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June 15, 2008

Countdown to the Emmys: Day 3

Our Emmy countdown continues and today we take a look at the gentlemen nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor.  After the jump: their Emmy reels and your chance to pick who you think should win, and who you think will go home with the title.


Daniel Cosgrove as Bill Lewis, Guiding Light

We like to consider ourselves Daniel Cosgrove fans, solely based upon his hilarious turn as the put-upon Freddy "Mr. Karen Darling" Mason on Dirty Sexy Money. He was so endlessly hilarious on that show that it almost made us forget the epic lameness (in spite of his hotness, which made it extra tragic) of Matt on Beverly Hills 90210 and the cringe-inducing dance that he did in the opening credits. He's incredibly likable in the submitted clips, and the lyrical way he says "M'dad" is amusing. And, to be honest, he really deserves all the accolades in the world for being able to act opposite Marcy Rylan and her hideous babushka (what is with young daytime actresses being forced to wear babushkas? Stop trying to make babushkas happen!) without breaking character or diving on top of her and tearing the wretched thing off of her head.

Trent Dawson as Henry Coleman, As the World Turns

Since we're still not convinced ATWT is a daytime drama that airs regularly on network television (we're still waiting to meet someone who watches it), we did a little research on this Dawson guy.  Verdict:  awesomely quirky.  In this interview alone, he sang his own hold music, refers to his cats as "sluts" and "dogs in cats' bodies," and embraces dressing in drag.  What more can you ask for in a soap actor?  Oh, good performances.  Well, from this reel it seems like he gives you 29 viewers of ATWT those too.

Brian Kerwin as Charlie Banks, One Life to Live

In a mere four minutes, our lives were changed forever. Watching these scenes from One Life to Live left us awestruck. Overcome. Verklempt, even. As soon as we hit play, the sun shone brighter, birds chirped louder and money fell from the sky as a heavenly choir sang.

Uh, sorry, we were just channeling some of our readers there for a minute.  This Brian dude isn't half bad.

Greg Rikaart as Kevin Fisher, The Young and the Restless

The fact that Jana's character was completely rehabilitated through the ever lame "A tumor made her do it" story and moved onto a lovey-dovey story with Kevin kind of dampens the impact of these scenes, but...seriously? It's Mallory's favorite of the reels. Rikaart managed to hit a perfect blend of funny, intense, sarcastic and menacing.  (Becca has agreed, for the sake of the blog's integrity, not to talk about Rikaart , because it all comes out "OMG, he was Tiny Gay Elfin David!" which eventually leads to an extended discussion of Josh Jackson's hotness and the fact that she may be forced to watch that vaguely science-fictiony pilot of his this fall, the largeness of Van Der Beek's noggin and then the awesomeness of episode he was on of How I Met Your Mother, whether the woman who played Andie is collecting social security yet, how sad it is about Michelle Williams having to raise her daughter on her own, how crazy-ass Tom Cruise has made the two-toned hair year seem like the high point of Katie Holmes' life, and...well, we don't have the space for all that.  But seriously, he was Tiny Gay Elfin David!)

Kristoff St. John as Neil Winters, The Young and the Restless

Remember when Neil fell off the wagon for exactly twenty-six minutes after Dru died? Dramatic...ish! Kristoff St. John is a great actor and capable of handling any kind of story, but we hope that the Emmy voters don't reward him this year, just in case it leads the writers feel that that making Neil soul crushingly boring was the right thing to do.



Uh, sorry, we were just channeling some of our readers there for a minute. This Brian dude isn't half bad.
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is perfect. I'm glad that the fans of OLTL are enjoying their show, but it's not for everyone.

OMG, Tiny Gay Elfin David is on a soap now??? *flails* Holy crap. I might have to check that out.

And I didn't realize Brian Kerwin was on a soap now, too. Of course he got nominated -- he can actually, you know, act and stuff.

I know through some curse of fate it will end up going home with Tiny Gay Elfin David....but I so badly want it to go home with Trent....any one who sings his own hold music is most deserving.

oltl is total boss. ahem. yes, i said that. rikkart or st. john will win. for pulling gold out of a crap storyline

I hope Trent wins. He never fails to entertain as Henry - sometimes he's the only thing getting me to watch ATWT. He can make you laugh your butt off and when they give him the right stuff he can make you cry. Too bad the Emmy's don't usually go for the guy who's often used for comic relief.

Brian Kerwin should walk away with this, but probably won't. This guy can act rings around the other noms.

Kevin Rikkart is a really underrated actor. He plays a character who is basically unplayable and makes him almost believable. He is also the best or one of the best comedic actors on Y&R.

Trent Dawson is also very good, but ATWT never gives him anything to do.

Do any of you remember Daniel Cosgrove when he was Scott Chandler on AMC? His best acting was when he was electrocuted while repairing a fuse box, but he's sure pretty.

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