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June 02, 2008

Breaking Up Isn't Really That Hard To Do

Did you ever break up with a guy, and your friends are crazily supportive so they take you to a great dinner, get you a spa certificate, offer to kick him in the shins, etc.?  And you indulge them a little bit because they're being so sweet (and you would do many things, some illegal, for a good facial), but secretly you just want to run through the streets screaming "Thank the lord I am finally free!!!"?

If you have, then you know how Jason Morgan feels.  Because he's in the midst of a breakup with his longtime life business partner, and he may be putting on a front about how tough it is, but let me tell you, he is sooo over that bitch.




Oh, Sonny.  Jason's so over you, I'm beginning to wonder whether he was ever under you.  (Even Ross Gellar is cooler than Sonny at this point, BTW.)

So, Jason may have moved on already, but I need to focus for a bit longer on this breakup of the century decade year sweeps period, okay?


Sonny:  You gonna tell me you decided to take over the organization?
Jason:  Yeah, I'll take over.  If you give up Michael and Morgan.
Sonny:  My reason for getting out of the business is my children.  Signing away my rights as their father defeats the purpose, doesn't it Jason?  [Uh, I must confess I'm kind of puzzled about this too.  - Ed.]
Jason:  It's the best way to keep them safe.
Sonny: Best way to keep them safe is for you to take over so that I can be a better father to Christina and Morgan than I was to Michael.


Jason:  Just tell me how this plan of yours -- how do you plan to keep your kids safe?
Sonny:  Because I believe you can do it.  That once you're in charge, I'm not a threat, I'm not a target.
Jason: But you have enemies.
Sonny:  Yes I do have enemies.
Jason:  They're not going to let you go.  Know what, if you want me to sign the papers, you sign the papers and let Carly take Morgan.
Sonny:  Let Carly take Morgan?  When did this happen?  When did you decide that being loyal to Carly means turning on me?

Damn, Jason, you better be careful -- Sonny's so pissed he might post those "special" photos of yours on the internet and break all your favorite CDs in half before you can pick them up from his place!

Awesome Writer, I thank you for nodding in the direction of that portion of the audience (which I like to optimistically refer to as EVERYONE) that finds the relationship between Sonny and Jason dysfunctional and yet sadly more like a romance than virtually any other couple on this pathetic imitation of a soap opera.  However, while I have you here, could you answer some questions for me?   

  • Present company excluded, do the writers actually think viewers are dumb enough to think Sonny is leaving the mob for good?
  • Isn't it totally obvious to everyone that -- moral issues aside -- Jason is a way better mobster than Sonny and really should be in charge in the first place?  Is anyone supposed to want Sonny back at the helm?
  • Could you possibly slip a note to Bob Guza and ask him to stop killing characters and/or seek intensive therapy?
  • Why did Sonny move out of his office at the coffee shop, which if I am following things correctly, is a legitimate business that Sonny is going to continue to run? 

Screencaps courtesy of LaurieLuvsLiason.


I have some other questions for Awesome Writer...

Why does anyone think I would really care for this? Like I don't know come next sweeps period they will be all BFFs again?

And why isn't Greg Vaughan shirtless more often? I mean seriously...you want some ratings....

If the note won't work for Guza could you possibly slip something in his drink that would immobilize his mouth and his hands...much like Stefano on Days...so you could take over and he could do nothing about it? Think of the soapy justice.......

I was completely confused by moving out of the coffee house office myself. Dumb writers.

I've been wondering the same thing about Sonny's office!

That aside (and the complete stupidness of almost every other aspect of this show at present also aside) my favorite line of the month was Jason telling Sonny "We're criminals. We don't get to have a nice life." (If only Guza actually believed that...) Thank you, reality, for setting in after a full DECADE of Sonny's "I can keep my kids safe" delusions!

I have not loved Jason in way over a decade. But the quote of "We don't get to have nice lives!", those three screencaps above, and his scene w/ Robin where he admits he wished he would have listened to her about the long term ramifications about choosing the mob life....wow, even stone cold hearted me feels bad for the brain damaged killer.

(His scenes w/ comatose Michael were heartbreaking too, but that kid still kinda creeps me out. That and the whole shooting him was beyond offensive and I don't wish to applaud it. Shame on Guza.)

Jason ruined his whole life and any chance at real happiness, and now he KNOWS it. It affects him, his friends, family, Liz and Jake, even Spinellli, Lulu, Cam and Lucky. Jason is finally growing up and taking responsibility as best he can.

Sonny and Carly are still delusional. He will never be out. 1. He doesn't want to be out. 2.It doesn't work that way. How many times has Jason taken over already...three, four...?

