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« Emmys A-Go-Go | Main | The Daytime Emmys Live Blogging Extravaganza »

June 20, 2008

The Daytime Emmys Live Blogging Extravaganza: Red Carpet Arrivals

And...we're off!  We will update this post and the ceremony one throughout the night, with our live blogging chat and then with screencaps/photos.  Please keep checking back for updates; you never know what fashion triumph or tragedy will greet you.


Becca (6:02:30 PM): OMG IT'S STARTING!!!
Becca (6:02:32 PM): Ahem
Mallory (6:02:45 PM): EEEEEE!!!
Mallory (6:02:58 PM): SOAPNet really ought to pay for a better voiceover person. She could not sound more bored
Mallory (6:03:13 PM): I am appalled that Sam Champion is making an appearance.
(6:03:25 PM): WTF?  No, Rebecca Budig, no.


Becca (6:03:35 PM): That dress looks like she's being disemboweled.
Mallory (6:03:53 PM): This is what I don't understand: you are rich. You are famous. You look like Rebecca Budig. And that's the dress you choose?
(6:04:15 PM): Seriously, that pink...thing on the red satin looks like intestines.  Why, why, why?
Becca (6:04:29 PM): On the other hand, Finola Hughes looks fantastic.


Mallory (6:04:38 PM): She really does!
Becca (6:04:48 PM): On the other other hand, Ricky Paull Goldin looks like a waiter.
Mallory (6:04:56 PM): How can you be rising at the same time as being a superstar?


Becca (6:05:15 PM): And how can you be a superstar if I've never heard your name?  Wait, don't answer that, I know I'm unhip.
Becca (6:05:21 PM): You kids and your pop stars
Mallory (6:05:35 PM): Do not blame this on my generation! Some of us have taste
Becca (6:06:03 PM): Some of you who aren't famous?
Mallory (6:06:49 PM): I don't understand the purpose of what is happening right now. Why is she singing? Why are people pretending to care?


Mallory (6:07:17 PM): And why is SOAPNet doing a small split screen for the red carpet arrivals? Are they so inept that they are capable of ruining the concept of a red carpet show?
Becca (6:07:27 PM): Did you really have to ask that?
Becca (6:07:44 PM): Is this girl Brian Frons' niece or something?
Mallory (6:08:21 PM): I am not mentally ready to start thinking about Night Shift
Mallory (6:08:47 PM): And I keep getting distracted by Rebecca Budig's HORRIBLE hair and the...organ looking ornamentation on her dress. Please make it stop.
Becca (6:08:57 PM): Rebecca Budig's dress is a crime against all that is good and right in the world [James Scott].
Becca (6:09:17 PM): I know.  But now that I found out that Tristan Rogers and Antonio Sabato Jr. are going to be on it, I'm almost...optimistic.  I can't believe I just said that.
Mallory (6:09:57 PM): I love the Shoe Cam! It appeals to me at my shallowest


Becca (6:10:21 PM): Seriously.  I want one for when I go out with friends.  "Lisa is wearing a Fendi black patent slingback..."
Mallory (6:11:19 PM): I do not like Farah Fath's necklace at all


Becca (6:11:55 PM): Yeah, she looks great except for the giant crucifix that even 1989 Madonna would be all "oh no, that's OTT"


Mallory (6:12:23 PM): Her makeup looks good, though, and it's way subtle for her
Becca (6:12:56 PM): Well, pancake is way subtle for her, but yeah, she does look great


Mallory (6:13:59 PM): Adrienne Frantz is distractingly skinny. And the hair...sorry, I can't say anything negative about her just in case she's still dating Jason Segel and can introduce me to James Franco
Becca (6:14:23 PM): You like him?  You've kept that so quiet. 
Becca (6:14:28 PM): Except for the billboard, I mean.
Becca (6:14:34 PM): And the mocked-up wedding announcements.
Mallory (6:14:56 PM): I like to plan ahead so that our wedding is all taken care of, just in case it happens
Mallory (6:19:43 PM): I know Sherri Shepherd thinks the world is flat or whatever, but her role as Angie on 30 Rock has earned her a lifetime free pass from me. She's adorable


Becca (6:20:54 PM): Oh, we are going to brawl, Mal -- she bugs the crap out of me.
Becca (6:21:05 PM): Seriously, she thinks the world is flat!
Mallory (6:21:38 PM): But she's hilarious with Tracy and Kenneth the page!
Becca (6:21:59 PM): You know I adore 30 Rock, but no.  She bugs me!
Mallory (6:22:10 PM): Whatev!
Mallory (6:22:20 PM): Finola talks like three miles a minute and I find it endlessly endearing
Becca (6:22:34 PM): She has the inflections of a 15-year-old.  It's hilarious.
Becca (6:23:07 PM): Heather Tom's makeup is fabulous, and her hair is a huge improvement over last year's terrible ponytail, but I'm not sold on the dress.  And I really liked Jack on Project Runway!


