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April 30, 2008

And Emmy Season Officially Begins!

There are few things in life that Becca and I enjoy more than the Daytime Emmys, as readers may remember from our 2007 Serial Drama Daytime Emmys Live Blogging Extravaganza. It's a win-win situation for us, you know? If our favorites are nominated, we get to feel the exciting validation of "Yes! A strange body of voters who are prone to terrible mistakes agree that our favorite person to be named in the prehistoric prenom process should have a one in five chance of being called the year's best! Wooo!" and if they get snubbed, we can get our moral outrage on, all "How dare they not recognize the brilliance of [Insert Snubbed Actor Here]?! As God is my witness, I will never care about shoddily produced awards shows again!"

So between the potential for celebration AND criticism, we're on cloud nine and then if you throw in glorious or fugly fashion AND supermodels being upstaged by Muppets, it's pretty clear that this is the most wonderful time of the year.


Um...to sum these nominations up, I only have this to say: ...???...?!?!...???...

(and also: SUCK IT, BRIAN FRONS!)

(But mostly ...???...?!?!...???...)

Outstanding Younger Actor

Van Hansis (Luke, As the World Turns)
Jesse Lee Soffer (ex-Will, As The World Turns)
Darin Brooks (Max, Days of Our Lives)
Tom Pelphrey (ex-Jonathan, Guiding Light)
Bryton McClure (Devon, The Young and the Restless)

Outstanding Younger Actress

Jennifer Landon (ex-Gwen, As The World Turns)
Rachel Melvin (Chelsea, Days of Our Lives)
Vail Bloom (Heather, The Young and the Restless)
Emily O'Brien (Jana, The Young and the Restless)
Tammin Sursok (Colleen, The Young and the Restless)

Outstanding Supporting Actor

Trent Dawson (Henry, As the World Turns)
Daniel Cosgrove (Bill, Guiding Light)
Brian Kerwin (Charlie, One Life to Live)
Kristoff St. John (Neil, The Young and the Restless)
Greg Rikaart (Kevin, The Young and the Restless)

Outstanding Supporting Actress

Kelley Hensley (Emily, As The World Turns)
Heather Tom (Katie, The Bold and the Beautiful)
Judi Evens (ex-Adrienne, Days of Our Lives)
Gina Tognoni (Dinah, Guiding Light)
Tracey Bregman (Lauren, The Young and the Restless)

Outstanding Lead Actor

David Canary (Adam/Stuart, All My Children)
Thaao Penghlis (Tony/ex-Andre, Days of Our Lives)
Anthony Geary (Luke, General Hospital)
Peter Bergman (Jack, The Young and the Restless)
Christian Leblanc  (Michael, The Young and the Restless)

Outstanding Lead Actress

Maura West (Carly, As The World Turns)
Crystal Chappell (Olivia, Guiding Light)
Nicole Forester (Cassie, Guiding Light)
Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, The Young and the Restless)
Jeanne Cooper (Katherine, The Young and the Restless)

Outstanding Daytime Drama

General Hospital
Guiding Light
One Life to Live
The Young and the Restless

Thoughts about the nominees, after the jump! And remember--we don't watch some of the soaps nominated, so I'll only comment on the ones I know. Please feel free to share your thoughts about the nominations for As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Guiding Light, One Life to Live and Passions in the comments.

Outstanding Younger Actor

I actually like Darin Brooks as Max. He's charming enough to make a good portion of the audience ignore the family ties between Max and Stephanie and, to be honest, it's nice just to see Days get some love from the people doling out nominations. I'm still a little bitter that Kristian Alfonso didn't get nominated last year. Not that I hold a grudge or anything...

But Bryton McClure? When was the last time Devon had a real storyline? As it stands now, he pops by every once in a while to recap the action going on in Lily's life. And he seems bored as hell when he's doing that, although I might just be projecting because I am bored as hell watching it.


