days is nearly as good now as it was in the late 80's with S & K. I'm loving Ava the physcho shrew. I loved the plane crash, because all the veteren actors were in the Storyline. I really liked the scenes with John and Claire. SO funny!

Steve and Kayla just steal my heart every time I see them. That flashback was amazing.
They are just incredible.

I want more

I'm gonna go with the theory that Stefano somehow changed EJ's birth records. That should be an easier sell than him not being here at all.
Plus..If I started to worry about the accuracy and logic of Days stories then my head might literally explode.
As long is it brings me EJami..Logic shmogic ;)

I'm enjoying Bo and Hope. They are a magical couple and are a joy to watch thru the good and bad times. I'm not feeling Steve and Kayla at all this time around. They have lost their magic to me and sadly I forward through all of their scenes.

Angmc, finally someone just like me who forwards through Steve and Kayla's scenes. Every day. Don't get me wrong, I 'd hate to see them leave the show, as they are both great characters from the past. But I'm pretty bored with them and I haven't been able to get into the whole Ava story line yet.

Does anyone else think Dr. Jonas would be a PERFECT match for Billie? Oh wait. They got rid of her. Never mind.

dayslover, I was thinking exactly that. I was so totally skeeved by Dr. Jonas flirting with Chelsea, who is 21 freaking years old, and then doubly skeeved when I realized that he would have been an absolutely perfect match for her mom. I don't understand why they got rid of Julie Pinson.

sami brady looks like the kind of woman who would be knocked out cold if she was in a violent full speed head to head collision in the outfield of a woman's baseball game. I could even see her going into shock and the medical staff having to do cpr on her.

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