Mallory (6:23:12 PM): Could SOAPNet BE more inept? This is pathetic. The local access channel runs smoother
Becca (6:23:39 PM): The only clip they've had ready to roll was that horrible "behind the scenes" piece with Cameron and Sherri.  And I've seen more interesting driver ed films.



(6:23:55 PM): Her hair and makeup look gorgeous. I don't like the bodice of the dress, but I love the color


Becca (6:24:22 PM): The color is beautiful.  I have a feeling it will look better in still shots, too.
Becca (6:24:37 PM): It's not a disaster or anything.  I just expected to be wowed.  Wow me, people! 

Mallory (6:25:56 PM): Yeah, it's kind of...okay. The ruffles on the chest are kind of overwhelming
Mallory (6:26:33 PM): And I don't like the trend where the dress is shorter in the front and longer in the back. What is that and who do I write to to make it stop?
Becca (6:26:48 PM): I think you should address your mail to "1987"


Mallory (6:26:59 PM): "Tonight, Greg Rikaart will be playing the role of Chuck Bass..."
Becca (6:29:14 PM): If someone wears a Blair headband, they will get Fonzie Cool Points from me.
Becca (6:30:07 PM): "The stars are coming fast and furious and SOAPNet has it all!"  Really, Rebecca?  Because you've shown about five people on the red carpet.  And "stars" must be broadly defined.  What is with this horrible pre-show?
Mallory (6:30:45 PM): I don't understand how you can ruin something involving Rebecca Budig and Finola Hughes, but SOAPNet really exerts effort when it comes to being awful
Mallory (6:31:02 PM): What color is Thaao Penghlis's skin? I...have never seen it before


Becca (6:31:33 PM): Hee!  It does not occur in nature.  But his tux is fantastic.  I'm not a fan of Tamaranna's dress, though.


Mallory (6:31:57 PM): Tamaranna's dress is a gorgeous color but it looks like Delias vomited all over it
Becca (6:33:45 PM): Rachel Melvin looks gorgeous!


Mallory (6:34:05 PM): Rachel Melvin is super cute, and I have a serious fetish for yellow clothes, so I love it


Becca (6:34:35 PM): Robert and Anna, together again!  Too bad you can't see this anywhere else on TV.  Like, say, General Hospital.
Mallory (6:34:49 PM): Holy crap, Tristan Rogers is a gorgeous, gorgeous man
Becca (6:35:23 PM): Did he just say the Night Shift writers are going to totally ignore the ridiculous "deadbeat dad" Robert re-write?!  I might love them. 
Mallory (6:35:38 PM): I kind of love him for saying that on the air. ((((Tristan Rogers))))
Becca (6:36:00 PM): Holy fuck, SOAPNet can't even find mics that work.  This is like a bad high school play.
Mallory (6:36:25 PM): SERIOUSLY, this is embarrassing
Mallory (6:36:59 PM): Nicole Forester is pretty, and sounds like a soap character, but the split second glimpse of her dress made it look like it was made of crepe paper


Becca (6:40:22 PM): Maybe it's the actual Project Runway crossover. 
Mallory (6:41:18 PM): This MVP show looks aggressively terrible.
Becca (6:41:48 PM): But aren't you so glad SOAPNet is showing it, instead of something boring and awful like old Another World reruns?
Mallory (6:42:10 PM): True, I'd much rather them pay for the rights to a canceled Canadian show than for rights to, like, Santa Barbara
Becca (6:42:21 PM): Bryan Dattilo is soooo drunk.  It's awesome.