Outstanding Younger Actress

That category is...just...it's like a bunch of random letters thrown together and, coincidentally, they just happen to form the names of women eligible for nominations in this category. Because, sorry, but no. Kirsten Storms (and Julie Marie Berman, but mostly Kirsten Storms, because what they've done to Lulu's character has had a big impact on Julie Marie Berman's performance) gets snubbed in favor of ADA Barbie? And Tammin "Suresucks" Sursok? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE WORLD?

Seriously, though, I don't get it. I actually don't have a problem with Emily O'Brien's nomination, because I think she's funny and manages to make an utterly horrible character and storyline seem sort of okay, but the other two are mind boggling. Vail Bloom is suuuuper pretty, but I could never buy her as the ADA and her facial expressions never changed, no matter what the situation. And with Tammin in the role, Colleen became an eighth grader looking whiner with NO storyline who SOUNDED Australian, despite living in Wisconsin and being brought up in New York City. Double you tee eff?

(And ouch, how much does it suck to be Christel Khalil right now, by the way? Three of her castmates, two of them massively untalented, get nominated and she gets...nothing.)

I'm glad for Rachel Melvin, because I feel like she's become a really great actress since she was once one of our most loathed characters, but I wish Kirsten Storms had gotten a nomination alongside her. Maxie's pretty much the best character on GH right now and the fact that she went from being so awful to so awesome has a lot to do with Kirsten Storms. She's so charming! And funny! And heartbreaking! Damn the man.


Outstanding Supporting Actor

It seems like Kristoff St. John and Greg Rikaart will get nominated for just showing up to work. I can sort of see why Greg Rikaart got nominated, but Kristoff St. John? Really? I'll quote myself regarding Neil: When you can barely muster something other than a monotone when you ask about your wife's death and when your most memorable piece of dialogue is about coffee pot etiquete, there is a problem.

But I guess that coffee pot story really hit a nerve with the Emmy voters...

NOTE: I know nothing about the role Daniel Cosgrove plays on Guding Light, or how he plays it, but I am rooting for him to win because of how awesome he was on Dirty Sexy Money. So, so awesome.


Outstanding Supporting Actress

I found this category to be almost as shocking as Younger Actress. I love Tracey E. Bregman, and I'm always happy to see her get nominated, but I am flabbergasted that Judith Chapman didn't get nominated. I mean, I hate Gloria and the way that Judith Chapman plays the role, but I was convinced that she'd get a nomination. I actually figured that she was going to win, because that's how anything Gloria related rolls. I don't know why, I just assumed that the Emmy voters would be part of Y&R's "LOVE HER! LOVE HER, DAMN IT" train. This is why it's good to be pessimistic, because when things occasionally don't suck, you wind up even happier than you would be if you were a normal person.

Judi Evans getting nominated is slightly surreal. I mean...really? Is she even the best supporting actress on Days? Better than Mary Beth Evans? O...kay. Not that she's not good, and I totally enjoyed her scenes with Stephen Nichols, but it's just...weird.


Outstanding Lead Actor

I have almost no issues at all with this category, actually. David Canary rules at life, Anthony Geary will get an Emmy nomination for anything he does, Christian LeBlanc is reliably great and Peter Bergman is amazing in every single way. I am most excited about Thaao Penghlis because he was responsible for the GREATEST MOMENT IN THE HISTORY OF DAYTIME TELEVISION, AND PERHAPS ALL VISUAL MEDIA and an Emmy nomination is the least the world could give him. I was holding out for a Nobel prize, but beggars can't be choosers.

I do, and please don't, like, stone me for this or anything, kind of wish that Thorsten Kaye had gotten nominated instead of Tony Geary. Not that Tony Geary isn't great, and not that Luke isn't an important part of GH, but...did he really do anything this year? Besides have a very, very hammy heart attack? I know Thaao Penghlis can bring the cheese like no other, but Luke's heart attack was so very cheesy. Although it's entirely possible that Thorsten Kaye didn't get nominated because of his part in the tragedies known as "The Satin Stalker" and "Greenlee and Zach Trapped Underground". He's always good, but maybe he was tainted by the awfulness of the stories he was in? 


