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June 16, 2008

The Best Hair in Daytime?

Last week, the Academy handed out the Creative Arts & Entertainment Daytime Emmy Awards.  I know, I know -- you were thinking there were no awards less relevant than the regular Daytime Emmys!  But there so, so are.

For example, Days of Our Lives won for Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling.  Yes, the Days of Our Lives that you and I, viewers who possess the power of sight and at least marginally good taste, watch.  I'm not saying there aren't great hairstyles on this show; there totally are.  But this is the best hair in soaps?

Bellebadhair Hairbelle Chelseabadhair4 Colleenbadwig Colleenbadwigandeyebrows Colleendad Colleenold Danielbadhair2 Hairkate Hairphillip Hairwill Hairwillow Hopebadhair Kimberly Maggiehair Maxawfulhair Maxnewhaircut Morgan Nickhighhair Samibadhair Shawnbelle Theomohawk

O...kay.  General Hospital is totally winning for best show, you guys.

Most screencaps courtesy of Days of Our Lives 2.


Hee, well to be fair, many of those shots like Dr. McStatutory, Chelsea's ragdoll and the Hawk didn't show up until this year.

RM finally got a really cute cut but I hate hate hate the streaks she is wearing.

Hee, yes I had a good giggle over Days getting that award. I think they may have won it last year as well, it must be the one bone the Emmy's give them, cause it is sure not deserved. But yes, The Hawk and The Monchichi are this year's hairdos. Still some of those are really bad, Maggie's and Kate's definitely stand out.

Oh and do the wigs count? Colleen's wigs both worn by Ali and Shirley Jones are definite laughers.

I think we finally have a reason why the nominations are the way they are.....THE COMMITTEE IS BLIND!!!! And I can barely do my own hair much less sit in judgement on someone else's but even I can tell that is just wrong.

Colleens were the WORST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha Love the hair flashbacks!!!!!

In defense of the Emmy, maybe every single cast member of Days gets their hair cut at Fantastic Sams? So what we see on screen is a total improvement?


You're right. GH is gonna win best soap, and Tammin Sursock has that best supporting actress Emmy in the bag.

If GH wins for best show, they will have to call out the riot police and send them to my apartment, because I might set my car on fire.

I still can't get over Hope's horrible long-in-front/short-in-back 'do. That distracted the hell out of me for weeks.

Heather 8, Kimberly McCullough on GH currently has that cut. It hurts my feelings.

Becca! If you've now jinxed us and GH wins best soap I'll - I'll! Okay, I got nothing, but I'll be very mad!

Wow. Are the Daytime Emmys tired of existing and trying to get themselves canceled?

Really, All My Children should have won it based on Alicia Minshew's hair alone. Even if the hair people don't do a thing to it other than look upon it with awe every time she's getting her makeup done, the show deserves to be rewarded for employing someone with hair that awesome.

How could you not have a shot of Stefano DiMera up there? That thing on his head should be enough to disqualify DAYS from contentorship of this award for life. I know that monstrosity is not entirely their fault, but still.

I know I've mentioned this before, but that really is the Worst Hair In Daytime. Even though John Black's new G.I. Joe 'do is a close second. Every time I see him onscreen now, I keep waiting for Cobra Commander to pop up from behind the couch or something.

This is your snarkiest post, EVER!

I love it!

ICAM about the bad DOOL hair. Even though I love Thaao and Leann. They've had some bad hair days. One day Thaao's hair is puffy, then it's flat, then it's normal. Last year they were actually setting Leann's hair in rollers. That woman has gorgeous hair. It has to be a challenge to mess up her hair. I love it now that she's wearing it flat.

I'm glad they haven't messed up Tamara Braun's hair yet. It's perfect, don't touch it.

Marlena's hair looks like a wig. She has the worst hair of anyone on the show. I guess since she is getting up there in age, she may be losing her real hair so they have to use those terrible looking wigs on her.

Okay, so #11 is the funniest screencap I've seen in at least the last year; I might need to make it my new computer wallpaper. I haven't watched Days since, like, 1993, so I have no idea who that is, but Days of Our Lives 2, that is some excellent screencapping you did there.

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