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May 13, 2008

Now THIS Is a Serious Problem

Lately, I've become increasingly concerned about Dr. Daniel Jonas and Chelsea Brady.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.  It's clear to anyone with eyesight, and a sense of shame.  There can be no disagreement about the wrongness involved.  It's just indisputable. 


Right?  It's so obvious:

Their hair is fug.

Rachel Melvin's haircut is one of those that you catch a glimpse of and you think you must have seen it wrong.  Like, obviously she must just have it pulled back in a too-messy bun, or the camera just caught her at a bad angle.





But no.  That's actually it.  What in the effing eff is that effedupedness?!  What are those pieces in the front?  What is the possible logic in that?  Did her stylist say something really offensive halfway through the cut, necessitating a quick escape in a fit of righteous indignation?  Or is this what we have to look forward to now that 98% of women in this country have realized that no, they cannot pull off the Posh bob?

Why do genetically blessed people insist on sullying themselves? 

Speaking of which, Shawn Christian is, as I think I may have mentioned, the tiniest bit totally freaking hot.  I'm even starting to like the character of Daniel a bit more now that he's dialed back the surfer-speak a bit.  However:



Is the good doctor morally opposed to a nice trim, especially on the sides?  (And no, there was nothing dirty in that sentence.  Ew.  This storyline clearly has done bad things to your brain.) 

I was in college during the grunge era and let me share a little secret with the guys out there:  You got laid in spite of your hair, not because of it.  We were all kind of wasted and mesmerized by Pearl Jam, and desperate to get out of our ugly torn jeans and flannel shirts.  We were willing to overlook a lot.  But Singles was 15 years ago, my hirsute friends.  Ditch the Flowbee and get thee to a salon.

This guy is supposed to be a famous surgeon.  I don't even care if this cut is designed to be in character because Daniel wishes he were a beach bum; it's distracting from Shawn Christian's hotness, and that is not okay.  I just keep looking at those little flippy pieces on the side and start pondering the state of hairdressing in America and I lose all track of the storyline (probably a good thing -- hey, this is a brilliant plan!).  But between the hair and the icky pursuing-his-patient-who-is-half-his-age things I start to wonder what the hell I'm supposed to see in this creep and then I --





. . . I'm sorry, what was I saying?

Some screencaps courtesy of Days of Our Lives 2.


Sorry, but the site of Daniel Jonas in a towel left me cold yesterday. Just the few seconds we got of Philip after the shirt rip was a zillion times hotter for me. I don't know if it's his hairy chest of his Monchichi face, but I cannot get into Daniel on a looks level. Couple that with this terrible storyline pairing him with Chelsea and he just turns me off. It's a shame, because paired with an acceptable aged person, he could have been something, but my hatred of him will not abate until he's moved out of Chelsea's sphere. Her hair is a fright as well, I'm hoping that she's changing it soon. As for his hair, well he looks like a Monchichi to me, seriously, look one up, spitting image.

Basically Daniel is ruined to me and I no longer see any hotness. They can strip him down to near nothing and oil him up with butter grease (which yesterday it looked like they did).

It's like, you meet a really hot guy out there who is actually older than you are (and you ain't no spring chicken) and it turns out he only likes underage girls. Big turn off there.

Yeah, hot as he may be I don't see it cause I'm so grossed out by the storyline. I've actually stopped watching altogether. Someone let me know when it's all over so I can start watching Days again!

Daniel is done for me. No hotness, zilch. Chelsea has ruined him. *tear*

Please let them return to some shirtless EJ or Phillip scenes. Now THAT is real hotness.

PS One final comment. Not to beat a dead horse to death, but WHY could they have not seen the amazing potential of him and Julie Pinson???? WHY?!?!?!

Ok, I'm done :)

Daniel looks like a Ken doll--disturbingly tan and hard. Ouch!

OH! Dirty!!! Did not mean that in that way, although, now that I think of it . . .

Shawn Christian is effin hot!!! And so is Dansea! I love them as a couple. So much chemistry and the drama!

Daniel is hot in every way and there is nothing gross about him and Chelsea. Chelsea deserves a good man they spark in everything they do, from kissing to just having a simple conversation. I have not seen so much chemistry since the 80's.

Daniel is hotter than hot. I love a real man with a hairy chest as opposed to all those plastic llook naked chested guys. Chelsea just makes him hotter.

Heck they are the only thing worth watching on Days

I love Daniel & Chelsea! They are the reason I started watching Days again!!

The chemistry between Daniel and Chelsea is on fire. I had to watch the Dansea scenes from last week twice....too much hotness for one viewing. Seriously someone needs to call the fire department.

Good LORD I must be old! I FF these two every time they are on my screen. Chelsea's treatment of Nick has ruined any interest I have in her, and McStatutory's dead wife? I DON'T CARE!

Are you people serious? What chemistry?? No really, I don't get it (and I'm 25).

I think Dr. Dan is very hot and pairing him with Chelsea is 100 times more interesting than with inert Nick.

