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May 26, 2008

Days of Our Lives Month in Review

It's actually five weeks in review.  Yikes.  I know I have been falling down on the Days-blogging job.  I had been so uninspired by this show of late.  My revulsion at the Daniel/Chelsea relationship -- and their hair (since half resolved) -- perked me up enough to briefly blog, but other than that it hardly seemed worth the effort.  Then 1) I realized I had a month's worth of weeks in review notes stored up so that would almost be enough substance for a single post (seriously, it was draaaaagging), and 2) this last couple of weeks  Days suddenly became somewhat awesome again!  I'm even busting out the awesome alert scale!  Seriously!  Okay, I should be clear:  only parts of the show are awesome.  But those parts are awesome enough to warrant the awesome scale, and that is a huge improvement.


Things I find irresistible, no matter how bad they are:

  • makeover shows
  • Real World/Road Rules challenges
  • a slow-burn soap romance involving a bad boy
  • Hugh Grant's haircuts
  • chocolate mousse deserts
  • EJ Wells

So of course, I am ridiculously excited about everything associated with the EJ/Sami/Lucas/Nicole potential quad and all of the soapy deliciousness involving EJ and Sami in particular.  I have actually looked forward to watching Days episodes for the last week and half because of them.  I cannot tell you the last time that happened.  I think I had really big bangs. Whatever.  For the recent EJ and Sami developments, I'm busting out the big gun:


But in addition to that high honor, this level of soapiness has earned more detail.  Read on for soapy goodness!

So, EJ and Sami have been [reluctantly, on Sami's part] shooting longing glances at each other for months and -- particularly because James Scott and his sex godliness has been involved -- it's been fun to watch.  The banter, the schmoopy eyes, the snarkiness, the James-Scott-as-baby-holder?  Loved it.



The couple forced to marry in order to end a generations-long vendetta and forced to stay married because of a totally nonsensical citizenship issue start to fall for each other, despite their rocky past?  Soapy!

Meanwhile, Lucas -- Sami's alleged truest love of all, although I submit that if you watched Days from the time those two came on the show through the 90s you have serious issues with that characterization -- is locked up for the soapy crime of trying to kill Sami's new husband at their wedding.  And he won't have any contact with Sami, even told her she had to move on with her life while he served out his prison sentence.  Soapy!

Then, one of Sami's worst enemies in the world comes to town and starts flirting with EJ


. . . and it is on.  Sami kind of lost her mind and started to mark her territory


. . . which of course just encouraged Nicole.  And upped the tension between EJ and Sami.  Soapy!

Oh, I should mention here that I really like Nicole this time around!  I was not excited about her return, because she's from an era of Days I hated, but Salem really needed a bad girl in this age range.  And alcoholic, meddling, flirtatious, gold-digging, metallic-jacket wearing Nicole is just the right fit. 

Anyway, back to the soapy tale.  I loved, loved, loved EJ and Sami's conversation about The Incident.  Sami confronting EJ about how Johnny was conceived was great, as was EJ's non-deflective response.  I know there was some whitewashing/re-writing in there, but I don't care.  I totally accept it, because the actors totally sold it and because the way that whole thing was handled after The Incident made me want to kick many shins and god knows my shin-kicking list is long enough and due for some removals.  Sami acknowledging what she did to Austin, EJ apologizing, Sami accepting his apology . . . it was all just made of soapy awesomeness.  I know I sound like a fangirl, but seriously, it was great soap!


So THEN, the married-for-convenience couple had sex.  I know it's a contrived soap plot, but it's a contrived soap plot involving actors with great chemistry and more importantly James Scott getting almost naked, so it was fabulous.




But meanwhile, Lucas was getting sprung from the big house (which is ironic, since EJ had tried but failed to make that happen - soapy!)



(BTW, how cute are NewMickey and Maggie?  They need a storyline.)

. . . and he walked in on EJ and Sami in bed together! 


I know, right?  What are the odds of something like that happening?! 

Okay, it was totally predictable.  But still awesome.  Not awesome?  How quickly Sami and Lucas fell back into the yelling routine.




She looks kind of like an angry Pekinese in that last one, and he is already veering back to angry emoticon territory.

But back to awesomeness:  The look on James Scott's face when EJ overheard Sami tell Lucas EJ meant nothing to her was perfect.  And EJ is totally going to end up retaliating by getting into some kind of relationship with Nicole, right?


Which would set up a great quad with Nicole and Lucas falling for each other, this time for real and without the involvement of a large monetary incentive.  Crazier things have happened!  Maybe Lucas can get her to attend an AA meeting or two.  Or at least not drink at the gym.

