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June 16, 2008

Say What You Will About Him (Cursing Allowed!), the Man Is Consistent

On days like these I need to rely on Friends quotes.  General Hospital, "today, it's like there's rock bottom, then fifty feet of crap, then" you.

Kate: Did Giselle say something to upset you?
Sonny:  She could...Look, she couldn't if she tried.  I don't give a damn about that bitch.  The reason I excused myself is that I didn't want to bang her head against the table there.  You know, 'cause I don't think that's a good thing.

...and the previously empowered, in-possession-of-a-spine Kate Howard not only didn't say anything, she SMILED and then THANKED Sonny for noticing what a bitch Giselle was and then SWEETLY KISSED him goodbye before heading back to the party.  Is everything short of "lying whore" fair game now? 

I hate this show more than these writers hate women.  Yes, seriously.  That much.


You stay classy Sonny Corrintos! Stay classy! And keep talking that sweet talk...and someday those haters will realize what an awesome man you are. So strong and manly!

Ugh. Pass the brain bleach and a really big bottle of tequilla please!

I'm sorry, isn't the main audience of soap operas women? I know there's overwhelming hate for GH right now and the viewership MUST have dropped but oh my effing God, why on earth is nobody writing enormous letters of protest yet? There's soapy bitchiness - but then there's Sonny Corinthos outright undisguised sexism!

There's always just one more reason why I'm so thankful I do not watch this show any more. Sheesh, what a guy that Sonny is - what a guy....

No wonder Kate stays with him. He's catty and sexist. Such fun.

Whoa! That is a whole new level of hate.

You've solved a conundrum for me. For a good long while now it's felt like the hacks behind this "show" hate the vast majority of their audience. Given that the vast majority of said audience is female, I now understand why they continue to torture their remaining viewers so much.

I SO wanted the writers to keep Sonny out of Kate's business dealings and put more Jax in!!!

Oh, trust me, Val. We've written. They just don't care.

I'm growing tired of the sexist and abusive undertones that continues to become worse each year with Maurice Bernard's character.

To be honest, I cannot stomach it anymore. I had to drop the show because it reminded me too much of an abusive ex I had.

The violence and the abuse is overwhelming on this show. Is this want viwers really want? I keep reading where people are fed up with the Jason, Sonny, and Carly show. I cannot stand any of their characters. Nearly every single relationship on this show features highly dysfunctional couplings.
They can't even make Robin and Patrick ...happy!

The world is violent enough, with the war, school shootings, etc. I don't need to watch a program that parrots those types of situations.

I miss the days where love stories were really about love. Where adventure was really adventurous. I didn't so much mind the spy/mob stories back in the 80's because there was still alot of focus on other characters and relationships.

They have the WORST writer in the history of this show.

I was flipping through one day and saw where Felicia Jones' girl Georgie was killed. Seriously. Georgie? They knocked off alot of potential legacy characters. What a shame.

Bring back my show, and get rid of these stupid mob stories. And while you're at it, have a plane with Sonny, Jason, and Carly crash into a deserted island where they all have to live together .....forever!

One more gripe - What have they done to Bobbie and Monica? Last time I saw them their dialogue was wretched! They are killing these legacy characters one by one. And Luke has turned into nothing but a humerous little side show, while Tracy chases after him like a silly old bat. Come ON. Tracy Quartermaine?

Please, Mr. Guza, either resign or stop destroying the vets who are the back bone of this show.

Monica an alcoholic? Oh give me a break. Write her a better story, or just send her off to a nice medical clinic in another country for a long time until you figure out something that is more dignifying for her.

And what is up with all of this fashionista crap? Nice Devil Wears Prada spin off, but it's been played and now it's soooo painful.

I'm switching over to watching OLTL and pray someone revives the dying GH.

Yeah Robyn is right...protests have been written...comments have been made....and yet nothing changes. Mainly because TMIC equate ANY reaction from us as a positive one. Fan war breaks out online? AWESOME! Fans ready to string up a character? Look how much they talk about them! I have heard every letter/phone call/email of complaint is counted as comment FOR that character/couple/storyline.

The letters have been numerous, they just don't care. All they care about are what their "blessed focus groups" say, which can be stacked any way they want them, and what the Nielson demo numbers say. Once those start to drop there might be change, but I doubt it.

They don't write this show for the viewers, they write this show for themselves.

After Sonny's latest vile misogynystic assault on women, in this case Giselle specific, I started having scary thoughts about what more evil Guza could bring to GH. Maybe Maxie becoming a whore, or Claudia dissing St. Jasus as a hero and great friend while being sweet to and defending Spinelli, or Lulu becoming the latest proud idiot mob moll and apologist, or Kate losing her mind and soul and style etc... (ALL ACTUALLY HAPPENING NOW)

I mean seriously, is Robin going to be gang raped next week by "bad" criminals", lose the baby, contract Hepatitis, die young and alone all the while Patrick "-----" berates her for killing his unborn chid? Only then to turn to Carly for some grief sex?

The above may be depressed sarcasm, but if I see it on air I sadly won't be surprised.

I know that the "word on the street" is that MB is some GREAT actor with a rabid fan following of drooling women, but seriously?

For years, even when he was being portrayed as a romantic ideal, he has treated people abominably. Often while wearing a tracksuit and gold chain. They try to prop up the memory of Sonny / Brenda as some great romance but when I think back all I can visualize is the lovely Vanessa Marcil literally groveling for his attention, throwing herself on the floor to grab at his leg as he SCREAMED at her and pushed her off to walk out. Why? Because she had the nerve to "betray" him by doing some nonsense I never understood involving a wire and a motive on her part to either save his life or keep him out of prison.

This is the guy they throw their leading ladies at? Huh?

I can recall no times where Sonny was funny, romantic, non-smarmy, and heroic towards his leading ladies. Soap Opera Writing 101 - leading man characteristics....self sacrificing, heroic, honorable, often given to grand romantic gestures, frequently shirtless, witty, through line of devotion to other half of super couple. See Bo Brady, etc.

WHAT is wrong with the writers that they can create a great character like Kate and then not have her be appalled by Sonny's behavior. And to have her arguing for Sonny to remain a presence in his children's lives is absurd. Didn't she go back and forth about the danger herself? Why would she think it was okay to subject a child to that, especially after Micheal's shooting?

Nonsense. Complete nonsense.

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