Outstanding Lead Actress

I am a sucker for Michelle Stafford, even when Phyllis is annoying the hell out of me (which is often). And I think Jeanne Cooper just gets nominated because she's Jeanne Cooper, which is fine with me (note: I am not just saying that because the woman could beat me up), but it's kind of bullshit that Melody Thomas Scott didn't get nominated. She was the only person who, like, acted during the Nikki/Victor breakup, she was part of what made the Senate race bearable and she was phenomenal during Victoria's coma. I'm so disappointed on her behalf!

I'm also mildly surprised that Laura Wright didn't get a nomination (and the woman who replaced her on Guiding Light did!), but I'm not, like, outraged about it. I am contemplating going on a hunger strike to protest MTS's snub, though. Does getting Starbucks violate the terms of a hunger strike? Perhaps I'll strike in another way...like refusing to see the new Ashton Kutcher/Cameron Diaz movie. How will that stick it to the haters? I don't know, but it will, damn it. I need to take a stand somehow.


Outstanding Daytime Drama

According to Mirriam-Webster, synonyms for "outstanding" include exceptional, magnificent, extraordinary and remarkable.

When I think of those words, I do not think of a show so boring and repetitive that it made me fall asleep on multiple occasions, whose boringness was only broken up by terrible stories about porn, an ill-advised recast, a long and mostly pointless prison storyline, a long and mostly pointless political storyline, a poorly written device to write off a core character, appalling hairstyles, a cheesy story about psychopaths with plastic surgery, bad photoshop, a disaster story so wretched that even Bob Guza laughed at it and the continued employment of daytime's only robot cast member.

But that show seems downright brilliant compared to General Hospital, which I have come to conclude is not meant to be entertainment but, rather, serves merely as a vehicle for the powers-that-be to give the finger to their actors, their audience, people who have heard of General Hospital, people who work at hospitals and the person who invented the television. Because the fact that this EFFING SHOW was rewarded with a chance to be called Outstanding Daytime Drama in a year that brought us the firing of Stuart Damon and his subsequent humiliation via tracksuits, the intelligence insulting reveal that James Craig is Jerry Jacks, two ridiculous trials that showed us exactly how little the writers care about logic or the real world, ongoing blatant disrespect of Genie Francis, the rape of a character being played as him breaking his marriage vows in a hilarious way, the out of nowhere obsession Robin had with having a child, the violent murder of Emily Quartermaine, Emily's happy ghost, obvious rewrites of stories that weren't good to start with, the violent murder of Georgie Jones, a shitty spinoff and Steve Burton's hair, amongst other atrocities, is so unspeakably wrong that I don't even know how to process it.


How do you feel about the nominations? Did your favorite get a nod, or were they in the snub pile? What do you think about ABC's near shut out in the acting categories?


I'm so angry that GH has nods for best drama and writing that I can't really even find words to describe it yet. I'll check back later when someone does it better and give them kudos.

kirsten storms got fucking robbed!!!! So much anger... i do apologise for the language... OMG. How the hell did those 3 Y&R's get noms... omg... need to go drown my anger with some tequila~

If Days was going to get a nomination for best younger actor I'd rather have seen Blake Berris rather than Darin Brooks, and whilst I'm glad Rachel Melvin has a nom Kirsten Storms totally deserved one too.
The actresses that are up for supporting are good in what I've seen of them but I can't believe Judi Evans got nominated and Mary Beth Evans didn't, considering what little we saw of JE as Adrienne and how limited the role was whereas MBE has had far more time on-screen and stretching material. Missing here for me was Carolyn Hennessy.
I hope Crystal Chappell wins in the worst possible way for GL because not only is she truly talented, but she totally deserves it for the shit she has to put up with cough*wantingherrapist*cough and hopefully Days would realise what it's missing. Sentimentally I wish NLG had been nominated for best actress too.
It'd be nice to see OLTL carry off best daytime drama so that they could lord it over AMC and GH with their superior story-telling.

I thought I was being Punk'd by The View this morning when Kirsten Storms didn't get nominated for an Emmy. I am truely shocked.

What about James Scott for Days of Our Lives? He is a fantastic actor - each one of his abs should get an emmy!