What I am not looking forward to is more of this:

Lucas: ...[Sami]'s a lying, cheating whore.

This is false on so many levels.  First of all, she didn't lie about anything.  Granted, it's a bit difficult to obfuscate when you've been caught naked in bed with the other guy and have hardly had time to throw on a hoodie and yoga pants let alone create a cover story, but she didn't lie.  She wasn't like "um, we were practicing how to give CPR if some tragic collapse happens during a skins vs. shirts pick-up game!"  And she didn't cheat, since due to a series of contrivances, Lucas and Sami got divorced and she married EJ.  But let's get to the really objectionable part:  the W word.  Even assuming this was meant in the "promiscuous" sense, as opposed to the "exchanged the deed for cash" sense, it's ridiculous, and offensive.  I hate that soap writers always go there.  Sami's a lot of things, many of them bad, but she's never slept around, and even if she had I can't really see how calling a woman a whore for having sex with her husband is kosher.  I don't know why I'm so worked up about this, but I am.  It's possibly transference of my anger at the limited amount of time James Scott spent shirtless. 

And then before I had fully recovered from the W word, ugh, they followed that gem up with this:

Sami (to Lucas):  ...I'm the one who screwed up.  And I hurt you.  I'm sorry.  I hate myself for that.

Oh god, we're back there again?  Where Sami isn't good enough for Lucas?  And when she walks around handing out invitations to her self-pity party?  No.  I hate that Sami.  She irritates the hell out of me.  If the writers want me to buy into this whole EJ/Sami/Lucas thing -- and clearly I'm predisposed to, on account of the soapiness and James Scott's shirtlessness in whatever quantity -- then they are going to have to steer clear of all accusations of whoredom and Sami being a pitiful wet blanket.  I have my limits.  And I am not afraid to downgrade this whole soapy shebang on the awesome alert scale.


You guys, I discovered the depth of my love of flashback montages.  I love them so much that I even love them when they're about Marlena and John.




I used to really like them together!  And actually, as long as John is still a snarky dickhead without a memory of their One True Love, I still enjoy them.  I especially loved John reveling in the fact that even back in the day, he could be kind of a jerk.  He was downright smug about Marlena cheating on RealRoman with him.  (Oh, and while we're on that topic, EJ's glee at the conference table sex reveal was awesome.)  And John's current-day prickishness continues to amuse me:

John:  Now you two kids.  You wanted something when you broke in here and interrupted me.
Sami: A small favor.
John: Small favor.  You're living here under my roof and you've eaten all of my corn chips.  I'd say you're doing pretty well for yourself.

Hee!  But here's the problem:  they're starting to make out again.


Nothing good can result from this. 


I'm sure there are less interesting things than Abe and Lexie's relationship. 


In the world, I mean, because I'm reasonably certain there are no less interesting things on this show.  Or television in general.

Marriage counseling based on growing apart, and a developmentally disabled child?  Really?  Did I stumble into an ABC Family Channel movie?  By the way, in terms of Theo, the biggest concern is not his development:


Um.  I'm going to have to assume that Abe took Theo to the barber shop in the midst of one of his crazy eyes fits and that was the result.  Because the crazy eyes are back in full force.



Lexie can blame the terrifying effect of the crazy eyes when she sleeps with their hot marriage therapist.  Because she will, you know.  It's Lexie.  Cheating on Abe and being a crappy doctor is pretty much the extent of her personality repertoire.  Save for the occasional stint living life as a hissing tunnel-dweller under a 1980s nightclub.  And you can't really do that more than more than every couple of years; it would be unrealistic.


Recently, something horrible happened to Stephanie Johnson.  I think you all know what I'm talking about.


Yes.  She wore a strapless linen jumpsuit.

Oh, and she was kidnapped for about three minutes.  But I think it's clear which of those two incidents is more traumatic, with longer-term consequences.

She also had sex with her uncle-via-adoption, Max.


I hope these two are in it for the long haul.  You know, they can really commit, then meet each other's families . . .

I still do actually like these actors together, but the writers need to acknowledge the weirdness of the pairing.  To start with, I don't think having them have sex over the Brady Pub was the best idea.  You know, since it's their family's restaurant.  Ew.

Also, can we talk about how not awesome this Max Is Rain Man story is?  Perhaps worst of all, it's making Nick look like an idiot, figuratively


and literally.