Mallory (6:42:55 PM): I know I am a giantess, so my perspective is skewed, but...how tall is Bryan Dattilo? Because he's not much taller than Rebecca Budig, who is like 4'6" and I assume she's wearing heels...
Becca (6:43:09 PM): I think he's wee!  Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Becca (6:43:27 PM): Is Darin Brooks' suit blue?  With a black shirt and tie.  Hold me.
Mallory (6:43:35 PM): I need a hug! That's traumatic
Becca (6:43:56 PM): And why didn't he shave?!  It's the Emmys, which are allegedly a big deal!
Mallory (6:44:11 PM): He and Bryan Dattilo are totally just there for the booze
Becca (6:44:19 PM): Not that there's anything wrong with that
Mallory (6:44:27 PM): Sam Champion is so dorky that it makes me physically uncomfortable


Becca (6:45:12 PM): He kind of embraces it, though.  Or wait...do you think he thinks he's super cool?  That would be tragic.  A tragic weatherman. 
Becca (6:45:18 PM): That's a decent band name, actually.


Mallory (6:45:43 PM): Why do they keep trying to make Jordan Pruitt happen?
Mallory (6:45:57 PM): The interns that they paid to clap for her so don't even care...
Becca (6:46:26 PM): I'm not kidding when I ask:  Who the hell is she?
Mallory (6:47:47 PM): Apparently she did music with Disney? And toured with the Jonas brothers. This is according to Wikipedia, BTW
Becca (6:48:43 PM): I don't understand SOAPNet's demographic targeting.  Just how many 12-year-olds do they think are tuning in to the Daytime Emmys red carpet arrivals?
Becca (6:49:59 PM): I like Emily O'Brian's dress, but I have a granite countertop that is less stiff and structured than her hair.


Mallory (6:50:35 PM): I know! The hair is unfortunate, but I think she looks super pretty otherwise
Becca (6:50:42 PM): Finola Hughes just said "ridic."  I adore her.
Mallory (6:51:06 PM): Why are we not friends with Finola? We need to make that happen
Becca (6:51:14 PM): Who is this girl in the dress with the horrible yellow bow and white (!) slingbacks?


Becca (6:51:27 PM): You know Finola wants to tell her she's a "don't."


Mallory (6:51:57 PM): I would have to bite my tongue off to refrain from telling her that she looks like she is wearing something from the Wet Seal clearance section
Becca (6:52:09 PM): Blake Berris, to the contrary, looks yummy.


Mallory (6:52:15 PM): This is so poorly produced! Blake Berris said about three words
Becca (6:52:39 PM): And why can't they identify everyone at the bottom of the screen?
Mallory (6:52:40 PM): Remember when Roger Howarth was on Dawson's Creek?


Becca (6:53:00 PM): Who was he?!  I only know of him from the Todd the Rapist commercials eons ago.
Mallory (6:53:36 PM): He was Joey's professor who failed her when she missed her final (I think) because she was sleeping with Oliver Hudson. He was supposed to be a dick, but I thought he was hilarious
Becca (6:53:56 PM): Oh, me too!  She totally deserved to fail.
Becca (6:54:09 PM): The Night Shift cast is very attractive.  I am unaccustomed to saying something positive about that show, but it's true.


Mallory (6:54:12 PM): Sonya Eddy seems like she's completely, completely awesome, so it makes me doubly sad that they write Epiphany the way that they do
Becca (6:54:32 PM): I know!  She just thanked her salesgirl at Nordstrom.  That is awesome.
Becca (6:55:16 PM): "I'm really looking forward to Night Shift coming back on the air."  Don't lie, Finola.  You're otherwise so fabulous.
Mallory (6:55:42 PM): Brian Frons is probably just offscreen with a knife. I'm sure she said that under duress!
Mallory (6:59:49 PM): Oh, Judi Evans. I swear Blanche wore that dress on an episode of The Golden Girls. Her son is cute, though


Becca (7:00:42 PM): And I don't like her hair.  It looks a little like a formal mullet.  Her makeup looks great, though, and she's in excellent shape.
Becca (7:00:55 PM): "She's in excellent shape"?  When did I become my grandmother?
Mallory (7:01:12 PM): Aww, Grandma Becca! Shouldn't you be getting ready to go to bed soon?
Becca (7:01:24 PM): Not without some warm milk.


Becca (7:02:16 PM): Beth Ehlers seems super cool and fun.  Her dress is okay, but those silver sequins are a little off.
Mallory (7:02:40 PM): What...what is Jeanne Cooper...I...please explain what is happening to me


Becca (7:02:54 PM): And Finola just told her she's best dressed for the night!


