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« The Daytime Emmys Live Blogging Extravaganza: Red Carpet Arrivals | Main | Daytime Emmys Recap: The Lesser of Two Evils »

June 20, 2008

The Daytime Emmys Live Blogging Extravaganza

Becca (8:00:35 PM): Oh no, they're opening with a sketch.  This is going nowhere good.
Mallory (8:00:46 PM): A sketch! Oh, Cameron Mathison! If only he didn't play daytime's most odious character
Mallory (8:01:21 PM): Did she just sniff Thorsten Kaye? Do you know how many people would pay for that honor?


Mallory (8:03:02 PM): This is easily the best AMC related thing to happen in months, by the way. Make of that what you will
Becca (8:03:17 PM): Is that a laugh track?  Live people aren't actually finding this amusing, right?
Mallory (8:03:52 PM): Maybe they took a cue from Bryan Dattilo and got a little sloshed
Becca (8:04:14 PM): He is a smart man.


Becca (8:04:39 PM): Hey, I just realized, why did we see like eight Days actors, yet no James Scott?
Becca (8:04:43 PM): That is unacceptable.
Mallory (8:04:48 PM): It's criminal!


Mallory (8:05:16 PM): The split second glimpse of Ellen and Portia was better than anything we saw on the entire pre-show
Becca (8:05:41 PM): I missed them!  Did Ellen dress like Col. Sanders again this year?  Because that was fun.


Becca (8:05:55 PM): Oh no, this year she's Zorro.
Mallory (8:06:44 PM): I am already sick of Ricky Paull Goldin and Beth Ehlers and she hasn't even started airing yet
Becca (8:07:13 PM): Why?  It's not like ABC has been pimping her out like she's a streetwalker tonight, or anything.


Becca (8:07:34 PM): My god, was that just a three-minute AMC commercial those three just "spontaneously" did?
Mallory (8:07:48 PM): I think it was. Brian Frons has no shame



(8:08:07 PM): The Table Cam might be a worse idea than last year's viewer videos.  I didn't think that was possible.
Becca (8:08:19 PM): Laura Wright looks spectacular.
Mallory (8:08:22 PM): Laura Wright looks fab


Mallory (8:08:34 PM): But she and Sarah Brown don't look like they are supposed to be at the same event


Becca (8:08:41 PM): Sarah Brown's hair and makeup are great, but that dress is very goth prom.


Becca (8:09:00 PM): And Tony Geary does the shiny suit weird tie thing again.  Sigh.  I love him anyway.
Mallory (8:09:45 PM): I'm really glad that we didn't get to see him during the pre-show! Seeing Jordan Pruitt was way more important than being able to mock his shiny suit an hour ago
Becca (8:10:14 PM): Right.  That Frons guy sure is smart.
Becca (8:10:19 PM): Gina Tognoni wins!


Becca (8:10:32 PM): She seems awesome, so I'm happy for her.  Heather Tom does not look happy for her.


Mallory (8:10:51 PM): Heather Tom's bitchface was just a thing of beauty. Yay for Gina, though!
Becca (8:11:13 PM): Why did she have to thank God first?  I hate that.
Becca (8:11:43 PM): I think Heather Tom must be thanking God they panned away from her so fast.
Mallory (8:11:47 PM): It always makes me uncomfortable when they do that
Becca (8:12:50 PM): I want to hear one of the losers in the post-interview be like "I totally would have won, if only God hadn't been in such a pissy mood."
Mallory (8:13:30 PM): Right? "Whatever, this was rigged! I'm still being punished for stealing gum when I was six!"

Mallory (8:16:45 PM): Really, what is with these pretty people and the old lady hair? Marcy Rylan is sixty years too young and way too adorable to have that hairdo


Becca (8:17:27 PM): I am on board with about 3% of hairstyle trends right now.


Becca (8:17:46 PM): I'm sorry, Dr. Phil and Tyra are deemed not only outstanding, but informative?!
Becca (8:17:56 PM): And they used Tyra's "kiss my FAT ass" clip!


