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June 14, 2008

Countdown to the Emmys: Day 2

We continue to look at the Emmy nominees with our ever-judgey eyes and turn to Younger Actress, also known as the WTFiest category to ever WTF. We know that's not the most eloquent statement we've ever made, but...seriously.

After the jump: watch their Emmy reels and let us know which of these illustrious ladies should win, and who you think will go home with the Emmy.

Vail Bloom as Heather Stevens, The Young and the Restless

Vail Bloom is so, so pretty. If we were giving out Emmy awards based on prettiness, we'd totally give her one. But if we're going based on acting, we can't help but note that she expressed rage and heartbreak over her biological father staying out of her life and allowing her to be raised by an abuser the same way that some people express anguish over their computer crashing the night before a big project is due. Not to mention, she  was thoroughly upstaged in this episode by Doug Davidson. And her pearl earrings and necklace. And her kicking side ponytail.

Jennifer Landon as Gwen Munson, As the World Turns

All we know about Jennifer Landon is that she's a Daytime Emmy-winning machine, and Michael Landon's daughter, so we were predisposed to be impressed with her. She seems to have a very natural screen presence and charisma. It's one of the best reels, for sure, and that sounds like it's damning with faint praise amongst this sorry lot, but we genuinely mean it! 

Rachel Melvin as Chelsea Brady, Days of Our Lives

We love her. We seriously, seriously love her. Rachel Melvin's refreshing talent was key in taking Chelsea from the second most horrific character in all of daytime to one of the most enjoyable. We love her so much that we're not even going to comment on how utterly awful her hair was at this point in her life, except to wonder for a second why such a pretty girl has a hard time finding flattering hairdos.  And we're not going to taint this lovely Emmy reel with talk of her involvement in one of the creepiest "romances" in daytime.  Because we're classy like that.

Emily O'Brien as Jana Hawkes, The Young and the Restless

Campiness, they name is Emily O'Brien. Her Crazy Eyes need to be commemorated with some sort of award, but we don't think the Emmy is it.  But there should totally be a Crazy Eyes Award!  This is yet another reason they need to bring back the Soap Opera Digest Awards.  Trust that we are constantly lobbying on this critical issue.

Tammin Sursok as Colleen Carlton, The Young and the Restless

Mallory started foaming at the mouth and hysterically shrieking things like "Colleen is supposed to be from WISCONSIN. Why does she have an Australian accent?! And she totally sucks!", so she didn't make it all the way through the clips.  Becca was like "isn't this the girl that leads people to our blog through the Google search 'Tammin Suresucks'?" and then got distracted by something shiny.



wow - this is what Tammin nominated? Oh the horror! I don't even watch any of the ABC shows, but that baby Kate on AMC did better acting in the previews on Soapnet than anything that Madame Suresucks did on her reel.

While that was Jennifer Landon's clip, all three young actresses nailed that scene. So of course none of those three actresses are with the show now (including JL). Two of them were let go.

At least their exits were positive (reunited with adoptive mother, going to college, and leaving town with her new husband and adopted baby) and leave room for all to return. You know if they were on GH their bodies would be floating to the top of the Snyder Pond for May Sweeps.

I'll say it again...Kirsten Storms got ROBBED!!!

I still can't believe that Tammin Suresucks got a nomination! Hell, i can't believe Y&R fired Adrianne Leon for this little twit! She's beyond awful! How did she even get this role, one does have to wonder because she Suresucks!

I still can't believe that Tammin Suresucks got a nomination! Hell, i can't believe Y&R fired Adrianne Leon for this! She's beyond awful! She doesn't know how to show any emotion and she has zero chemistry with everyone on the show! How did she even get this role, one does have to wonder because she sure does suck!

I think Emily O'Brien is a very good actress, beyond just campy facial expressions. She makes the relationship with Kevin work, she has a great sense of comedy, and she's good in drama when they let her.

I think Tammin will win, just a hunch. If not her, then Jennifer Landon.

I still can't believe that Tammin Suresucks got a nomination! Hell, i can't believe Y&R fired Adrianne Leon for this and we're having to watch this dreadful so-called actress! She's beyond awful! She doesn't know how to show any emotion and she has zero chemistry with everyone on the show! How did she even get this role, one does have to wonder because she sure does suck!

I don't watch Y&R anymore. What's the "burning freezer" Kevin was talking about?

Oh, and Rachael Melvin rocked that scene!

Rachel Melvin was awesome in that scene, of all the women nominated I think she's the best, but I too think that Kirsten Storms and Ambyr Childers got robbed.

And we're not going to taint this lovely Emmy reel with talk of her involvement in one of the creepiest "romances" in daytime. Because we're classy like that.

Hee, I wish I could be as classy.

But all fairness, RM winning would be awesome. And though I'm clearly hating Chelsea right now due to the creepiest romance in daytime, if they removed her from the ickyness of it and put her back with Nick or let her suffer alone, my love for Chelsea would return and it would be because of Rachel.

I refuse to even acknowledge this category anymore since they completely snubbed Kirsten Storms!

Of the above reels, the best performance by far was Julie Pinson. Can we give her the Emmy please? Why hasn't she gotten an Emmy yet? Why did Days let her go? Oh yeah, because Corday went to the Brian Frons School of Moronic Asshole-ism.