I cannot even begin to comprehend how Vail FREAKIN' BLOOM got a nomination of Kirsten Storms. Admittedly, I don't watch Y&R but correct me if I'm wrong...didn't her character get recasted?!? I think my head might explode. And much as I love Tony Geary, seriously, what did he do in the past year to warrant a nomination? And whatever it is, can he please share it with Nancy Lee Grahn?

I thought the whole annoucement thing was some cruel joke on DAYS fans. FOUR nominations! Holy Crap! They haven't received an acting nomination since 2003 then they get three in one year! I think I'm just coming down off my high from that but I am upset that Kirsten didn't get in. Those 3 Y&R noms are a joke. I agree with Mallory, Emily O'Brien is fine not neccessarily Emmy worthy but I'm okay with her. The other two are a joke. It could be worse -- Y&R had 4 pre-noms in that category so we are lucky it wasn't all four with Christel Khalil sneeking in there.

Love your comments on the emmy noms. I can't believe KS wasn't nominated yet 3 actresses from Y&R were(and one of them was fired from the show) Alicia Minshew and Thorsten Kaye were snubbed. Both of them had some amazing scenes last year, although AMC's crappy writing probably had something to do with that. How did Nicole Forrester get a nom in lead actress over LW who was never even nominated when she was on that show. The emmy's are on abc yet only 3 people from abc daytime were nominated. I think they need to figure out a better way to do the emmy noms. I just hope GH doesn't win for best writing or best show b/c they certainly don't deserve it. Someone at Disney better wake up and get rid of Frons before there is no more abc daytime.

Suresucks got a nod? Dear Emmy crew, please to be sharing the prime stuff you're obviously smoking.

GO OLTL!!! ahem....

Vaill Bloom over Kirsten?
Tammin Sursok over Kirsten?
Tony Geary over Tyler Christopher?


I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone but I'm freaking SHOCKED they nominated Darrin Brooks over Blake Berris (I guess I shouldn't be).

I'm sick of Tony Geary being nominated just because...he's Tony Geary. He's not the be all/end all of soap actors to me. He hams it up/chews the scenery way too often. Also, I'm resentful of the fact that he's on the show all of three months of the year and when he's on he gets story catered to his character (at the expense of others, say the fabulous JE's Tracy) so he'll get an Emmy nod. What did he submit this year--the Fred Sanford "Elizabeth" moment?

Peter Bergman and David Canary are much more solid actors and they both deserve it. I'm tired of Christian LeBlanc in there too. Thaao is too OTT and his appearances were sporadic. Peter or David FTW, please!

I'm amused that Laura Wright who is one of the main leads on GH and involved in so many of the stories didn't get a nod and yet her replacement on GL did (and hey, when she was on GL, never got any). In fact, GH couldn't get its main three (Laura, Steve, Mo) a nomination...maybe they need to spread the wealth (airtime wise). I don't know what Jeanne did and IA it's such a shame that Melody didn't get it. Her work when Victoria was in the coma was top-notch. I'm pulling for Crystal or Michelle.

Supporting actress should go to Gina. Because a big WTF to those others nominated. Seriously.

And I hope Daniel or Trent win supporting actor. Brian Kerwin would be good too.

The only younger actress that doesn't make me go 'WTF' is Jennifer Landon. The rest is laughable. Kirsten Storms definitely should have been there.

I hope Jesse wins for ATWT, he's a fantastic actor. He should have won last year over another WTF nominee, Bryton. WTH did Devon do this year? That nomination reminds me of all the times David Lago was nominated (and that one time he won, yikes) and the times that Little Nate was nominated.

GH being nominated for both show and writing is the biggest piece of funny I've read in a long time.

That said, suck on it Frons/Guza/ABC Daytime!

I happen to watch ATWT, so I completely agree with the noms for Van Hansis, Jennifer Landon and everyone else at ATWT. However, I am ticked that General Hospital got nominated for Outstanding Drama. There is nothing "outstanding" about it, except perhaps "oustandingly terrible." When I read that they got nominated, I actually yelled at my computer, "Stop rewarding them for sucking so badly!" Seriously, if they get nominated, TPTB are going to think they are doing things right, and that is just not the case. I cannot believe this show got a nomination.