Becca (8:18:01 PM): Nooooooo


Mallory (8:18:07 PM): Holy FUCK, Tyra's "Kiss My Fat Ass" clip won her an Emmy
Becca (8:18:14 PM): Tyra Banks did not just win an Emmy!  She's going to be unbearable!
Becca (8:18:38 PM): That dress looks like two funnels are holding up her boobs.
Mallory (8:18:41 PM): I am so afraid of the world right now. The woman didn't need another stroke for her ego


Becca (8:18:59 PM): Your "mama is crying like a baby" over your weave, woman.
Mallory (8:19:51 PM): Oh, man, earnest Tyra is worse than any other kind of Tyra
Mallory (8:20:12 PM): ...did I just hallucinate that entire acceptance speech?
Becca (8:20:28 PM): I'm going to say yes, because that makes it less likely I sat through it.


Becca (8:20:42 PM): Hey, a table full of OLTL people.  I hear that show can cure cancer.
Mallory (8:21:01 PM): There's no more hole in the ozone layer! Thanks, One Life to Live!
Becca (8:21:35 PM): These best show clips of OLTL are really powerful.  I think they cleared up that vertigo I got earlier.
Mallory (8:22:33 PM): Oh, man, the prom musical. I don't know if it's the best or the worst thing to ever happen to television as a medium
Becca (8:23:08 PM): I still am unconvinced that wasn't an SNL skit.
Mallory (8:24:31 PM): I admire the corporate synergy of ripping off High School Musical
Becca (8:25:54 PM): They did keep it in the Disney family, which was nice. 
Becca (8:26:09 PM): When you think about it, a musical prom episode is really much more up NBC daytime's alley.
Becca (8:26:22 PM): So thank you, Days, for even at your suckiest not subjecting me to that.
Mallory (8:27:21 PM): I really do appreciate Ken Corday's restraint in not doing that, or copying it once OLTL did it. It was quite kind of him
Becca (8:28:05 PM): Except now he has the idea, and the same head writer at the helm...If they had any teenagers on that show, we'd be screwed.
Becca (8:28:30 PM): Why is Sherri Shepherd screaming?  Does she know how a microphone works?


Mallory (8:29:01 PM): Seriously, I'm deaf in one ear right now
Mallory (8:29:13 PM): Ellen is like "Why is the yelly lady sitting on me?"


Becca (8:29:24 PM): Poor Ellen.  That outfit and now this.
Becca (8:29:57 PM): Oh, the "younger" actor awards! 


Mallory (8:30:17 PM): Melody Thomas Scott looks like...a Barbie doll
Becca (8:30:24 PM): ...from the 1940s.


Mallory (8:30:49 PM): And the Gold's Gym ponytail wins an Emmy!
Becca (8:30:55 PM): Van Hansis and Heather Tom should get together and compare bitchface notes.


Becca (8:31:13 PM): Maybe she could talk to him about that shirt while they're at it.
Mallory (8:31:18 PM): Seriously, I want to crib off of Van Hansis's bitchface notes because that was kind of awesome
Becca (8:31:22 PM): This Tom kid is way hot with the haircut!


Mallory (8:31:32 PM): I was just going to say that Tom Pelphrey could totally get it
Becca (8:31:53 PM): James Scott and Peter Bergman are going to be so jealous.
Mallory (8:32:17 PM): They know where they stand with me! They could up their chances if they'd return my calls.


Becca (8:32:22 PM): Kassie DePaiva is a knockout.
Mallory (8:32:26 PM): Susan Haskell looks beyoooootiful
Becca (8:32:43 PM): And Michael Easton...does not.


Mallory (8:33:29 PM): I was hoping for a Rachel Melvin win, but anything that keeps Tammin Sursok's hands off of an Emmy statuette is a good thing


Becca (8:34:00 PM): For the sake of your mental health, I'm so glad Jennifer Landon and not one of the Y&R girls won.  For the sake of the other younger actresses in daytime, including Rachel Melvin, I'm kind of glad Landon is not going to be a on soap next year.  Give someone else a chance!
Mallory (8:34:58 PM): Or at least wear a pretty dress!
Mallory (8:36:02 PM): I am kind of sad that they are not showing clips for the actors. The hysterical, overwrought clips were one of my favorite parts of shows from years past, especially when you can take them completely out of context
Mallory (8:36:18 PM): I guess ABC is pressed for time, what with the pimping of their entire lineup and the creepy Regis focus
Becca (8:38:29 PM): And people really want to get through this stupid ceremony so they can watch the premiere of that canceled Canadian soap!
Becca (8:38:48 PM): Uh, there's a random bald dude in your shot, Mathison.


