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« Daytime Emmys Recap: The Night's Biggest Tragedy | Main | Further Evidence of How Bad the Emmy Pre-Show Was »

June 21, 2008

Daytime Emmys Recap: Best and Worst Dressed

Over the years, you may have noticed that we like to harp on certain things. And by certain things, we mean "everything". But one of our favorite things to discuss is soap fashion, hair and makeup. So, needless to say, the Daytime Emmys are always a favorite night, since we get to drool over the great fashion choices and mock the huge fashion mistakes.

Our picks for the evening's Best Dressed

  • Debbi Morgan:  We believe the word is "flawless."
  • Kirsten Storms:  Her look is pretty and youthful, and she looks fabulous.
  • Michelle Stafford:  She is incapable of looking bad.
  • Rachel Melvin:  The hair isn't her best moment, but the vibrant yellow dress is beautiful.
  • Susan Lucci:  Say what you will about La Lucci, but she knows how to dress. Stunning!

And our picks for Worst Dressed

  • Jeanne Cooper:  Even though she's fierce and even though she could kick both of our asses (and would probably do it with her new Emmy statuette!), we just didn't get it.  It hurt us.
  • Judi Evans:  From the Blanche Deveraux-approved gown to the formal mullet, this did not work on any level.
  • Melissa Archer:  The last time this would have been a good look was a homecoming dance in 1997 where the song of the night was "My Heart Will Go On" and even that is pushing it a bit.
  • Rebecca Budig:  It's almost like she got tired of being so incredibly pretty and adorable and said, "You know what, I'm going to try looking horrible for once!"  Which is fine as a social experiment, but don't do it the night of the Emmys!
  • Tyra Banks:  She...is just the worst.


Kimberly McCullough looked fabulous! She looked sexy modern classy elegant young and event appropriate. I haven't seen her dressed or styled so well since she was in her early twenties. She is a casual girl and lately her red carpet looks have been sad. But last night she kicked ass!

Debbi was my fav of the ones you nominated for best dressed. Although I wasn't thrilled with the hair choice or the huge amount of cleavage shown. at a certain age/cup size less reveal is more. But she is ageless and stunning all the time.

And what was up with Laura Wright? A white cotton mini dress? She looked cute, but not for the Emmy's. And goth queen Sarah Brown needs a hair trim... hello Cystral Gayle? And that dress was very prom/Dynasty to me. With Tony Geary and his shiny suit and wrongly award winning ensemble they made quite the threesome as presenters.

As for Jeanne Cooper I just don't know. Either at her age she should know so much better or at her age she can wear whatever the hell she wants and tell the world to fuck off!?!?! The one actress from Y&R, I think she is Dru's daughter, her dress was stunning, really beautiful.

Thaao is burnt neon orange now. That skin is apalling and unnatural. They clipped his clown scene from DOOL, and he looked better there.

Was it me or did JMB seem as annoying in real life onair last night as Lulu is on GH? And Tyler was napping/stoned... love that guy.

They never showed Kimberly McCullough! She wasn't one of the ten people deemed relevant enough in the red carpet show (despite her on-screen mother being one of the hosts!), and she didn't even get a pan during the ceremony. I understand now that much of the Days and GH casts (uh, the only ones I care about, let's be honest) were there, but you would never have known it from the shows last night. They were abysmal productions.

My vote would go to Kimberly McCullough as well for best-dressed. She looked young, vibrant, and lovely. And I actually like the hair too (which is not always a guarantee). I want to know who designed that dress b/c it is gorgeous and perfect for a red carpet event taking place in 100 degree sunny California. The style, the color, the material--all perect. And McCullough is not a well-endowed woman, but the style made her look almost voluptuous but in a classy, sexy way--not in the "I'm trying to be sexy but I'm just coming off as slutty" way. My choice of the ones you have up would be La Lucci. Not a fan of the color, but that style was perfect for her--very flattering.

I'd vote for Tyra but, ah, don't want to hear her say, "When I was voted worst dressed on Serial Drama..."