This whole thing makes no sense.  Max has never, until this point, shown any aptitude for anything academic.  In fact, he's been kind of an (occasionally) lovable dim-bulb.  I mean for god's sake, the kid went to summer camp and didn't find his way home for 15 years!

But really, why was Max working two and three jobs to pay the bills if he has some genius brain that could get him fat grants and a professorship?  (Of course, why does he have to work two and three jobs to pay the bills if he was a professional race-car driver with sponsors for years?  But that was soapy stupidity I was willing to overlook.  This savant thing is unsoapy stupidity, and I'm less forgiving of that.)

The only thing that might save this story is that apparently Roscoe Born's character is going to be involved.  I freaking loved Roscoe Born on Santa Barbara.  It was completely age-inappropriate for me at the time, but damn, I thought that guy was sexy.  I have high hopes for his entrance on the Days canvas. 


Villainous Victor is back!  I love that he was the one who kidnapped Brady. 


It totally reminded me of the 80s.  Remember the horrible things he would do to Adrienne, to "protect" Justin?  Also, remember how you thought Wally Kurth's dimples were the dreamiest facial features ever?  Uh, never mind, that wasn't entirely on-topic.

I loved Victor handing the reigns over to Phillip.  I'm optimistic about Phillip as the big corporate villain of the next generation.  (I did have some concern about the future of his empire after this though:  "Hey, it's Phillip.  Get me the computer division."  The "computer division"?  Wow, how super advanced.  Do they also have a ham radio division?  The hell? )

I'm also less than optimistic about Phillip with either Morgan or Chloe, because both possible pairings are boring me lately.

Oh, but we finally got to see the exterior of the Kiriakis mansion!


It's little things like this that make me happy about the direction the show is headed in.   I know this means I have turned into the "look, something shiny!" girl now, but whatever . . . look, gothic mansion!  Pretty!

All things Kiriakis in general:



I'm bummed they killed off Martino Vitale so quickly.


Joe Penny was great in the role, and I was excited about there being a new bad guy in town.  Victor needs a contemporary to battle, especially if it leads to him wanting to get more back in the game and therefore a power struggle with Phillip.  Soapy!  Plus Penny had good chemistry with Kate (who is conveniently Victor's ex and Phillip's mom), and I haven't enjoyed watching scenes with Kate since . . . ever.  Anyway, while I'm sorry he's gone, it's probably for the best.  The last time I found a newly introduced mafia character interesting and thought he held promise as a long-term villain and source of new additions to the canvas, it did not turn out well.

So for his short tenure and the fact that his death pulled us out of the interminable Ava Done Lost Her Mind storyline, I aware Mr. Vitali:



I know ER is ending soon and everything


. . . but with paychecks and residuals from 37 seasons, are times really this tough?


I know I have been against Steve and Kayla having another baby from the beginning, but I must admit, I got dragged kicking and screaming into caring about this storyline.  Because really, how could you not?  Mary Beth Evans KILLS me when she cries.  It's ridiculous.  I have some kind of Pavlovian response where I just immediately mist up.  And Stephen Nichols is probably at his best when Steve is a mixture of protective and distraught (remember when he rescued a sick Kayla from the Devereaux mansion?), so the two of them have just been amazing.


Sniffle.  Please be okay, little Joe Johnson.  I don't really understand why your parents can't visit you, but thank god the formerly crazy lady sneaked in to snap a photo on her cell phone to let us know you're doing as well as can be expected.


I like Ava much better now that she has more than one line to say ("You ruined my life, Patch!") and it turns out she was cuckoo because of being drugged by her daddy, not for some more organic, non-fixable reason.  Who are they going to pair her up with now, though?  They've put her into an age group where everyone is already spoken for, probably permanently, and she hasn't had interaction with people closer to her age.  My hope is they put her with Daniel, but since it's clear the people who write for Shawn Christian hate me, I imagine that won't happen.

Oh!  Are Steve and Kayla ever going to discuss the fact that he got semi-naked with Ava?  I feel like that really got dropped, and if I were a wife it's something I'd want to at least momentarily address, don't you think?

I cannot award all things Steve and Kayla the highest level of awesomeness just because they themselves are made of awesome (though I am tempted to), and I'm still a little worried about this baby story and the boredom it could ultimately bring, so I'm going to have to with:



Tony proposed to Anna.


Those four words, relatively to the rest of this beastly long post, roughly represent the airtime the two of them got over the last five weeks, so I'll leave it at that.

I am withholding an awesome rating because of the limited airtime and the insufficient soapiness of the proposal (at the Pub? yawn).