Becca (7:03:02 PM): Finola must know, as we do, that Jeanne can cut a bitch.


Becca (7:03:27 PM): I kind of hope she doesn't win, so that the number of people who see that dress is limited.  To the ten people still watching this pre-show.
Becca (7:05:04 PM): As the World Turns people.  A show that I have to think does exist because I saw this woman's Supporting Actress clips.  What is going on with her bangs, exactly?


Mallory (7:05:26 PM): I couldn't focus on her bangs because I was so fascinated by her sparkly, sparkly dress
Mallory (7:05:35 PM): I'm like a kitten when it comes to sparkles, I can stare at them all day
Becca (7:06:14 PM): It is fun to distract you with shiny objects.  Like, Hunter Tylo's forehead!
Becca (7:06:43 PM): Not that Hunter Tylo's forehead is insanely smooth and almost a reflective surface or anything.  (Not that we've seen her yet tonight.  I'm just...guessing.)
Mallory (7:07:19 PM): How much do I freaking love Susan Lucci?


Becca (7:07:42 PM): I LOVE her dress.
Mallory (7:07:57 PM): She looks beyond phenomenal. LOVE it.
Becca (7:06:20 PM): Ali Sweeney looks beautiful!  I don't adore that bow at the neck, but seriously, gorge.
Becca (7:07:22 PM): "We've got another hour to go."  Don't make me cry right before a weekend, Rebecca Budig.
Mallory (7:07:26 PM): Oh, I do not like Shelley's dress at all


Becca (7:08:09 PM): I don't hate it.  She's so beautiful.  Though who am I kidding, I'm kind of focused on Jay Kenneth Johnson.  Gorgeous.
Mallory (7:08:34 PM): I hate Crystall Chappell's entire look. She looks like Belle Watling from Gone With the Wind


Becca (7:09:13 PM): Yeah, her features are angular (gorgeous, but angular), so I think I wouldn't go with angles on the dress.  And that color washes her out.
Becca (7:09:39 PM): That red on Gina Tognoni is fantastic, but I don't like the dress from the waist down.
Mallory (7:09:59 PM): I agree. She seems adorable, though
Mallory (7:10:07 PM): I refuse to acknowledge that MVP exists


Becca (7:11:03 PM): Right.  Our screens are blank right now.  Which is a nice change, given the production quality of this pre-show.
Mallory (7:12:01 PM): Really, it seems like monkeys could do a better job of producing this. Everything is so shoddily done on this network
Becca (7:13:25 PM): There is nothing, other than marathons, that they do well.  Speaking of which, did they just use the ANTM theme as their SOAPNet promo music?
Mallory (7:13:58 PM): They DID. Do they not know Tyra will cut them?
Mallory (7:14:08 PM): I'd actually pay to see Tyra cut Brian Frons, actually...
Becca (7:14:25 PM): I think you just came up with the first SOAPNet original programming I would actually look forward to watching.
Becca (7:15:28 PM): Hee! 


Becca (7:15:35 PM): Jagger!
Mallory (7:15:52 PM): Jagger!
Becca (7:16:00 PM): There should be different emphases read into "hee!" and "Jagger!"  One is laughter, one is similar to drooling.  Just to be clear.
Becca (7:16:10 PM): Jagger named his son after Stone!
Becca (7:16:15 PM): Jinx!
Mallory (7:16:21 PM): I owe you a Coke!
Becca (7:16:30 PM): With this pre-show?  More than a Coke...
Mallory (7:16:31 PM): These new Night Shift writers are really impressing me thus far
Mallory (7:16:36 PM): Not like it's hard, but...
Becca (7:16:44 PM): Doesn't it feel so weird to say that though?!
Mallory (7:17:11 PM): I feel scared!


Becca (7:18:10 PM): Are they seriously taking precious time to interview Judge Judy during a FASHION pre-show?  The 12-year-olds ABC thinks are watching are going to be enthralled.