Susan looked fabulous. Actually I have to agree with your top five. (I saw Kimberly's dress, and while it was nice, it wasn't as great as the other five).
Debbi Morgan has it and she can flaunt it. I loved it. I still have no idea how she is a day over FORTY. Serious, she is beautiful.
Rachel looked awesome in yellow. She looked so happy to be there. I really think (given the material) she could walk away with a statue next year. I watched the tapes, and she was totally in the top two. (But, Landon played two drastically different characters well - how do you beat that?).
Kirtsen Storms was dresses flawlessly. A little Maxie rubbing off on her, perhaps? LOL. Seriously though, amazing.

Did any old school DAYS fans think to themselves how much they wanted a picture of the early 2000's teen squad. They were ALL there. I doubt it, but I am hoping the six of them are in a pic somewhere - Kirsten, Jason, Nadia, Jay, Kyle and Farah. Could you imagine?

Becca you're sadly correct. Most of GH and Days casts were not televised at all. Even the new NS crew got red carpet time, sans Kimber and JT however!!!

As for the worst dressed I just saw a pic of Melody Thomas Scott!!!! Anyone want to explain that entire nightmare to me? White fur, tight white dress, white mega faux necklace???? Make it stop. My Mom said it was a mix of Dolly Parton ( I love her) Marilyn Monroe (on drugs) and Hoooker Barbie. Yikes.

I would have loved Kristen Storms dress w/out the top being "bedazzled".

Anyone see a shot of Megan Ward? All I saw was high hair and piled yellow necklaces.

I would love your take on WTH Megan Ward was wearing. She had cute (if a bit clunky) shoes but the dress was some sort of bubble-y thing. Even that might have looked okay but she paired it with a leather belt that seriously looked like Stephen Macht whipped it off and loaned it to her to hold her dress together. Truly heinous and deserving of a spot in the top 10 (perhaps not top 5).

Otherwise, I think your top five for best and worst are pretty on target. Also, I'm truly curious (because I have very minimal fashion sense) were those shoes Kent Masters King wore actually GOOD or HEINOUS? I couldn't look away from them but I'm not sure if that's because they're like a train-wreck. My instinct is they would be really cute on a different outfit but not that dress. School me please!

Ok... had to post this link for Becca in case she hasn't seen it yet! *swoon*!

i'm thinking he should have been nominated best dressed (him or Jason Cook...LOVED the light blue tie with the tux!)


I hated Kent King's shoes, period. But then I'm not a fan of that shape at all (especially because it is reminiscent of gladiator sandals, which I despise). I think they cut off her legs -- which seem to be miles long otherwise -- and they didn't even look like they were of decent quality; in the shoe cam I was wondering if they were vinyl. And with that look, I thought a dark metallic was really the wrong way to go. Ick. I thought her dress was really pretty though. Not sold on the belt.

Speaking of belts, because you mentioned her I took a look on Getty Images and holy crap, why did Megan Ward ruin that otherwise adorable and fashion-forward look with that belt? Tragic. I love that she took a risk with the dress and necklace, especially because she played it safe last year.

Browsing Getty Images also makes clear the extent to which the pre-show on SOAPNet sucked even more than we realized when we were watching it saying how much it sucked. They seriously showed only about 1/10th of the attendees. What does Frons think a pre-show is for? We want to see the clothes! Idiot.

Sorry -- you have to copy and paste the link above.

As for the women -- LOVED Kirsten Storms and I actually thought Nadia Bjorlin looked really good too. And Cassie De Paiva as well.

I saw a picture of Megan Ward and thought WTF?? What was that *thing* around her neck??!! And Laura Wright was completely underdressed. Overall, I have to say I was disappointed with the women's fashion statements.

Tyra and Ricky Paul Goldin shouldn't have been let out of the house...

ann, holy crap, James Scott is red carpet perfection in that shot. WHY didn't we get to see all the hot men?! And women, for that matter? Seriously, we need to storm the castle and take over the pre-show next year.

Heh.. "bye bye kids...have fun storming the castle!!" (sorry...that was my geeky "Princess Bride" love coming out for a minute...). But yes, becca, James just looks amazingly hot in that shot! It really is almost criminal that we didn't get to see him on the red carpet and instead had to look at all of those fashion "don't"s. But...he's not on an ABC soap, so of course we didn't get to see him. Guza and Co really do suck at life, don't they?