Holy crap, Ciara is practically a teenager.


I think this was a really smart use of SORAS.  Given the ages of her parents and her brother, and the almost impossibility of involving soap characters in an interesting story when they have an infant, I approve.  Plus, this little girl is darling.  I want to introduce her to the kid who plays Cameron on GH.


Oh, Daniel and Chelsea.  I've saved you for last, because you -- to speak in language Daniel can understand -- harsh my awesome buzz like whoa, dudes.

This whole "romance" was botched from the beginning.  First of all, there was zero build-up.  They had one conversation on a park bench and then he performed surgery on her.  Now she talks about being in love with him and this connection they have and she sounds like a moron.  And he, well, he just sounds like a moron because the writers thought having him constantly wear a comparably subtle "I am a cool, hip guy [who despite my 40+ years is a totally appropriate love interest for a girl whose character was a minor less than two years ago]" t-shirt, have opted to have Daniel continue to talk like a teenager.  A dorky teenager, from 1982.  Stuff like

Daniel:  Man, I have got to start gettin' some Zs.


Daniel: ...I'm bettin' Abe thinks you're all that and a bag of chips.

Good god.  I'm embarrassed for poor [gorgeous] Shawn Christian just reading that again.  Maybe he does crunches when he's repelled by his dialogue.  That would explain a lot.


Chelsea's half-naked in that locker he's leaning on because this super-hot-for-each-other couple just couldn't keep their hands to themselves!  Aren't you overwhelmed by the soapiness?   


No?  Yeah, I know.

As for her health status, I don't know whether there is any truth to this whole "a funky pancreas can contaminate your hoo-ha" medical condition, but regardless let me say I'm unimpressed with the new writers that one of their first big acts is to make Chelsea sterile.  Ugh.  At least we can hope this means no Chelsea/Daniel baby.  I would have thought that a kid was an age-inappropriate story for Chelsea anyway, but, well, you know . . .

I feel a little bad about how much I hate this storyline, because I like both the actors.  I think the Daniel Jonas character has such potential, and Shawn Christian -- provided he gets a haircut! -- is truly hot.  And Rachel Melvin is adorable.  She and Kirsten Storms turned our two least favorite bad girls into two of our favorites, and I salute them for that.  I still like Chelsea and Stephanie's friendship, and I liked the 17 minute relationship that Chelsea and Nick had.  But that brings me to another reason the Chelsea/Daniel story sucks.  Nick.

I didn't expect Chelsea and Nick to stay together forever -- and frankly they'd already started to bore me -- but how un-soapy was it for Chelsea to immediately fall in love with Daniel and then dump Nick in the shortest and least interesting break-up in history?


Chelsea:  How are you so amazing?
Nick: You taught me.

1) Barf, and 2) Bullshit!

If the writers wanted to get the audience invested in the Chelsea/Daniel relationship -- strike that, if they had any shot of getting the audience invested, because I'm convinced the age difference is insurmountable -- they should have had Chelsea and Daniel grow closer over several months, and they simultaneously should have written Chelsea like she actually wanted to be in a relationship with Nick.  Because at least in 2008, I didn't really get that impression.  They should have written everyone as disapproving because of the age difference and the doctor/patient issue, instead of this creepy "good luck you crazy kids, he's gorgeous!" reaction that Chelsea's friends and family have put on bizarre display.  Oh, AND, if they had to do the "Billie sleeps with her daughter's crush/boyfriend" story, THIS was the guy to do it with, not Nick!  And it would have given Billie a much better reason to leave town and not come back. 

But instead, they threw together a couple with zero backstory and almost no soapy angst, and as a result I have to watch two pretty and talented people in scenes that seem to have been created in a laboratory to be as unappealing as possible.  It's so unfair!  To me, to them, to soapiness, to the entire medium of television.

The sad truth is that Daniel and Chelsea are so far into the negatively awesome zone that they broke the awesome alert scale.  Are you happy now, Days?  You have a lot to make up for.  I think you should start with lots of scenes that require EJ and Phillip to be shirtless.

Screencaps courtesy of Days of Our Lives 2.


A most excellent 5 week recap, Becca. I too have found myself dragged by into the endless EJ/Sami/Lucas loop. The addition of Nicole to that grouping has done wonders by providing a nemesis for Sami and a friend/confidante for EJ. Now if they just drop the Rage!Monkey version of Lucas, we might have something soapily awesome for the summer.

