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June 16, 2008

Countdown to the Emmys: Day 4

The Daytime Emmys are fast approaching and tonight, we take a look at the nominees for Outstanding Supporting Actress. After the jump, their submitted reels and your chance to pick who deserves to win and who you think the voters will award.

In case you missed your chance to play Emmy voter for the other categories, take a look at days 1, 2 and 3 of our countdown. It's all the fun of getting to choose your favorite without the debilitating chemical dependency and lack of taste that goes with being one of the official voters.


Tracey Bregman as Lauren Fenmore, The Young and the Restless

Tracey Bregman has always done her best work when she's facing off against Sheila, and she is undoubtedly fierce in the episode she submitted. "The only way you're getting to the hospital is zipped up in a body bag"?  That's pretty awesome.  On the other hand, reminding voters of the silly plastic surgery twist to the Sheila story, not to mention the fact that Lauren and Michael named an innocent child FENMORE, may not be the best idea in the world.

Judi Evans as Bonnie Lockhart & Adrienne Johnson, Days of Our Lives

Why in the name of all that is good and holy [James Scott] did Judi Evans submit an episode from the Bonnie era?  The writing was horrendous!  (We hate to do this to our readers, but we feel the need to remind you of what else happened in this episode.)  Sure, Evans can make almost anything watchable, but any of her scenes as Adrienne were better written than this schlock.  The Adrienne scenes are not included in these brief clips, but we're guessing they didn't involve cheesy southern accents or morgue-related hijinx, so we have a hunch voters might have preferred those.

Kelley Menighan Hensley as Emily Stewart, As the World Turns

Emily is a prostitute who's getting roughed up by a john.  General Hospital may not have had a nominee in this category, but somehow we have an inkling who Bob Guza's rooting for!

This is actually a really strong clip; Hensley does some nice subtle things with her eyes and body language.  (Is it because she's playing a hooker that that sounded dirty?)  We hope she gets cast on a non-imaginary show soon.

Gina Tognoni as Dinah Marler, Guiding Light

Why, when 72 cast regulars have bailed on the sinking ship that is Guiding Light, couldn't Gina Tognoni have been one of them?  We want her on a show 1) we are certain exists, and 2) even better, that one of us actually watches.  As for this reel, it's strong, plus she's gorgeous but is playing a character with a disability (traumatic brain injury is very now), so if the Daytime Emmys are like the Oscars then Tognoni is a lock for the statue.  But wait, the Daytime Emmys are nothing like the Oscars!  Nothing!  Mediocre performances are routinely nominated for Daytime Emmys, and the awards often go to the bigger stars instead of the most deserving performers.  That is TOTALLY unlike the way more respectable and completely merit-based Oscars. 

Heather Tom as Katie Logan, The Bold and the Beautiful

Everything Heather Tom touches turns to gold, seriously. This is, like, her fortieth nomination and she totally deserves it.  Mallory became a total fangirl at the very sight of this clip, so she leaves it to Becca to provide a reaction besides "PLEASE COME BACK TO Y&R, HEATHER! WE NEED YOUUUUUUU!"  (Eh, she didn't blow me away or anything.  Though I might have been distracted by Patrick Duffy -- OMGBobbyEwingOMG!!!, the awful blouse and lip implants on the blonde who isn't Brooke, and the fact that this show has a lawyer named Storm. - Becca)



I think you are totally right on who Guza's rooting for. Heck knowing him, he's cribbing notes for Carly or Lulu's next big story from that as we speak.

Anyways back to the nominees...Gina Tognoi is fierce yo!

Emily is not actually a hooker. Shes the editor of a tabloid. I guess she was undercover as a hooker? I dont know.

Emily was a hooker for a brief period last year and it wasn't because she went undercover either.

Emily had a breakdown and turned tricks for a while. It was awful. I'm pretty sure that If Genie Francis ever comes back to GH, that's the storyline Guza will write for her.

You're very lucky you didn't have to sit through the 500 consecutive episodes where Katie's heart gave out, her brother killed himself (or "sacrificed" himself, as the show called it) to give her a new heart, she rejected the heart, she had a fantasy prom date with leathery Jack Wagner, and on and on.

Half of me thinks Judi Evans deserves to win this, just based on the sheer fact that she has been overlooked SO MANY TIMES in the past 15-20 years. But I'd be happy if Gina Tognoni wins, she really is a sight to behold.

BTW guys.....y'all should check out One Life To Live if you want to watch a soap that honestly DOES NOT SUCK right now. They bought back not one, but TWO actors from the past. POPULAR ONES! The plots and dialogue REFERENCE SHOW HISTORY and MAKE SENSE! The storylines are DRAMATIC AND COMPELLING!! Seriously, it's the damndest thing.

Another OLTL fan here. And though I love Gina Tognoni, like Heather Tom, and I'm sure the other actresses are at least somewhat deserving, but Kathy Brier was ROBBED! She had her strongest year since joining OLTL - and though the "on the run" storyline with baby Tommy made less than complete sense at times, her performance totally kicked ass. Why in the world was she overlooked? Oh yeah - it's the Emmys.

Also robbed: Catherine Hickland. After languishing in recurring-status Happyland for too long, Lindsey the Superbitch came back with a vengeance. Lindsey's scenes with Todd in the prison showed that Catherine can do amazing things if she's given a decent script.

And since I forgot to post yesterday - my choice for ROBBED in the supporting actor category is Tuc Watkins. Seriously, he is a god.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpF0zumuxac <
And no matter what Linda-frickin-Dano says, Tuc is amazing at both comedy and drama. If there were any justice, he would have at least gotten a nom.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqEWgiSh3vI <

Ummm, since I have so many fellow One Life To Live fans here, and no one pointed it out, I thought I would: Both Gina Tognoni and Heather Tom played Kelley Cramer; I think Gina originated the role. I got love for the OG Kelley, I hope she wins.

Isn't the lip implant blonde girl the one who played Grace on the Young and the Restless way back when?

Thats funny. Both Heather AND Gina played Kelly over at OL.

Heather should win it. She deserves it. She was basically pushed to backburner for a while until they decided to pawn her off on resident man-whore Nick. I don't care if Nick is played by Jack Wagner, it's just not right to be involved with three females from the same family in less than a year.

Yeah. Donna(Jennifer Gareis) used to be on Y&R as Sharon's "friend" Grace.

I did not care for Gina T *at all* when she played Kelly.....which makes it all that more of a credit to her that I find her Dinah the only reason to watch GL.

Also, there is a woman at my office that calls me "Ms. Colleen", because she thinks I look like Colleen from Y&R. I dont watch Y&R, so I didnt realize until watching these clips that 'Colleen' is that awful Tammin Suresucks that I read about on this blog all the time. Thankfully, today the woman clarified that she thinks I look like the "old" Colleen, and said a few words about Tammin that I will not print on a family blog. :)

Can I just say I'm really glad I didnt watch the Emily turning tricks s/l? Damn that sounds HORRIFIC.

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