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« She's Got Her Sights Set On Him . . . Unfortunately | Main | This Could Go Either Way... »

May 19, 2008

Hooray for the Haircut! Now, About That Uber-Creepy "Romance" . . .

Rachel Melvin, finally you have a haircut that does you justice!



So adorable.  And SUCH an improvement.

Shawn Christian, you are still hot,


but please 1) get a haircut, and 2) urge the powers-that-be to give you a romantic storyline opposite an actress who was born before Reagan got elected (um, the first time, just to be clear).  (Or, in Daniel-speak?  "Dude, seriously, step away from the barely-legal.")

P.S.  Days Month in Review coming to a blog near you shortly; this show is getting good, y'all!  I can hardly believe I just typed that, but there you go.

Screencaps courtesy of Days of Our Lives 2.


The hair is fabulous. The Chan is suck. I can now concentrate on the hair instead of watching the facesucking. This storyline is ruining Chelsea, but at least she has great hair, so that's something.

Amen on stopping the McStatutory train before Daniel is ruined to us forever. I'm afraid I've lost a lot of love for Chelsea and I'm not sure she's worthy of the very cute haircut she found time to get since hearing about the premature birth of her young nephew.

And how many times are they going to repeat the same scene to us over and over? Please, can I have more Nick scenes even if it's in this lousy storyline with "suddenly smart" Max? And I'm tired of seeing Daniel sans shirt. I'd rather it be EJ, Philip, Nick (yes, Nick), Bo, and Steve.

The cut is adorable! Wish I could see it onscreen but alas, I've stopped watching their scenes due to all the creepy.

Yay! Becca is going to blog about Days again someday. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have start offering bribes or something (I was thinking shirtless pictures of James Scott might help).

And yeah, RM's new haircut is great. SC is hot. Chan, not so much.

I think you should send the shirtless pictures of James Scott, just in case.

Hee! I thought that might get your attention.

Post up first, then we'll talk.

Someone's earning a photo essay of the Daniel/Chelsea and John/Marlena relationships!

I was going to finish the post tonight, but I got wrapped up in Dancing With the Stars and now The Mary Tyler Moore Show reunion on Oprah. I...might have a bit of a TV problem.

"this show is getting good, y'all!"

Really? I still want to throw my remote through the TV.

Becca...you play dirty...

But that reunion is all around awesome!

Hey now. I sent you a teaser. That should at least grant me a pardon from the photo essays of John/Marlena and Chelsea/Daniel.

::reminds self not to threaten blogger with guffuder inducing pictures::

I love the new hair cut, it looks great. But the Chelsea/Daniel stuff is very creepy. Like someone else said, at least I can enjoy the new hair do, and not watch this very disturbing pairing.

Days is getting good! Really good! I adore Daniel and Chelsea pairing! And don´t get me started with EJami. I´ve just got my ability to write sentences back from watching their hot scenes. Omigod, I am addicted.

Can anyone explain the basis of this supposed relationship to me? I admit to liberal use of the fast forward button concerning all of DAYS these days, but I don't think I skipped anything of importance in this story. I don't remember anything explaining why these two are drawn to one another, other than physical attraction. And, hey, physical attraction is fine, but Chelsea keeps saying things about them having something special or telling Kate she is interested in a relationship with him. Then there is Daniel talking to Marlena about finding love again. I have only seen lust, not love. I don't get it at all.

But, yes, hooray for the haircut. Now, how to deal with the downside of there not being more distraction from the crappy story?

I'm a couple of episodes behind but...

I'll agree on the haircut and the comment that the McStatutory train has *got* to stop. I was ready to just start forwarding through all the scenes with those two when Chelsea gave him that little "Call me when you're ready for me" speech in the pub. Ick.

And I don't see the physical attraction that Becky sees. I see Rachel Melvin trying to suck off Shawn Christian's face...

I hate that haircut! I just want to take some scissors, and even it out. I don't mind the kissing, because then they're not saying the same boring things over and over, but stuffing her in his locker was ridiculous.

Do you think your May 13th blog had anything do to with the new hairstyle?

I'm sure! Especially since by then in real time she'd already cut it. I'm way influential like that.

That shit with the locker today was awful. Why are they pushing this relationship so hard? Ugh.

Also, she's got streaks. Did you see? I noticed them today when she was throwing McStatuatory up against the lockers. She messed up that lovely cut by streaking her chair. Sweet Lord. It's something Robin would wear.

Her hair obviously. Rachel Melvin streaked her hair. Oops.

I think there is something seriously wrong with having an affair or whatever with someone who can comfortably fit in a locker. It just strikes me as all kinds of wrong. Hair does look good. Now we just have to work on McStatutory.

In the top picture, she looks like a brunette LuLu--maybe just because her chin looks ginormous, because I'd never noticed a resemblance before.

OMG -- in that pic, she DOES look like LuLu!!!

Dr. Dan and Hope. They should be paired for a while. It would really liven up the family dynamic at the Brady house. Especially with Chelsea and Hope.

Love Rachel's hair and the Chelsea/Daniel pariing!

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