The Good Max Hunting storyline is stupid, but Mr. Roscoe "Sunshine" Born is on his way and that alone is worth tuning in for. And since he's involved in this Max storyline and Max and Stephanie are dating, there is at least a small possibility of having Roscoe Born, Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans sharing scenes. That should earn the Totally Awesome rating no matter what.

Not surprisingly, I totally agree with your comments about Mary Beth Evans. She's been killing me with the scenes surrounding Just Plain Joe's birth. I wasn't as impressed with the plot contrivance of Ava getting a picture of JPJ for Kayla, but those things just serve to remind me that this is still Days.

And yeah, one would think a conversation between Steve and Kayla about the little romp Kayla interrupted would be in order.

Abe and Lexie's marital problems? Major snore. Chelsea and Dr. Dan? Just bizarre. But, overall, the last few weeks have been much better than I expected.

Oh, Serial Drama, how I love you. You guys are so all that and a bag of chips. (Highest compliment I assure you).

Why are Abe and Lexie given such a large story? And what's up with Theo's hair, surely that's the source of all their problems.

You summed up pretty much all the problems with Chelsea and Daniel as well as the ending of Chick (though I will stick up for Chick in it that their lack of story is what made them boring You refuse to put two people opposite each other for 3+ months that will happen). And I think Daniel Jonas is the biggest douchebag to hit Salem since Jett Carver. They pretty ruined this character to me. They missed opportunities of making him slightly awesome by either walking out immediately upon seeing Marlena's portrait in Dimansion or leaving Chelsea in the locker.

Hate hate hate Max is a genius story. Unless he was keeping math journals under his bed, no way he would understand the symbols or concepts Nick used in his formulas.

And I'm annoyed as hell at Steve and Kayla not having that very important talk about Ava. Instead we get Ava visiting her with flowers and showing her pics of Joe. The hell?

I can deal with Lucas returning if they would just let him dial down the shouting please. I mean, of course the situation may have called for shouting but you see (or hear it) one too many times and it loses it's effectiveness. Which, by the way, holds the truth for Sami's crying.

Help--(I've spent the past year watching more of ATWT than Days.So I'm not so up on John.) Wasn't it revealed some years ago that John was an Alamain? Has he given his inheritance back to them? If not maybe Aunt Viv will come back to claim it. Then she can take over Basic Black and be Kate's boss.

Once again rockin´ review! I always have such a blast reading your posts!

I totally agree about EJ and Sami. They are super awesome!! And how about that love scene? Awesome!! And I feel ya about Lucas, he is annoying the hell out of me too.

Days is getting good!

A most excellent review.

On Theo's hair:
Well, they fixed Chelsea's and needed to keep the balance of bad hair to good hair. So Theo suffers for it.

On Lexie and Abe:
Can anyone think of a more boring couple together?

Baby Johnson:
Needs. To. Live. Or it will give the Johnson's a lovely Kayla Goes Psycho storyline...

My friend, Tripp, already said this but it bears repeating, this recap was all that and a bag of chips. Good chips, like Doritos. There is not one thing you wrote about that I disagree with.

The highlights: Ejami sex. That was hot as hell and I recorded it on my DVR to enjoy since I'll probably never see them in bed again now that Lucas is back. Lucas is back to shouting and judging and Sami thus far has been ok, a little too much begging forgiveness and crying but she's better than she was last year. We'll see. I remain cautiously optimistic. I don't want to see EJ & Nicole hook up tho, while I like her better than I used to, I don't want her tainting my pretty Brit.

Chan...still sucking, still inappropriate, still annoying. It could have been decent if they hadn't rushed into this ridiculous insta-love, but they did and there's no going back. Plus he still looks like her father. Nuff said. Worst part is that Nick is getting the major shaft, I hope they have good things coming up for the character.

Abe & Lexie redefine the meaning of boring. Ha! to the sleeping with her therapist tho, we all think it'll happen. Theo's hair is a marvel...I'm sorry but I do not believe for a second that a doctor and head cop would get their young child that haircut.

The John/Marlena flashbacks had the jarring effect of reminding me that I had not always hated them, and worse, at one time I actually liked them. And she was still a gaspy shrew back then, so I blame youth and inexperience for that lack. One thing you did not discuss, and how could not not, the Portrait in DiMansion??? SHE picked that thing out? WHY???? I get soap rage everytime I see that thing in place of Stefano's lurking photo. Hate.

Ava & S&K is weird as hell but MBE is knocking it out of the park.

Nu Ciara is gorgeous! At least casting got one kid right (lookin at you Theo).