And for Carly, her stance of banishing Sonny yet refusing to stop loving and seeing Jason proves one thing. She is still a two faced liar and a bad Mom. Poor Jax. Like Jason is a superhero and Sonny was a mobster, only the Sonny bullets are dangerous. Jason can catch them in his teeth or stop them w/ his cape?!?! If she wanted Morgan safe from the moblife she would distance herself fom Jason too. Hell, she and Jax should move to another state or country right away.

But Jason seems to understand he screwed his own pooch and it is too late to do a damn thing to fix it. Bravo Awesome Writer!!!! Finally someone pays some real life type consequences.

Jsson a better mobster than Sonny? Well he always has been. Loved him burning down Zacharra manse. Hell, icky Courtney was a better enforcer than Jason. She kicked way more ass than Jason and Sonny combined for a while back in her day. Sorry to bring her up. Don't worry, Spencer is going to college in the fall so she is WAY dead!!!!

I too am enjoying Jason running around saying common sense things that we viewers have felt since approx. 1998. Sadly, this is all I'm enjoying. As for Jax, could he at least get a woman who wasn't ruined by Sonny-love? It's hard to think of one, but really, poor Jax.

It's a shame I don't watch Jason more because Sonny, and I'm sure Maurice IS a nice guy, irritates the hell out of me. I'm positive that Spinelli is his kid in that neither can speak a complete English sentence.

I'm not even asking for a correct complete sentence - just a sentence that doesn't include verbs and adjectives where they don't belong. Perhaps that part of the character of Sonny - but quite frankly - he sounds like an idiot, which is why, IMHO, everyone thinks Jason would do a better job running the mob.

Hey Guza - where in any archive of any mobster, fact or fiction, have you ever seen a mobster leave the "family" and be safe?????

Sigh.... Guza is living proof that you can be in your 40's(?) and be as dumb as the day you were born. All neurological doctors should be researching and studying his brain to figure out how that happened.

Ooh I forgot the dumbest most hypocritical Sonnyism in that dialogue..."When did you decide that being loyal to Carly meant turning on me?"

Is he for effin real? First of all he has never been able to handle Carly without Jason's constant efforts on their behalf. How many hundreds of times has Jason sacrificed himself to support their marraiges...all four of them!! Sonny and Carly can't floss their own teeth w/out Jason's assistance. It's sick twisted and ridiculous. Guza may as well admit it, they're polygamists!!!! Except mainly it's two husbands to one wife. Sam and Liz and Courtney and Hannah etc.....are just temps.

And secondly, Sonny can only be uniloyal himself. Like when he treated Robin like a leper whore when she told AJ the truth. He threw her out like trash because he had to stand by his man Jason. It meant nothing that Robin was his family, and that she never judged him no matter what he did. She put their friendship above all else no matter what the cost. And the first time she did something he didn't like he banished her.

Sonny is the worst friend ever!!!! Even if you do every sick twisted illegal amoral thing he ever demands of you, and you dedicate your whole life to making his possible, he'll demand even more and make you become his miserable target self and force you to become him so he can go play Smurfs with his kids and new moll. As his BFF you have to pay for all HIS crimes as well as the ones you committed for him so he can play at being a regular citizen...again. What a buddy huh?

I have to assume that the illogical purge of Sonny's office was meant to emphasize the changing of the guard, but I have to assume that's the price you pay when you conduct your criminal activities at the site of you legitimate business. I like that Jason finally has a sense of reciprocity: if he has to lose any chance of having a family because he is helping Sonny out, so should Sonny. I can't believe Sonny didn't even acknowledge the kind of added burden Jason's new role would have on his "non-relationship" with Elizabeth and the pebble. I'm seriously hoping that Jason does not forget his vow to breakup with Carly as well.

I was wondering about Sonny's office too. Lately the only scenes I have even come close to enjoying are the Claudia/Nik scenes which is weird because I don't even like Nik. Why do I watch this stupid show?

Even the screencaps of Sonny-Jason scenes threaten to put me into a coma.


LOL Is it just me, or does Jason always have the same facial expression. It either borders on mild intrigue, disgust, pissed off, or simply bored.

The funniest line all last week...when he came home and spinelli was having dinner. Jason - "I live here"....uh duh. :)

CBS has "The Bold and the Beautiful", and now Guza/Frons & Co. have re-defined GH as "The Bad and The Boring." Wake me when it's over. ZZzzzzzz.

Um...Jason and Sonny talked? I must have...wait! I remember! GH was so boring last week that I read a book instead. That explains why I can't remember any of this.

No Tabby its not just you...that is the Jason look....same clothes and facial expression since 1998. Aren't we being new, daring and different?

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