Mallory (8:39:27 PM): When I was in fifth grade, my school put on a musical extravaganza called The Multi Cultural Megashow. It was far, far better produced than anything we've seen tonight
Becca (8:39:55 PM): Montel says daytime is making meaningful differences in the lives of young people.  He means daytime excluding soaps, right?


Mallory (8:40:48 PM): He must. Unless he means that young people have now learned that it's wrong to trust cops and that hired killers are good romantic partners
Becca (8:41:06 PM): BTW, in the quick shots they did when they inexplicably didn't show clips, Rachel Melvin's hair kind of scared me.  Did I miss earlier that her hair is a mess?
Mallory (8:41:14 PM): As we know, I don't watch As the World Turns, but whenever I see these two, I just want to shout "NUUUUUUUUUUUUUKE"


Becca (8:41:27 PM): You are a Soap Crazy.
Mallory (8:41:51 PM): But it's just such a good couple mashup name, and you know how much I normally hate those
Becca (8:42:14 PM): It really is.  It's too bad they're not on a soap that anyone we know has ever watched.
Mallory (8:42:36 PM): Well, my grandma watches it. Did you mean people we know under the age of 70?
Becca (8:42:47 PM): Yes.  And people who watch it on purpose.
Becca (8:42:55 PM): Ellen wins again!


Mallory (8:43:14 PM): I'd love Portia de Rossi for life because she played Lindsay Bluth, but she makes it so easy what with her great fashion sense and her unending coolness


Becca (8:43:20 PM): Ellen, sweetie, we have to talk about the ensemble.  Portia, why do you keep letting her do this?
Becca (8:43:28 PM): Why am I talking directly to these people I don't know?
Mallory (8:43:53 PM): Because you're a Crazy? In the best possible way, I mean
Becca (8:44:33 PM): It's not even in the best possible way, sadly.  "It's the longest day of the year, I just read, so I can go on."  I adore Ellen.
Becca (8:44:48 PM): And she referred to Portia by her first and last name, which is so Elizabeth Dole of her.
Becca (8:45:18 PM): There's a 10-year-old reference for all you hipsters out there.  I'm way topical.
Mallory (8:45:55 PM): It always makes me laugh that Portia's real name is Amanda Lee Rogers.


Mallory (8:48:19 PM): If I see one more MVP commercial, I am going to start taking hostages
Becca (8:48:54 PM): Could they be the castmembers of MVP?  Oooh, or the writing staff of GH?  There are lots of ABC-related targets I could totally get on board with.
Mallory (8:49:53 PM): It would be more like a public service than a felony when you look at it that way


Mallory (8:49:55 PM): Gosh, Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams are so freaking beautiful. I can't get over it
Becca (8:50:35 PM): OLTL wins for best directing!
Mallory (8:50:57 PM): I haven't really heard much about OLTL--is it supposed to be good?
Becca (8:51:15 PM): We don't have any readers who are fans, so I don't know.


Becca (8:51:44 PM): I heard it can serve as an alternate energy source that can eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels, though.  Somewhere.  Somewhere I heard that.


Mallory (8:52:02 PM): Is Kim Zimmer drunk or is she...just like that? I applaud her for wearing a dress designed this century, though
Becca (8:52:13 PM): Her haircut is from the last one, though.


Mallory (8:52:22 PM): Well, you know, baby steps
Becca (8:53:36 PM): Is your sound all warped too?  Honest to god, did ABC spend even five dollars on the production tonight?
Mallory (8:53:53 PM): You think it was five whole dollars?
Becca (8:54:04 PM): Good call.
Becca (8:54:09 PM): Heather Tom changed gowns?  Diva!


Mallory (8:54:36 PM): So I hear that Jack Wagner plays a total jackass on B&B, but I always get excited to see him because he was Peter Burns AND Frisco Jones. That's what we in the business call "Being made of awesome"
Becca (8:55:09 PM): You people in the business are so sophisticated!  Jack Wagner's hair and suit are horrible, but I will forgive him if he brought Heather Locklear tonight.
Mallory (8:55:36 PM): Legal/Courtroom shows have their own category? Did they always? I find this troubling
Becca (8:55:47 PM): I hate that there are enough of them to have their own category. 
Becca (8:56:01 PM): They announced it was a new category when you were waxing poetic about Jack Wagner.
Becca (8:56:14 PM): Slacker.  Do try to pay attention.  This is a highly professional operation!
Mallory (8:56:43 PM): I was trying to open a bag of Twizzlers as I described the brilliance of Jack Wagner, so I couldn't hear. It didn't work out well...


