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May 13, 2008

I Know I Called You a Piece of Crap Excuse for a Soap Opera, and All That

I just . . . this show makes me want to do bad things.  Sure, just to certain people, and in retaliation for specific offenses, but isn't that how all organized crime gets started?  It's a slippery slope.

Claudia: Oh, you're in a foul mood, huh?  Looking for trouble?
Sonny: You know, I have not been fair to you.  I know I called you a lying whore, and all that. But hey, you know what?  At least you don't pretend to be anything else.

Your romantic lead, ladies and gentlemen! 

Remember when a well placed "Whore!" or "Bitch!" or "You betrayed me!" used to be the height of soapy goodness?  Was it only the shoulder pads that made those moments fabulous? 

I hate this show.


Why Sonny...when you sweet talk like that...I totally understand why all women on this show are just powerless against the Almight Power of your wang......why with words like that....ohhhhh I just swoon! Now I see why once you go Sonny you don't go back!

I feel a migraine coming on if I think about this too much......

I'm now amusing myself with all the ways that that sentence *should* have ended.

"I know I called you a lying whore and all that, but hey, you know what? At least I refrained from flinging barware as I said it."

"I know I called you a lying whore and all that, but hey, you know what? At least I didn't knock you up and then shoot you in the head as you were giving birth to my child."

"I know I called you a lying whore and all that, but hey, you know what? At least I didn't tack a 'bitch-slut-tramp' onto it."

The modern Cary Grant that one is! And I totally agree that the indiscriminate use of "whore" and "bitch" has done nothing but dilute its force (and show what a misogynistic douche Guza is, but that's self-evident at this point). Insults are to be treasured, nourished, rationed out with the utmost care so that when they are flung out they have maximum impact. What is more powerful, a daily barrage of "slut-whore-bitch" or a once yearly "You bitch!" said with a venom that only comes from months of nurture and cultivation?

I am so tired of the way the ABC soaps (AMC and GH, more than OLTL) constantly refer to the female characters at bitches and whores. It's particularly galling that most of the time it's women referring to each other. Ugh.

He's a charmer, isn't he. I am picturing him in mega shoulder pads and a bouffant now though...

It's writing like this that makes me glad I gave up on General Hospital. Seriously, WTF? I don't understand how women viewers can like Sonny when shit like that comes out of his mouth. It completely baffles me.

And to make it all MUCH worse Patrick is becoming the new Sonny. Mysogyny is contagious.

First of all his Jake's habit is out of control. If he is so dead set against becoming his father how about knocking off the daily trips to Jake's and the HS to lose himself in a drunken stupor to avoid the reality of his impending fatherhood?

To Robin he's all-- let me in, I want to help you and be a part of this "scary I don't think I want to be a Dad even now that you are knocked up but I like driving you insane with my immature indecision for months...pregnancy".

To Coleman, Luke, Spinelli and everyone else except maybe Liz, which is icky, he is all--all I want is my freedom back to fuck many many women indescriminately again and becasue of one very unlucky hookup with a baby obsessed ex my life is over. My fun and happiness is dead. She even deprives me of fantasizing about her sexy Mom. Por me another shot!

The fact that I now find the once "hot" sweet screwed up flawed funny confused but maturing PD to be as mysogynistic as Sonny is truly tragic. As sexy as he remains physically I no longer can stand him. I would refuse his advances as fast as I would Sonny's if I was PC's newest lying betraying whore bitch!

Bravo Guza! If Mother Theresa, Oscar de la Renta, Nelson Mandela, Dr. Mathilde Krim, George Clooney, and Al Gore were all on GH I would probably grow to hate them too. Which proves GH and the Guza gang can ruin anything.

Thanks, Guza, for lowering the bar yet again on how women are supposed to be treated.

Sonny is a disgusting self-loathing and pathetic character and yet we are supposed to believe all woman want to fall all over him just to taste the special magic of Sonny.

I gave up GH last Nov after watching since the first days. I want to watch it but I just can't stand it. I'll watch GL & DOOL before I'll tune back into this misogynistic mess.

Thanks again Guza, Frons & Phelps for killing my once favorite soap....and yeah, Sonny,I'm glad Stone can't see you now!

this show stinks. ive been tuning into oltl everyday and ff this crapfest.

Sonny is such a hypocite. He's the biggest whore on the show.

Sonny is such a hypocite. He's the biggest whore on the show.

I can actually remember in my early teen years watching GH and my father walking by and hearing an actor say "bitch" or something around this term. Now this was in the mid 80's and my father just about had a conniption that I was watching a show that said "swear" words like that.

The happy ending to this story is I didn't get into trouble because I told him Grandma (HIS mother) got me hooked on the show by making me watch it when she babysat for me.

I agree though - there is something to be said about shows not sinking to "real" level in the language that is used. Working in the transportation industry - all I hear are the colorful works George Carlin was made famous for.


My mom and I watch this show together when we can. We both looked at each other open-mouthed when that wonderful line of garbage came out of Sonny's mouth and I may have laughed in incredulity.


You know, it probably wouldn't be so bad to hear him say it if it wasn't a part of his everyday vernacular, not to mention his actions and his attitude. Sonny demeaning women is as commonplace as bullets, explosions, lack of continuity, and general WTF moments.

SO glad I've given up this crap.

OMG, Sarah, I SOOOOO agree w/you! That's exactly what I was going to say! I swear, I'm afraid to let my teenage daughter watch this crap-after a few weeks of viewing Sonny and Patrick, and about every other guy on this show except Jax, Spinelli, and Lucky, I'm afraid she would become a lesbian out of sheer terror at the idea of stumbling across a guy like Sonny or Patrick (for the record-nothing wrong w/being a lesbian b/c you are one by choice-something very wrong w/being driven to lesbianism b/c of a soap)! WTF is WRONG w/ABC Daytime?!

I'll tell you what is wrong with ABC Daytime: Brian Frons. Bob Guza is his partner and crime and Jill Phelps lets it happen. Shame on you, ABC!

Scariest thing I've ever heard come out of my 83-year old mother's mouth? "Oh, I LIKE Sonny!"

Mom. We.gotta.talk.

You are so right. God, that was an awful line, worse than he usually gets. "I know I called you a lying whore, and all that."

You are so right: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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