Max as a genius continues to be worlds of dumb. Another way to shit all over Nick it appears to me. I can only hope RB brings interest into this storyline.

Please keep up the recaps, maybe we'll get more JS shirtless as a present!

Bravo - you stored it up, but damn you hit all the high (and low) points perfectly. The awesomeness of EJ and Sami in bed together (almost skinemax but way sexier and hotter), to Shouty McYellerson's return to well, yell about how Sami done him wrong (blech).

Poor Theo's horrible hair choice - which I completely agree with WG - it's like the DAYS' hairdressers try to keep the balance in the hair universe, and the poor child suffered for it.

Tanna! Damn, the pub? Really Tony? I know you were on an island for 20 years, but I expected more....

Finally - Dansea, Chan, whatever you want to call it....well, I don't hate it. I can watch it more than I can watch Stax...so I'm willing to give it a chance...plus if I can see Shawn Christian nekkid, I can tolerate anything...see - this is what happens when I'm EJ and Phil nekkid-deprived...

As I am never one to shy away from offering my opinion, regardless of its unpopularity, I find nothing hot or interesting about Sami & EJ. Nothing. I don't feel anything and the sex wasn't sexy to me. Let me assure you that I do, most definitely, think James Scott is the definition of hotness but I continue to be unmoved and uninterested in this particular pairing. And I'm not a Sami/Lucas fan either and I'm not hoping for a reunion between them, so that's not the issue.

Days is losing me fast these days. I still like Max & Stephanie together, but not this current storyline. It is a shame that Nick is being made to look so stupid. Is that necessary?

I have no use for any type of awesome scale to measure Days these Days.

Well, I have to say that I loved the recap, and I giggled out loud at the following lines:

"And actually, as long as John is still a snarky dickhead without a memory of their One True Love, I still enjoy them."

"Save for the occasional stint living life as a hissing tunnel-dweller under a 1980s nightclub. And you can't really do that more than more than every couple of years; it would be unrealistic."

And I could not agree with you more on the Daniel/Chelsea vomit-inducing relationship. Blech. That's all I got on that.

However, I think I'm the only person left on the planet who still is rooting for Sami and Lucas. I MUCH prefer the idea of EJ and Nicole. James Scott - definitely hot. Yet, I'm still clinging to the distant hope that Sami and Lucas will be together. And the very end of Friday's episode where he kissed her made me literally squeal. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. I'm the last one on the planet to feel this way, buuuut I do.

Other than that though, could not agree with you more. ;-)

Squee! You brought out the Awesome Alert Scale! I never thought to see it again, much less the first(?) use of the "Totally Awesome" level. Who would have thought we would see the day? I remember those dark days when the "romance" and "angst" on this show was provided by Belle and Shawn or worse Belle and Phillip.

I just hope they aren't toying with us. I do think we should enjoy this for as long as we can.

You summed up my disgust in the Daniel and Chelsea storyline perfectly. Plus the fact that the Nick and Chelsea break up was very stupid and too short. That is an insult to us Chick fans and should have been written a whole lot better.

Sharon, you're not alone. I've always thought Sami and Lucas belonged together and I hope that, someday, they'll be endgame.

The recap is a thing of beauty, as per the norm. You girls make me laugh like a maniac; I enjoy the column more than the shows. Keep it up.

First of all, I have to say that some of this post ha me roaring with laughter. And seeing as its late at night and everyone else in my house is asleep, that was no easy task.

I LOVE Sami and EJ together. They are amazing, and James Scott is made of delicious. I knew about Lucas' return, and I was thinking it would lead to some more soapy goodness, but my god! Lucas is even more annoying than I remember! No offence to Bryan, but the writers are really screwing things up. First of all, calling Sami that word...bad. Secondly, causing Sami to fall into the "I'm such a bad person, please forgive me for all my wrong doings and we can get back together because you're the love of my life" routine. And third... Sami apologized for something she SHOULDN'T have had to apologize for, and what does Lucas do? Does he then say he's sorry for what he said? Nope, instead he kisses her and then makes her admit her feelings for EJ, and then chooses to tell her they can't be together. WTF, mate? If Sami doesn't put her back bone back in and tell him what a jerk he's being I'm going to have major problems with this story line. Which sucks because this has potential to be a really good story. Hopefully TPTB will correct this immediatly.

In other news. Crazy notJohn is pretty great. Unless he's kissing Marlena. I hit the fastforward buttion pretty quickly when I caught sigh of that. And the portrait. OMG, thats horrid. Now, if it were a nice picture of John with the Eyebrow.... amazing.