Mallory (7:19:12 PM): Remember when Lee Bell got the honorary Emmy last year and had to stand up in the audience and, like, wave? And that was it. It was so wrong that it was hilarious
Becca (7:19:52 PM): Totally.  "We love you!  Sort of.  Not really.  Could you step aside so we can see the cast of Passions?"
Mallory (7:21:31 PM): Doesn't it seem like we've only seen, like, six soap stars? Are the rest of them just sprinting down the red carpet to avoid awkward interviews with broken mics?
Becca (7:23:03 PM): Ha, probably.  When they came back from the last commercial break they showed super short clips of about ten actors, including little-knowns like Anthony Geary.  They're really budgeting their time well.
Becca (7:23:24 PM): Kirsten Storms and Julie Marie Berman both look insanely good!


Mallory (7:23:35 PM): They look SO good!
Mallory (7:23:49 PM): Kirsten Storms has absolutely perfect skin


Mallory (7:24:21 PM): I...I hate what Alicia Minshew is wearing. What is happening with the world?!
Becca (7:25:06 PM): Alicia's dress is made of fabric usually found on those coordinating sets that old women wear with elastic pants and button-up shirts.
Becca (7:25:12 PM): That is not a good thing, in case I wasn't clear.
Becca (7:25:02 PM): Who is this girl who just mentioned "boob sweat"?  She's from one of your shows, girl.
Mallory (7:25:17 PM): Melissa Claire Egan. She plays Annie, daytime's blandest character. I wish her dress was in a different color
Mallory (7:25:35 PM): I was just going to say, she looks like a retiree on a cruise who is dressing to match the atmosphere. WHY, ALICIA, WHY?
Becca (7:26:02 PM): She's clearly trying to break you of your girlcrush.  It was getting scary, you know.  I didn't want to say anything. 


Becca (7:26:15 PM): Whoa.  This Aiden Turner person is gorgeous.  And has an accent!
Mallory (7:26:54 PM): He does! He really has been working on his accent, because he used to sound like mushmouth. He's super foxy either way
Becca (7:27:14 PM): TYRA'S WEAVE!?!?!


Mallory (7:27:30 PM): Okay, finish Rebecca Budig's sentence. "You look absolutely amazing..." "...ly horrible?"


Becca (7:27:45 PM): "You look very golden"  Hee, yes she does, Rebecca.  WTF?!
Mallory (7:27:48 PM): This is why Christian Siriano coined the phrase "hot tranny mess"
Becca (7:29:51 PM): I don't know why it's taken me an hour and half to ask this, but who is this douchey Lawrence host-person?  I recognize him.  Which makes me sad.
Mallory (7:30:23 PM): I don't know who he is, which makes me oddly proud of myself. He's a charisma vaccuum
Mallory (7:30:58 PM): His website is the most horrible thing I have ever seen. Please go read his biography: http://www.thefashionguy.com/
Becca (7:31:41 PM): That is horrible.  And he just spent five minutes interviewing effing Regis.  Who hasn't been on TV enough, I guess, what with holding the record for most hours of anyone on television ever.  And again, the 12-year-olds who wanted to watch that toddler sing are also big fans of...Reege?


Mallory (7:32:17 PM): Even though I don't watch Guiding Light, I love this Marcy Rylan girl. I think it's because she has Tweety Bird eyes. Her hair is awful tonight, though. Sad face


Becca (7:32:46 PM): It was such a disappointment after last year's triumph!  This, and she has to be on Guiding Light.  The poor dear.
Becca (7:35:06 PM): Ah, sweet commercial break.
Mallory (7:35:39 PM): Man, you can see how drastic Kirsten Storms's weight loss was when they show her old SOAPNet shoot during that commercial
Becca (7:36:00 PM): She's looking better lately, though.  Thin, but not sickly like last year.  I think I got vertigo from that Lawrence dude's website, BTW.
Mallory (7:36:23 PM): It's like it came from a 1996 time capsule, no?
Mallory (7:36:45 PM): Ashley Jones's dress is a whole lot of look


Becca (7:37:07 PM): I actually think I like it, but the red lipstick was a huge mistake.


Becca (7:37:26 PM): She kind of looks like she got punched in the mouth.
Mallory (7:37:49 PM): Michelle Stafford's body is amaaaaazing


Becca (7:39:16 PM): It really is.  This discussion about circumstances under which it is impossible to shave one's legs is interesting fare for the red carpet.
Becca (7:39:26 PM): Um, speaking of amazing bodies.