Becca (8:56:56 PM): "Judge Christina"?  Really?
Mallory (8:57:12 PM): So pretty much anyone can get their own TV show, huh?
Becca (8:57:23 PM): We need to look into that.  I am totally capable of telling people, forcefully, to kiss my fat ass.
Mallory (8:57:59 PM): Why is Tyra presenting the lead actress award? Was there no one soap related who was available? Like...anyone else in that theater?
Becca (8:58:58 PM): I like that Oscar tradition where the winner from the opposite sex the previous year presents.  What's wrong with that?  Oh, ABC would have had to have allowed Genie Francis on our TV screens.  Can't have that.
Mallory (9:00:34 PM): They probably have snipers around her house to make sure that she's not even watching the show
Mallory (9:01:59 PM): The K-Mart style lounge skeeves me out something fierce
Becca (9:02:55 PM): So it wasn't just Lisa Rinna that was the problem last year?
Mallory (9:03:03 PM): Surprisingly, no...


Becca (9:03:31 PM): The Days ladies look good, though Ariane Zucker's dress could do with a little less tulle.  The world could do with a little less tulle, actually.




(9:04:04 PM): So, so true. I don't like her dress, but the three of them look very pretty otherwise. Nadia Bjorlin looks like a soap star. Like, if you just saw her randomly, you'd guess that was her job


Mallory (9:04:18 PM): Kristoff St. John? I call shenanigans!
Mallory (9:04:38 PM): Need I remind the world AGAIN that his best scene this year was about coffee pot etiquette?!
Becca (9:05:10 PM): I think you need to remind some people.  That was kind of shitty of him, to point out that Rick Hearst wasn't nominated.
Becca (9:05:25 PM): And now he insulted the "kid" Emmys.  WTF, dude?
Mallory (9:05:32 PM): I think they are friends, though. I swear I read it somewhere, but maybe it's fanfic that I just made up...
Mallory (9:05:46 PM): His daughter's adorable, though. He should get an Adorable Daughter Award, not an Emmy


Becca (9:06:05 PM): When we start our own awards show, we're totally adding that category.
Becca (9:06:29 PM): I hated Belle and Shawn, but damn, Kirsten Storms and Jason Cook look good together now.


Mallory (9:06:51 PM): They do! The facial hair works on him. And Bradford Anderson looks like a real boy!


Becca (9:07:05 PM): "They write a lot of stuff."  Yeah, that pretty much covers the Best Writing category, Jason.
Becca (9:07:25 PM): And the winner is...One Life to Live!


Mallory (9:08:16 PM): I heard that if Ron Carlivati writes your name down on a piece of paper, you win the lottery the next day
Becca (9:08:48 PM): I heard that too!  And that One Life to Live's writing rescued a little girl from a well.


Mallory (9:11:43 PM): Even the commercials about the Sonny/Jason/Jax/Carly clusterfuck make me want to die. How can I watch entire episodes about it?
Becca (9:12:11 PM): Ugh, seriously.  "It's the twist you never expected"?  About the who's-the-daddy re-do?  Were you not watching the show ten years ago, promo guy?
Mallory (9:12:49 PM): He must be a GH newbie. He probably also thinks Sonny is a good man


Mallory (9:13:16 PM): I can't tell if Christel Khalil's dress is cute, but her hair and makeup look beautiful
Becca (9:13:49 PM): Ha, do you think that actor dude realizes that comparing Y&R to death and taxes isn't entirely positive?
Mallory (9:14:07 PM): Weird, the Clear Springs disaster looks even cheesier than I had remembered it.
Mallory (9:14:18 PM): I need Dru to come back, too, Neil! We owe Victoria Rowell like whoa
Becca (9:14:46 PM): Seriously, we need to start one of those crazy fan campaigns or something.
Becca (9:14:53 PM): We can send the studio tons of crazy hats!
Mallory (9:15:12 PM): Note to self: purchase dozens of crazy hats
Becca (9:15:57 PM): I like that the Emmys, in splitting the categories into informative and entertainment talk shows, have at least acknowledged that Tyra is not entertaining.  Maybe they did it specifically for that reason.
Mallory (9:16:34 PM): But now she has it in her head that she's informative and an educator, which is just plain dangerous


