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June 13, 2008

Countdown to the Emmys: Day 1

It's the most wonderful time of the year! A week from today is the endlessly awesome event known as the Daytime Emmy Awards. Our Serial Drama Daytime Emmys Live Blogging Extravaganza will start with the red carpet arrivals at 7 and go on through the ceremony, which airs live at 8pm on ABC, hosted by The View's Sheri Shepherd and Pine Valley's own Cameron Mathison.

To kickoff Emmy week, we're going to do what we do best: judge others and ask you, dear readers, to do the same. This week, we're posting clips of the Emmy nominees and asking who you think will win, and who you think should win. It's fun for the whole family!

We're going to start by turning our attention to the Younger Actor category, a category that has always confused us. Younger than who, exactly? John Ingle? We don't understand. 

Darin Brooks as Max Brady, Days of Our Lives

He's very charming and likable, but...isn't this kind of a weird episode to submit? It barely even registered that Max was even in any of the scenes.  This is likely the only Emmy reel in history that starts with the phrase "Virgin sex on the beach" and includes the old tie-a-cherry-stem-with-your-tongue trick, so that's something.

Oh, but Cher Horowitz says lose the chin pubes.

Van Hansis as Luke Snyder, As The World Turns

It's the famous "Nuke" we've been hearing and reading so much about!  This was a great reel for Hansis; emotional without being over the top, soapy without being cheesy. 

Just think, the GH writers could have done a similar story with Lucas.  You know, if they didn't suck.

Most notably, Hansis is the only nominate in this category without a serious hair (head or facial) don't, on which basis alone he should walk away with the statue.  Don't you wish we decided all the winners?

Bryton McClure as Devon Hamilton, The Young and the Restless

Mallory wants to point out that this makes up about 98% of Bryton's screentime this year.  Becca would like to note that she was unable to pay any attention to McClure's performance because of his troubling embracing of the chin-only facial hair trend.  And also because he started it off by carrying a hardsided briefcase.  Which no one under the age of 60 has done in at least a decade.  And this is the Allegedly Younger Actor category, so that was especially confusing!

Tom Pelphrey as Jonathan Randall, Guiding Light

If more than seven people watched Guiding Light, we could inquire about those rumors that Pelphrey can sometimes lean towards the scenery-chewing side of intense.  As GL viewership is going nowhere but down, we are forced to just appreciate the watchable intensity of these scenes and also implore this particular younger actor to step away from the Gold's Gym ponytail.

Jesse Lee Soffer as Will Munson, As The World Turns

Dude:  The hair.  Unacceptable.  Were you trying to make your scene partner feel better about her hair?  Because that's not possible.  Also, we don't want her to feel good about that hair.  False coif confidence is dangerous; it's probably what got her into this 80s-mall-'do situation to begin with.

Oh, the performance?  Good.  Particularly given the spectacularly unsoapy topic of . . . savings bonds.  Seriously, CBS?  This might be why 17 people combined watch GL and ATWT.



Actually, guys As The World Turns is the third most watched soapn opera currently after Y&R and B&B.

I can't believe these are the emmy reels for outstanding younger actor. I don't think any of them are emmy worthy material. It's a shame that the emmy's have become such a joke.

I gotta go with Van Hansis.......you go boy. And yes he should totally win for hair smarts alone.

That ATWT clip is around the time Adam Munson (played by the yummy Matt Cavenaugh) framed Will for embezzlement and tried to rape Will's wife. It was a complete character assassination and yet another reason why ATWT is so awful now.

younger than John Ingle.... love that

I too have never understood this category "younger"... it's silly and misleading. I say give an Emmy to the kid who plays Cam on GH and be done w/ all of it! And maybe one to the pillow Maxie wore when she faked preggers w/ Lucky.

just a heads up:
younger actor/actress category means they have to be 25 or under.

brytan mcclure is nominated again? really? i'm suprised this sub-par actor even has an emmy.

van or tom is going home with the award. I think. Yeah. Maybe.

Kim, that's my bad. I keep forgetting how the ratings have shifted around, and that ATWT is beating GH. Now I have been reminded, and I am cackling with glee. I still think if you average out ATWT with GL, 17 is a reasonable estimate, but point taken.

k, we know the technical definition, but it's a bizarre category because some years you have little kids up against people whose characters have been married three times. And what is it about turning 25 that means you're ready to sit at the big kids' table? It's all so strange. Also, we just like to make fun of things for almost no reason. It's kind of what we do.

I'm with Sarah...Braden Walkes (Cameron) was robbed of the pre-nom.

Go Van Hansis, you made of awesome young thing you!

Little Cammie from GH SHOULD have made this category, at least over Max from Days, from the awesome Bitch, Please face, and his stirring turn as a troubled, young arsonist. However, I can't see GH submitting any character who repeatedly one-ups St. Jasus of the perpetual shining spotlight.

ohh good point smirks..it must be the 11th Commandment...."Thou shalt not upstage Jason constantly or thou shalt find themselves shafted on Emmy night."

Van Hansis is not a hair don't? Really? Surely you jest.
Sadly a trend among the younger actor noms - what's up with the weird chin hair ideas? I don't see that in my actual real life. Anyone?

Another note - this is another example of the weird results produced by the arcane pre-nom / nom certain number from each show process. Jay Kenneth Johnson as Philip Kiriakis blows them all away. Wait, what? He's not under 25? He's in his 30s? Seriously? Man he must be from the Debi Morgan School of Non-Aging Actors. Never mind.
Cam was definitely robbed and should have gotten a nomination. Anyone else crack up at his response to Lucky walking up saying, "And whose good looking family is this?" He gave a little grin over his shoulder and threw his arms up in little fists and hollered, "YOURS!" It was unbelievably cute and real. That kid is a keeper.
And as mob-spawn soiled as the charater of Michael was on GH you have to give it to that kid. He isn't a morally bankrupt miniture enforcer in real life. But boy could he sell it. But no Dylan Cash either? Bryton McClure, really? And no Dylan Cash. Yep the Emmy process is screwed up.

Actually ATWT hasn't been in third place in the ratings in WEEKS! They are 6th with the ratings released this week: its Y&R - 3.5, B&B 2.6, GH - 2.3, OLTL - 2.2, AMC - 2.2, ATWT - 1.9, DAYS - 1.8, GL - 1.6 per: http://s7.zetaboards.com/DaytimeRoyalty/topic/8004025/1/

The last week ATWT was third it was May 5-9.

And as mob-spawn soiled as the charater of Michael was on GH you have to give it to that kid. He isn't a morally bankrupt miniture enforcer in real life. But boy could he sell it."

I thought he just played Michael in the same manner for years, even before they started that storyline.

I don't remember that much about Cameron, but I do think that if they want to reward kids for facial expressions, they should create a Child Actor category. It would only be fair. I know there was a controversy about all this back when the little girl who played Cassie on Y&R would be nominated against grown women like Heather Tom and Sarah Brown.

I think Jesse Soffer should win the Emmy. He is the most real actor, and his reel is amazing. Forget the hair, he's a great actor and deserves the Emmy!

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