Also, Tyler Christopher got snubbed, in my opinion. I think his work this year, especially with his acting during and after Emily's death, has been wonderful. I feel he was more deserving of a nom than anyone else who actually was nominated, including Anthony Geary.


I hate awards shows. I refuse to watch them. But I still have opinions about this crap.

How does Kirsten Storms not get nominated?

How does Kathy Brier not get nominated? And Judi Evans does? No offense to Judi, but really?

How in the bloody effin hell does GH get nominated for Outstanding Drama? It doesn't fit the definition of Outstanding or Drama!

No offense to Darin Brooks, because I like him, but wha?

I am totally rooting for OLTL to win because it's the only show on the list that I watch besides GH, but GH sucks donkey balls. However, the one thing GH has going for it is that they have many talented actors. What is going on?

Sorry there ain't no one at ABCD that deserves a damn thing. And GH for best Drama and writing. Who the hell did Brian Frons pay off to get that nod. I adore some of the actors on their show but I want ABC shut out of everything. Their shows suck so bad, it is a travesty. And there is NO lead actress on ABC period that deserves a nod. There are no lead actresses on any of those shows IMO.(not their fault)

On the other hand, Michelle Stafford, Peter Bergman deserve to win just because they are regularly awesome and I am glad to see Days finally get some recognition. And I agree with Jesse on ATWT, Will, just awesome.

Only Kristen Storms on GH deserved a nod. No one else. I don't think rewarding an actor when his castmate was killed off to garner him an emmy deserves a reward for shit and that is all I will say on that. But all of ABCD sucks wind and the network got exactly what they deserved.

CBS is a soap powerhouse and house the best soaps on daytime TV. Y&R, ATWT, hell even GL. I know the system is no where near perfect but I love the recogition they get for staying true to the genre for the most part.

Brian Frons and ABC can eat shit

First - bravo! Everything you said about GH was right on the money. Kirsten Storms was robbed. She kicked butt in all the scenes after Georgie's death and in every other scene she is in. The fact that GH was nominated as an "outstanding" drama is sick. Almost as sick as the writers receivng a nom.

If I still had my own column, I'd definitely be going all Planet of the Apes right about now about the Kirsten Storms snub and Tammin Sursok's nomination for absolutely nothing worth a frack that I can recall. That just floored me.

Count me among the folks, though, who definitely feel just a twinge of schadenfreude-powered joy that GH otherwise got shafted the way it did.

I don't watch a hell of a lot of soaps so I can't say much about the various acting nominations. My show is OLTL but I can't really think of a storyline where anyone really stood out as awesome. A lot of this past year has been marred by Higley... either she was writing it of Ron C was cleaning up after her.

That being said, once Ron really was able to set the groundwork for his stuff the show as a whole really started firing on all cylinders. I didn't FF a second of it and that's saying a lot. So I'm really hoping that OLTL gets the nod for best show and I hope Ron Carlivati gets recognition for the amazing job he's done making Llanview a place where relationships and families and enemies develop and have meaning. It's not about events, it's about the drama that feeds the lives of the denizens of Llanview. Things that happen affect people, families are acknowledged... and I also can't wait for Ron's stuff to hit post-strike which is due on Monday.

At last.

I'll be honest..I was so bitter about certain actors' pre-nom I was actively rooting for no one connected to GH to be nominated exceptions to Kristen Storms. And I agree with a WTF did Tony Geary submit htis year because I sure as hecks drew a blank. And GH generally submits one of their Emmy disaster shows to buy the Emmy voters who are apparently really easy to impress so I'm not totally shocked at their nods this year in show and writing. But see now I can actively campaign against them.