Becca (9:16:38 PM): Rachel Ray's show wins over Ellen's show?  And Rachel wears almost the same terrible dress from last year?  Which is more puzzling?
Mallory (9:17:10 PM): I can't even choose! They are equally confusing.
Becca (9:20:55 PM): I would just like to note that with only 40 minutes remaining in this four-hour extravaganza, we have yet to see Jason Thompson.  He's hotly absent.
Mallory (9:21:05 PM): (1)What is Camp Rock? (2)Why are the Jonas Brothers? (3)Why is there a High School Musical reality show?
Becca (9:21:27 PM): There could be college philosophy courses dedicated to attempting to answer those questions.
Mallory (9:21:38 PM): Jason Thompson IS hotly absent and that's just wrong
Mallory (9:21:42 PM): No Jason Thompson, No James Scott, No Greg Vaughan and a mere three second glimpse of Peter Bergman
Mallory (9:21:54 PM): If I were the paranoid type, I'd say Brian Frons is trying to punish us
Becca (9:22:08 PM): No Greg Vaughn!  I totally forgot!  Though if he's not carrying his baby it would kind of a come-down from GH, so maybe it's for the best.
Becca (9:22:24 PM): Peter Bergman will get panned to for a half-second when his category is announced.
Becca (9:22:41 PM): Not that I'm implying that he won't win.  Please don't shun me.
Mallory (9:23:21 PM): I'm not expecting him to win, on account of the crackishness of the voters. But that half-second pan will be a highlight of the evening. Is that a sad statement about me or a sad statement about the ceremony? You decide
Becca (9:23:44 PM): Being an almost-stalker is never sad.  It's other things, but not sad.
Becca (9:24:09 PM): Sweet lord, what did they do to Sherri Shepherd's hair?!


Mallory (9:24:18 PM): Seriously, she should sue


Mallory (9:24:53 PM): Ugh, I need someone to explain Jimmy Kimmel to me. He's only done one funny thing ("I'm Fucking Ben Affleck") ever and yet...he's been around forever, polluting the air with his unfunny. Why?
Becca (9:28:11 PM): This Regis tribute is touching.  But was he ever on OLTL?
Becca (9:28:41 PM): Jimmy Kimmel's success is as inexplicable as Sherri Shepherd's hair.
Becca (9:29:11 PM): And "I'm Fucking Ben Affleck" was hilarious, but he was just cribbing off "I'm Fucking Matt Damon."  Which may have caused me to tear a muscle in my side.
Mallory (9:29:46 PM): He wasn't original with "Fucking Ben Affleck", but for sheer star power alone, I prefer that one. Brad Pitt! Harrison Ford! McLovin, for god's sake
Becca (9:30:05 PM): Haaa!  Did you see Joy just mouth "what is he DOING?" to the person next to her as Regis wandered through the tables in circles?


Mallory (9:30:11 PM): How long do you think Regis will talk for? Because I am already over it
Becca (9:30:41 PM): Oh god, he's reading off a teleprompter.  I think that's only acceptable if you're really old or infirm
Mallory (9:31:26 PM): Seriously, this is kind of terrible
Becca (9:31:42 PM): "Kind of"?
Becca (9:31:49 PM): Why is he reading us his résumé?
Mallory (9:32:03 PM): It's his night, I didn't want to rain on his parade, so I tried to be tactful
Becca (9:32:14 PM): Rain away, girl.


Mallory (9:32:58 PM): Ohmigod, make it stop.
Becca (9:33:27 PM): Maybe I want them to go back to the whole "we honor you but don't want you to speak" thing from last year.  It was rude, but less painful.
Becca (9:33:44 PM): Was that really only three minutes?  I think I developed new wrinkles.
Mallory (9:34:06 PM): I aged enough during that speech to find Alicia Minshew's dress fashionable
Becca (9:34:24 PM): Let's go play shuffleboard
Mallory (9:34:45 PM): I'll have to be back in time for the Hallmark channel's rerun of Murder She Wrote
Becca (9:34:55 PM): You know there aren't any you haven't seen.
Mallory (9:35:37 PM): But part of the fun of re-watching is knowing how important each seemingly innocuous clue is
Becca (9:35:45 PM): They should have just showed clips of OLTL for those three minutes.
Mallory (9:36:03 PM): If they had aired clips of OLTL, my hair frizz would have totally gone away! Damn you, Regis!
Mallory (9:39:15 PM): Lesli Kay just had the most glorious WTF? look on her face. I concur, LK.
Becca (9:39:36 PM): It was a thing of beauty.  I cannot wait to screencap it.