I fear the Lexi and Abe story will only lead to further boring doldrums. Nothing good will come of this.

Max and Stephanie bore me. All they do is sit around and talke about how much they love each other, occasionally arguing about Nick's proposal and Stephanie's weepy life. Maybe if they had an iteresting story, but no, every scene s pretty much the same conversation in different scenery.


The premi-baby brother story is pretty good right now. I suspect that has more to do with awesome Steve and Kayla, though. I totally agree that they are made of awesome.

And Ava becoming sane will hopefully lead to good things. She has potential.

Lastly. I don't have an issue with Celsea and Daniel. Not sure why, it just doesn't bother me. Except when he shoved her in a locker. That was a bit odd.

EJ and Sami - YOWZA!!! That was one of the hottest sex scenes ever. I just love them together. But of course Lucas had to come back and ruin round 2. LOL. I just hope that EJ doesn't sit back and keep taking Sami's crap anymore.

Max and Stephanie, I've tried. I really have tried but I just don't see the chemistry. Maybe it is just that I can't see past the whole uncle niece thing. I'm weird like that.

Chelsea and Dan, I've tried. I really have tried but I just don't see the chemistry. I feel like a broken record here. They just don't seem comfortable together, maybe it's just me.

Joe, you beautiful one-eyed, hair highlighted, leather wearing baby keep breathing. I think it will be interesting to watch Steve with his son.

Finally and most importantly, John you rock my world with your blunt truth talking attitude. I would be more than happy if they never give John his memories back.

Why can't EJ have chest hair? When a man who has chest hair (and nice looking chest hair, if JS' AMC run is any indication) is all waxed or Naired or whatever, it can be very distracting. I don't want to be distracted from James Scott's hot body. Does Shawn Christian have a clause saying he's the only actor on the show who can have chest hair? (I'm joking!)

I like Kevin Dobson, always have, even when his run on Knots Landing became little more than variations of, "Paige" and "dirty cop dirty cop dirty cop," but that rug has to go.

As for the rest of the show...I agree, more Tanna.

I just can't get into EJ and Sami. I love both actors and I'm all for redeeming EJ but I just don't like their story together.

This is a caption of a picture i found of a young max holding baby stephanie "Steve told Max that Stephanie would one day call him Uncle Maxwell. Max said she wouldn't because Steve was the only one who called him Maxwell. He'd just be uncle Max." Can you say creepy!? but I still like them together, the actors have so much chemistry!!

With Steve and Kayla I also sense boredom coming in the near future with the baby story (I'm maxed out thanks to AMC)but Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols are both awesome and can make any story good.

Chelsea and Daniel's relationship needs to just end!! and Daniel's dialogue is just ridiculous. Maybe the writer's have amnesia and are stuck in 90s, who knows they might even be in love with Kendall Hart!

well anyway some closing thoughts: More Tony and Anna! More Maggie and Mickey! More bad Victor! A better story for Lexie and Abe! Definitely more shirtless Philip and EJ!!

Becca, kudos sista, kudos!

The EJamcus story is the epitomy of soapiness. Though this love triangle makes me want to yank out my hair at times, it still keeps me sitting on the edge of seat wondering "Will EJ take off his shirt again today?"

Nicole is the ultimate soap diva. I am so glad she is back. She is the saving grace for the EJamcus triangle, now quad-angle. If it wasnt for Nicole and EJ I dont think I could sit through another round of Mrs Pitty Pot Sami and Mr High Horse Lucas going round and round. The comic relief Nicole brings along with EJ's pure sexiness make watching Lumi scenes semi-barable.

I was under the impression that Lucas was supossed to return as a newly formed bad-ass, how wrong was I. The only change I've seen in Lucas is that he is even more annoying and self-righteous than he was before he left. I didnt think that was possible, but indeed it is.

Girl, dont even get me started on the Chelsea/Dr Dan sl. The Ew factor has been completely maxed out on these two. Someone in Salem desperatly needs to point out that Dan could easily be Chelsea's father and that Chelsea was a damn fool to treat Nick the way she did. I wont even comment on Dr Dan's mini-fro.

As far as the Lexi/Abe sl goes. *yawn* Im sorry I cant comment on that because I slept through the whole thing.

You perfectly summed up my feelings about EJ, Sami and Lucas--though I think I'm even more irritated than you at the direction it took the last few days. Lucas was totally abusive to Sami, and it made me sick how she took it, and Marlena expected her to take it. I've hated Lucas and Sami from the beginning because he was always blaming her for something--even the crap he did (like shooting EJ) was somehow her fault. Can't they just have Sami grow up and realize that EJ is about a million times the better partner for her in every respect--as in, he likes who she is, not just the "new, improved" Sami, he's hot, he doesn't call her a whore, and he's hot! Plus, then we'll be able to see James Scott shirtless every day.

