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June 18, 2008

Countdown to the Emmys: Day 6

The Emmys are the day after tomorrow and we could not be more excited. Tonight, we take a look at the nominees for Outstanding Lead Actress, a category also known as "CBS Actresses A-Go-Go."  After the jump, their reels and your chance to vote for who you think deserves the Emmy and who you think will win.


Crystal Chappell as Olivia Spencer, Guiding Light

As longtime Days viewers, please allow us this indulgence:  Squee!  Carly!  OMG!!1!1!!!  Ahem.  We're happy to see Crystal Chappell is still her gorgeous, talented, eyebrow-expressive self.  Sure, she doesn't have truly meaty material, like getting buried alive in a coffin with an intercom system, but she still might have a chance with this reel of clips of her multi-layered relationship with her daughter's father.   

We are not among the 13 people who still watch Guiding Light, so we must once again turn to the brilliant analysis of a YouTube comment: 

"Crystal is Love !!- The Goddess Of Daytime Reigns!" A Spectacular, Unsurpassed Performance, 'A Perfect Ten,' Bravo! - Her Ability To Show The Range Of Emotion Is Flawless And Leaves Viewer Mesmerized And Wanting More. Some May Hate Her Often Manipulative Tactics, However It Is Highly Unlikely For Most People Not To Have And Show Compassion & Love For Olivia Spencer - The Wounded Heroine:A Little Girl In A Grown-Up Body, Trying Desperately To Right Her Past Wrongs.

So True!  Good Luck To You And Your Mesmerizing Grown-Up Body At The Emmys, Crystal! 

Jeanne Cooper as Katherine Chancellor, The Young and the Restless

Jeanne Cooper will be 80 years old this year.  If she wins, we would pay good money to see her turn her acceptance speech into a revival of that old SNL sketch with Molly Shannon as Sally O'Malley -- "I'm 80!  80 years old!"  The woman is fierceness personified. And we're not just saying that because we know she could take us in a fight.

The only possible glitch in this reel is that Jess Walton is so strong and fierce herself that Cooper might not stand out as much as other nominees do in their scenes. She's still our sentimental favorite, though: the woman has been nominated nine times without winning, Emmy voters! Do the right thing and give her the Emmy already.

Nicole Forester as Cassie Layne Winslow, Guiding Light

This reel was...nice.  Not spectacular, but nice.  Maybe we were distracted by her hideous shirt and even worse hair.  Which was probably intentional, because apparently Cassie's daughter had just been hit by a car, but that doesn't really explain her apparent years-long disregard for deep conditioning.  Was it just too hard to follow in the follicular footsteps of the gloriously-maned Laura Wright, that the pressure finally got to her?

Anyway, this reel was a bit underwhelming.  Maybe her performance(s) were stronger as a whole throughout the year?  We're will to be convinced.  If any of you can track down one of those elusive Guiding Light "viewers," please ask him/her to school us on the awesomeness of Nicole Forester (that sounds like a soap character name, BTW) in the comments.

Michelle Stafford as Phyllis Newman & Sheila Carter, The Young and the Restless

Remember how promising the Phylleila story was when it first started? And then three minutes later the audience realized that it wasn't actually awesome? Sad.

Michelle Stafford is incapable of being anything but fantastic. Phyllis spent most of 2007 being a complete pain in the ass, but Michelle Stafford was always fun to watch.  Mallory wants to be best friends with her (in a completely non-creepy way, Michelle! She promises!) and, after ages of perky happy Phyllis, thinks it was nice to be reminded of how great she can be when she gets to play a crazy bitch. Bonus points for the dead eyes. Shudder.

Becca doesn't watch Y&R and therefore her sole contribution to this analysis is that 1) damn, in those clips, Phyllis is creee.peeee., 2) that woman playing Det. Sullivan who was on Homefront (loved, loved, loved that show) needs to smoke approximately 6000 fewer Marlboros a year; there's raspy, then there's future Truth commercial, and 3) why must Michelle Stafford be a Scientologist?

Maura West as Carly Tenney, As the World Turns

We don't know much about Maura West, other than that she looked great at last year's Emmy's just weeks after giving birth in a dress from J.Crew, and she seemed genuinely surprised to win the award and gave a nice speech.  Because we are shallow, that's kind of all she had to do to endear herself to us.  And this reel is strong -- understated and compelling performance, with a storyline involving terminal illness.  Did it ultimately involve her shaving her head, appearing makeup-less, or otherwise uglying it up?  Because then we think she's a lock to repeat.



i watch or try to watch all of soaps. The only ones i don't watch are GL and B&B. I use to but don't anymore. Anyways, Maura West is so good. I hate the character, but she is always bringing it even when her material sucks. Crystal Chapelle is always good, and so is gene cooper.

Nicole Forrestor is okay. That was easily her best performance. Shes not horrible, shes just underwhelming and suffers from having to follow Laura Wright.

I have watched GL on and off. Nicole Forrester is a perfectly competent actress, but Kim Zimmer overpowers her on a regular basis.

But then, Kim Zimmer seems like she could overpower Hitler, Stalin, and a robot army, all before lunch.

There is obviously an unwritten rule for the Lead Actress Emmy's that you must be on CBS to even qualify. This is the second year in a row that has happened and you can't tell me they are the only ones worthy.

Maybe the reason Lead Actress seems to be a lock for CBS is that CBS soaps from what I've heard are actually more of an ensemble than ABC soaps so more women actually have sufficient good material to submit for an EMMY.
On GH if you're not part of the core 4 an actress probably won't be given enough good writing or screen time to have the material to snag an EMMY. Just looking at GH JE and NLG could totally take home the prize if they were given the opportunity.
Nicole Forester while not completely horrible does not deserve to be on this list over other more deserving actresses.

Whats jarring about Nicole Forester's nom is that Laura Wright NEVER got nominated for the role. And she was awesome in it.

Unpopular opinion, but I thought Nicole Forester's performance was outstanding. Her grief and loss over losing her daughter was heartbreaking. There is tough competition in the Lead Actress category but based on what she submitted, I think she has a pretty good shot.

LOL! I can so see Becca and Mallory cackling about the votes for Nicole Forrester. As of 107 votes, NO ONE has voted for her for "Who should Win.."! Not a one. Not even a poor old lady who can barely learn "the google" who feels sorry for her that she pity-votes for Nicole. 0%. 0%. i have NEVER seen a 0% vote on an internet poll. Ever. I saw a poll once that said would you rather win a million dollars or have gone through the holocaust - and there STILL were some people who CHOSE THE HOLOCAUST!....but NO ONE CHOSE NICOLE. Oh wait...the people who judge the best in daytime drama did. Oy ve!

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