Seriously, Rachel had the best reel - Jennifer Landon's was a poor choice, as she was secondary to the scene and didn't have much to do. I know she can act from flipping to ATWT during OLTL's commercial breaks, but that clip didn't showcase it.

And by the by, all three Y&R reels were so awful that I couldn't get through them either. It's hard to say which was worse, the "acting" or the dialogue ("We were trapped in a burning freezer and we survived" ??? WTF?!)

Jennifer Landon...best of this group...and the lone name the voters know....and we all heard the scuttlebutt on how these nominees got the nods.....

This category is the WTFiest WTF that ever WTFed, and it probably proves how utterly insane soaps have been behaving lately in respect to their younger female acting talent.

Deserved: Jen Landon, Rachel Melvin, and perhaaaaps Emily O'Brien, who is more versatile than crazy eyes.

Completely undserved: Suresucks, and Bloom. Just...horrid clips. Could not make it through either.

Kirsten Storms clearly should have had a nom. I'm not even her biggest fan acting-wise, but she's head and shoulders above a few of the noms on the list.

Actresses who could have easily made it on the list...except that they were fired for inexplicable reasons: Adrianne Leon, Alex Chando (who played "Maddie" in Jen Landon's clip, Lindze Letherman (provided they could find an episode where she was doing something other than pouring coffee), Davetta Sherwood.

Seriously, it almost makes me want to weep at the young talent soaps let go of in favor of...uhh...other people.

Anyway, from the clips, I think that Melvin SHOULD win it, but Landon will surely win the sentimental Emmy the academy is so known to give out to young actors leaving daytime.

You know Tammin used to even WORSE on Home and Away (Australian soap). Even. Worse.

I'm still shocked that Kirsten was robbed. Her scenes involving Georgie's death were 10x better than any of these supposed emmy worthy clips. This category shows what a joke the emmy's have become.

I'm none too pleased with any of the choices this year; Kirsten Storms' performance at Georgie's funeral was daytime gold; nothing else compares. But I figure we'll probably see Tammin take home an emmy. She seems to have friends in VERY high places. Which is good, since she lacks any semblance of acting ability.

Wait, wait, wait. Suresucks, who is doing well to convince me she's a human being much less an American college student, is nominated for an Emmy and Kirsten Storms isn't? WTH is the world coming to? Maxie Jones is one of the best characters on daytime. Colleen Carlton, under TS's tenure, has become the single suckiest character on Y&R, and considering that Sabrina-of-the-questionable-gender is on that show, that's saying something. Of course, I lost all faith in the Emmy award after Natalia "Um" Livingston won one.


HA! Seriously, you totally captured Vail Bloom's level of urgency..."Oh my GOD I have a REPORT due in TWO HOURS and STARBUCKS is all out of SOYMILK for my LATTE!!!" Oy.

I seriously cannot figure out how we wound up with this crop of nominees. Was it the first five who showed up at the door? If this were 2004, would Very Experienced Charity Rahmer have been a contender as well?

That said, out of the two contenders in this category that can actually act...I wasn't too impressed with either one of their clips. Jennifer Landon seemed like a guest star in hers, and Rachel Melvin...I love her, I am pulling for her, and I think she's consistently awesome, but in this particular clip, if I had not been watching her all year and wasn't aware of her capabilities, I would find her too one-note and whiny.

Honestly, I have a feeling Emily O'Brien might take this. Her clip drew me in the mos t based solely on viewing these clips only, and at least she is the least of the three evils of the Y&R WTFs.

Wait a minute..where in the hell is Kirsten Storms? Oh, I forgot. She was f*cking robbed!!!!

I too, think that Tammin Sursok will win BUT only because she seems to have someone higher up looking out for her; God only knows it's not because of her acting skills! She has single handedly ruined the character of Colleen Carlton! Adrianne Leon should have at least received the pre-nom! Such a waste!

I'm so out of the loop! What do you mean they don't do the Soap Opera Digest Awards anymore? Those rocked! Nothing like seeing some serious, Shakespearean trained actor who was slumming on a soap winning Best Crazy Eyes and trying to appear appreciative. HEH!

I just realized Jen Landon would make a fabulous Lulu Spencer recast, since she needs a job, can play the girl rebel, and you know, can act. But I think she may be smarter than to take a job on the show which drains natural talent and eventually your soul away.

Sursok and Tammin over this?



Seriously, I'll NEVER get over it. Kirsten was completely ROBBED! Her facial expressions, her voice inflictions, her body language - everything was perfect. The quality of the youtube videos don't even do justice to her beautiful blue eyes - two of the most expressive eyes - brimming with tears, the very sight of which broke my heart.

LMAO! Forgive my brain fart moment. It's a testament to my outrage that I referred Tammin Sursok as two different people. I meant Sursok and Bloom.

Jennifer Landon is good, but 3 emmys in a row? PLEASE! She's not THAT good.

Kirsten Storms WAS robbed, so hopefully next years it will be her year.

RACHEL MELVIN FOR THE WIN! She has brought it in all her scenes. She is freaking amazing!!!

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