Becca (9:39:44 PM): That kiss gag was awful; it totally deserved that response.


Becca (9:39:58 PM): Who thought Cameron Mathison and Sherri Shepherd would be good together?
Mallory (9:40:33 PM): I feel so bad for Cameron Mathison, because I really feel like he must be on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion
Mallory (9:40:44 PM): Tyler Christopher looks adorably bored



Becca (9:41:15 PM): Do you think Julie Marie Berman knows how horribly awful Lulu is?  And did she just propose a LULU/SONNY PAIRING?! 
Mallory (9:41:27 PM): That's enough to get you forcibly committed in some states
Becca (9:41:40 PM): Wait, WTF was Tyler talking about?  Maybe he's stoned, not bored!


Mallory (9:42:02 PM): I did not understand a word Tyler just said, but I would like some of whatever he was smoking
Becca (9:42:18 PM): I would have especially liked some during Regis' speech.
Mallory (9:42:38 PM): They just showed Cam give Jason the greatest "Fuck off, loser" glare! That's the best thing to happen all night


Becca (9:42:55 PM): I want to carry that kid around with me all day. 
Becca (9:43:03 PM): I find it tiring to give all the bitchface on my own.


Mallory (9:43:56 PM): I still don't get why Tyra is presenting this award. I wish Cam were here to make a face about it to fully convey my irritation with her
Becca (9:44:11 PM): I still don't get Tyra's weave
Becca (9:44:16 PM): Or Jeanne Cooper's dress.
Mallory (9:45:06 PM): Or the distressing lack of Greg Vaughan and Jason Thompson in the audience. I mean, I'm jealous that they aren't sitting through this, but still...


Mallory (9:45:26 PM): Holy cannoli! She finally won!
Becca (9:45:35 PM): You said holy cannoli again!
Mallory (9:45:53 PM): There's truly no need for you to hate on me and my 1950s slang
Becca (9:46:13 PM): Seeing Jeanne Cooper win is pretty touching.  Shame about the gown and necklace.


Mallory (9:46:19 PM): I really wish we didn't have to see her dress, but I am happy that she won all the same. It took them long enough to reward her!
Becca (9:46:53 PM): Oh my god, she just called everyone associated with Y&R "lousy"!  That was awesome.
Mallory (9:47:12 PM): I am seriously overwhelmed by her awesomeness at this moment in time
Mallory (9:47:33 PM): I can't get over Susan Lucci, BTW: she looks impeccable


Becca (9:47:48 PM): I don't love her hair, but everything else is perfection.


Becca (9:48:07 PM): There's your Peter Bergman shot!


Mallory (9:48:13 PM): Fiiiiiiiinally!
Becca (9:48:26 PM): Are you going to be able to continue on with the live blogging?
Mallory (9:48:42 PM): I have the vapors, but I'll keep going...
Becca (9:49:10 PM): You are going to pass out if he wins.
Mallory (9:49:28 PM): Even Thaao Penghlis is like "How the hell did this happen?"
Mallory (9:49:34 PM): Let's see who wins...
Becca (9:49:35 PM): Or maybe you'll pass out because they're showing the clown clip!
Becca (9:49:41 PM): Turn away!


Becca (9:49:50 PM): Tony Geary wins again?!


Mallory (9:50:04 PM): Are you kidding me? Seriously? I could deal with Peter Bergman losing to David Canary, or even Tony on a horse, but this is bullshit
Becca (9:50:18 PM): I love Tony Geary, but last year was not his best.
Mallory (9:50:30 PM): Next year, he'll speak in gibberish and tap dance on one episode before an eight month vacation and he'll still win
Becca (9:50:50 PM): Yep.  I think once he got rid of the perm, he was unstoppable.
Becca (9:51:14 PM): Oh god, he just thanked Jill Farren Phelps.  I kind of want to dislike him now.  But he thanked Jane Elliott too!  What to do, what to do...
Mallory (9:51:22 PM): I am kind of depressed a little bit!
Becca (9:51:58 PM): Are you going to be okay, seriously?  Because we still have a few minutes before GH wins Best Show, and I want you to be strong for that.
Mallory (9:52:21 PM): If I have to deal with the double whammy of Peter Bergman losing AND GH winning Best Show, I might just quit
Mallory (9:52:38 PM): I don't know what I'll quit, but I'll quit something! And as God is my witness, I'll never go hungry again!
Becca (9:53:24 PM): That reminds me, my tummy is kind of rumbling.  Should I have eaten before we started four straight hours on IM?
Mallory (9:53:49 PM): You should have! This is why I made a point of buying Twizzlers to get me through the show
Mallory (9:55:31 PM): Okay, which will it be for Outstanding Drama: the worst show on the air, a show that doesn't exist, the show that can make mere mortals walk on water and cure the lepers or the daytime equivalent of a sleeping pill?
Becca (9:56:07 PM): OLTL doesn't really need it, already having brought peace to the middle east, but I suppose it would be a nice cherry on top.
Becca (9:56:15 PM): I'm totally prepared for GH to win.