Mallory (7:39:29 PM): Holy shit
Becca (7:39:38 PM): Jesus, how old is Debbi Morgan again?
Mallory (7:39:45 PM): Is Debbi Morgan human? Or is she a TOTALLY SMOKING cyborg?
Mallory (7:39:49 PM): She's 52!
Becca (7:40:01 PM): Holy hell.  I vote cyborg.
Mallory (7:40:17 PM): She looks so spectacular that I have no words
Becca (7:43:22 PM): I hope that Chandra Wilson is sitting at home watching (because you know she is, dedicated Soap Crazy -- in the best possible way -- that she is) with a superiority complex.  Because other than Finola, this pre-show commentary is about as scintillating as the suburbanite day care conversations I overhear on the subway.


Mallory (7:43:54 PM): Oh my god, they just named Tyra most fashionable of the night
Mallory (7:44:01 PM): And said that she can carry it off
Mallory (7:44:13 PM): Finola and Random Dude I Don't Know, you sit on a throne of lies
Becca (7:44:14 PM): TYRA?!  The hell?  She totally threatened to knife them over the theme song thing.
Becca (7:45:09 PM): Finola, we had such a good thing going.  Why did you have to ruin it?  (And before we break up for good, could you share your arm workout regimen?)
Mallory (7:46:02 PM): Seriously, she looks great. And in that natural "Oh, me? I'm just effortlessly fabulous" sort of way
Becca (7:46:35 PM): I am so envious of fabulosity without effort.  What's that like?
Mallory (7:47:15 PM): I have no idea, but I'm jealous. I'm the type who does the "no makeup" look that still takes, like, ten minutes to do. Maybe Finola can open a finishing school
Becca (7:47:51 PM): I would so go to that!  I need to learn how to carry off saying things like "ridic."
Becca (7:48:17 PM): Did this Melissa Archer woman just brag about wearing Anna Nicole Smith's "personal designer"?


Mallory (7:48:38 PM): Oh, she did. She looks so prom circa 1998.
Becca (7:49:12 PM): Oh god, you were actually still prom-aged in 1998.  I need to go get that warm milk and head to bed now.  Carry on to the ceremony without me.
Mallory (7:49:28 PM): I'm so disappointed that Van Hansis dressed like a Jack O Lantern


Mallory (7:49:43 PM): And after all the praise we gave him for his hair in that Emmy submission clip. For shame, Van Hansis, for shame.
Becca (7:49:58 PM): Van Hansis, you are wearing an orange shirt with a black suit and tie.  Why are you wearing an orange shirt with a black suit and tie? 
Becca (7:50:36 PM): Those words shouldn't even be in the vicinity of each other, you know?  I'm not even sure we need the "orange shirt" phrase at all, ever.
Mallory (7:51:20 PM): Whoever said orange is the new pink is seriously disturbed


Mallory (7:53:25 PM): Okay, Finola's highlight was talking to Judge Judy?
Becca (7:53:46 PM): Seriously.  Her stock is dropping.
Mallory (7:54:02 PM): Maybe she's nervous? And the nerves are making her act like a lunatic?
Becca (7:54:06 PM): I need to see the rest of Rebecca Herbst's dress.  It still astounds me that she sews all her own stuff.
Mallory (7:54:10 PM): Chandra Wilson must just be cackling at home
Mallory (7:54:34 PM): Right? Rebecca Herbst is (a)flawless looking (b)a good actress and (c)sews her own gowns. How does someone like that exist?!
Becca (7:54:50 PM): She is amazing.  Why did we see a ten-minute interview with Judge effing Judy, but we don't know what Becky Herbst is wearing? 
Mallory (7:55:04 PM): Because Brian Frons sucks at life, that's why
Becca (7:55:38 PM): I can't believe I forgot that, even for a minute.
Mallory (7:57:16 PM): Okay, what the HELL is with these people and their lame favorite moments?
Mallory (7:57:29 PM): Who on earth likes Regis that much? Even Joy Philbin doesn't like Regis that much
Becca (7:57:40 PM): Are these people secretly 80?
Mallory (7:57:52 PM): Rebecca Budig's hair would hint that she is...
Becca (7:58:41 PM): Her hair and Alicia Minshew's gown could have a blast on a Carnival Cruise!
Mallory (7:59:13 PM): How sad is it that I am looking forward to the ceremony to get the taste of the red carpet show out of my mouth?
Becca (7:59:57 PM): I was just thinking the same thing!  It's a tragedy, and not in the fun soapy way.  Oh well, on with the supposedly legitimate awards.