Wow, I had forgotten what an ass Lucas is. I don't like the effect he has on Sami at all. But evil robot dickhead John was fabulous during the confrontation scenes!

The thing that's making me craziest -- and I've been hesitant to say this, but I can't take it any more -- is Kayla. Every time I see Kayla's squiched up ready to cry face, I want to slap her. Your doctors gave you orders on multiple occasions that you flagrantly denied, and now you have the unmitigated gall to cry over your premature baby? You caused this situation, so shut the hell up!

My two pennies ...

I lurv Sami and EJ to no end. I lurved EJ when he was Ethan on AMC (mostly because he was with my girl Kendall and she rocks the socks). It took me a really long time (far longer than Days, it seems) to get over EJ the rapist. But I can't get enough of EJ and Sami together. They are the epitome of chemistry. They just have an easy rapport on screen together. They border of Bo and Hope territory (yeah, I went there!).

And that love scene. I think I blushed a few times. Then I went back and watched it over and over again on YouTube.

So now you bring in Lucas, who I was never a fan of with Sami? I grew to like them because they seemed more like brother and sister than parents in their early 30s to a mop-headed teen. And he comes back and treats her like shit?!?!? Hell to the naw!!!

Sami is following her M.O. of reverting to a puddle of tears when the man she loves berates her. But she has the other man she loves (we all know it's true) lying naked in the bed while she runs after the man who put her there in the first place. It's just ridiculous.

Put Nicole and Lucas back together. Hell, put Lucas with Ava (age-appropriate) so he can have a storyline that doesn't involve Sami for the first time in 10 years. That way I can my cake (happy Sami) and eat it, too (yummy EJ.)

EJ and Sami so deserve that Totally Awesome rating! And I like the idea of Lucas and Nicole - actually I'd like anything that gets him away from Sami. I want more Sami/EJ bed romping and no more Sami/Lucas shouting matches.

I can only say this - schmoopy is my new favorite word.

don't know why but i am really going for the chelsea/daniel story line. the age gap is a little much considering that shawn christian has a step-daughter the same age. having said that , it seems they are trying to protray daniel much younger than he really is maybe 35?

sami and ej line is always great to watch and yes i agree with you ej is just so yummy to watch and listen too

I am SOOOOOOOOO for EJAMI!!! I've watched Days for 15 years but had sort of lost interest recently... until the EJ/Sami storyline got going! They are so hot together, I just can't get enough.

BTW, I agree with all your comments except the Dansea ones - I do think that it was too fast, but I liked the Chick break-up (I thought it was the most realistic thing on a soap), and I can feel Chelsea's heat for Dan - I just don't see Dan's hotness for her yet. Who knows... I have no problem with seeing them work it out - the age thing doesn't bother me.

But, enough about Dansea - again, it's all about EJAMI!!!! I'm so excited that the Days I used to love is coming back in full force!

Only going to comment on EJ and Sami because they are the couple that is heating up Days since ...well, whenever they are on the screen for the past two years ! I agree with your every word....SNAP !!!!! I just hope that if enough influential writers like yourself can get through to TPTB, we will see more and more of the this hot chemistry (and more of EJ shirtless!!!)

Oops....have to add this. DOOL writers really need to lose the "Lucas is the love of Sami's life" line...I literally gag everytime I hear Marlena or ANYBODY roll that tired, ridiculous phrase over their tongue and onto my tv screen.
#1. The line applies to only a slim few couples in all of soapland...and Lumi is NOT one of them, for crap on a crutch !!
#2. Lucas and Sami have ZERO chemistry. It only makes everyone look ignorant when they say that. Oh there are still a few hangers on to the lumi pairing, but even they must see the hotness that is EJ and Sami.

All done. whewww...feel so much better ! Thank you again for your awesome recap.

Wow! I think that sums it up perfectly!
This is the first time I have read your blog, and I love it! You really hit the nail on the head with everything and I love your witty commentary!
Great quotes, great pictures, great dialogue you picked!
I am just loving this! I think I just bookmarked you!
Thanks for recognizing the blinding gorgeousness of Phillip and EJ half naked! That really keeps me watching!


Does Chelsea have a relationship with Dr Daniel? Will they be the hot couple in DOOL?


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