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May 06, 2008

Catch Our Broadcast Debut Tonight! ...Or Whenever

Tonight's the night!  We are all set to make our broadcast debut at 10 PM tonight on In The Zone Radio.

We're incredibly excited to join the gracious hosts for what will surely be a fun evening of soap dishing.  We're going to try really hard not to pepper too many sentences with "dude"s (Becca) and "like"s (Mallory).

We hope that you can tune in tonight!  If you want to call in, please do!  (Remember, it's your job not to make us seem like reader-less losers!)  The number is (347) 996-5978.  Or you can IM via AIM  at InTheZoneRadio, or email questions to inthezone@sonuni.com.

If you can't listen tonight, fear not:  The interview will be available as a podcast, so you won't need to miss one hypercritical moment.

Updated 5/7: Well, we debuted.  The host and at least a couple of listeners thought we were unfunny in person as opposed to in writing, and said so, which wasn't the highlight of our lives but it mostly got better from there.  And seriously, it's not like we haven't put a lot of criticism out into the atmosphere; it was bound to boomerang on us.  Doing the show was really a fun experience and we truly appreciate the opportunity.  Thanks very much to In the Zone Radio for having us on!

If you want to check out the podcast, it's available here in the upper right corner.  (Mallory starts at the 8:42 mark, Becca joins at 13:15, and we get called unfunny at around 52:30 and several times thereafter.  There's about a 75-minute live show and then we stayed on after that for an off-air chat.)  Since clearly we are in the process of expanding our multi-media empire, next on the list is an all-shirtless touring production of Xanadu starring James Scott, Jason Thompson, Peter Bergman, and Greg Vaughn.   We'll keep you posted.


For what it's worth, I thought your funny came through!
Great interview.

I agree! Seriously funny.

...I actually got some weird looks for laughing aloud. Thanks for telling us about the interview. :]

Where can we download the podcast??

I think you guys did great. It's nice to have voices to match up with the blogs. I hope you're going to be on the show again.

You guys! I thought it was great and you were hilarious. Especially that line about the host being a toddler in the 80s. "Do you need parental permission?"

(And I got a shout-out re: Nik and Nadine. Yay).

Ugh, I missed it. Will download later for sure. I hope you mock GH fashion alot and scream about murder being unsexy as a profession!

By the way, what was that insane scene the other day where Claumidia attacked Kate? Does Sarah Brown know she is not Carly anymore??? Guza knows Claumidia sucks so he is testing her out as Carly again I think. And hello, she ordered the hit and when it went wrong she snuck into Michael's ICU room and gave him her mother's crucafix or something. How respectful to Carly was that? Vomit. Then she turns around and attacks Kate for disrespecing Carly? WTH? GH needs to pick and plan characters and storylines and stick the hell with it for longer than 30 minutes!!!!

One question...were you scathing speaking? Or even more appropriate...were you "like" scathing speaking "dudes"? Much love to you both and congrats on your SOD anniversary!

I'm listening to the pod cast right now, and you guys were great. The funny definitely came through and I hope you two do another broadcast again.

I thought you were both great! Don't listen to the haters! LOL.

Missed it live--but will listen now. I look forward to it!

Just finished listening to it! I wish you guys could have a podcast every day. Or at least every week. It totally made my day.

Oh and this is random, but will you ever finish recapped "Charm!"? I loved those recaps, although I'm sure they were a lot of work.

I've never listened to that show before but I was thinking you two should have your own show the whole time I was listening. Sorry to say it, but the host wasn't very welcoming and I didn't really think he was all that funny. I'm obviously more biased towards you ladies, but I thought you were great!

I just listened to your broadcast debut and I thought you were great and VERY funny! It was cool to hear your voices.

Aw, you guys are so sweet! Thanks for the kind words.

Well I just downloaded the show to my iTunes and thought that you both were just fine. You sounded like people who have an opinion and can express it clearly having an on-air talk. I'm not sure what the other people were expecting - the host was kinda awkward but overall the show was good.
I don't know if the people who didn't get it had taken the time to grasp the fact that reading your work and listening to it would be two different experiences (both quite satisfying) because what is read plays in the readers voice in their head and on air it plays in, duh - your voices. I thought your humor was good and to the point and would be happy to tune in to another show.

Loved it! You guys are just as charming and wonderful in conversation as you are in type. (I'll forgive you, then, for your Spinelli and Nadine hate. *LOL*) And you were totally funny. Eff those haters!

You have lovely voices, BTW.

Hey girls, loved you on that show. I was listenin to it on the subway and ppl were lookin at me funny for smiling and laughing randomly. So u definitely brought the funny. You should have your own podcast or even go on Daytime Confidential. That's a great one and the hosts aren't all awkward like that guy. Umm, he was ok until he started with the SEVERE Sam bashing- bit much no? Anyways, hope to hear you guys on the radio again soon, until then i look forward to ur blog. Gotta love the snark!!

You guys did a great job and were very funny.

You were great, and I thought you were very funny. Don't worry about the people who thought you weren't. It's like the Jerry Seinfeld show when he was introduced and the people he was just met looked at him and said, "Say something funny." Hard to "be funny" on command.

Holy God, when do tickets for the Xanadu hotness-on-roller-skates production go on sale? I'll camp out for that one.

Really though, you guys need to give yourselves a break and let the unfunny comment go. It wasn't that big of a deal.

You guys were good! Some awkward moments there, though :P

You should seriously go on the Daytime Confidential podcast - I think they'd be a lot more in sync with your humour/opinions.

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