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April 17, 2008

Our Broadcast Debut!

We are delighted to announce our radio debut!  On the internet!  Wait, is it still called radio when it's on the internet?  We don't know.  We'll research that later.  For now, we're too busy Eeeeeee!ing. 

At 10pm on May 6th, your very own Serial Drama bloggers will appear on BlogTalkRadio's In the Zone show.

So what is BlogTalkRadio?

BlogTalkRadio is a social talk-radio network that hosts thousands of shows across all topics, including politics, sports, books, business, entertainment, health, paranormal, comedy and religion. Since the company’s 2006 launch, over 50,000 shows have streamed from BlogTalkRadio. The network attracts over 2.3 million listeners each month.

And what is In the Zone?

"In The Zone" is an interactive, live Internet talk-radio show that focuses on entertainment such as soaps, primetime & reality TV, music and more. Since its debut in September 2006, ITZ Radio has become quite popular amongst soap fans. The show airs Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays nights at 10PM/EST for 90 minutes, and the listeners can call in or leave us IMs or e-mail for questions or comments about the show. We send a huge thank you to everyone who listens, submits topics and feedback.

ITZ is currently hosted by Ryan Chandler and Jennifer Snyder.

Previous Guests: Past guests on ITZ include: popular soap columnist Marlena De Lacroix (formerly of SOW), Graham Shiels (Cody, GH/NS), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe, DAYS), Matthew Florida (ex-Ford, DAYS), soap legend Tristan Rogers (Robert, GH), James Hyde (Sam, PSNS), Carolyn Hennesy (Diane, GH), Kevin J. Ryan (Sean, DAYS), Leslie Charleson (Monica, GH), Yeniffer Behrens (Marianna, GH), Claire Coffee (Nadine, GH), Emmy Winning Soap Writers Peter J. Brash & Tom Casiello, Melissa Claire Egan (Annie, AMC) and Jennifer Landon (ex-Gwen, ATWT).

And why do they think we're worthy of joining that list?

We have no idea.

Please mark your calendars and be on the lookout here for more info about the show, including a call-in number, IM info, and an email address.  We're hoping you guys will tune in.  Otherwise all the callers might end up being a variety of enraged people -- soap costumers, Sonny Corinthos fans, SoapNet executives, Hunter Tylo's plastic surgeon, our ex-boyfriends -- that would cause us to have a crisis of confidence that would drain us of the will to blog.  It's clear what you have to do, readers!


I'm right on top of that, Rose, er, Mallory and Becca.

RC and the Soap Queen are AWESOME - so much fun and so professional. You're going to have a great time - I'll be listening!!!!

I'm so bummed out I'm going to miss it! Stupid work.

How exciting! I will admit straight-up that internet radio confuses me, but I'll make the effort to figure it out before May 6. Good luck! You'll both be awesome.

Great news! You guys will be a true asset. And you might get to interview previous guest Robert F! Scorpio! Sweet! Just promise us that mingling with all those soap stars won't blunt your edges. I know the lethal charm Bob Guza employs over the wimmenz (not to mention those faboo blue sunglasses) but try to keep your heads and not start catering to GH's spectacular writing. Oh, and promise to name drop in a *fun,* "Ohmygoshcanyoubelievethis??" way, not ala Carolyn "I'll whore my writing out for a celeb friend" Hinsey.

The subtlety of our name-dropping will be made significantly easier by the fact that we do not actually know any celebrities. Though I am really hoping that Mallory gets to tell the story of how Victoria Rowell is the reason we're all here today.

Tom, so great to see you commenting here! I saw that you were a former guest on this show and wondered if you'd put a bug in someone's ear about us. I'm sure our readers would love to chat with you over in our forums, if you're willing!

Like I haven't gotten myself into enough hot water already? :-) I'm always up for talking about good soap. Or bad soap.

Those who are as internet radio inept as I, or just busy, can take comfort. In the zone puts up all of these interviews as podcasts on itunes.

I can't wait! They've done a lot of great interviews (Hi Tom!.

Elisabeth, the episodes (is that the right word?) are saved so you can listen to it at any time.

That's great news! You guys are awesome!!!

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