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June 12, 2008

Darling Nikki

Okay, which is sadder? The fact that Nikki decided to Google Internet Search the history of David Chow, or the fact that this Googling Internet Searching was undoubtedly the most entertaining thing to happen on the show all week?


I know, Nikki, it's a tough question. I don't know, either.

Please note that I see nothing wrong with Nikki doing an internet search to find details on her increasingly shady husband. I think it's common sense to see if there's any obvious dirt floating around the internet about your paramour. My issue with Nikki is that she waited until AFTER she married this man who, occasionally, looks like a one man sleaze factory* WITHOUT a prenup. Hello! This is the type of thing you do on the first date!

But seriously, I'm trying to figure out if this


is actually hilarious, or if it's just awesome in comparison to the rest of the show. It may be a sign of the sad times we're in right now, but I keep giggling at "DAVID CHOW" + MURDER.

Ugh, the rest of the show, though? Why is it that Y&R is in an endless cycle of Boring-->Boring-->FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THINGS HOLY MAKE IT STOP-->Boring-->Boring? I just don't care about anything on this show right now. The never ending Gloria story with hilarious, sitcommy hijinx? Don't care. Victoria hating Victor and Sabrina? Join the club, kid. Katy Perry dropping by? She seemed nearly as bored as I was watching her. Chloe trying to get with Cane? There's not enough yawn in the world. For heaven's sake, the Restless Style storyline has made me so bored that I don't pay attention when Jack is on screen. JACK! These are dire straits, my friends.

*I never found Vincent Irizarry so sleazy when he played David Hayward, but here he's about as smarmy as he was in the classic TV movie Lying Eyes. It's impressive that he's able to sleaze and de-sleaze at will.


Even better is when people on OLTL--in Llanview--use the internet. They all have Llanmail. They look things up on Llansearch.

But that Llanspam is a bitch to block.

The only thing I am not finding boring these days is the budding relationship between Adam and Heather. I really like them together, which is funny, because I have never cared for either one on their own.

I cant stand Snobby Nicki!!
cant wait until David takes her for everything she owns,,,except her old dusty stripper pole<

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