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June 17, 2008

Countdown to the Emmys: Day 5

Our hypercritical look at the reels submitted by the Emmy nominees has brought us to our most favorite category, Outstanding Lead Actor. These men are actually on shows that we know for a fact exist and the nominations themselves almost make total sense. Almost.

You know the drill: after the jump, watch their clips and vote for who you think should win and who you think will win.


Peter Bergman as Jack Abbott, The Young and the Restless

Peter Bergman was predictably great in this scene, conveying hurt and anger that Sharon had lied to him about her feelings for Brad. And seriously, wouldn't you feel the same if you learned that your new wife was carrying a torch for Brad "Bot" Carlton? Shudder. But, really, has Peter Bergman ever been anything short of brilliant? No. No, he has not. Does Mallory routinely type his name out as  "♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Peter Bergman♥♥♥♥♥♥♥"? Yes. Yes, she does. That pretty much tells you all you need to know about her thoughts on the matter.

(Becca would like to note for any law enforcement types reading this that she is wholly unassociated with Mallory's, um, "affection" for Mr. Bergman.  She thinks he is a handsome man with an admittedly dreamy voice, but has no extensive collection of his screencaps, no knowledge of his home address, and no definitive proof of a shrine in his honor at her co-blogger's abode.)

David Canary as Adam Chandler & Stuart Chandler, All My Children

Don't let the Cosby sweater fool you, this is Adam, not Stuart. What a great scene for David Canary to pick: in three short minutes, he hit about twenty different emotions: heartbreak, anger, anguish, barely suppressed rage, outright rage... And, as a bonus, he refers to Babe and Krystal as lying sluts, a move sure to get Emmy voters on his side. Well played, David Canary, well played.

There's a moment there at the beginning where he looks exactly like Jack Palance, though.  Voters might have been scared off by the prospect of one-armed push-ups at the Daytime Emmys.  Such a meaningful and dignified ceremony cannot be marred by that kind of frivolity-slash-potential-cardiac-incident.

Anthony Geary as Luke Spencer, General Hospital

Our Luke and Laura love is well-documented.  As is our affection for Tony Geary.  We have no objection to the fact that he will apparently be nominated for this award in any year in which he appears on a GH screen for even a nanosecond.  On a bad day, he is better than probably 90% of daytime.  However.  HOWEVER.  He submitted scenes from the horrible, hammy, Luke's It's a Wonderful Life If By Wonderful You Mean Crappy and By Life You Mean What's Left of It While I'm On Trial in Hell?!  Why?  Those and the heart attack scenes were easily his worst last year.  The scene he submitted with Tracy in the hospital is a hundred times better, and he had numerous other similar ones to choose from.  It's almost like he's daring the voters to reward him for times when he was so obviously phoning it in, the soundtrack might as well have been a dial tone.

Still, we love him, and a win wouldn't be unwarranted based on his work over the year.

Also, Geary's reel reminded us that 1) Jane Elliot is fierce and should either also have a standing Emmy nomination, or have a category created just for her, 2) Robin Christopher is fabulous and we miss her, and 3) there is a great big Laura Spencer shaped hole in this show. 

Christian LeBlanc as Michael Baldwin, The Young and the Restless

Christian LeBlanc is reliably good, and always stellar when he gets to do something besides roll his eyes at Gloria's wackiness. He was really good in these scenes, although they make Mallory wish Ted Shackelford had gotten a nomination; in the current issue of Soap Opera Digest, Christian LeBlanc very sweetly gives Ted Shackelford a shoutout for his great year. Aww!

Becca has no experience with LeBlanc so would like to take this opportunity to reflect back on one of her favorite exchanges with Mallory during last year's Emmy liveblogging, when LeBlanc won (if this serves as a plug for this Friday's second annual liveblogging, so be it!):

  • promisingingenue (10:35:25 PM): Are they not showing clips? Why are they not showing clips?!
  • EvilButTwinless (10:35:43 PM): It's okay, you can look at the 1500 Peter Bergman clips you have on your hard drive.
  • promisingingenue (10:36:00 PM): Okay, seriously, did that just happen?
  • promisingingenue (10:36:10 PM): DID I JUST HALLUCINATE PETER BERGMAN LOSING?
  • EvilButTwinless (10:36:20 PM): And Tony Geary losing.
  • EvilButTwinless (10:37:16 PM): You watch Y&R -- who is this guy?  Was he involved in that murderous thighs incident?
  • promisingingenue (10:37:27 PM): I just...I need a second to process this
  • promisingingenue (10:37:38 PM): Christian LeBlanc is actually pretty awesome and he's always an amazing performer
  • promisingingenue (10:38:08 PM): But that doesn't make me any less confused, sad or livid!
  • EvilButTwinless (10:38:47 PM): I'm sure Peter appreciates your not-at-all-stalkerish concern.
  • promisingingenue (10:39:33 PM): Um, excuse me, I am confused, sad and livid on behalf of Ricky Paull Goldin, thankyouverymuch
  • EvilButTwinless (10:40:09 PM): Riiiight.  Like how you're rooting for Guiding Light, a show you totally do believe exists, for best show?
  • promisingingenue (10:41:35 PM): Whatever!

Thaao Penghlis as Andre DiMera &Tony DiMera, Days of Our Lives

This nomination still confounds us. Not that Thaao Penghlis is a bad actor, per se, but...if we can speak freely: he's a one man camp factory.  And that's totally okay, because there's a place in the world for over-the-top campiness; we'll cherish Tony on a Horse for forever.  But (and by saying this we know we're making it seem like the Daytime Emmys have ever had some sort of integrity) to nominate him for an Emmy?  Really?  That's...different.  And an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor?  He had, like, eight scenes last year.  He didn't even lead them!  How is he a lead actor?  Especially when you look at the other nominees and how they pretty much carry their shows.  Oh, and also: this clip is horrifying.  Mallory's still traumatized from the first time it aired.

For an opposing viewpoint though (we're all about fairness), let's check in with this commenter from the YouTube page for Penghlis' reel:  "I Hope Thaao Penghlis Will Win Because I Believe He Deserves It. He's A Great Guy And A Great Actor. And One Heck Son Of A Gun. And In My Oppion A Terrific Dancer Too. I Wouldn't Mind Seening Him On 'Dancing With The Stars'. Anyway I Hope He Wins."  We cannot argue with that logic.  Onward to victory, Thaao -- leader of none, son of a gun, master of camp, consumer of solely Tang and carrots.  Onward. 



I was going to comment...but that last line about Thaao has me crying I'm laughing so hard. I almost want him to win just to hear your reactions.

If Thaao wins, the only thing that could make it remotely acceptable is if he rides a horse on up to the podium to accept the Emmy.

It's like you're reading my mind:

1) Jane Elliot is fierce and should either also have a standing Emmy nomination, or have a category created just for her, 2) Robin Christopher is fabulous and we miss her, and 3) there is a great big Laura Spencer shaped hole in this show.

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