And Tyra really is a hot, tranny mess. Ugh!

Hee, she may be soap royalty but to me Jeanne Cooper was horrifying. She looked like a really ugly kite, especially in some of those pics on getty when she was holding the dress out.

So glad that getty exists so I could see the Days actors, being as they must have been seated in another room during the broadcast. Nice ABC.

Thanks for the schoolin' Becca. Glad to know my instincts are actually somewhat current. I liked Megan Ward's chunky necklaces and I liked the grey dress but that belt has to go. I'm still somewhat hesitant about this whole bubble-dress trend but to me MW's take on it was excellent whereas poor Melissa Archer was a disaster. It looked like she'd come stumbling drunk back to the prom from a grope session in the bushes and forgot to pull her dress down. I can't decide whether it's incredibly sweet or terribly sad that she looked so darn PROUD of her dress. But I guess I like her for it, bad taste notwithstanding.

BTW, you mentioned KMK's shoes cutting off her otherwise long legs -- I don't like gladiator sandals but I'm fascinated by those strappy little shoes that have the horizontal ankle strap (I think because I cannot wear them). They're adorable but most people simply cannot wear them without their calves or ankles looking thick (even skinny people). Regardless of her disaster dress, I think Rebecca Budig excels at those strappy little ankle bindings -- they look adorable on her. And Megan Ward also pulled it off beautifully (check out www.GettyImages.com under "daytime emmys" for a closeup of 'em).

I did like Socialite Life's take on MTS -- they implied she mugged a polar bear. Heh.

I agree with most of your pics, but I thought Rachel Melvin deserved to be nowhere near a best dressed list. She pulled off the yellow well, but the criss-crosses down her torso looked awkward, and the dress didn't seem to fit her well. It was especially painful because it should be SO easy for that girl to dress herself. She's young, pretty, and has a teensy little frame.

I might have given her slot to Kassie DePaiva. Maybe it's just because she looked so atrocious last year, but I thought she looked gorgeous. And I'm pretty sure she is bathing in the same virgin blood as Debbi Morgan, Nancy Lee Grahn, and Billie Warlock, because depending on whether you believe her wikipedia, her imdb, or her imdb as of 1 week ago, the woman is 47, 49, or 52. And regardless of which of those three (or maybe it's an entirely different number- I have no idea) is her actual age, the woman looks unnaturally good.

Why wasn't James Scott on the list? And Aiden Turner for that matter? Both of these men blew everyone out of the water - males and females alike!

And I think Angie love is coloring judgement here - DM? Not good, not good at all!

Kirsten Storms Was stunning!!!!!!!!!

I agree with Grace - Melvin's dress shouldn't be anywhere near a "Best Dressed" list. The midsection is awful, the fit is wrong for her. the way it just kind of hung on her at the bottom...and to top it all off, I don't even think she pulled off that color. With her dark hair and those [wrong] shoes, I thought she looked like a bee. Oh, yeah, and someone hand that girl a cheeseburger!

Kirsten Storms was without a shadow of a doubt the best dressed woman at the Emmy's. Flawless from head to toe.

I can't vote because I don't agree with any of your picks for best or worst except Judi Evans. I was actually AT the red carpet in the bleachers. I got a VERY good look at most of the outfits. A few of my very favorites were Kimberly McCullough (the dress just did not translate well to photo but she looked amazing in person, Nadia Bjorn and Megan Ward and Kassie DePaiva. Tamara Braun also looked beautiful. There were a lot of bad ones....

I can't vote because I don't agree with any of your picks for best or worst except Judi Evans. I was actually AT the red carpet in the bleachers. I got a VERY good look at most of the outfits. A few of my very favorites were Kimberly McCullough (the dress just did not translate well to photo but she looked amazing in person, Nadia Bjorn and Megan Ward and Kassie DePaiva. Tamara Braun also looked beautiful. There were a lot of bad ones....

Keep in mind we're only going off of who they showed on the horrible pre-show, which was a small percentage of the attendees. There were lots of other actors who looked fab (and awful), but the photos took a while to make their way online. Don't you think James Scott would have been on the list if we'd seen the photo in time?!

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