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April 01, 2008

I Know I Owe You Guys a Days Post

But the thing is, I was posting so much about Days that I was worried you were getting bored!  So I pulled back a bit to make sure I wouldn't flood the blogging market.

The problem is definitely not that I have been finding the show so boring that I'm more than a week behind on episodes (and that I need to fashion some kind of toothpick device to prop my eyelids open while watching).  I have, in fact, been finding the show scintillating.  I love how there are so many stories going on at once, not something like Bo's illness taking up every show for three weeks.  I also like how all the stories are moving so quickly.

I can't relate to John's total apathy about his family, though.  I really don't think it's possible to loathe Marlena, and he should have been way more upset about Belle leaving town.  She and Shawn were the future of this show.  How could the writers decide to send them off on some stupid boat?  I blame Phillip.  He came into town and made Belle boring.  Plus he's not really hot enough to make me believe a woman would cheat on a catch like Shawn with him.

I love that Steve and Kayla and Tony and Anna are only on once a week or so.  They're way too old to focus on and the only way I find them interesting is as props for storylines for the younger set.  Days' strength is really with those teens and 20-something characters, so it's nice of the veterans to step aside and let the youngsters shine.

Oh, can we talk about that new doctor?  He is awesome.  The way he talks like a high school stoner most of the time, and when he uses those cool hand gestures to show how hip he is?  I love that!  And Stephanie thinking he's super-hot even though he probably went to high school with her mother is totally realistic.  I know when I was 21, I was always going after guys twice my age.  I hope we're heading towards a love triangle with Stephanie, her uncle, and her mom's colleague!  Or they could put the hot doctor with Chelsea.  She and Nick have been together for sooo long and have had so many interesting stories, it's really time for them to move on.

The hairstyling on the show has been fabulous lately, too.  Shelley Hennig was such a total ugmo with dark hair; I'm glad they decided to dye it and her skin the same color.  The orange brings out her eyes, and coordination is really important.  Stephanie's love interest Max has great hair too.  I'm stoked his recent haircut doesn't give the appearance that he has a receding hairline of a guy ten years his senior.  Oh, and I'm totally taking a screencap of Kate to my colorist to copy, except I'd like my highlights a little chunkier. 

And I'm so glad they took James Scott off my screen for weeks on end.  His charm had really worn thin and you can only gaze at a good-looking face for so long before it just gets boring, you know? Thank goodness with Lucas coming back soon, Sami can finally get interesting again.  I wonder whether he'll bring Belle and Shawn back with him.  Fingers crossed!


Do I sense a touch of sarcasm in your writing? lol!

Being completely bored out of my skull and watching a week of Days in about 5 minutes thanks to that handy little invention called FF button - I really have no idea what you mean. ;)

Thank goodness they finally decided to let James Scott bring EJ back to our screens this week! It's the only thing making me actually watch right now!

Ha! I was totally confused and had to read the first few sentences a couple of times before I realized it's April Fool's Day! Good one. :)

You've summed up my feelings perfectly, Becca. I love everything about the show right now. The way we had a good month and a half of Bo dying and Hope telling him he couldn't give up. That was awesome. And Marlena being the pillar of strength and constantly telling John how much he disappointed her -- fantastic.

Shelle leaving left a gaping hole in my heart. I hope they return soon. And I loved how Shawn named the boat after his mother instead of his wife or daughter. That was just sweet and not a bit icky.

And I really love how they introduced a crazy woman who is smart enough to escape her family, find her missing long lost love, and was once the brains of the business, but isn't quite smart enough to figure out who his wife is. Those kinds of layers are important when introducing new characters.

Yes indeed. Happy Days are here again (except for missing Shelle, of course).

Hee, April Fool's Day to you!!! Though I think you might have given your hand away too quickly with mentioning how impossible it was to loathe Marlena.

I was totally confused when I read this at first. I could't believe what I was reading about you liking Marlena. Then I was like oh duh April Fools Day!! Good one, no one even tried anything on me all day long, kudos!

I always feel such shame when I read this blog. My Marlena love is really starting to make me feel bad. Still, spot on about the rest. Hopefully things will be picking up with Nicole coming back to town, though I'm not hopeful. Maybe smoking hot doctor's good looks will make up for his awful character and storyline, though I'm not hopeful. With Mickey played by an age appropriate actor (Edward Quatermaine as Alice Horton's son? come on!), maybe Maggie will have something to do, though I'm not hopeful.
Hmm... maybe I should feel less shame that I love Marlena (god help me I do) and more shame that I actually watch this dreck.

HA HA You got me! I was like "WHAT is she saying?!?! She has gone MAD!!!" Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. April Fools!! Good one :)


But, wait...Is Lucas really coming back soon? I hope not! There was not enough screen time of EJ and Sami. I love watching them NOT talking about the Lucas situation.

How old are you? I personally love watching the older characters that I grew up watching. I have watched the show for 25 years and I like the younger characters, but I also like it when they are focusing on the older one that have always been my fav.

Katherine, this was an April Fool's post -- so, you know, everything is opposite. If you read back through my Days posts here you'll see I was a huge fan of Days in the 80s and love the characters who are still around from then. Well, most of them . . .

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