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June 21, 2008

Daytime Emmys Recap: The Lesser of Two Evils

The mood today at Serial Drama is pretty somber, as we're both in mourning. We're sad for the deserving people who lost. We're sad for everybody who sat through that terrible show with us.

And most of all, we're sad that Bob Guza and Jill Farren Phelps have earned themselves even tighter job security by winning an award they had absolutely no right to even be nominated for. It's just...wrong.

Comparing people to the utterly vile Heidi and Spencer of The Hills has become shorthand for describing true awfulness. But how does MTV's gruesome twosome stack up against the duo currently running General Hospital into the ground?


At least Heidi and Spencer are just in it for self-glorification, whereas Guza and Phelps seem determined to demoralize and demean women everywhere.

I just had a horrifying thought: what if we are sitting here, a year from now, lamenting the Emmy that Guza just won for penning Blog Wars? Because, you know, the first HIV+ pregnancy on network TV should be all about video blogs. Don't know why that upsets me, it's such a perfect fit.

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...I am so disappointed!

I wish that G.H. had not won. The show is so hard to watch these days. It is just plain horrible.

JFP's "Well this was expected" wont stop playing at random times in my head. I can't commit to believing she was making a joke or being cute.

That said ... I get why GH is still able to win Emmy's they produce like two or three good shows a year that are really well written and well balanced and riveting and then they go back to the Sason love best for the other 200+ episodes, but see, the Emmy committee needen't know *wink wink*

We are doomed Serial Drama. No more blogging about Guza - now that GH won the daytime Emmy - nothing is going to stop that moron from taking GH further down the depths of hell. And who would have thought that he could take it any further.


And make no mistake - just because Guaz and Phelps are winning your poll - Heidi and Spencer ARE THAT BAD....

oh yes...Sarah..you called it first...Guza is so winning for Blog wars...

I'm still trying to figure out how a show that got trounced in writing AND direction pulled a best show out of its ass. Oh that's right...gimmicks...and apparently the same committee that gave Days the Emmy for best hair.....

Think positive: If the Mets coach can get fired after winning a game, so can the Guza-Phelps-Fronz triumverate.

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