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April 03, 2008


Back before Tyra Banks had completely turned into a lunatic who could cause harm to herself and others, when the CW was still UPN and the WB and Jay Manuel was just super tan as compared to radioactive orange, America's Next Top Model ruled. And not just ruled for a competitive reality show broadcast on the redheaded stepchild of networks, but it ruled in general, and I wasn't ashamed to tell people I watched it. Uh, now is a different story, but back in the day of Cycles 2 and 3, the show was awesome. Remember? With Camille's signature walk that was going to make her famous? And Eva's "First of all, I didn't even know you were a bitch" and Kelle's denial over her snout? Good times.

A large part of Cycle 3's brilliantness is due to the epic bitchiness of Yaya, who went to Brown and thought she was better than every person to ever exist. She was self righteous and bratty, and spit out umeboshi and wore a shirt asserting the importance of Respeito after Ann mutilated Cassie's brownies and had no sense of humor ("Some people think it's funny to kill people. That doesn't make it funny") and I kind of loved her. She was endlessly entertaining and now Pine Valley gets to enjoy her!

Yaya Dacosta from America's Next Top Model is coming to All My Children! The model-actress hyphenate has been cast as Cassandra Foster, the daughter of Dr. Angie Hubbard (Debbi Morgan). She first airs on April 25. Many will remember Yaya as the runner-up of Season 3 of America's Next Top Model. Despite not taking the prize, she's enjoyed a successful modeling career, including campaigns for Sephora, Garnier Fructis and Olay. Acting gigs followed, such as a starring role in the film Take the Lead with Antonio Banderas.

Yaya's character, Cassandra, was adopted by Angie and her ex-husband, Jacob. Cassandra made her debut on ABC's The City. In that soap's final episode, Angie and Jacob (played by Darnell Williams, who currently plays Jesse on AMC) found an abandoned Cassandra and brought her home with them.

Cassandra's all grown up now, and she arrives in Pine Valley to meet her mother's first (and current) husband, Jesse. Don't expect the family reunion to be all roses, though: Cassandra will be pulled into the sinister plan Rob (David Rasche) has for Jesse.

I am just going to put all my cards on the table and admit to being excited about this. I blame my all encompassing love of Jesse and Angie for my excitement and I know that, since this is the dream ruining AMC, it will wind up horrible, but for now, I will "Eeeee!!"


Allow me to hesitantly join in on the Eeeeeee!!!! Hesitantly because I've seen what Yaya can do, and it's not that great. However, that was a couple of years ago when I saw her in Take the Lead. I'm hoping that time has improved her abilities and my Eeee!!! doesn't become an Ewwww!!!

ZOMG. My feelings, they are conflicted! ANTM tie-in, woo hoo! But Yaya is a total bitch, boooo!

I'm so excited! But also a little scared because I fear she will have better chemistry and be better suited for her brother (actor-wise, that is) than Dre, whom they apparently want to pair her with.

Oh, come on. You mean you didn't like Cha-Cha Diva vs. the Russian Mail Order Bride? Classic.

i freaking love ya-ya!!! going to brown does make you smart! racism does exist in america! she was better than all the others! and the prettiest!!! i heart her so so so much!!! and now she will bring her pretty to amc!!

who will she be paired with???


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