Mallory (9:56:26 PM): Oh, vom
Becca (9:56:34 PM): I LIED.  I WAS NOT PREPARED.


Mallory (9:56:49 PM): Even though I expected it...ew. I can't stomach the thought of Jill Farren Phelps and Bob Guza thinking that what they do is okay
Becca (9:57:02 PM): Oh my god, we are never going to be rid of these horrible, horrible people.
Mallory (9:57:05 PM): Wow, Jill Farren Phelps looks like the smuggest bitch to ever smug
Becca (9:57:19 PM): Did JFP just say "well, this was expected"?  How much of an asshole is she?
Mallory (9:57:33 PM): On a scale of 1-10, I'd say...75
Becca (9:58:07 PM): She is awful and her dress and hair are ugly.  So there.
Becca (9:58:17 PM): I've lost my ability to be lighthearted.
Mallory (9:58:22 PM): I hate these people. There will be no living with them after this
Becca (9:58:34 PM): They're going to start shooting toddlers in the head now!
Mallory (9:58:58 PM): I can already see them spinning it all "We won for a year that Laura wasn't on, so it's pretty clear that she shouldn't be on canvas right now. PS: Suck it, Genie Francis!" because they are horrible, horrible people
Mallory (9:59:28 PM): They are going to kill off everybody except Sonny, Jason, Carly, Lulu and Spinelli.
Becca (9:59:28 PM): Do you think the fact that Tyra won for best talk show in the same year will cause them to question the legitimacy of their win?
Mallory (9:59:48 PM): If they had any shame, I'd say yes, but I don't think they do, so no...
Becca (10:00:21 PM): General Hospital has been named the best soap on daytime.  That sentence is so effed up.
Becca (10:00:45 PM): And what of OLTL?  It makes puppies cuter and the sky brighter, and it loses to the freaking mob fest?
Mallory (10:01:31 PM): Poor OLTL. Poor Peter Bergman. Poor Rachel Melvin. Poor us.
Becca (10:01:45 PM): Poor, poor us.
Becca (10:02:19 PM): That crappy canceled Canadian show is starting, so I guess the Emmys are over.  Do you think maybe next year the voters will actually watch the shows before they vote for stuff?
Mallory (10:02:51 PM): Maybe we should become Emmy reform activists
Becca (10:03:07 PM): Yeah, because we need third jobs.
Mallory (10:03:36 PM): I meant it in that vague way where you just wear a button and act like you're a tireless supporter
Becca (10:03:51 PM): Oooh.  That I can totally do.  I do that for all kinds of stuff.
Becca (10:03:57 PM): Except without the buttons.
Mallory (10:04:05 PM): I am actually depressed! I thought I'd be angry, or perhaps sick to my stomach, but I am more sad than anything
Becca (10:04:26 PM): Are we still chatting because we don't want to step away from the computers and realize what just happened? 
Becca (10:04:38 PM): This is when I really need an alternate reality to go to.
Becca (10:04:52 PM): Hey, alternate reality -- ANOTHER thing the GH showrunners suck at!
Becca (10:05:05 PM): It's like flowers in spring -- everywhere you turn, there's a new one.
Mallory (10:05:13 PM): Is there really anything that the GH showrunners DON'T suck at?
Becca (10:05:23 PM): Winning Emmys, apparently.
Mallory (10:05:30 PM): Touché!


Aww. I thought the opening skit was funny, but it has fallen off the rails.

Also, Gina's boyfriend/fiancee was filming her acceptance speech. Dude, you know this on TV right?