I'm totally stoked though that Thaoo was nominated...mainly because I am desperately hoping he submitted TONY ON A HORSE!!! Cause seriously..who could watch that scene and not just say "here...take it. Take the Emmy"

Firstly, I am to the point that I believe that Tony Geary could walk into a room, shit on the floor and walk out, submit that as his Emmy tape, and he'll still be nominated. I enjoy TG with the rest of them but his lack of screen time and his lack of storyline just do not make him a serious nominee in my book.

Days got 4 nominations! Then you look at who got nominated and it's a WTF moment. DB is ok as Max, certainly never blows you out of the water, so why did he get nominated? I love JE and I think she had a couple scenes that killed last year, but she was criminally underused, which is not her fault. TP was the awesome (do you think he sent in the Clownnnnnnn???) but James Scott had an awesome year last year. RM was definitely deserving though. I'm thrilled they got some noms anyway. I think AS should have been nominated for last year too, but at least D Hall didn't get one.

GH got nominated for best drama?!? WTH? It better NOT win! This 45 year old drama has never been worse.

I'm torn. On one hand, I do enjoy that Frons has to look at the noms right now and feel not so good about himself, because the fact that all of ABCD was almost entirely ignored? Is a reflection on him. Or, as you said "Suck it, Brian Frons." On the other hand, there is a truckload of really deserving people at ABC Daytime who were snubbed in favor of some very questionable noms on that list. Off the top of my head, the obvious Kirsten Storms. There are no words for the WTFness of those three Y&R noms and KS not being in there. That's ridiculous. Then there's Kathy Brier. Yeah, she can sometimes go a little over the top, but she really deserved a nom for the whole Tommy storyline. I agree with Thorsten Kaye deserving a nom, too. He was great no matter what was thrown his way. I would have liked to see AM get one too. Kendall was the star of the show all year long and she did a good job with all the story heaped on her, even, again, when it was crap. She deserves it for that scene where she was being wheeled in for the premature c-section of one baby while her other baby was wheeled past her for his emergency surgery alone.
I'd have been happy with pretty much anyone from OLTL getting a nom (with some obvious exceptions). That show has been operating at a high level since RC took over the writing and the acting has reflected it. I'm not saying David Fumero for best leading actor or anything, but most of the cast could have reasonably received noms, and I would have read their names on the nom list and thought "damn right!"
I do agree though, that the most overlooked has to be KS. The reactions to Georgie's death, the versatility she's shown to do lighthearted and serious material. Hell, just the fact that I love Maxie now. She deserves not only a nom, but the win.
From what I've read about the process this year, though, it's not a shock this list sucks. A lot of voters didn't even watch the pre-nom material, they just voted for their friends or names they knew as being "good". And unless I misread, there is no further vote. This is it, whoever of these people received the most votes to get to this list is already the winner and the others in their group are the other nominees. There is no step now, where the nominees put together a tape to be viewed and voted upon and a new vote is done. This was it and the winners are already determined. Kind of ridiculous, if you ask me, because the nominees should all now have a chance to have their work viewed and voted upon as compared to only each other, but that's apparently not going to be how things go this year. Possibly the dumbest awards voting system ever.
But, still, suck it, Frons. I hope his butt gets canned now. Finally. This is an embarassment for ABC Daytime, no doubt about it. Especially since the noms were announced on The View, the lead in to ABC's soaps in most markets. If Frons was a stock fund manager, this should be his "Black Wednesday" and he should be jumping out his office window about now.

I won't excuse ABCD's lack of nominations due to the process. They could have done exactly what CBS allegedly did and block voted. This tells me ABCD could give a shit about the emmy' and CBS cares a lot about it and it shows in the quality of what we see on screen.

I am sad KS was overlooked but really not. I don't want ABC rewarded for a damn thing - maybe it sounds mean but maybe this is the wakeup call they need. They are the laughing stock of the industry wile CBS is cavier.

Some of the noms for CBS are WTF nominations but so be it. PB and MS from Y&R I agree are awesome and I love Jennifer Landon from ATWT. GH's nomination for show and writing is a joke.