Krista, don't worry. I don't see it either. Inert Nick? Got a problem with guys with brains and a coherent grasp of the English language?
My cringe-o-meter goes out the stratosphere when they're on. AND my FF button gets its workout big time.
I cannot believe, too, someone actually commented that Chelsea deserves a good man. After all the stuff that Nick did for her? What the hell kind of comment is that? (Lest we forget he helped PAY for her college?)

daniel is waaay too tan for me. And his face is like..made up of 4 or 5 really distinct lines that just make him look old. I have no other words to describe it. Enough DAYS, give me my tall british god back.

Daniel is a doctor with a savior-complex and Chelsea is a little girl with daddy issues. There is nothing remotely hot about the pairing, even if they had better hair, which they don't.

I cannot believe, too, someone actually commented that Chelsea deserves a good man. After all the stuff that Nick did for her? What the hell kind of comment is that? (Lest we forget he helped PAY for her college?)

Absolutely. Chelsea has used and abused Nick in every way possible and I'm praying that this storyline she gets her heart broke just like she freaking broke Nick's.

And just because you stick these two in a steam room does not make them hot. If anything they looked rather greasy and unclean. Seriously, the hair problems were a blessing cause it gave us something to stare at other then the grossness of the coupling.

I find Dr. Dan very, very yummy.

Dan and Chelsea? Not so much.

Thank for someone to finally mentioning Nick.OMG. What kind of breakup was that. Nick said something like I AM A WONDERFUL PERSON CAUSE I LEARNED IT FROM YOU. not in so many words but that is what he said to Chelsea after she broke up with him. Nick should hook up with Morgan and her family would be against it since he is not in her financial status. If they do that i would like half forgive them for Chick.

I am getting tired of people saying Daniel is hot, there is more to a guy than his looks and his money. I don't know what people see in Daniel/Chelsea, I think they are a stupid coupling. Their hairdo's were very bad that day weren't they.

Krista, I agree I don't see the chemistry either.

So there might be some reasoning behind that hairstyle on Chelsea? I just thought there had been some terrible rice threasher accident. (Very old Star Trek reference, which works, because Rachel Melvin could totally play a Vulcan.)

It makes her pointy chin look 100X pointy-er. Is that a good thing?

I absolutely agree that Chelsea deserves a good man...to dump her sorry butt the way she did Nick's.

Ok, remember the other day when Nicole said "Not you too" upon finding Philip and Chloe and then it cut immediately to Chelsea and Daniel?

I will confess that I spoke to the television and said "yes, unfortunately, them too." I really think this is a bad bad bad pairing. This isn't Bo and Hope, folks. This is a doctor and some chick who we don't even know what she's studying in school (although I suspect she'll switch to pre-med and then they'll be A. Medical. SuperCouple! - I'm going to trademark that...)

And what's with Daniel's hair? First he's got those lovely dark locks and now they're letting him lighten out so that he looks more surfer instead of sounding more surfer... do they really think he looks younger with lighter hair (no way... he was way more hot with the dark hair).

As for Chelsea's hair, it's bugged me for WEEKS. They need to shave her head and give her a wig for a while. Or *something*

It's that awful haircut that makes Daniel look like a monchichi. It's so distracting! I might actually think he's hot if he fixes that, but so far he doesn't do anything for me. And I totally agree with WG... why is he lightening his hair? Ugh. And Rachel Melvin is a lovely young woman, but has she EVER had a good hairstyle? I mean, come on. Anyway, this is my first time commenting, but I've been reading your blog for a while now and I love you guys!

I totally agree. He was hot to me until the Chelsea thing. I keep thinking that they are father/daughter especially since Morgan's dad is the same age as Daniel. I just don't understand this pairing. Although I did not understand the pairing of Max and Stephanie either. I'm not into nieces and uncles dating and I'm not cool with the older dude (if I may use some Dr. Jonas lingo) and a much younger girl. I mean I keep waiting for Chris Hanson from Dateline to walk out and ask Dr. Jonas what he's doing.

Daniel and Chelsea are great together. Chelsea and Nick are boring and they always have been. Nick is a good guy but he and Chelsea are better as friens. Chelsea has grown alot over the years and has matured quite a bit. This potential couple can become something big given the chance.

To each their own Connie, and I'll agree that it might be more bearable if Rachel Melvin would stop taking her "how to kiss a co-star" lessons from Drake Hogestyn. She's trying to suck the poor guy's brain out through his mouth. *THAT* has to stop at all costs.

Yes. It is the hair. I remember the grunge era and all you say is true. Now there seems to be a greasy-hair trend and that is different than our old messy/dirty hair. Dr. Jonas was hot... when he was Mike on ATWT. Here he looks a bit like a dude made out of clay. The coloring is all wrong.

Speaking of all wrong, I'm watching soapnet's replay of Days right now and could we go just one day without Mary Beth Evans clutching her stomach and doubling over in pain? This has been going on for months. When is someone going to tell her she's not pregnant -- her baby is really some mean looking kidney stones. I'm pretty sure she miscarried during the plane crash.

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