That OLTL spot was fantastic But OMG! The did not just interview KA and BB instead of say....ANYBODY else from the cast?....Sniff I still miss PC

Um...way to be classy Tyra.

I hope The Soup and Joel McHale(sp?) makes fun of Tyra endlessly next week. That speech was horrible.

Umm... I can't get over the fact that Sherri Shepherd got to sniff Thorsten friggin' Kaye. Dangit it Jennifer Landon! I blame it on Rachel Melvin's hair.

No clips for the younger actors?... Seriously?

Yeah what is up with the no clips? And I still haven't seen RM well, but her hair looked square? I only saw it for a second seeing as they didn't feel the need to actually show the nominees or their clips. Days goes Ofer the night, not a surpise I guess.

Uh. Doesn't ABC have three soaps? What was up with the promo for OLTL and GH only?

Well, if they bothered to show the reels, RM's hair wasn't lookin' good in the clips. Why aren't they showing the reels? They're one of my fave parts of the show!

"No clips for the younger actors?... Seriously? "

That would take time away from the endless prepared interviews with ABC stars and shows. They might not be able to pimp ABC and exclude every other network so effectively.

BTW, speaking of Van Hansis' bitchface, I LOVED his expression in the background while Cam Mathison was interviewing the ABC shows. He obviously sees 3 hours of CBS being shutout and can't be bothered to hide how tacky he finds it.

Damn the Hubbard family is Fiiiine! But I'm seriously pissed that we aren't seeing clips!

OMG, WTF is Jack Wagner thinking?!?!?!??!!

A judge category? Really? And what is up with Jack Wagner's hair? Why have I not seen James Scott yet?

I thought Heather Thom looked beautiful. But Is it me or is this show ....boring?

Oh it's boring. Where is James Scott? I wanted him and Thorsten Kaye to have an awkward moment together ("remember when i was on amc" "...yeah..") but then bond over the fact they weren't nomintated (but dang well should have!)

YAY! RC and OLTL! they so deserve it!

OLTL!! YES!! And when they announced that my lumbago disappeared! And fuel prices went down $2!

I thought for sure that GH would win just because GH always wins.

HA HA!! Suck it GH! And suck it, Dena Higley! I revel in this. I really do.

I am thoroughly bored by this show tonight, I don't remember being this bored last year.

CLOWNDRE! OMG TP was soooo creepy but that didn't come across in that clip!

Is it just me or did Jill Faren Phelps look like a smug entitled bitch when Tony Geary thanked her? Ugh. Does she not know how much GH seriously sucks??

OMG...GH wins?
I fear for Becca and Mallory now.



To be cliché and possibly ALMOST as terrible as GH, I think I actually just threw up a tiny bit in my mouth.

... No. That insults clichés.

Okay it finished like 3 minutes early. I think they could have afforded to show the reels for younger actor/actress! One final note.... GH?!?!?!?!?! What the heck?!?!

Good lord, I'm so appalled I barely have words. WTF Outstanding Daytime Drama? That breaks my heart to say, as I'm a GH girl all the way, but the Metrocourt was only 3 weeks out of an entirely shitty year!

On another note, was that ridiculously, awfully-dressed man next to JFP Bob Guza? Even if it wasn't, what the hell was that man thinking?!

I think Becca and Mallory's heads exploded as a result of Peter Bergman losing and GH winning for best show.

Can't really blame them.

oh god no! GH wins. that means they think that whatever they are doing is great and they'll continue to do it even though it sucks. what is wrong with the emmy's???? and serioulsy tony geary is awesome but last year he did nothing worthy of a win

GH. Really? Cannot ... ARRRGHHH. And I have no words for how much I loathe Jill Farren Phelps. And yes, Ann, when Geary won JFP was at her smuggest, entitledest and bitchiest. (Sudden thought: Perhaps Julie Marie Bermann models her character after JFP?!! It would explain Lulu's attitude and JFP & Guza's insistence on giving her so much airtime.)

Much as it pains me physically to admit this (and oh, it does), JFPs speech was very classy and seemed heartfelt. If they could imbue the show (or network) with half as much class and yes, COURAGE and hope ... well, it would actually deserve the win. Instead I truly think GH is the Pia Zadorra of soaps. (There's an oldie reference for you Becca, just so you don't feel lonely!)

Holy Shit! I think Mallory really quit!....

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