Though in the past I've watched five of the nine soaps, right now I am down to just one: OLTL. And while I will be the first (after Becca & Mallory of course) to jump on the "Suck it, Frons" bandwagon, it's completely unfair that OLTL was snubbed so badly in the acting categories. Erika S. and Robin S. should get nods just because. Seriously. Bob Woods had an absolutely amazing episode at Asa's funeral, and for that to be overlooked is just criminal. What about Kathy Brier? Kristen Alderson? (though her storyline has been largely inane and her performances have suffered, she's proven that she still has it when the scripts allow) Tuc Watkins? (the man is a god, honestly) And all of the other actors whom I've totally forgotten right now?

At least Brian Kerwin got a supporting nod - not bad for his first year on the show! His argument with Jared outside Asa's mansion last December was very impressive, as were his scenes afterward when he breaks his hard-won sobriety.

I'm torn about the Best Show & Writing nods - the first half of 2007 (i.e. The Higley Reign of Terror) was atrocious, to put it mildly, and I don't want anything remotely like praise or recognition anywhere near that hack. But the last half, under Ron C's tenure, improved so dramatically it was a miracle. So it would be nice to have Ron C's work get noticed for the impressive job he's done (WGA strike and Dena's remnant stories notwithstanding).

So DAYS finally got some long-overdue acting nods - so why didn't they nominate any of the obvious choices? (Your Reckells, Nicholses, Alfonsos, Berrises, etc) Though Rachel Melvin has turned in some very impressive performances despite generally crappy writing (I still haven't forgiven any of Days' various writers for breaking up Nick & Chelsea... again).

It is a shame that Thorsten and Alicia got overlooked on AMC, considering they've carried that show for about three years now without a single day off. They must live in the studio. And though the Zoe/Zarf story was generally a mess (thanks, McTavish) Jeffrey Carlson acted his heart out and I would've liked for him to get a supporting actor nod.

And am I the only ex-GH viewer cackling with glee at Fronsie's big three - Jason, Sonny, Carly - getting overlooked? (yes, I am vindictive)

GL's Crystal Chappell nominated for leading actress? About time! Hope she wins. NuCassie nominated for LEADING ACTRESS? I didn't really just read that, did I? *brain explodes all over keyboard*

Yes, Kade, nuCassie got a nomination. Now we'll NEVER be rid of that bitch, and even worse, Ellen Wheeler will think we all want to see more of Josh and Cassie. I, myself, would rather crawl through fire in a gasoline soaked G-string.

I know she may have eleventy Emmys, but I was surprised Slezak was overlooked, too.

I disagree with many previous posters: This is NOT what GH deserved. The acting on that show is just about the only thing keeping me around. GH totally deserved to be shut out of writing and outstanding daytime drama categories. Guza, Frons, and that woman who's name I can't remember deserve to be shunned, they are the people who eff up my show. But they ARE the people being nominated. I'm giving that a giant WTF???

Anyway, I would have liked to see KS and some people other than Charlie (really, of the whole OLTL cast, Charlie?) nominated.

At the very least, I think anyone who reads that list knows there's something very smelly about it, so it's not like these nominations mean anything.

PS Was Judi Evans nominated over, say, Mary Beth Evans because MBE is a lead actress?

Yea, you gotta love that the big three (SonnyCarlyJason) weren't nominated.

I think if the daytime community wanted to punish ABC Daytime, they should have gone after their shows and not their actors. Hell, GH's actors are usually the only thing keeping that show from falling into the great big pile of sucktitude it belongs in.

Tyler Christopher should have gotten a nomination, period. His work during Emily's death scenes were exemplary, and he earned it all over Tony Geary. I agree with Tania, what did TG actually do this year besides channel Redd Foxx during his heart attack nonsense? And don't get me wrong, I flove Peter Bergman and Christian LeBlanc, but it seems they'd get a nomination even if all they did was come on every couple of months and order coffee.

Kirsten Storms was totally robbed. When I heard the name Vail Bloom this morning, I honestly had no idea who she was. Then I put face to name a second ago, and...what, what, what????? I've seen day-old chicken show more emotion.

GH got a nomination for writing??? I...uhm...you...they...what...effin'...

I got nothing.

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