Sherri Shepherd actress like on Friends, 30 Rock or even Suddenly Susan=fabuous funny

Sherri Shepherd commentator like on that crapfest The View=painful

Tristan has cajones...luv that! What is Finola wearing...luv her more!

Tristan Rogers is A GOD! But this show sucks bigtime. RM and Nicey both look fantastic in yellow. But Hate RM hair!

Squeeeee! Blake's socute, cool and collected. He's rocking that suit!

aaaah, i wanna watch it too. Isn't there a site where i can watch it live? LOL. a Tv program or something?

More, more, more! I can't watch this major event, so I need you guys to make fun of it for me. Don't hold back.

Great start to the evening (and much better than the SoapNet show)! For all Rebecca Budig's fashion "foe paws," I love the fact that she is one of the only people alive who can consistently wear horizontal ankle straps and look GORGEOUS. (She wore the same look on AMC during the fashion show and all I could think was "Damn, I'd kill for legs like that.") No chunky calves, no shortening of the lower leg -- RB just rocks it (aside from the unfortunate pink/red/disemboweling number).

Still not feeling the Ricky Paull love but I keep hoping he'll grow on me.

Why is MVP getting a six minute segment?...

I don't mean to be cruel about a very sweet kid (whose mom is obviously very proud of him) but Judi Evans' son looks like Grampa Munster (and the tie, really long vest and middle part only accentuate that).

Could do without Ricky Paull pimping Beth Ehlers as an "icon." If they tell me one more time how "irresistable" they are, I may hurl (which seems to be a theme on SoapNet tonight). I really WANT to like these two but the more they open their mouths the less I like them. (sorry)

What the hell is with this ridiculous commentary?...RPG and RB are seriously embarrassing themselves! We just want to see the clothes!

OMG! Did Tyra's dress just win?

Did some chick just actually brag about using Anna Nicole Smith's exclusive designer? Really???

HA! That was Mellisa Archer who's great on OLTL.... maybe not so great on the red carpet! Her hair looked good though!

Hee, yep her hair did look good...I'm guessing Anna Nicole's designer had nothing to do with that. That was just...hilarious really. She was so proud or something. I dunno.

This coverage blows. I watch Days and GH and I saw barely any Days or GH people, tho I admit I came in almost an hour in.

That's okay Nolebucgrl, they didn't show up during the hour you missed either. Frustrating. Although you did miss Antonio Sabato who looked amazing. I had thought he was losing some of his stunningness as he aged because he looked a tad gaunt in pictures a while back but man, he is one gorgeous man. And GH:NS2 is making him an FBI agent??!! I may have to tune in to a show where the cops are actually the good guys. (Or is that too big an assumption to make at this point? Perhaps he'll be a mass murderer FBI agent.)

Hee, I did see Antonio and he is HOT. I guess I have to suck it up and watch Night Shift again. At least I'll have the SD gals to keep me company!

I cannot believe it. Did Rebecca Budig just confess that Ricky Paull Goldin interviewed ELLEN DEGENERES? Yet we never saw that interview because apparently she wasn't "iconic" enough. BTW, the intro clip for the emmys was cute but could they pimp out ABC any more? Really annoying. How tasteless is it to only pimp out ABC shows the first 20 minutes of the show -- no interviews with other networks either. Frons is truly classless.

Mallory: How tall are you? I'm a fellow giantess @ 5'9".♣♣♣

Becca (6:52:09 PM): Blake Berris, to the contrary, looks yummy.
Mallory (6:52:15 PM): This is so poorly produced! Blake Berris said about three words

So just like Days then.

How horrible was the coverage, you guys? We still can't get over it.

truetalltales, I'm 5'11! We can hang out and dwarf normal people!

If they cut Ellen. Boo! Maybe there was no audio. Thanks for the arrival blog, much better than the show.

The Tyra music is used on a lot of shows now, that aren't Top Model it is kind of disturbing. Perhaps she is taking over the world or she will cut a bitch if it isn't played.

"Who is this girl in the dress with the horrible yellow bow and white (!) slingbacks?"

that's the new steffi forrester on BB.

Ok its so sad i know this...but the Lawrence Random dude...he totally pops up on ANTM...so the Tyra win was fixed y'all...it was fixed!

why are you being so mean to van he just likes wearing what pleases him and you all should know that.

Such ugly dresses that year. What were those people thinking, honestly...

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